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    Cars were a little chalk and cheese, Jag very modern, rode beautifully even on 20" wheels with the adaptive suspension and the engine is the best sounding and responsive forced induction v6 on the market imo. Then there's the ISF, well that's the car that will be sitting in my drive in a weeks time 😁 felt about 10 times more special. Bought the silver 09 plate 32k miles with 3 years of Lexus warranty.
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    Pics of the new colour and wheels - what do we think? I think it looks pretty good TBH https://lexusenthusiast.com/images/weblog/18-03-29-gallery-lexus-rc-f-yellow-8.jpg https://lexusenthusiast.com/images/weblog/18-03-29-gallery-lexus-rc-f-yellow-9.jpg
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    A few pics now it's out of hibernation just had a fresh mot at Lexus Leeds was surprised to have it fail on a rear shock and window wipers which I've never used as i never drive it in rain so I'm guessing they were perished.
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    One plus for the 2018 models, the custom mode should allow Sport+ engine/transmission mode with a softer AVS setting if you so desire.
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    The RCF without adaptive suspension is pretty good. It is firm and every time I get to drive the car, the suspension reminds me that I’m in a purposeful car. Unlike the journalists, I never found the ISF suspension all that bad. The RCF is however a smoother ride than the ISF.
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    The AVS on my RC is very good, better by far than the AIRmatic on my AMG. Only when drive mode is on Sport+ does the suspension get too firm for driving on our public roads. Otherwise handling is a good compromise between comfort and chuck-ability with the AVS constantly adjusting shock rate depending on road conditions and driver inputs. In Sport+ mode the system seems set at max firmness 100% of the time, too much on normal roads and it unsettles the car in corners.
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    Still can't see any resemblance to a motorbike!! Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Are they the correct bolt pattern? (5x120) Those offsets are pretty extreme so I'd imagine they'd almost certainly be a problem fit.
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    2018 specifications at link below: https://carconfig.lexus.co.uk/gb/en/?RC/735687da-31ad-4922-9335-66f37cb58981/grades
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    @C.B Well done Craig a man with taste and a great colour for an isF as well...... cough cough..... Big Rat
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    Great choice & welcome to the club👍🏻
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    Well the problem this guy on the video had was self inflicted, you should always check the parts before placing them on the vehicle and he knew he was placing an incomplete part on the car . If he had waited until the part arrived before stripping the old part the customer would not have been put in the position of a bad fix in the first place. Online companies deal in logistics and are not partco men who traipse off to the stores as they did in the19 50s/60s and leave you chatting to a calender on the wall for half an hour while they look for your part. if you have not experienced that scenario I can tell you done properly buying parts online is the best experience if you follow the correct procedure.
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    That’s the key. You want throttle response of sport but ride of comfort. As such for my price point non AVS may be the better choice.
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    I came very close to buying a very nice Black 2011 manual 997 Gen 2 C2S with the aero kit & 13.5k on the clock from Leeds Porsche for all the reasons you mention., but I couldn’t bring myself to part with the ISF at the time. I had still been keeping a close eye on the market until quite recently with a view to buying, feeling I needed to own one at some point, so I do totally understand the draw. But the more I read & hear the less they appeal as for me the problems always ruin the ownership experience which is a shame - & I fully expect to have issues given my experience with the other German manufacturer’s over the previous 15 years prior to buying the ISF.
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    Are you buying one? I doubt they will sell a Base model. They are cast wheels. Probably a bit heavier. And anyway the eu strangulation puts me off it until I drive one to see if it feels as bad as it looks on paper. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    With air suspension if one corner goes up, it's usually a height controller.
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    Ignore me. I live amongst the travesty of roads that is south London. I'd be putting smaller wheels than factory on to cope with the sinkholes.
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    At that offset and wheel size if you don't get rubbing then just the usual tramlining, poor ride quality and increased wear on suspension components.
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    Thanks guys. I'm still considering the is convertible but the interior of the 450SC with that wood and white leather is pure automotive porn! My is250 is a great car and the change is not imminent but keeping my options open. So impressed with the Lexus quality and service that I won't be looking in any other direction. I miss a V8, the last one I had was in my Triumph Stag, the opposite end of the reliability scale!
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    Looking good so far. Few additions perhaps? I believe sonic titanium is now offered as a new colour on the rcf. Also celestial black was removed and changed for Graphite at some point
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    @Stuno1 Stuart here's some pics of installation day......
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    The RX 450 h is a super quiet car. I previously had a 3RX and picked up my new 4RX earlier today. My 12 yr old son commented “this is really quiet”. As others have commented the tyres also play a big part. Mine came with the Dunlop Sport Maxx.
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    I think they washed mine after fit actually. But it was dirty again by the time I'd got home having used a lot more fuel on the way up than the way down. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Hi all. Coming from 3 Jaguars to the Lexus but not owning a isf i would go for the is ever time more refined more comfortable than the Jaguar only my view. 65mike.
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    and that leads to the question of how long has that LS400 been there? after 5 yrs there should be fungus growing especially on the rubbers, the paint is so glossy like it has always been stored inside that should matten out a bit and then tyres after 5 yrs not rolling a wheel that right rear looks pretty well inflated? it sure is a mysterious car and i would like to see the interior and the engine bay. please keep us posted this could develop into a great story
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    I have just driven the latest RX450H back to back with the last incarnation and then drove home in my RX400H. In summary - the latest one is very quiet in comparison, they have done a good job on insulating us from road noise and thumps. The 2015 one was OK (it was the Premier with air suspension). Bit quieter than mine but I thought the ride was still more jiggly than my 400H which is pretty noisy - particularly coming up over the back seat. Mind it does have winter tyres fitted. Mike
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    Don't know if you got your door fixed, but this one just dropped in my inbox, described as burgundy in listing, LS400 being broken. Link HERE

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