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    They did the work on my previous car as well, the wheels went Silver to a light Anthracite with yellow calipers, good standard of finish 👍 Big Rat
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    Having had my NX Sport for nearly two weeks, today was the day for my first clean. The car has the 'Williams F1' ceramic coating applied by the dealer (well, by an indy the dealer uses) so today was also a good chance to assess the quality of the application and finish The good news is that the paintwork is flawless. Regardless of the merits or otherwise of the Williams coating - which I didn't pay for - the preparation of the car was evidently done very well. My basic regime today was the same as I use for my other cars, although with the Williams coating present I didn't (at this stage) clay or actually prep the paintwork, which I would normally have done. - Snowfoam - Bilt-Hamber Auto-Foam - Wash - Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wash (three bucket method - body, wheels & rinse) - Paintwork & wheels - CarPro Re-Load sealant - Tyres - Bouncers Dress to Impress - Glass - Dodo Supernatural followed by Auto-Perfection Pro Clear - Exterior plastics - Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel
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    Got some more done today, plans of installing the AEM was shelved as the weather was decent as i wanted to get the engine bay stripped some more and cleaned up. I removed the ecu and fuse boxes, unclipped and moved the loom on both sides of the bay, fully removed the a/c pipes and dusted everything down ready to wash. Bit of meguires gold class and some hot water and worked in using a brush, gave it wash down using a slow flowing hose and avoided the loom like the plague. It didnt come up too bad to be honest, lots of scratches around and on the passenger side it looks at some point like the battery has leaked acid! Its eaten into the paint and sent the metal rusty. This is going to be sanded down, and painted. Now thats done ive also finally got the engine on the stand. Its at this point i really started to think as to just how big this project is! Ive got AEM air fuel ratio and boost gauges to fit as well as the loom. I also need to sort the original engine loom and slightly extend some wires to relocate the ecu box where the battery was, which leads me on to having to relocate the battery to the boot which means a running a cable through the car front to rear........ and thats just part of the whole thing! Got a few bits stripped off the engine on saturday afternoon... And the child in me did this little fast and furious quote ............ my mrs just shook her head at me 😂... Next up going to sand down that rust and prep the bay for painting. Im also going to get the AEM in and plan where im going to route the loom and how to extend the original slightly.
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    Freshly cleaned after our long drive back from Nottingham yesterday. Have to say I'm mega pleased with the work BCS did. Worth every penny and the long drive up North! Just in the Emirates lounge about to go to Dubai, then Dubai to Auckland in New Zealand! Long flight!! Hope you guys like them as much as I do.... Cheers all! Pete
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    Yes, I agree. Too many motoring writers don't seem to live in the real world with real on the road driving conditions, when testing cars. After all, why should a car built for the road be a track tool, smoking tyres as they drift around corners. I must admit, that when I first became interested in the 300h, I too thought that the CVT gearbox had some sort of belt system instead of the very clever planetary system with the electric motor. Still haven't managed to get a 24hr test drive yet though, through the offer on this site.
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    Used BCS a few years back on the Cayenne. Refurbed the brakes and finished things superbly. Top blokes :)
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    My neighbours Jag was given up on, by Jag. The electrics went awol in heat and they couldn't fix it at all! Stick with the proved quality. the grass ISN'T greener, just because the pressure of ads to change invades your brain?
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    Hi Martin, the car arrived at the dealership on Monday 25th September, the day I went on holiday for 2 weeks, the car is at the detailing shop now and should be ready for pick up on Tuesday
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    To say Lexus only fitted a CVT because a conventional gearbox didn't fit is ludicrous. After a trip in my colleagues E Class diesel I realised how civilised the GS is. Boy that 2.1 lump Mercedes use is noisy. Thankfully dropped on later cars but believe they still use it in the current A class
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    The rears on the GS were easy. Same caliper as the IS iirc. The Wagner Ceramic Thermoquiet pads were supplied with new mounting clips to.
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    I looked long and hard about the choice between a Merc 300h, a Jaguar XE Adblue diesel, and an IS 300h, and eventually I bought the IS. There were numerous reason for buying the IS and rejecting the Merc and the Jag, even though I have owned two XJR'S and an XJ8, and then I own two classic Mercs, a 1983 W126 500se and a 1991 W124 260E and a 2004 W211 E220cdi Avantgarde. I will be keeping the '83 500se, but the other two Mercs have to go. The W124 260E is not used any more, and then the W211 E220 has become a millstone around my neck. i quite agree about the Merc W211 and later gearbox being quite bad. I have found that if you are driving in traffic, in town, and using only first, second and third, and the box is just going through its' job with no major pressure then it is a very adequate gearbox. But driving quickly along a country, bendy, road when the box has to change up and down rapidly then you get some very harsh thumps as the box tries to find the correct gear. Very disconcerting. But probably the biggest, by far, reason for buying the IS Hybrid is the f****** [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] dpf nonsense. I do a lot of short journeys and the stupid dpf unit will suddenly cause the car to go into limp home mode without warning. If I have been able to get a bit of a fast run, maybe a short stretch of motorway or dual carriageway, and I come to a fairly quick stop at a set of traffic lights the car will suddenly go flat when I try to take off again ---- limp home mode. That then means pulling over and switching off the engine for five minutes before continuing. After that you have to take the car onto the motorway and drive it at about 50 / 60 mph for half an hour or so to try to clear the dpf. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I, personally, would never, ever, buy another diesel car in my life. The other problem with the E-class is that it develops silly problems for no apparent reason. Recently I left the car parked for three weeks and when I did go out to take it for a run there were four [!!!!!!] error messages on the display. So, a trip out to my indie garage, £50 to connect to MB Star diagnostic, clear the error messages, and go back driving again. There is usually nothing wrong with the car, it's just a dumb-***** ECU, I guess. So the Merc is being sold off very cheaply, just to get rid of it, and I will be very happy driving my 2013 IS 300h in its place. The IS is a one owner car with full Lexus service history, in fact it is actually ahead on services because the previous elderly owner was paranoid about keeping it serviced, and it is a Premium with 30,000 miles. It is a really nice motor and I think that I was very lucky to come across it in a Lexus dealership. So goodbye, and good riddance to the E220, and welcome to the IS 300h. Parkman.
