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    Picking the car up on Saturday.. it’s been a loooong week so far..
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    When I had the car up on ramps recently I noticed that the bolts securing the front undertray were in a bad way. Even though the car has a full Lexus history two of the bolts were sheared and one had been replaced by a self-tapper! To rectify this I removed the tray and cleaned the surviving holes. Of the two sheared bolts, one came out with a stud extractor (after careful drilling down the centre) but the other I had to drill out completely and retap. I then replaced all the screws with stainless socket-head screws and repair washers. Definitely a worthwhile change before things get too bad as it will make any future work much easier (and it looks better). I shall now go over the rest of the underbody fixings just to make sure they are all OK. (..... I should have cleaned the panel before I took the photo! )
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    Interesting review, do you have this car in your records 🐀? 😉
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    Top result. Someone not tied it back properly. Keep the GS for when the Merc breaks down [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    well done! I bet that you have a nice feeling of self-satisfaction - now award yourself that well earned beer/rest/chocolate *delete as appropriate :)
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    Hi folks, time to poke my beak in again. In my 55 years of driving i, like many members, have come across many, 'Honest Johns'.' They start by being quite reliable and unbiased, then, just like our political masters, they smell the flavour of money, power and the accompanying trappings. They sell their souls and follow the strongest flavour of the month, forgetting why they set up shop in the first place. After all a few pieces of silver are far better than honesty and impartiality. I feel this bloke has gone the same way, maybe he should go back to selling snake oil. I get about 52mpg overall in Mr. Jingles, see my fuelly page, but please, don't tell H.J. Best Wishes. Michael.
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    I know its not the same car but I remember working with a guy who was driving his XKR back from a service when the engine let go locking up going through the bonnet and taking out the gearbox at the same time. He managed to collect some of the oil pouring out of it and won his case that jag had filled it up with the incorrect oil. (must have filled it with Tar if you ask me but that was the story) It didn't help my nervousness on cars built by JLR anyways.
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    Decided not to boost the car as I already have 2 other cars that are boosted I wanted to do somthing a little different. 1uzfe v8 time 🙂🙂
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    There was a post only a few weeks ago about this very subject. The consensus was to avoid them. Personally I've had poor experience with Jags. Very nice to drive. Very expensive to run and maintain. Mine was in the shop every verse end with endless error messages. Plus, regardless of your current age, you always look like you borrowed it off your dad!
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    Just got home after another day of brilliant service from Lexus Liverpool.. think they will be glad see the back of me😂. Some photos of it in the showroom and one of it in its new home.. Didn't stay white for long that's for sure! So happy with it and can't wait to get involved with you lads on the forums and at events. Thanks all for your kind words ❤️
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    Like the review but not what’s been done to the car. A bit too much Max Power. They were perfect as standard. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not to sure..But I think he liked it! paul m.
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    Nice job,much better than the usual cable zip tie repair method, another weak point are the exhaust silencer heat shields, the fixing holes rot away allowing it to drop onto the box. Easy fix with a large washer.
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    Fixed!!!! Had a mate round this evening for us to spend a bit of time having a look before I contact another mechanic or even Lexus tomorrow and with possibly a stroke of luck we found a cable that was touching the back of the drive belt and had almost cut through the cable. The cable turned out to be from the crank sensor (I assume), the shielding had been destroyed and I guess maybe it was shorting out or something. There was also another cable that had been touching slightly. We cleaned and repaired and the beast fired up first time. Took it for a drive and as good as ever. Problem now is I got grumpy on the weekend without my car and went a bought a Merc SLK 350 :D Not sure what I'm going to do yet.
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    I bet! You'll have to start a new topic, this one drifted waaaaayyyyy off topic :)
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    Nip over to Leeds and seeTony Banks. He'll do a complete system for less than that. I've used him, he's good. See http://www.tonybanks.co.uk/ hth
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    I consdered one before the F.and having done some research I decided against. What concerned me most was hearing about people who had owned one & liked it so much they bought a second to then have nothing but trouble & would never own one again. If the quality control/any issues do not improve with time the reliability will likely never improve. Shame because they are a cracking car..
