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    Do you find forum responses from LOC members helpful? We would imagine you did, so please show your appreciation to our members and click "Like" in their post. It's members that go out of their way to help each other that make LOC such a great place, so liking their post is a visual way to say thanks!
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    I have had a look at my dashcam and it has recorded and saved an 'event' that occurred on the journey from my home to the dealer. If any of you are able to run it, have a look and see if you think that the driver got particularly close to the kirb on a couple of occasions. Many thanks. P.S. Not too sure if the video has uploaded OK 20161221_094252.MP4 What is the best way to upload a short clip of video into my post please?
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    It's not the money putting me off, but I don't know if it would be any better realistically than the one I've got - which I only did 2,000 miles in this year. As i said previously, if it was a mk4 I'd have bought it on condition alone, but there again I've got my eye on a nicely modded Morris Oxford MO to compliment my modded Minor fleet and I've only got 1 backside. I didn't even use my bikes this year, but did 5,000 miles in my chevy engined Morris minor - choices. Pete
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    John, it was an early tsb showing location of AF sensor and how to distinguish bank 1 and 2 on various models, but I'm unsure of the rules posting these docs.
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    Yes that's Bank 2, sensor 1 (AF sensor).
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    Yep I agree. Would be a good addition to the current range and suits the current shape Id love to see a remake of the Sportcross as well
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    Let me know where, and I'll come and collect it, so we can share a Christmas tipple. The black "thing" is the fob detector for the boot lock. On that subject a merry Christmas to my new friends here on the Lexus owners club. John.
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    Found this on the IS300 forum..sorry didn't note the contributors name. if you get an annoying squeak or rattle from the driver's door, which gets worse in cold weather, means that the rubber seals are dry. I just got Netzett Rubber Care stick off Amazon, applied it to the door sea!s, went for a drive, noise gone. Almost uncanny how quick and effective it is. It cost £7.10 and comes with a neat applicator. These small victories are important!
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    I believe they do yes. That's what sticks, it's not usually the pads that stick it's the parking brake shoes. Hence, the front wheel are always fine!
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    Thought I'd give you an update now that I've had the car a few days. Noise from rear of car was getting progressively worse. Not having driven a GS before I wasn't sure whether the wallowy feeling was just me, or whether it was an underlying problem. Decided to pop into Lexus Newcastle just in case. Long story short, both rear shocks need replacing. Liaised with Lexus Derby who have been fantastic, great communication and outcome is car doesn't have to be returned to them. Lexus Newcastle will carry out the work, billed directly to Lexus Derby. It would be easy to complain that they didn't pick this up on their pre-sales inspection and the MOT, however it is the response to the issue that matters and I am more than happy with the outcome plus the car now has 4 brand new shocks :) Hopefully it will drive a bit better once I get it back.
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    Might be worth sorting your current carriage then taking stock. You'll be moved to either stick or move forward again. when I grow up I'm moving to the 460.
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    What you need is for lots of people to say don't do it, so....don't do it!!
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    Glad you're enjoying the CT [emoji1360] I've been using Fuelly for months. The cold is taking its toll abit but not too bad really. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First time since I used my updated sat Nav from Oxford to dewsbury it's worked a treat I had no problems even showed motorway junctions, service stations and which lane to be in on motorway exit and used again dewsbury to Essex no problems with it. I'm not sure why negative views with lexus sat Nav. thumbs up from me
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    I tried that for a couple of hours but had to switch back. My brain couldn't compute seeing 0 revs but quite happily driving along!
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    I couldn't imagine myself in anything other than a Lexus. Best rated cars in the world - Official. Good luck with the Merc & Merry Christmas.
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    Steering knock is a warranty issue. Had mine done 18 months or so ago under warranty. During charcoal filter recall, they gave me an NX. Fantastic car, but like my CT more.
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    ... and run your A/C regularly regardless, to keep it lubricated and happy.
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    You need to leave HVAC in Auto. It will then decide what is needed via numerous sensors in cabin. If you manually switch to recirc air, your windows will mist up. Use quick demist function until cleared, then switch back to Auto. It the most efficient way of keeping cabin warm/cool and mist free.

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