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    So who would have this as a toy over the new one out later, we’ll im old and misty eyed about these things so this would be my choice..... Similar price to used Rcf’s https://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-spottedykywt/toyota-supra-spotted/38943 Big Rat
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    300ZX was my first true Japanese performance car. Bought a U.K. model in red at 19yrs old. Cost me my whole pay cheque each month to cover the insurance and fuel! Lol. 😂😂😂 Loved it though. Was a T-bar model as well, so roofs out in the summer was wicked fun. Also had a nice MR2 G-Limited auto, a Nissan Sunny 1.6 ZX Coupe, Impreza WRX Classic, Altezza which was also rare, tuned by Yamaha like the IS F. Love my Japanese cars, each for different reasons. 😎
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    After 81000 Km. of perfect service of my my 2014 GS 300h, I passed to the dark side of the force trading it for a MY 2016 RX 450h I found exactly in trim and colors I wanted, titanium grey with ivory seats and top (President?) trim. A new adventure with Hybrids , and my first SUV; may be I am getting old? 🙂 First impressions are very positive, even if RX soul si different from GS.
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    Me. Only two cars I would consider moving to from the IS F, this (lifetime member, used to support three that raced in Time Attack, owned 5/6 in various spec’s), and the R34 GTR. Both are rapidly climbing well above the £30K bracket, and show no signs of coming down anytime soon. The MK4 was and still is a great car in so many ways. The tunability and strength of that 2JZ-GTE engine is unreal. Don’t know of any other engine that can support close to triple it’s original horsepower without needing to be ripped apart and forged.......?? Problem is they are getting old, so restoration costs need to be factored in. Bushings will likely be shot, rust on the rare U.K. models will be an issue, subframes and diffs could need rebuilding.... biggest issue is parts availability, especially with the Getrag 6-speed manual gearbox. You simply can’t find new parts off the shelf anymore. I’m loving the move away from lairy bodykits, for me the Supra needs very little cosmetic enhancements, it’s a great looking car in stock form. Giving the heart a bypass with a nice build and single turbo kit on the other hand is all good in my opinion. 😉😎
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    Spark plugs should be done by millage only as they don't really degraded if not used. Of course you can have some corner cases like car haven't been used for 5 years etc but normally just change with millage. As for belt it is a bit more complicated as rubber can go wrong just by age. It is not as bad tyres as there is no sunlight access. I would in general go for millage but after few extra years it would be good to check it out or even change.
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    I've been a big Jap Import fan for years, the era when you had the Mitsubishi GTO, the Nissan 300ZX and the Supra was one of my all time favourites, my wife and I bought one of the very first FTO's too which she ran and enjoyed for six plus years. I had one of the very first MR2's that came to the UK, I took all of the badges off and when people asked me what it was I said it was a prototype Ferrari I got away with it for ages. My love for Jap imports included owning, An Isuzu Vehi-Cross, A Pajero Evolution, a track prepped and road legal RX7, a Subaru SVX. It's funny that I've gone back to a Japanese car. There was an absolute mint 300ZX for sale a while ago that I was very tempted to buy, despite the Supra being a very accomplished car I always thought it the ugly slug of the three. They're having a laugh on the price though.
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    Congratulations Luigi, I'm certain you'll enjoy your RX. I went from two IS250s to mine and I find it like driving a comfortable armchair in comparison. My sore back prompted my move to a taller vehicle. Maybe I'll progress to a 4th Gen RX in the future. Keep us informed of your progress with your new set of wheels please.
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    Best person to ask is Rafi at RR-Racing. Not sure if folks have ever read his bio? http://blog.rr-racing.com/news/company/ Guy is seriously talented, and has the degrees and experience to back it up. I’m reasonably technically minded, but freely admit it’s a self taught hobby. When I have spoken to Rafi, he clearly works on a higher level than I do.
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    Difference is great, even if both are wonderful cars. I have made too few km. to tell more, but in some way I find RX more comfy, may be because of 235/55 r20 tyres vs 235/40 r19 of GS. Another difference is in traction, GS is RWD while RX is substantially a FWD with a electrical "help" on rear wheels when it needs. V6 is a wonderful engine, and being RX younger there are some DAS more , Adaptive LED high lights very good (on GS I had only automatic led high beam switch), and sun and moon roof is very nice to me too.
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    Hi, just a heads up that I have found a Lexus Independent garage near Chesterfield/Sheffield. Run by a friendly and knowledgeable guy Dave who used to work at Lexus. If you live around that area give him a try, I am sure you won't be disappointed by his service and price.
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    Hi Cracksta, I've got a 2009 is220d, and also had the problem you've described, after much research I eventually found a post from someone who had the same issue, and resolved it be changing the fusebox in the drivers footwell, so i decided to try the same. I spoke to the local dealer, and when I mentioned the part number the parts guy said he seen the problem to occur in a few is220d's previously. I ordered a replacement for mine off ebay, and switched it out (1.5hrs labour), and it solved the problem. The part number for mine was 82730-53024, the last digits of yours will most likely be different depending on the options/extras you car has. If youre thinking of taking on the job yourself, PM me and I'll be glad to help, think i might have some photos on my phone
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    I feel like I must be the eldest 😳....I still love the 80’s supra, both the original 2.8 then the 3.0i and the 3.0t.......but I always loved the MK-1 MR2.......gutted it’s gone, but house build and family have to come first.......well for now 😂🤣
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    Just bumping this one. Turns out I even replied to it back in April. Who knew? Anyhoo, popped over today and a nicer bloke you couldn't hope to meet. I'd asked him to price up the plug replacement on my 400h but when I explained the situation he told me to leave them. Can't say fairer than that can you?
