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    Not sure how old your 430 is but I think you find the IS300H is a big step change in overall tech. The hybrid drive train works very well in town, and at M-way speeds, its only when you smash the pedal you notice the deficiency in throttle response/torque, but that's not what most people care about. Your 100% right about running costs, our IS is £10 a year VED - there is a few which are £0 I believe. In another post people are mentioning such high servicing costs, if your going to use a main dealer than expect main dealer prices, I'm using our local independent to service our IS and its no more than any other car. But unlike my old BMW (and friends Audi/Mercs etc), aside from an annual service nothing else ever seems to go wrong. As for mpg, my wife mainly uses ours, but I do all the fuel ups. Never seen below 40mpg even in worst traffic/cold, on long M-way runs 45-50mpg regardless of speed of travel. If you hypermille you can get close to 60mpg. Long and short to it, interms of fuel costs its cheaper to run than our old diesel Civic. Enjoy the new car :).
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    Thanks everybody for your replies - it makes interesting reading. I'm not overly fussed as to what mpg it gives - It will be cheaper than the 430 to run in terms of fuel/road tax and insurance. I have never driven a modern Lexus or a hybrid so that will be a new experience. I like the size and love the styling of the 300h. The cockpit design is one of the best unlike BMW 3 series where it just drops down rather than slope around. I like the f sport front a bit more - is the ride very hard in them - we have a BMW 335D m sport in the family - how does the ride compare? I know it may not be on par with the LS - I just hope the ride is not too crashy
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    Very unlikely. The 12v battery would need to have almost completely failed for a new one to make a noticeable difference in mpg - it is the same on a non-hybrid too. The alternator puts extra load on the engine if it is constantly charging the battery.
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    I've had at least one CVT in my fleet for 15 years now, and I prefer them to torque converter boxes and MUCH prefer them to hesitant, constantly hunting for the right gear, DSG gearboxes. However, you do need to get used to driving them. Hard acceleration - as you would to 'kick down' a traditional auto - will simply send the revs soaring and create a load of noise and little progress. Accelerate gradually as speed builds, and you'll find the experience much better, and far smoother than a traditional gearbox. It does take some getting used to though, and probably doesn't suit a more aggressive driving style. They seem to be reliable too. I'm hoping I never have another gearbox go 'bang' (literally!) like my VW DSG did at 40k miles on the outside lane of the M1...it's quite an experience to see bits of gearbox casing and gearbox oil fly out of the back of the car at - ahem - 70mph...
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    My mate worked out there. They properly drive off road in the Dunes. They’ll be mega fun for that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Three cylinder petrol turbos in everything. But at least they're petrol and not the other stuff.
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    This one's covered in cameras, sensors, radar, the lot. It's a nice drive for a family wagon. Left them on. Ended up with a Saab 9000 with all seasons on so the problem sort of went away. And we haven't had any truly terrible weather up here yet.
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    Where are you in Durham. I'm in Washington. May be able to voice an opinion if we looked at it.
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    Found the culprit,under the bonnet 10amp fuse Dome.I presume dome means dome light,but its also for the central locking.
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    Dear Piers, RX450h is a very good and reliable SUV. I have purchased one RX450h 2012 Advance in May 2018 with 161,000 on the clock and all Lexus stamps. One company purchase it new and use it to go four times around our planet( I am joking, they used it mainly on a motorway journeys, hence the high mileage) The economy was not on our list when we were looking for SUV with over 2000kg empty. If you are driving carefully in the summer you will get 35mpg in the winter 30mpg. We ruled out diesel options for many reasons, but mainly problems with particulate filter because of our short trips and the government turn on diesel cars which will become very difficult to sell in 3-5 years time. Our options were limited. I wanted Prius + or Outlander PHEV, we test drive both and no chance compared to the RX450h. The car is so smooth and relaxed, you will like it. If you need to go fast or overtake, there is a lot of power on demand from the V6 and the 2 electrical motors. The CVT is absolute gem and pleasure to drive. Very smooth and linear acceleration without the jerkiness of the auto box. We got a courtesy LL Discovery Sport with 240bhp diesel with 600miles on the clock and 7 seats for a week while our insurance company repaint a scratched door on our Lexus. Me and my wife did not like the Discovery Sport compared to the RX450h. Most of Lexus owners look after their cars well and in Lexus garage. The customer service from Lexus is top class. You will not find a better place to service your Lexus( please note I am not working for Lexus) When you do service with Lexus they offer a free health check on the hybrid system with 12 months warranty. I would recommend that to you. If you budget for Lexus services, then your other expenses will be low and mainly consumables like tires, break disks, light bulbs etc. It is very important what are you planing on using the car for. If you are going to do short town trips as we do and a rare motorway trip the car is perfect. If you are going to do over 20,000 mainly motorway miles, then you are not going to have the full benefit of the hybrid system which is for low speeds and stop and start London's traffic. Keep us updated and send some photos when you manage to get one. You will not be disappointed. On the last fill up, we did 350miles from 55 litres, which is around 29 mpg but I like to use my right foot deeper and to feel that acceleration. Our previous petrol 1.8 Toyota Verso could not do 29mpg
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    This is a new recall related to another batch of airbags. Announced at the end of last year in the US and early January in the UK on Toyota and Lexus vehicles.
