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    Whether it can be done or not, still think it's a bit dodgy to remove a safety system intended for pedestrians for the sake of an insurance claim
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    I know we say it often, but how many rivals to Lexus would still look this good after 16 years!
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    You do indeed. I purchased these exact parts from you a week or two ago. Not managed to get them fitted but have arrived safe and sound.
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    How? How will this £7 spray help this guy determine whether his entire AC system needs to be replaced or in fact doesn't? Please enlighten us.
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    No special tools needed. I only had to buy a puller for the harmonic balancer which I didn't have before.
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    I'm looking at replacement shocks as well, but after reading reviews for the KYB and Monroe ones, I'm leaning towards OEM. Price is not too bad: https://www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/lexus-rx/lexus-rx-phase-ii-2004-2008/lexus-rx-2004-2008-steering-suspension/lexus-rx-phase-2-n-s-r-shock-absorber/ It seems all 2nd gen RXs share the same shock absorbers looking at the part numbers.
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    Meguiars.... Compound then polish, then a decent carnauba wax. Sorted. Get lots of this as we live and park next to lots of trees. Plenty of carnauba wax, never any issues, the poop just comes straight off with water. Current faves are, Collinite Marque d'elegance as the main barrier and Dodo Juice light fantastic (at its best on silver and white) for the shine. Never any bird poo issues at all despite plenty of perpetrators 🦅🦅 The more I read about ceramic coating the less bothered I am about it.
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    Ah, I didn't know the OBD port was always powered. You learn something new every day [emoji2] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Great, just like mine looks.. But just imagine how yours looks after you've hit that pedestrian ... Then imagine how the relatives will look at you, never mind how your insurer will look at your case... But then you're potentially saving £xxxx , yeh!!
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    Maybe not IMHO. The OBD socket has power to it permanently - those solar panel trickle chargers that plug into it wouldn't work otherwise. Better choice would be the Cig lighter or IGN I think.
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    oh dear, maybe it's me then but I could swear it was the UK Wales ................ my dotage, sorry guys Malc
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    Herbs is right, the satnav is not worth putting a newer Lexus unit in if it will fit. the newest Lexus satnav unit you can fit is still useless and maps are very expensive.
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    Apologies, it will not. I did not read the thread fully!
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    When my sister was staying with me recently she looked at my Lexus on the driveway and asked what kind of polish I use on it. I had to confess that I haven't polished it once during the nine years I've owned it. I've always intended to, but somehow it has never happened.
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    No my car is mainly in great shape it's just this panel that's making it look really sorry for itself. I don't want to change to another as I've got a good early example and I know all the work that has been done that I won't need to have done on another. It's too good to give up on, so going to try my best to sort it. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    I've contacted dent wizard as there's a technician local to me. Waiting to hear back what they think. I really didn't think it could be saved but if it can that's great! Thanks for your opinions all. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Hi guys & girls, Finally got around to installing the VLINE2 this weekend. Bagged it 2nd hand from fellow member Graham Webster (if he is here many thanks indeed, smooth transaction with an honest member). Install was easy and I would recommend having a stab yourself if you are competent around your motor etc. I am a bit of a perfectionist so wanted all cables neatly tucked away, tied up no unnecessary slack etc etc. Removed the stereo as required but also decided to remove the glove box too to get better access to the roof of it where I decided to route all of the cables. Initially a bit scary as you will see from the pictures but worth the effort when it's all done and tucked away invisible. Removing the stereo is very easy, plenty of YouTube videos to help you with that. Glove box comes out with 5 black screws, 3 across the top of inside the lid, and two on each bottom corner just behind the air bag trim by the passengers knees. I actually ended up removing the passenger knee air back bracket as the bottom of the glove box is popped into it and I couldn't see a way of releasing it without risking a breakage. Was a lot easier to put it all back in place that way too. Remember to disconnect the battery before doing all of this as you are playing around with air bags!! If you feel inside the roof of your glove box you will feel it has a ledge in it, and the roof is slightly lower on the stereo side of the glove box. I cut a hole in vertical part of this ledge (which is about 25mm) so that the GROM cables coming in from the stereo pop straight through from that direction. Also, with the unit placed on top of the little plastic shelf inside the glove box the cables are invisible to a passenger when looking into the glove box from the passenger seat. I took up all of the slack on the video and power cables and left them to rest on top of the glove box roof with only enough to reach the unit coming through. GPS and Mic enter the same hole but from the other direction first. I took those up to the passenger A pillar via the corner air vent which you can see removed in the pics. The GPS sits nicely in the corner of the dash and the mic cable i took all the way up the A pillar, along the front edge of the roof liner, over to the top of the drivers A pillar where it is mounted. I did want to put it somewhere near the dome light in the centre but couldn't figure out how to fix it in place without cutting or drilling etc - which I didn't want to do in case I remove the GROM before selling the car. Unit booted up first time. Be sure to boot it up before you put all your trim and dash back in case something is wrong. I installed the new firmware via the SD Card so am now running 8.1. Though I cant comment on its performance vs 5.1 as I didn't even look through the unit before doing the upgrade. Was easy to do though, just gotta be careful with the SD card as I initially lost mine inside the unit and had to unscrew the metal casing to retrieve it. Oops. Anyways, so far I am really pleased with it. Got Apple CarPlay working too which is mainly what I bought it for but also impressed with the Google Apps available to use on VLINE itself. I plan to have a right good play with it both driving and now, also going to get a new launcher as I think there are much better ones available then the GROM stock launcher. Couple of initial observations however - When I test called my wife, she said that she could hear whatever she said in echo which doesnt happen when we talk via the Lexus OEM phone. Anyone else experience this? Can anything be done in the settings maybe? Turn the mic down or something? 2nd, the video posted above shows the widget shortcuts on the right hand side of the screen....I have fully updated my unit and it's still on the left. Any ideas? Very happy to help anyone that wants support with their install and those of you that contacted me about borrowing the upgrade for 8.1, please DM me and we can arrange you coming to my house. It only takes about 15 mins max. I dont ask for anything in return, but if you do drive and ISF, I'd quite like a quick go round the the block please 😄 Cheers, Bill
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    What part of Cheshire do you live in .
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    A good point. I recall an idiot who moved in to one of the Grade two listed terrace houses on the sea front where I live, and proceeded to start to cut up Ford Escort bodies with Oxy-acetelene in the front garden much to the curiosity of passers bye, not to mention the fury of the neighbours bringing the area into disrepute. That person was a nightmare and it took years to put a stop to his unacceptable behaviour. Long story, part of which made a TV documentary.
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    There is Lexus Link app, do not see why it would not work with ES. Functionality is rather limited, allows to find destination and send it to the car but it is not most user friendly. There is no preheat option on Lexus as it is not plug in hybrid, so would require ICE to idle to preheat and that I believe is against the law in the UK.
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    Probably stating the obvious but I'm sure everyone will know to meet on the Westbound Rownams service area.
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    fine for sedate and normal traffic?? Sedate driving is more likely to be responsible driving. The IS300H is not a boy racer. It is a grown ups car with more than adequate "performance" for todays motoring conditions. If you want a car that is a performance car go for something different. Probably also best to go on a race track so that you can enjoy the experience without accumulating penalty points.
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    I did ask the dealership about a Lexus App as I also used the 'Mercedes Me' App. They said no such App was available for Lexus as far as they knew and certainly not at present. I'd check again though as most dealers do not seem to know everything about this sort of thing
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    I took an ES on a 24 hour (well... 30 hour!) test drive. It was an F-Sport model with Takumi pack. I have to say that, while the colour scheme was under-whelming (silver/black), I was impressed with the car. The (+)... - Very smooth, quiet and comfortable - Excellent ML audio - the larger screen and the HUD display - I was impressed by the Tahara upholstery - the laminated side windows - the brilliant adaptive headlights - economy far better than that of the NX I currently drive The (-)... - the central armrest was very creaky - the all-black window switches are not as plush as the ones used in the face-lifted NX - the boot lid sensor seems far trickier to use than it should be. I was also surprised to see that the car is much cheaper than the equivalent NX while being better specc'ed (laminated side windows, larger screen, electric rear blind (I know... could not fit this onto the NX), and offering better performance and more space.