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    Link https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history
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    No trouble. Disks were stuck to hub, why do folks not put anticeise on?, so had to hit them off with lump hammer and wood, but the brakes didn't catch at all, didn't need to use the adjuster. However, the rear disks were not old, not worn much at all, so there was no lip to catch on etc. Yeah, doh with bits. Hopefully John will say it doesnt matter and I can sleep easy. Don't fancy taking them out again to that one bit lol.
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    You can get the original Denso Blades which are really good. Works out cheaper than actually buying the refills from Lexus https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/p/-/-/-/-/?485778226&0&cc5_167 22" passenger side blade https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/p/-/-/-/-/?485778266&0&cc5_167 26" drivers side blade Use code WEEKEND12 to get them for a £24.38!!
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    Will check that out and report back John. The y piece was 120, is clamped to the single existing piece at front (bottom of the y) and then has flanges for both the rear exhaust joints. Yeah, 1 of 4 fails sorted. Thanks for the input and help.
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    have to agree also this is the best review of the IS300h i have listened to,although a few errors nice to se an unbiased review and comparing cars in the same sector.
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    Hollow spokes - mmmm :)
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    I think the problem is that the e-cvt is not at its best at full tilt, and motoring journo's tend to push things hard for the duration of the test. You only need to look at the comments around poor fuel economy to gauge how they drive. The reality for most of us is that its a fantastic piece of kit for 99% of the time
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    Think I have got the solution to the S7 phone issue too, it is the update of Nougat 7.0 on the phone, there is a bug in it, so I wait for an update to 7.01 which apparently is out shortly, or I roll it back to 6.0 then sync with car and then update to 7.0 which will be right. Just a case of whether to flash the Rom to get back to 6.0 or wait for 7.1, thanks for all the help, hope this might help someone if they get the same issue.
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    Looks great, the contrast against the wheels make the front caliper look massive! very nice 😎👍
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1iKyjgOths This is the video its in the book somewhere.
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    sorry goodfella1 i just searched IS-250 SE-I and scrolled through, sorry can't remember which one it was a girl though, left hand drive. in a nut shell get in ignition on (not engine running) put car in N press and hold the lock button ,locks will lock then unlock . back into p ignition fully on engine running put into R the doors lock ,back into P doors unlock.
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    Ouch! Lucky the main 160A fuse didn't blow. Taken from the US site but it looks as though there are two fuses 6 and 18 that need to be checked, drivers and passengers side kick panels.
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    Good to hear that you rate BCS. Although a bit bright (for me) the colour works quite well on your car. Good choice.
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    Bad advice from Halfords.
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    A double din should fit. I place on in my IS200. Anyhow, if you remove the glove compartment you should be able to see if the amp is behind it and lower to the footwell of the passenger side. Should it be there you'll need to unplug the lead and attach it to an already purchased bypass lead in order to connect this to your shiny new set. I hope this helps.
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    Phil. A brilliant and honest post which sums up the the reasons why most drivers love the IS. I can never understand why the Motoring Press constantly voice there dislike for the E-CVT transmission. Its's one of the best things about the car. In every day driving it beats all other gear boxes hands down.
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    I was most impressed with his dust free environment and careful application on the back of the spokes. Product looks good and easy to apply he did well to squeeze a 1 minute video into a 10 minute slot. Thank rayaans - your info on coverage is very useful. Assume its 12 hours inside. A couple of nights on axle stands won't hurt. Can give the arches a good clean and protect. Sounds like the ideal balance between ease of application and longevity.
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    I thought on a BMW the dipstick was behind the wheel. [emoji1]
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    Agreed. Dealers can sometimes surprise you (in a good way!) with this sort of thing. I haven't had a BMW since 2013 but still use the local dealer for wheels and other cosmetic work.
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    Would also be worth finding out how much your dealer charges...
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    @Jgtcracer I'm with Adrian Flux as well took up with them last month £389.00 all in, pleased they are progressing your claim, of course we can all expect that from any insurance company being the professional honest forthright............ 😂 🐀
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    After explaining the above scenario what do you think is more likely?

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