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    Drive over/across mini-roundabouts? I passed my test in 1958 (when we had to give hand signals!) and, like many others, have not had a look at the highway code since that time, not that I can recall anyway. I have just embarked upon the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver Course and, up until now I have always thought that mini-roundabouts merely indicated to road users, the priorities at that junction and, almost without exception I have driven over the paint. I now understand that this is illegal and can result in prosecution unless you can show that the prevailing situation made it difficult to avoid driving OVER the roundabout. I'll bet that there are quite a few who didn't know this and equally, I'll bet that there are many who do know about it but choose to ignore it!
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    It's a 2005 with up to date service history all by a lexus main dealer and 2 by Toyota main dealer. Just did the 139000 miles service last week at Lexus dealers too. Mot is due next month, but like a lexus tech said, this car has been very well looked aftered and will pass like most Lexus vehicles do.. it's had the recall job done in June and also had a new bonnet fitted by Lexus dealers as there was abit of rust on the old one. The car is in very good condition bar just some stone chips to the front bumper, it may have a mark here and there, but I can assure you, this car is lovely. I've had the wheels refurbished to grey gloss and I wash and Polish etc the car myself every Sunday only using high quality gear. I have folder full of receipts and the book pack and 2 keys. I'm asking £4000ono. I know you may find some slightly cheaper but I think this is worth it. Thanks
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    both my ISFs were white....only colour for them I think.
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    I think they're both great cars to drive, and unlike any car I've owned the Lexus is the only one I've always looked for an excuse to go somewhere in, simply because it's such a pleasure. I'm not sure I could say the difference between the two is that noticeable but I just prefer the interior of the LS430. It has a fine cabin and is a nice place to be.....but so is the LS400. However, if I was offered a swap for the 60's Cadillac I saw at a show today I'd do it, just for the fun of having something so enormous there would be absolutely nowhere to park it!
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    i saw that gumtree one, its bloody clean, was very impressed
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    Small exterior cosmetic problems can be fixed quite easily by a good dealer. The problem is, you can't know for sure how the car has been treated until you see it. A low mileage car, which did a lot of short trips, can have a ruined interior. Imagine someone, or a whole family, constantly getting in and out of the car. This will have a much more detrimental effect than one guy sitting in the car doing 500 miles in one go. As for resale value, I assume the lower resale value will be negated by the lower purchase price now. I'd never disregard a car, which is proven to be reliable, if it has high mileage.
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    A car with that kind of mileage in such a short time has clearly done motorway miles mostly, that's a good thing. As for the batteries, Toyota/Lexus has been using the same HV batteries for a long time, there are quite a lot of hybrids now that are over half a million miles. Since the car has done a lot of motorway mileage, the batteries probably weren't charged and discharged a lot of times. I'd go look at the car and buy it if it feels good. A properly build modern car should hit 300K with ease.
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    What happens at these meets? I am interested but not sure if it's for me. Guessing it's not like a bunch of 17 year old with their loud exhausts on a Corsa and Fiesta XR2?
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    Hi Mark, Took the bloke less than 3 hours to do the job. Or at least it was 3 hours later that I got the car back. He charged me £100 'all in' which I found to be extremely reasonable. Especially considering he had to use considerably more gas than usual, due to leak. He is a refrigerant specialist and knew straight away what the problem was, as its a Lexus.???

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