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    Should be quite the adventure. Flying up to Inverness and driving back over a couple of days.
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    Yep - the services will be done on an annual basis in that case rather than miles (12 months or 10k between services) - if you want to get the service plan and to pay monthly, call Lexus and tell them that you will need 2 services over 2 years (it will be one major and one minor - the order depending on which it had last) and that you want to start the plan today with the first service due in a year's time from the previous one (which you say was recent). That way you will be able to spread the cost of the 2 services over the 24'ish months (depending on when the first is due) and so keep your monthly payments down to the minimum. If you wait until the next service is due to start the service plan you will have to pay that service in full and then the plan would run 2 years from that service for the next 2 services...
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    Regardless of what people who don't know me on the Internet might think, the fact remains that the name is the same - take from that what you will. no conclusions jumped to, or implied.
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    Hi, It might be the sliding pins on the caliper holder. Water gets in there and is causing a lot of corrosion.
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    If I remember correctly, the review I watched on Tyre Reviews YouTube put the 4S as a better track tyre as they could handle hard cornering better for longer, seeing as I don’t intend on tracking my car, I also could not justify the extra monies, and a +1 for crappy availability 😂, you won’t be disappointed in the PS4, still handle very well! 👍
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    Got the gasket and also, new air filter has arrived too, everything’s coming together now. And yes I’m expecting the power to more than likely be down, but, it’s all a trial and error curve now, as there is no set patterns for tuning or tuning parts. We shall see.
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    The kit arrived last week. The mechanic will start working on it on Monday. Fingers crossed.
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    So for about 10 years I had been looking at these beasts and thinking, I just don’t know, and kept putting it on the back burner, I’ve always modified cars, and to the horror of some, when I mentioned what I wanted to do with the LS. I want to help create the interest in the aftermarket world that most cars have. The LS is so underestimated and most would just rip the engine out and leave another shell behind. I’ve always loved the shape, and growing up watching NASCAR’s something just clicked with the shape and road presence of the LS. So along my journey so far I have documented the purchase and changes I have made to the car. Now I know it’s not going to float the boat of everyone, but I’ve tried to keep things tasteful and I change my mind a lot. So hope you enjoy, I’m no mechanic but learnt as I’ve gone along the road. So here we go.
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    I'm really surprised that a Lexus dealer would consider such a thing as putting cheap low rated tyres on a 470 BHP car that they surely know well. When I bought mine it had the factory fitted Michelin PS4's so luckily being very low mileage they hadn't been changed.
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    Bit of a picture overload but, i love to try and show as much as I can, not only for future reference but for everyone else too. so no filters on these pics, so you can see the big reveal of what colour I chose, and also the fitting of the left hand side rocker cover.
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    OK - so I sorted this. I installed an app called MacroDroid on my phone - which is a brilliant automation app. I created two rules - one "If Bluetooth connects to Lexus", then "Enable Hotspot" and another "If Bluetooth disconnects from Lexus", then "Disable Hotspot" - so simple and works perfectly. 😄 😄 Happy bunny.
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    my next door neighbour has a 04 plate Bentley ( DJI 2020 ....... does about 2k miles a year, ) and a Audi Q6 ? and a classic Jensen Interceptor and I just know he cannot find a buyer for it He's so disinterested in the thing that he missed it's MOT this year by many many months even tho' it often sits out on the road ! My indy mechanic tells me if I had one he would be trailering it down to him for tlc and repairs more than I would be using it ..... he thinks the Lsa400 is a brilliant car for me and 15k miles a year Malc
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    I also looked at a Bentley as there are so many available for silly money and low mileage, plus have been very well cared for. Problem is if you read the reviews, you need a good warranty. They have an awful reliability reputation, plus a friend who had one, a new rear wheel bearing was £4K. Agree nothing like a Lexus LS
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    @james250 sure here’s mine
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    Hi James, here are a few pics as requested. Paul
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    Shahpor, I did buy my tyres, well ordered them online to be delivered to my house but prior that I was considering different options, one of them is Blackcircles. As I mentioned before (I think) I need a wheel alignment anyway so i phoned Lexus Glasgow to check the price for it and the same time asked how much they charge for tyre swapping, it was £12+VAT, they however asked me where I get my tyres from and may be they can supply them instead. I told them what I want, they called me back couple of hours later and the price was high, I told them what price is online and they said they can't match it, not even close so I went through online shop and will be fitting tyres at Lexus and doing wheel alignment at the same time. May be they can try to match the price if you have with them Service pack, which I don't so they are not bothered. :)
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    the terrorism article is from 2004, so if the articles from 2016 when he was prosecuted say 36, the age would match.
