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    Only car I would swap my F for* It's the Alpha Romeo Guilia Quadrofourleafiofromagio with pepperoni pack. *as I can't afford a GT3RS
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    Trust me I've been in it with @Warrington guy Dave driving it...... it lived between 5-8000 revs all the time with me whooping for joy like a small child on the back seat..... 😇 🐀
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    Yesterday I was given a PX price of £19000........looks like maybe the F’s are increasing in value 🤔
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    You can replace the bottom part of the oem unit for a second double din screen, which allows you to add a apple carplay /android auto system. Probably cost you £600+ depending on the system you choose but it is fantastic. Voice controlled Google maps, Spotify, oem steering wheel control etc etc.
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    Is it a diesel.....................................
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    Test drove the Alfa QF last month (just came back from the Alfa museum in Milan and was itching to have a go), the dealer looked my car up and said the trade value was 21K. As I paid 22k for it last year, was rather happy with that! The Alfa is way beyond my budget currently but my god it's a cracking bit of kit!
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    woks fine on my MacBook... Obviously the shock at seeing a video of a non F car on this forum was extreme.... Does like nice though (for a BMW)
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    Doohhhhh!!! I was responding to the post above and mis-read ' Quantity' for 'Quality' !!!!!! sorry, I'll get me coat and be gone soon... But the Amount of fuel in the tank is gonna be electro-mechanically detected ie a float on a pivoted arm or rising guide bar is gonna adjust a potentiometer to report back to the gauge electrically. paul m.
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    Only snowed down here this morning so 1st chance I had to join in ;-) Cheers. 2 car seats in the back. Mrs doesn't want any more as we now have a girl and a boy. ISF stays :-)
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    Outside Poole Maternity Hospital.... Ps.... It's a boy ;-)
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    No problem - a few bits in it will be different as its from an SE-L model but should cover yours well. Will get it out to you next week.
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    @Flytvr Get me that blokes number I’ll take him for some tuition 😏 🐀
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    When yo watch the video he's timing the lap using Auto sport+ and complaining about the shift program. If he'd gone into expert mode then it lets the rev limiter get hit and shifts faster
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    No, diesels have low down power with a flat torque curve to about 5k revs..........
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    @Comedian I've got a picture I'd thought I'd share with you all actuality of @Mark G on a test drive of one of those Alfa Quad.......
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    Why I drive an F car. Happy to enjoy the Alpha from afar until that Lottery ticket pays out.
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    No - NOT THE VOLVO Paul!!!!!!!!
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    If anyone is after a very decent 05-plate, LPG converted RX300, I've just spotted my old one that I traded in to Lexus Teeside four weeks ago, for sale in Yardley, West Midlands
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    Could be called the Ray Ban edition! ( still like it though..).
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    Another update, engine is back in the bay!! Looking right at home too! Will let the pictures do the talking. as you can see in the last picture the manifold is VERY close to the suspension turret! Looks like i will be using the competition vibratechnics mounts to minimize engine movement. I had those in my mk1 focus rs and on cold start/idle they would literally shake the car to pieces!! 6cyl engines are more balanced so im guessing vibrations wont be as bad not to mention the lexus is put together better than an old ford 😂. Also there is an issue with the powersteering pump and reservoir, looks like i will need a relocation kit as the reservoir is going to be obstructed by the throttle body. As you can see ive just thrown this back in, ive not done any of the loom as i just needed to create space in the garage. Its easy enough to lift back up to change the mounts and put the loom back on if needs be.
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    Oddly enough, going out in the snow today the windscreen wipers weren't frozen to the screen. But when I tried the washers after a while - nothing happened. They were frozen. (Has someone been diluting my screenwash?) Heated nozzles would have been handy. When I got back home I had another go. The interesting thing was that after the initial whirring you get from the screenwasher it went silent. No matter how much I pulled the wiper stalk there was no whirring noise. Could it have been one of these automatically resetting circuit breakers mentioned above? Anyway I poured some cold water on the nozzles in the hope of unfreezing them. Then I tried again after an interval. The whirring noise was back (had the circuit breakers reset?) and the washers were now working. Finally, I topped up the reservoir with some more antifreeze screenwash - let's hope it doesn't happen again.
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    Many thanks for generous gift and welcome me to the lexus owners club and glad to be part of it. Many thanks
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    Perfect for this time of year. You don' want your wipers trying to go if they'e stuck to the screen. Ensure they'e off when you start up and then hit this button. They should be thawed out in a couple of minutes.
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    Just turn the auto function off when you park up for the night.

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