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    The marmite car. Personally I think it looks awful and those wheels look like something out of Halfords ripspeed range The blue example looks ok but not so much as to date existing cars. The bigger screen is the only change I’ve seen so far that actually appeals to me and seems necessary.
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    I could be wrong but that looks like someones attempt at a cheap way of repairing the ribbon fuse that runs along the side of the relays just visible in the picture. The blown fuse has had wires soldered on either side and connected to the new block fuse. The fuse usually blows if a reverse polarity jump start is attempted. John.
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    There you go, the car down at Sennen beach. I had it for over 4 years and it never let me down once. Second best car I've ever owned, however I sadly sold ita few weeks ago. It was a toss up between that and my MX5. I kept the MX as it's far easier to look after and I think the Avi has for the time being had it's day. Nothing of course beats my LS!
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    A pint or four in the Old Success eh? When I was down a few weeks ago,the beach would be packed but hardly a soul in the pub at 4.30pm. Managed to get the widow seat in the corner for an early dinner. Powering out the Cove is particularly enjoyable! Like Malc in Scotland I didn't see another LS on the drive down from Sheffield, two weeks and in Cornwall and back again. Have a great time.
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    When I had to call the AA to look at my starting motor they said more or less the same thing when they saw mine (2 of them on 2 different occasions), one of them went further, he said he wanted his jag converting but because of the messes of instillations he'd seen around London he never did, so he took Professes' details and said he would get in touch with them......it seems there are some real chancers/get rich quickers here in London thats for sure
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    Yes Steve the fuse is a bugger to change. I did one on a Prius for a friend, and it required the removal of the fuse/relay box to get at it from underneath. John.
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    I think Lexus have been reasonably smart here. They've put together a relatively inexpensive face-lift and drawn attention to the model just at a time when people are falling out of love with diesel. If you only need a compact car, and want better mileage without the use of diesel fuel, options are fairly limited. You have either the Prius, where the looks are too much for some people, Auris or CH-R, Kia Niro or Hyundai Ioniq. More prestige brands such are relatively expensive plug in hybrids such as the Audi A3 E-Tron and Golf GTE. I suspect by extending the life of the CT200h, they have probably caught quite a few sales whilst the market is going through this paradigm shift away from diesel while most prestige manufacturers dont have a ready, non-diesel solution. Might turn out to be a smooth move. Personally, I'm very happy with my CT200h and even with its idiosyncrasies, I cant find much else to replace it with when my pcp is up. May just buy it outright as GMV might be a shrewd figure with the death of diesel pushing up hybrid second hand values.
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    Apologies for not keeping you all posted, so much happens and I just forget The bearing was changed on Monday under warranty and all sounds and drives fine apparently. My father said that he managed to turn off the VSC warning light using the method here: He said that it works, and there is no more warning (thank you Brandan!! ) Seeing as the Vsc warning no longer comes up, is it safe to say that the system is now fully working? Or is there still a problem which has been disguised by the jumper pin method ? (and was caused originally by mechanic's bad quality fault code reader) If the system works correctly then it looks like this is another case successfully closed thanks to you guys Alex
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    Today was the day to save myself £600 and not buy a new Catalytic converter. This time the gamble paid off and I bought a new lambda sensor from the bay for £34 after the diagnostic machine gave me a code of P0430 'cat 2 working below efficiency '. Yet again this forum came up trumps and there was a suggestion that it may not be a Cat issue, but the sensor sending incorrect messages to the ECU. Anyway as you may guess, the cheap part was a little different to the OEM one and the grommet needed swapping over and modifying a little bit, but after that all was well and so far the code hasn't returned. Phew, fingers crossed it stays away.
