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    Oooops yes silly me how did I miss that LOL
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    Was talking about that with my wife last night. I'm sure geotagging is turned off as standard on most phones and I'm not sure it would survive the upload process. Thankfully all mine were taken outside Big Rat's house with my house photoshopped into the background. #parkitsomewhereelseforaweek
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    Maybe the RR's huge tyres and cavernous interior make noise insulation more of a challenge? Interesting also that the GS300h shows as being quieter than the GS450h. I would have expected it to be the other way around. In fact, according to the above table, the GS300h is quieter than all listed models by some margin. Bet you feel rather smug hey, Alan! This is an interesting article that blows away some myths... albeit rather biased towards German cars I feel: Most other "quietness" tests list the LS600h somewhere. https://www.bksv.com/en/about/waves/WavesArticles/2014/in-search-of-the-worlds-quitest-car
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    After countless hours scouring the internet and this forum (including 2 trips to Lexus who wanted to charge me £196 to investigate), I finally fixed the problem... The 7.5 amp dome fuse in the passenger foot well had blown, and after replacing it the interior lights and central locking has started working normally again! Hope this helps anyone who may come across something similar in future.
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    Thanks S88HON, worked first time! Video really helped!
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    See this from above, 3.3v +/-1v ( so 2.3-4.3v) @2500 rpm with warm engine (sensors)
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    It's been removed but Cached one is here: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:aszXS8_ZmjEJ:https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/GS-450h/35-kmbljgn+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk
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    Or the banging and shouts of help from the boot..........its only Dav...............
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    My wife finds it strange that I can hear every buzz, rattle, creak or squeak in a car, no matter how quiet, yet I sometimes can't hear what she's saying!
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    No, but I've bought it anyway I'm in Glasgow and won't see it until I drive down to collect it. I'm just curious if anyone on here knew about it. I would normally avoid a 100k 8.5 year old car with 5 owners but full Lexus service history and Lexus warranty makes me feel better about it. Seems not a bad car for £8k.
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    Up to you really but when I replaced the VVTi solenoid and oil control valve on my 1JZ the Toyota parts came to about £150 from Toyota Celica Breakers. I could have used third party but for such a sensitive part of the engine I went OEM. That solenoid has done superlative service in your LS400. I'd treat it to the OEM parts, even if the car is not worth much. Peace of mind.
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    Are the photos we upload on here still geo-tagged? That could potentially have a bit of a sinister twist? Mods?
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    This thread is taking a turn. My wife decides to take her coat off while I'm shooting down the motorway, the seatbelt warning suddenly starts bleeping, a red light on the dash starts flashing and my heart misses several beats thinking the car is terminal.
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    If I have something moving around in the glove box I have to stop and sort it. My wife will happily sit and ignore it, totally oblivious to it. I'm sure the bottom could be about to fall out of the engine and she would just carry on regardless. I think it may be women in general, my first wife was the same. On one trip in our old Vette,, every time we went round a sharp bend, there was a definite clunk. I spent ages wondering what it may be. It turned out to be a large lemonade bottle rolling around in HER footwell.
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    This has been blown our of proportion, a simple typo as the poor chap just thought he was on Tinder rather than LOC and was looking for a rendezvous. "Here's mine, show me yours" "Any meets in the Birmingham area". "I'm new to this all, I'll take a photo of IT later".
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    *****, this person try's to make a positive out of everything. I imagine any stone chips with make the car lighter and improve the power to weight ratio and maybe a car with no service history is great because you have peace of mind that nobody else has touched the engine and it's a blank canvas. Probably an ex estate agent 😂
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    I just did a nice little trade down in Chippenham's red light district. GS-F plus £1000 cashback for the two lovely ladies (goats).
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    Such a shame, I was just about to send him £8,000 repatriation money to secure my winnings in the Namibian Lottery. what am I supposed to do now?
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    I thought as much. Didn't like the "show us your cars" request when there are plenty of other posts already showing this. Only one step way from "show us where you keep yours locked up"! Incidentally, let me know when you are next going to be out and where you keep your valuables!
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    The good thing with RockAuto is they allow you to pay all the taxes upfront, depending on what courier you choose, so there are no surprises or delays.
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    Unfortunately not, the changes were cosmetic and equipment related, other than the addition of a sport mode. The following has information about the different grades:
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    Not that I can think of at the moment. Once you get the software you will see it is quite comprehensive, so there are many thing you can check if you want to. Post of screenshot of the live data page when you have it running and we can see if anything looks abnormal.
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    So I’ve learned about 3 more cars today alone thanks to @Toothy and @ollie isf and found one for myself so the numbers are climbing to the magic 211 ! To give you an idea here is the car once owned by @Toothy father pictures taken back in the day and whoever bought it in 2011 still owns it, look at that paintwork 😎 Big Rat
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    Lexus Owners Club Gold Members now receive their very own exclusive Halfords Discount Card allowing you to get 15% off in-store! Simply present your discount card at the checkout before you pay to have your discount applied. Excludes bikes but you will still receive a 10% discount on bikes. Cannot be used online or at Halfords Autocentres. Discount cannot be exchanged for cash or gift vouchers. Cannot be used in conjunction with Halfords gift vouchers, gift cards or Halfords Cycle2Work scheme.
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    AVERAGE 102mph and 109mph over 1,500 miles? And that's including being stuck behind caravans and up mountain passes? AVERAGE 70mph over 1,500 miles in the UK? Really. I would suggest your speedo needs recalibrating.

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