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    @mrfunex I’m an old man in a fast car bet your reactions are quicker than mine 😆 🐀
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    I'm also with Adrian flux and they have been brilliant, cheapest around too. Dunno how the algorithms used to calculate price work but they are all over the place mind you. Don't give up on them, might just of got the wrong guy on the wrong day. Marcus
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    A mate of mine works in the industry and he said that BMW spent more on a mid-life 3 Series interior upgrade than LR spent in total developing that version of the Range Rover. In those days LR customers did a lot of the product development on behalf of the manufacturer.
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    Congratulations Mike. Always a relief. Phil I well remember similar when I was being taken to the Norfolk Broads by my Grandfather - "step over the hole and keep your legs up"
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    Lidl do a better one which is triangular shaped with curved edges - gets into the corners better and 99p cheaper if youre looking for a bargain!
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    Mine always squeak, sometimes worse than others. Depends if I've done much hard stopping. 99% of the time i'm barely touching the brakes. I think it polishes them up and makes them squeak more. OEM discs and pads. Could try taking the pads out and putting copper grease on the backs. Should help damp vibrations, but probably wouldn't do much in reality.
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    I had a video from Lexus Reading last week when the car was in for a service. The video was still produced even though there were no issues to report, just a quick look over the tyres, suspension parts, exhaust that's about it. Sounds like they forgot to do the video. It does seem very random when I get a video and it's not consistent.
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    I've been with Adrian Flux 1 and a bit years (just renewed). I was 29 when I took out my first policy, in an average area for crime, etc. They had no problem beating all other insurers by some margin, and didn't require a tracker. I've found the customer service to be some of the best I've experienced. Very friendly and helpful. They are a broker at the end of the day, so can only offer policies available at the time. My premium went up by around £100 this year due to this. It might be worth calling again in a week or two in case what they can offer has changed. But can't blame you not wanting to if you've been treated poorly. Maybe the Adrian Flux representative will be along to address these issues.
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    Looking at the drawings of the pipes again it occurs to me that the things in the front exhaust assembly which look like cats can't actually be cats - the cats are incorporated into the exhaust manifold assemblies - see here: You'll see that the air fuel ratio sensors are in front of the cats and the heated oxygen sensors (which check on cat performance) are in the front exhaust pipe assembly but in front of the bulges which people posting above (including me) have assumed are cats. So if the 'bulges' aren't cats, what are they? Just expansion chambers?
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    From what my mates tell me, you need a nice emergency fund just in case. The running cost of an F is a major reason I’ve gone that route. The thought of sleepless nights, big payouts......doesn’t appeal
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    I'm wearing that chip as a badge of honour 😏 It seems to be warding off any further damage, so far anyway.... If one's car has the more standard metallic finishes it would be cheaper to repair and be far less noticeable once touched in.
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    Mine is treated with Gardex that was applied by the Dealer as part of the deal &, to date has required no cleaning agents. A few on here were critical of Gardex (me too if I am honest) but it clearly works as does the Specialist Leather Technician Lexus used to resolve the crease in my replacement rear seat cushion. The chap promised me his repair was permanent & after 12 months the crease has yet to reappear. Chuffed Tel
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    Had a CLS55, then back to the ISF, had a couple of diesels in between the V8s.
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    Be useful wouldn't it.....
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    Is this the Lexus Dealership, top of the pops? Now there's an idea.... 🤔.
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    True enough, like the cars I had when I first started driving, looking down to see the road beneath me.
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    I've dealt with 4 dealers - Stoke - 4/10 Bristol 3/10 Swindon 6/10 Cheltenham - (servicing) 10/10 They have been awesome and seem really interested in F cars. I was there just before Xmas, and Alex sat and talked with me for a whole hour. Great people.