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    I can only recommend one in S Wales & thats profess, glam......lots of folks here used them for the conversion including me (check) in 2013.......I can only comment that London based LPG conversions have an awful reputation not just with users I read around that time but with 2 AA mechis as well as my own indi.... http://www.professautogas.co.uk
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    No i do not i work at first bus. My engine bay gets a full clean every 2 weeks all covers off. Watch white detailing on utube he is brilliant. Some of his work is mind blowing, lists all products used and where to purchase them. It is only common sense really it is scary putting a machine to a car first time. Never run them on full power 4 4.5 is enough, hardly any pressure. Start on 1 spread product about 18 inch square at a time its not a race. First cut then finish different compounds. I have done a few cars for cost of products used. All car paints are different start with least aggressive pad and compounds first. Da is safe as houses, but damage can still be done. Watch as many videos as possible scholl compounds are good S20 is a one step works for ages. Ideal is about 6 passes over lapped so side to side 50% over lap up and down same then side to side etc. That is why they charge so much, it is back breaking arm wrenching neck aching its unbelievable really. Shock gloves are a good idea cost about £8 or so for vibration. Start some where flat to begin with boot is a good place. I hope i have not put you off rewards are satisfying. Forensic Detailing is also good he tests stuff properly and marks them accordingly. Loads of stuff machine polishers micro fibres etc etc. Utube channel who are you doing your coarse with.
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    Luckily not, that would be a difficult one to solve..;) In other news it turns out it was low on power steering fluid. Topped it up with atf fluid and flushed it through a fee times and it's quiet now. I need to find out where it has leaked out from which is the hard part.
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    We went right up as far as Loch Ewe, last August, to see where my father in law set off from, as part of the Atlantic convoy. Beautiful area, and they had a little museum there and a monument to those who lost their lives, very moving, and even more so for my wife and her brother. We set off, in two motorhomes, from Yorkshire, early evening, so by 11.00 pm, we were ready for sleeping. We pulled in to a garage, filled up with diesel and asked the woman on the till, if there was anywhere near that was suitable for stopping overnight. We were pleasantly surprised, when she pointed to a quiet spot behind the garage, and gave us permission to park there. What a difference to the rest of the UK, where motorhomes are actively discouraged. Anyway, we had a great week on fantastic roads, with breathtaking scenery, excellent campsites, right alongside the lochs and a lovely welcome wherever we went, thoroughly recommend the place.
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    I Coated it myself did 3 cars with 50ml. I get loads of compliments, when i wash it next i will take pictures in the sun it is unbelievable. Wheels are coated with H9 product, different to apply but can be layered. Deffo clay bar and iron x it also you will be amazed what crap is still on it. i have a rupes 15 and a mini 75 also a normal rotary which takes 1" 2" and other size pads. sonax perfect finish is a brilliant final compound. Its hard work but worth it. Make sure to ipa the car after compound Took 2 days to clean and polish car. About 2 hours to coat a none windy day not in sunlight. Make sure no rain forecast for 24 hrs. If you have a garage its better.
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    Mine is filthy at the moment.I machined my car when i got it and coated with Gtechniq C1 coating brilliant. When i have cleaned it properly i will upload some pictures. She shines like a jewel, no middle headrest i took it out but still have it.
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    on a lighter note ................ does it only happen when you have a front seat passenger Malc
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    Applecross, no we missed that out, I hadn't realised it was so spectacular ....... do it next time around ( coz there WILL be another trip god willing ) BUT I do remember passing thru' Torridon itself. Just an overall fantastic trip and even a month wouldn't have given near enough time to complete a proper adventure of Scotland There are so many new roads built and even many coaches are now on those and attempting the narrow single track roads along the west coast and that really is challenging for ordinary motorists. More and more tourists bring wealth to Scottish outposts I'm sure but it does take away the adventure and idyll ambience that " used to be " Cest le Vie Malc
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    Please can we have our sequential numbers back ? Top right hand corner of each thread is where they were and they seem to have been omitted at the last update.Please make the numbers bold. Many thanks Regards John
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    I had a look at a white 60 plate is250 f a couple of weeks back i quite liked the alcantera interior. Nice colour of blue is that mate. looks like its a well specked one. I keep toying with ideas but somebody near me has a Gs 450h in a crap green colour but i quite like the shape. But they are not without faults either. I do not normally go through loads of cars, if i am happy with them tbh. Normally i keep them for about 4 years. I do not like the later shape is where the running light is on the bumper.