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    PhoeNicks, looking on "howmanyleft" suggests only 12 were registered in 2013, which is of course the last year of new registration for the ISF
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    I think one more thing to note - Average speed on free flowing motorway in UK is 82MPH (according to ONS 2016). Hybrid will always be more fuel efficient if you cannot get past 70MPH, I quite specifically stated petrol only becomes ~ comparable @80MPH and more fuel efficient @90MPH. Argument is purely theoretical in UK as in theory anything over 70MPH is illegal, but in other more sensible countries with 140KPH limits or more that becomes quite relevant. When I say motorway, for me that mean cruise set @80MPH indicated (which is ~73.5 GPS) literally for 100s of miles - I do sometimes cancel cruise, but try to never brake (hypermyling of sorts)... if you get into traffic or if you fighting for outside lane i.e. accelerating to 90, then braking to back to 50 when 4 axle freaking crane creeps into 4th lane... that is not motorway driving. That I call "British road madness"... and there you certainly better with hybrid. Anyhow going back to my practical example from my life - if I would have had IS300h instead of IS250 for last 4 years I would have saved £400 for my mixed driving. At the same time I woudl have lost £4000 in depreciation (comparison apples to oranges as obviously this is between mk2 and mk3), however if I would have say BMW 320d, it would have saved me £2000 only because of motorway MPG (probably would have spent £1000 on DPF and another £800 of plastic timing chain gears, but that is the topic for another day). Point I am trying to make - sort of for and against at the same time. In the city hybrid will save so much money compared with petrol that it is worth considering, if you do quite a bit of motorway then the saving will be negligible. Even considering rather outdated IS250 mk3... I would rather have it with nice smooth petrol v6, than save £400 and drive anaemic hybrid. I am not saying Petrol will be better on motorway or hybrid woudl be outright bad, but the cost saving will be negligible.
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    If be up for this. Not far for me at all.
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    Longevity is a problem, and I can only wonder if in 50 years time on Car S.O.S there will some attempt to restore an LS, but it will be a short program invovling a quick rub down with a cloth, replace the water reservoir float indicator, check the boot seal, the filler cap, the cam belt and waterpump and then hand it back to the owner. This would leave the rest of the program to wonder whether it is worth restoring a 1993 Alfa Romeo GTV. I'll be up in heaven (maybe) watching Even More 4 (or whatever it will be called).
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    Bought a can of Archoil AR2810 MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR CLEANER and used it as per instructions on the label. Easy to use with no great effort required. My 14 year old LS430 with 94000 miles had a coating of dark grey residue on the inlet side wire, while the outlet side was clean as expected. A few coats and it was clear. After a drying period in the garden and then a 15 min warmup, the car was ready to go for a test. OMG, the throttle response was so much different, that I narrowly missed driving into a neighbours fence. It caught me by surprise, how responsive the car was to my normal pedal pressure. The car was running well before the MAF was cleaned, but the difference is amazing. Next test is the MPG. I never rely on dashboard readouts as they are only a snapshot of driving conditions. I always run the tank down till almost empty and then fill to brim and record the miles covered when tank is almost empty again. It was not the cheapest cleaner on the market but well worth the money in my opinion.
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    Cancel your AA cover as the Lexus cover is for 2 people travelling in any car. The warranty is good value as one simple issue could be megabucks. For instance Toyota are notorious for leaking around the. water pump. On my GS300h It was found to be weeping at service. The car was under warranty and the water pump was replaced. Car was 2 years old. That would have been a £300 job. Warranty direct I suspect is dearer from my previous research, not as comprehensive. With Lexus it will be much more straightforward. To me it is a no brainer
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    Looking good,like the family reg as well.
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    Sorry I've only just seen this. Have them in my wife's CT (part tahara/part cloth) and didn't in the previous. Really like them. No issues (at 20k miles).
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    Turns out it was a neighbour! He's offered to pay for the damage.
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    Seriously mate hold out until you find the right one. I looked at 6 before either bought this. Has a couple of superficial scratches but the one you looked at was well overpriced at 5k Dont be put off if it's not se-L. Can still get a decent se-i just doesn't have a few specific options. I managed to get facelift which has door mirror indicators and different styling pieces
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    Got back the in the early hours of the morning. 850 miles in total and the 12 year old RX never missed a beat

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