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    I'd love an old skool Supra as a toy car, although if I could get the new one for free then I wouldn't mind having the new one. Still the Supra is one of those classics that will never get old, along with the R34 GTR
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    Yep I would second that. Spark plugs degrade over usage, not time. They just sit there when not used. The dealers are not flexible in the servicing. For example, a 6 year old car with 25k on it will have its 6 year/60k service. Ideally, there should only be Lexus Intermediate and Lexus Full services with additional work at the required time rather than having "mileage services" as such. One of the reasons why I went with Lexus essential care for my wifes car as hers is going to be 6 years old with only 20k on it and they want to change the spark plugs! lol
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    When you lock the doors yes unless you've left a reading light on. In which case it will stay on until the car detects low battery and then everything will turn off.
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    We were recently going to upgrade to the 4RX from our 2014 3RX but it would of cost us nearly £20,000 to change which we thought was to much at present. Congrats on your RX it looks very nice.
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    That's almost as good as finding the Jlaw pics
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    They should do, I don't think it depends on having the switch set to auto. When you lock the car, everything should shut down in "about" 30 seconds.
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    @B1 RMA That’s some Japanese car past, alas I’m very late to the party with just the isF and Rcf to show for it having been a repeat German buyer for more years than I can remember, still I’m here now, yes that price 🤔 Big Rat
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    That is interesting...if you want ear porn, this is the job I was working on with a mate of mine at the end of last year:
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    @Big Rat Massive fan of this as you well know. For me nothing quite captures the essence of the Nordschleife as the poetic masterpiece that can be seen majestically painted on the track at 13:38 on the video (towards bottom of screen). Short, thrifty and to the point. Bravo to that artist. Bravo.
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    Good find Paul, I was thinking about this vid tonight. Funny that the points Clarkson makes fun of (the gearbox and exhausts tips) are totally normal these days. I think he was being overly harsh as the ISF was way ahead of its time. Still enjoy watching it, even if I should have bought the M3 lol.
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    Interesting point Pete re the loneliness of the modified scene, ive experienced this before when buying new cars that didn't have the knowledge or products available in the UK. Luckily in this case we've got you blazing a trail for us👍 Good to know re H&S, I'll need to have a good think about my options. Cheers.
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    Hey Nick, Happy to help where I can. It’s nice to see a few taking steps into the modified scene, as it can be pretty lonely and sole destroying when you’re doing something on your own. Biggest gripe would be the added costs. Whilst there are now plenty of mods to choose from thanks to the big names in the States, there aren’t many tuners around who know our cars. Result being higher fitting and setup costs due to not having clear guides or experience working with the cars. Lee Perryman and the team at SRD tuning in West Sussex are I believe the most experienced tuner now for the IS F having tackled a host of jobs on my car. They did the USRS, changed the suspension, fitted performance manifolds/headers, supercharger kit, and my annual service. Can’t rate or thank them enough. Being Toyota lovers, they enjoy working on my car because it’s different to the usual big power Supra’s and GTR’s they see most days. Ian at H&S is a top guy. He’s been a pleasure to work with, and I don’t have any complaints or issues with my system or experience with him. I know others aren’t as lucky, but anything hand made is always a bigger gamble. Take my ceramic coated tips. The finish went funny not that long after I had it fitted. Despite being a part H&S outsourced for me, Ian asked me to bring it back, fitted temporary tips so it didn’t look odd or damage my carbon diffuser, and sent them off to be recoated at no charge. I know a few have gone with other manufacturers with good results, so maybe try and do a club meet at some point to see/hear a few to decide what you like? I try to help with costs by bringing some smaller bits back when I travel to the States on business, or add things if I am getting something bigger sent over (did a group buy for the USRS a while back). Exhausts are tricky though. The big Japanese brands are lovely, but size means you have to eat a lot of import tax, VAT and shipping costs. The worry I had was if they go wrong. Not something you want to try sending back as a warranty claim! Would cost a fortune!! 😳😱
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    @Bluethunder Righto Nean I’ll keep looking Matey and report back😂 🐀
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    @Comedian Sean I’ve looked what the badge on the rear of the Rcf is its these guys....... Do you think they have involvement with the project for one of the cars most likely the RcF ? Big Rat
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    if you are getting excessive amounts of oil breathing there is already an issue, these engines run scavenge pumps so unless under really heavy track use should be absoluetly minimal (yours is an exception being supercharged as you may experience some piston blow by) however this being said oil as we know is a combustable and is being added to the inlet after the MAF so will be enriching the air/fuel ratio thus running rich, not so much an issue as running lean. Even under heavy constant breathing (worn rings etc) the ECU can account for running rich by adjusting the fuelling/ignition timing based on the lambda values, this would effect performance but would still be safe (the bigger impact on performance would be the worn rings themselves) These Engines consume a huge amount of air, it would take a considerable amount of oil to cause any detriment.
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    @DAW David the Rcf really looked good didn’t it ! I mustn’t talk about Lfa’s anymore I’m in bed now.......😂 The ISF yes I know it’s really curious that even being there a test bed perhaps but for what engine chassis but to what end ? Big Rat
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    Oil in the intake is not good. It will reduce performance, and untreated over a longer period of time could result in costly engine work. If it works it’s way through the combustion process, it’s going to trigger the ECU and take out power. There’s plenty of info on the US forum, and on the RR-Racing page for their AOS.
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    Her she is at the pit stop in IOM
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    I had EBC Yellow's on my 2006 GS300 when I bought it last year and they are amazing, very grippy cold and hot. I've tried Lexus and Pagid pads before but these are by far the best so I've just ordered replacements as they are now due along with EBC discs but they only really reason I got EBC discs was for the black coating to you don't see any rust.
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    I think this is the place, has been mentioned before http://lex-tekautos.com/

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