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    Yes is250 se just looking into fitting a sat nav unit. Reading up and seeing what the pros and cons are. I have owned it for 2 years and not one issue.I change oil every 3000 mls 0ver 6 litres. If you do pollen filter make sure you watch utube video. You can have a very expensive mistake. I have 3 sets of wheels old original with winter tyres on. Brand new original on at the moment, and also team dynamic team sport in anthracite 18 inch brilliant and light multi spoke. Make sure slider pins on rear brakes are kept greased up. Google faults for the car there are not many but it pays to know them. Looking at your car year you may not need the fuel sensor mod. Just go on lexus recall and put your reg in.
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    You're coming North in October, mad fool. Actually October can be a beautiful month in October and the colours can be stunning. Enjoy it greatly. Ed Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Thanks again, I'm sure I'll be asking advice in the future. Do you drive a 250 then? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes cars runs much better, some have run them up to 100.000 miles without change. Welcome to the forums any questions just ask. A lot of help full guys on here who will keep you on the right path.
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    Has your car had the fuel pressure sensor gasket done? If not book it in and have them done then it works out cheaper. Most of the parts on the car have to come off to do it. Yes i had mine done before 60,000 miles runs beautiful now, i am not saying it did not before. I payed circa £150.00 pounds. But i would of done them myself, i had already bought the gaskets from Usa. Some good how to do its on utube, also somebody on the forum has just done them.
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    It seems we missed the opportunity for a Highland mini meet. I didn't find the roads were too clogged with fellow tourists but I did manage to get delayed by the air ambulance for a while following an accident involving a Porsche and 2 lady motorcyclists near Inchnadampf. In the second week, I spent some time in the Cairngorms, the A939 is another favourite. @Verbout Couldn't agree more. On one of the days I left Letters near Ullapool early in the morning to go to work at an office we have not far from the Castle of Mey. Taking the coast road North to make it into a circular tour to J O G returning via the A99 and A9 almost back to Inverness before heading back West. 324 miles, I was back in time for tea at Loch Broom with the Mrs but the drive was so enjoyable, I was ready to do a second lap. They are still a rare sight, but I saw more Lexus vehicles on this trip than I've ever seen before in the Highlands. Only one LS was spotted so it must have been you Malc, I just can't remember where it was.
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    Try http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAKE-GREASE-FOR-CALIPER-PINS-IF-YOURE-USING-ANYTHING-ELSE-STOP-/253064197022?hash=item3aebcd339e:g:JzsAAOSwjL5ZDZTF John
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    hey, just about zero rust on mine, tiny tiny bubbles not yet breaking the surface at the rear edges of a wheel arch ................ just up to 198k miles .... might change it when it reaches 400k, oh, I'll be 85 then and maybe the oldest boyracer in Kent Really really wouldn't know what to change it for nor indeed why i would The Dunlop D8Zs vanished long ago ......... mine's aspen green too, lovely colour Malc
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    I went to see it last week. Little service history and no evidence of cambelt change. They said it was sold. A guy gave a £500 non returnable deposit but sale dependent on condition of his p/x. As others have said, they have lots for sale on their website and AutoTrader but most are sold. I offered the original £6995 if the sale falls through.
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    We have owned a lot of French cars, even now have a Renault Laguna Coupe which I do enjoy driving as my daily commuter. However I do like my creature comforts.. lol :) I would not like much of a 2CV. I would not even think of paying £3000 of my own pocket... lol for a glovebox. Lets hope the warranty does though. :-) oh oh ... we were given the LC500 V8 for 2hrs test drive last Saturday ... ooohh yes :D :D lol It did turn all the heads! for sure drivers or passing by's such a lovely car!
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    My 2001, 146k, my dads before me, killed at the end of June by a lorry, had new o2 sensors and exhaust, thats it, passed every MOT, never let us down! Heart breaking! Replaced with a 2002 Lexus RX300 with 70k

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