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    I don't know what you had on there before, but they might have done it thinking it was for practical purposes - the metal caps (in my experience) can corrode on and cause problems that you wouldn't get with plastic ones. Based on these for the Ct200h, they are just under £4 each from Lexus https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263818861513
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    ah - I ended up buying direct from Lexus for a bit more on the same part - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251957259744 I had a bit of a dilemma when I saw the one you linked is about £30 less, but I did get to use some Nectar points so I spent less actual money in the end, so not worth me cancelling overall. Surprised how much the Lexus top "support" is when compared to aftermarket (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233280316956), considering the shock absorbers seem to be reasonably competitive in price
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    The Camry looks to be better value.Why not try that too ?
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    I was a little sutrprised it had an amp under a plate in theback if I'm honest. Looks like there's plenty of space under there for another amp, but volume doesn't seem to be an issue. The guy at Canon Audio said he wasn't sure if the sub would be able to provide the "thump" I need with such a large space to fill (my Lexus is the first model, the estate proper one) but it does seem to be head and shoulders above the car as it was without a sub. You know, if I used it every day I'd go the whole hog, but I live on Hayling and work at Watfiord at the moment so I need to use the bike else I don't get home until silly oclock. Maybe when I get a job closer to home. Another strange thing about the Lexus.. I find when I drive it I'm in no rush, it's a relaxing vehicle to drive. I like that.
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    When mine stopped working it was a loose earth wire I believe ...
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    I'm with you on this, I get much satisfaction from doing some of my own work. Sadly my 1930's garage was built for tiny Ford Populars so its all got to be done on the drive.
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    ....a few photos of the day, so far! More than 500 cars booked including a few choice Lexi and the LFA. Good to meet another fellow forum member!
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    @YN57OCK hi Ian, nice to meet you earlier. Sorry but I had to leave early and didn’t see you before I left.. Was a shame there was only three F cars there but the blue LFA made up for it 🙂
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    What happened with the Lexus that went through the “puddle”? Re insurance?
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    Thank you, although I feel the credit may need to go to the manufacturer!
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    Well the "tat" speakers are far above the rather old Pioneer things that sound like the sea is rushing in when they try to reproduce any kind of bass note... The old speakers are lets face it 20 years old, probably older and are just tired. I have no idea how they have been used in the 120,000 miles the car has done so it's probably for the best that I changed them for new anyway. So the "tat" speakers were so much better I bought another pair for the rear doors, I need to get the MDF out to make four suitable spacers though, they sit way too far back in the doors at the moment. And the Sub went in today. I only cancelled it for a week. Glad I "farmed it out" because it isn't a quick job. Basically boot area stripped, rear seats pushed forward as far as they will go, find a power feed from the glovebox (I think tyhe sub only needs a 10 amp supply?) take the trim out, feed the cables, find a "signal" from the rear speakers at the amp under the cover behind the seats and then... Put it all back together. £250 well spent in my opinion, I mean bearing in mind my ears are pretty much stuffed for high end response, and the only "test" track I had was 1980's sub and bass off a CD, it sounds presentable. I meant to take my "War or the Worlds" CD with me because if anything tests a speaker set, it's that voice at the beginning followed by the opening track... But I only had it on my ipod thing so it was compromised anyway. But the amount of stuff that has to come out, these cars are really screwed together well aren't they? Not one of the "push in" clips broke, not one. Try doing that with any european car... Then a bit of tweaking over the next few days with the rotary cross over remote thingy and I'll be a happy bunny.
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    ...chaps, this is exactly the spec of my car...I’m 5000 miles into ownership now if you have any questions...
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    Yes I did. Clicked on the link and went from there. Dealer got back to me within 24 hours early last week and arranged for me to pick up the car up on my way to work Friday morning and return it Saturday lunch time.
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    They are nice, I also had an extended test drive and enjoyed the car. Did you use the club offer to get the 30 hour drive Daniel?

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