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    I find Lexus Cheltenham brilliant with their customer service and the service manager there Matt is a IS-F buff, so we owners get treated really well and made to feel like that extra special customer along with our cars, and they are also very fair with their prices and deals when it come to servicing/warranties etc, that is why i travel nearly 1 1/2 hours to get there, also for the ride home, as nothing better than a fully valeted /serviced IS-F to cover the miles back home with a smile on your face.
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    Phil-I just had fish for tea! Albeit, not spooned to me! You pick up my point exactly. Take the Nissan Micra-or a Corolla. Keep changing shape but not name. Even on this site we still get folk asking the differences between 'series'/models. Imagine looking at a yaris. The limo look works, as it was designed to do. With CAD design, it seems designers get carried away. I leave with THIS design pic.... ds garden.bmp
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    I'm a bit like you in your thinking. The reason I wanted an LS in the first place is because of the classic limo look. To me that went after the demise of the LS430. All LS's up to that point looked fantastic to me. I have seen the new LS which of course is a beautiful machine that is light years away from my budget, but it doesn't do for me what the earlier ones did. Just as well really, by the time I could afford one someone would be spoon feeding me boiled fish for dinner!
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    They just look amazing in that colour, great car mate.
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    Well done Mike. Piddly advisories for a car of that age. Most other makes would have a list as long as a giraffe's trousers!
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    Welcome to the club bud.. i had a white one not so long ago and i tell you one thing, they always look stunning what ever the weather. It has a beautiful pearl finish. I love the white in a ISF... ok then... if i must show a picture..
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    Is the agreed value definately what they'll pay out should the vehicle be a write off? Sounds silly but I was always led to believe that ultimately it's still the insurer's call and if they think it's worth X and you think it's Y you'll still only get X. You can see I'm quite trusting when it comes to insurance companies...
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    Fair enough, maybe the warranty is not affected but resale value certainly will be How many people do you know that will buy a car without a service history costing more than £30k?
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    Pad compound makes a big difference. I've fitted performance pads to many cars and the harder compounds definitely squeel when cold. Think it's down to the way they vibrate in the calliper when cold. Maybe they just needed bed in, tends to happen in a couple hundred miles though. Are ISF callipers different to the GSF? I know discs are slotted rather than drilled
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    Was just curious if any F owners have moved to/from a Jag XFR (2010 model) and if you have, what was your experience in owning one. I ask because i saw one in the flesh and it has really made me consider having one, it looked great. I did consider one before i had my first ISF, but then had my heart set on a F. So lets hear from the XFR owners pre or post F.
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    My car in Lexus Glasgow today for service and MOT. No problems to report and no advisories on MOT so with 115k miles am happy with that but ... They send email with supposed link to video of health check and there is no video - only a copy of the check sheet . Now I have had this issue with them before since the covering email clearly states that they send a video pointing out the good and the bad if there are any . Last time they used the reason why we don't send a video was because there were no faults to show you so am expecting the same explanation again . I am maybe being fussy but I would have liked to have seen the technician going over the car . My question is firstly does anybody else use Glasgow and do you get video sent no matter good or bad news ? And second question what is the story at other Lexus dealers . ? Last time I raised it with them they simply said it was their local policy so I said they should not therefore send the same covering email but got exactly same email this time and like I say no video again . Cheers , Kevin
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    It baffles me how Adrian Flux do any business; I’ve never been able to get a sensible quote out of them. I’ve always lived in decent areas, not done many miles, generally been a low-risk driver. They’ve always flat out refused to quote me (as I’m a young driver in a powerful car - I was 27 and had a diesel Mondeo) or quoted such a sky-high price, not even Bill Gates would consider it! I’d put your details into a comparison site, choose the top 3, then get quotes from them directly. End of the day, all insurance companies can be bad or good to deal with - it’s just luck of the draw. You might as well save a few quid.