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    Wind has been blowing tiles off houses last night. Here is how convo went: Mrs: "the wind has blown tiles off some houses" Me: "What about our house?" Mrs "You're car is ok don't worry" She knows!
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    Here's my GSF. You can add to your database Big Rat, ex Lexus GB car.
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    Here's my old one!
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    My temporary 3 wheeler
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    My gt86 Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Before the illuminated Taxi sign was fitted....................
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    I mentioned earlier that a fair few have changed there cars and lots of new members so it's time for pictures of your 'F's ! I'll kick it off with mine............ Big Rat
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    From my perspective, I’m just trying to help people out by pointing out ads to cars, as I know these cars are more popular now and not everyone has time to look. I can see it being repetitive though, so will hold off from now. I’ve also just reached the 12m ownership milestone, which normally means I buy something else (has happened for the last 5 years).
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    168 + 8% speedo inaccuracy = 181.44
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    I found the limiter (i think) on mine in June last year... the speedo showed just under 180mph at around 6000rpm in 7th. I can’t say I looked more accurately at that....
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    Speak for yourself Ian - I've been waiting a long time to put all this practice to good use!
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    We’re all at it!!!
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    12m? Surely.....? 12K? And....what else WOULD you buy? after selling my Ser 4 car, I couldn't see anything that was nowt but a step back in quality. (El Grand van was good though...) Even my BMW owning , car obssessed neighbour thinks Lexus better. Keep the ad info going! People like to look.
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    Afraid so, really can’t see me parting with it at all. First car I have ever considered keeping for the long term.. I usually change after 3yrs, but now coming up to 4yrs already. Seriously considered a mint 2011 Gen 2 997 C2S in black with the aero pack & only 13k on the clock from Porsche last year. But when it came down to it I couldn’t part with the F - I would have lost money that I would have made that decision a few years back!!
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    Back in the day I used to get Kent fast road cams fitted to my hot hatches. Got an extra 35bhp from my ford escort RS2000. I wonder if these are available for the F?
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    A TP-Link M7350 will give you a hotspot for £62. Works fine for me and can come with me when I leave the car. See https://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-Link-LTE-Advanced-Unlocked-M7350-V4/dp/B06XC16QC1/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1516216333&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=TP-Link+M7350&psc=1 John
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    Agreed, special and very under rated ...
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    Stay away from the XFR! This was my alternative choice when I got my ISF last year too. They are no more reliable than your STR would be once you start racking the miles up. Be prepared for the 'gearbox fault' limp modes at every verse end and endless misfires that both seem to be totally fine as soon as you get to the dealer and pay 'em £150 for a fruitless diagnostic check. I loved my STR for the ride, styling and power but it cost me the same as the car cost me to own it for two years and it had every conceivable issue. From what the head tech at Solihull Jag told me in good faith, the XFR's are no better. Get an ISF and relax for the rest of your life!
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    0W-20 from any brand Although I doubt you need any top ups in 10k/1 year. These engines don't exactly drink oil
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    Here's mine, not the best photo, someone graffiti'd on the road... 😉
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    Let's keep it friendly. We are all allowed to have a point of view.
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    @Linas.P "£3750 for my 176k miles IS250" no way it must be some kind of mistake. Maybe they missed the leading 1 from millage :) As for the stone chips it got few in the bumper as expected but windscreen is almost new as it was replaced (OEM one with Lexus logo). @Jamesf1 Thanks for sharing that. It is probably then a feature rather than fault @Mike Hartland You welcome. What else I've found out is while normally driving in GEN3 to Luton from M25/M3 was 35mpg, now in GEN4 it was 43mpg in a medium traffic. Another observation is GEN4 doesn't use so much of aluminium - like front fender and bonnet was aluminium in GEN3 while in GEN4 it seem to be old good steel. In general I've noticed that GEN4 got more accountant interventions - money was shifted from technical parts (like aluminium) to the interior closer to the driver. I've attached some promised photos. If you take a look at the last one you will notice that I've replaced the remote touch knob with the newer version one :) If yours is a little bit tired like mine or you don't like the look of the older version this is really easy change and cost £12 only for brand new one from Lexus.
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    I recall a previous thread mentioning that the 220d is 99% F!

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