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    Only car I would swap my F for* It's the Alpha Romeo Guilia Quadrofourleafiofromagio with pepperoni pack. *as I can't afford a GT3RS
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    We stay in Bishopton which was 2nd worst hit in the UK this week with 45cm of snow and deeper drifts. The RX350 might be a soft roader with no proper 4WD system but it was surprisingly good. Never got stuck once despite drifts over the bonnet. I ended up doing mercy missions for snowbound villagers getting bread, milk and medicines. Also did a few runs to local hospitals transporting staff. Obviously the Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S helped because I passed several stuck 4x4’s including XC90s, Ravs, CRVs, X-trails, etc. Also took the GS450H out which was awesome (also has Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme S). The only thing it wasn’t great at was towing people stuck in ditches but that’s to be expected with no diff lock. This was down the sheltered bit at the side of the house. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Trust me I've been in it with @Warrington guy Dave driving it...... it lived between 5-8000 revs all the time with me whooping for joy like a small child on the back seat..... 😇 🐀
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    Yesterday I was given a PX price of £19000........looks like maybe the F’s are increasing in value 🤔
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    You can replace the bottom part of the oem unit for a second double din screen, which allows you to add a apple carplay /android auto system. Probably cost you £600+ depending on the system you choose but it is fantastic. Voice controlled Google maps, Spotify, oem steering wheel control etc etc.
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    Is it a diesel.....................................
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    Test drove the Alfa QF last month (just came back from the Alfa museum in Milan and was itching to have a go), the dealer looked my car up and said the trade value was 21K. As I paid 22k for it last year, was rather happy with that! The Alfa is way beyond my budget currently but my god it's a cracking bit of kit!
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    woks fine on my MacBook... Obviously the shock at seeing a video of a non F car on this forum was extreme.... Does like nice though (for a BMW)
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    Doohhhhh!!! I was responding to the post above and mis-read ' Quantity' for 'Quality' !!!!!! sorry, I'll get me coat and be gone soon... But the Amount of fuel in the tank is gonna be electro-mechanically detected ie a float on a pivoted arm or rising guide bar is gonna adjust a potentiometer to report back to the gauge electrically. paul m.
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    Only snowed down here this morning so 1st chance I had to join in ;-) Cheers. 2 car seats in the back. Mrs doesn't want any more as we now have a girl and a boy. ISF stays :-)
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    Outside Poole Maternity Hospital.... Ps.... It's a boy ;-)
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    No problem - a few bits in it will be different as its from an SE-L model but should cover yours well. Will get it out to you next week.
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    @Flytvr Get me that blokes number I’ll take him for some tuition 😏 🐀
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    When yo watch the video he's timing the lap using Auto sport+ and complaining about the shift program. If he'd gone into expert mode then it lets the rev limiter get hit and shifts faster
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    Hi I have been lurking for a while as I quite fancied a ISF as my next car down the line. Well someone pulled out on me last week and I'm 90% sure its a write off so it seems I'm in the market for a new car sooner than I expected. I drove the one in blackburn at the weekend and really like the driving experience and theatre of it. Didnt feel as old fashioned as I thought it might, either that or I was so intoxicated by the noise I noticed nothing else. I doubt I will buy that car ideally looking for something a bit newer and lower mileage but I have a few questions to help me decide this. 1. Can I do anything to retrofit DAB? This is about the only item the pre facelifts are missing for me. 2. To what age will lexus warranty the car and whats the price? I have read 10 and 12 years in different places and since I would likely warranty it for the approx 3 years I will be looking to keep it this makes a difference. 3. Any previous owners of KM11EFO on here? Looks like its due in stock at lexus coventry soon and seems to tick all my boxes Thanks
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    Interesting article - https://www.torquenews.com/1083/2015-lexus-rc-f-and-bmw-m4-virtual-tie-racetrack
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    @Wellsey Ricky yes it looks good sounds great and drives well........... but would you with your own money.... I've read a fair bit about them on forums here and in the states and the dealer response to all the problems they have of which there are a fair few is..... they all do that sir, or that's a characteristic of the car sir, the latest one is suspension related. Apparently the latest cars ride much higher, the stance is very different and the dealer response is....... It's new give it a few thousand miles and the suspension will reduce the height itself.......... oh really really ! If there is a spring specification change just say so, same old Alfa dealers then by the sound if it. 🐀
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    Can’t say it either Paul😂🤣.....actual price is £18100 to £19900, they use “caps” not auto trader or glasses guide, offered £4500 for the V70 too, making £23,500 PX, as for car, got to be sensible, kids, dogs n caravan to consider 😔
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    Dav - if you don't like M4 don't buy one. It's that simple.
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    Come on boys we are all entitled to our opinions.
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    You only need heated washer nozzles if your screenwash is rubbish. The original Toyota stuff is rated down to -70 degrees so you shouldn't have any issues.
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    Had one do exactly that today. Didn't even look up before crossing and then just gave me the finger when he noticed I was about 3 feet away from him. Truly bizarre.
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    Wiper motor circuits ( front anyway ) are normally 'fused' with a miniature self resetting circuit breaker type fuse. Not sure if they are on your particular model but this is so if the wipers are in fact frozen to the windscreen then the motor will draw a large amount of current trying to shift them and if it was a normal fuse the fuse would blow and then after the ice had thawed the wipers would not work! But with the circuit breaker the high current flow trips the breaker and after a few minutes it cool and resets. Pic here in post #24 http://www.talkford.com/community/topic/318786-electrical-help-needed/page-3 paul m.
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    Mark, contact me by email jhewitt1958@gmail.com for more info on this.
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    @ComedianAbsolutely right sir, 2 Audi RS owners I know locally there cars have done more coke in 2 years than the Rolling Stones in forty 🤪 🐀

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