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    Here's my GSF. You can add to your database Big Rat, ex Lexus GB car.
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    Here's my old one!
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    My temporary 3 wheeler
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    My gt86 Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Before the illuminated Taxi sign was fitted....................
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    I mentioned earlier that a fair few have changed there cars and lots of new members so it's time for pictures of your 'F's ! I'll kick it off with mine............ Big Rat
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    From my perspective, I’m just trying to help people out by pointing out ads to cars, as I know these cars are more popular now and not everyone has time to look. I can see it being repetitive though, so will hold off from now. I’ve also just reached the 12m ownership milestone, which normally means I buy something else (has happened for the last 5 years).
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    168 + 8% speedo inaccuracy = 181.44
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    I found the limiter (i think) on mine in June last year... the speedo showed just under 180mph at around 6000rpm in 7th. I can’t say I looked more accurately at that....
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    Speak for yourself Ian - I've been waiting a long time to put all this practice to good use!
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    We’re all at it!!!
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    Hopefully it's just condensation that caused it then. I'll clean it off and see if it comes back. I assume there isn't a cover that's missing from the shaft? With the bolt I put a socket on the top one and it didn't feel loose but I applied a little pressure to nip it up. We went away afterwards to Wales so lots of perfect roads to test it out. Over 600 miles later and the knocking has completely gone. The steering also feels a little tighter so happy days
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    No it was in the RX which I don't have a dashcam fitted to. But it was just stupid - lots of dumb driving around when snow starts to fall - don't really know why - probably to do with frustration because the main roads are busier than usual because nobody wants to go on side roads
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    Wow, I’m actually stunned - that is appalling.. I knew they had issues with the GT3 engines initially, which was embarrassing enough, but to have.that many repeated failures to the point where they won’t actually warranty them for the purpose they were supposed to be designed for is beyond a joke. Doesn’t exactly encourage you to want own a 911 when you hear this kind of stuff and I thought the 997 Gen 1 bore scoring issue was bad enough!!
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    @FTBBCVoodoo A white Gsf nice..... a load of us had a play in this one last summer sweet..... Big Rat
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    @DAW David I agree sounds perfectly plausible, the kind of HONEST development work that the Japanese put into the higher revving engines has proven to be a better long term second hand bet than the German stuff, don't hear of the Honda S2000 having problems and yet when had there last gt3 revving up to the high eights it's proved disastrous some of them are on there 3/4 engines under warranty. Which no longer covers them for track work which is what the car was aimed at laughable 🐀
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    Agreed, special and very under rated ...
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    Stay away from the XFR! This was my alternative choice when I got my ISF last year too. They are no more reliable than your STR would be once you start racking the miles up. Be prepared for the 'gearbox fault' limp modes at every verse end and endless misfires that both seem to be totally fine as soon as you get to the dealer and pay 'em £150 for a fruitless diagnostic check. I loved my STR for the ride, styling and power but it cost me the same as the car cost me to own it for two years and it had every conceivable issue. From what the head tech at Solihull Jag told me in good faith, the XFR's are no better. Get an ISF and relax for the rest of your life!
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    Please don’t get confused regarding the coolant leak issue, don’t believe U.K. models suffer from this, nor the sticky interior trim or any other minor niggles/issues raised across the pond. Mine has been running fine with 640hp thanks to the addition of an RR-Racing supercharger kit, but not had coolant leaks etc. Lexus have checked it for me, nothing. Pound for pound the most reliable car I’ve owned. Sorry to see you go, but hope the car finds a loving new home, it deserves it.
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    0W-20 from any brand Although I doubt you need any top ups in 10k/1 year. These engines don't exactly drink oil
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    hi there's a switch you press it's located to the right of the steering wheel ( next to the rear fog light switch if my memory serves me right).You also need your headlights to be on for them to work,hope this helps 😊
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    It will happen, just need a leave pass from the wife, she certainly won't be coming! My hobby is the only thing that keeps me sane to be honest, it sounds strange but people really do build up an emotional bond with cars and I do have a relationship with it! Maybe that's why the wife hates my cars, she gets jealous!
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    I know it's an old post but thought I would share my experience of towing with a GS450h. First task is getting the tow bar fitted. This should be reasonably straightforward but dealers don't fit them often so they find it difficult to price. It's a big job in the GS450h involving the removal of the rear bumper and the addition of extra steel work to strengthen the rear end. It took the dealer 8 hours to do my car. We got three quotes from main dealers for the tow bar, ranging from £850 to £3100. We took the £850 offer but I would be surprised if that was repeated given their experience with ours. Once fitted the tow bar is very well engineered and stable. It is removable and comes with a cloth bag. It also locks into place. It is easy to fit and remove. As a tow car the Lexus is fantastic. We tow a caravan weighing 1470 kgs loaded and it runs beautifully. Acceleration is smooth and barely hindered by the caravan. We get 22mpg towing. Not great but not bad either. We average 32mpg without it. Stability is good, the reverse camera makes hitching easy and so far, so good.

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