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    Earlier articles state the car dealers age as 36 The second link in question mentions the age of the similar named person as 24 On that basis they are not the same person.
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    I too noticed the same name appearing Richie. It struck me straight away, not because the people were the same, but because the names were the same.. I did not jump to any conclusions and I was not skating on thin ice either. People`s perceptions are different. Your comment to Fred could have been directed to me and you would have been jumping to conclusions and skating on thin ice., and wrong.
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    Yes, contact and plunger surfaces were very worn Took me 4 hours to remove the starter....waited for parts couple of days and then took 3 hours to put everything back.... I am not very organized , waste a lots of time looking for tools
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    Changing oil at 5K mile intervals or thereabouts is fine. Not worth the expense of doing it more often. Don't leave it for much more than a year and don't approach the Lexus interval of 10K miles - IMHO that's too long but is specified to keep apparent fleet service costs down - but would be OK if you don't care what happens after 7 years or 100K miles or so.
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    Back to 'is there any difference (between brands). I reckon that if you use any 5W-30 oil (or whatever is specified) and it is marked with approvals (ie meets the specs) issued by a number of motor manufacturers such as GM, BMW Mercedes, VW etc and you change the oil within the mileage limits specified by Lexus or whatever car you are servicing you will be fine. There may be some quality differences that might show up if you did a controlled back-to-back test and stripped the engine to measure wear after say 100000 miles or if you drained the particular oil and ran the engine until it seized, but those differences would be slight.. So in extreme circumstances there might be differences. In normal every day use changing oil frequently and more often than recommended by the manufacturer (the single most important thing to do to ensure engine longevity) will ensure that your engine will last for 200 or 300 K miles without problems - at least without problems associated with the oil. And paying more doesn't necessarily get you a better product - a lot of the cost of oil is in the advertising - I shudder to think what all those posters etc at F1 Grand Prix, football stadiums etc cost. I use Exol Optima LSG 5W-30 - comes in a 20 litre drum for £59.95. I use it in my IS250, MX-5 (which is supercharged and has ecu add-ons which enable it to rev to about 7.5K - way beyond the 6.5K normal rev limit - and it is 28 years old), Seat Mii, Peugeot 208, my lawnmower and any other 4 stroke engine I get asked to service. Probably I wouldn't use it in a Ford because they have some particular requirements that I won't go in to here.
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    2002 GS300 SE Auto Navigator 128K miles MOT to April 2020 £875 Condition: Car in good order and appearance with refurbished wheels and well shod. All dashboard warning lights in situ and working. All disappear as engine starts and seat belts engage. Performance / distance data clearly shown on satnav screen. Local manufacture s/s exhaust system November 2015. Extra Info: Clean interior with cream leather, opening / tilting sun roof, electric windows, heated adjustable front seats, FM/AM radio with tape and 6 CD player all working. Original LEXUS cream mats showing little wear. 2 keys. V5C Number of former keepers 3. My car since April 2014. Not driven far or frequently recently. Some service history. UK /Satnav handbook as well as US edition both unmarked. Original tools Contact Details e-mail ronald.king8@btinternet.com More pictures/info by request Location Inverness, Scotland. Conditions Buyer to collect. Cash preferred. UPDATE: VEHICLE NO LONGER FOR SALE
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    Same experience for me, purchased my car from Lexus and they put cheap rubber on. I had travelled 150 miles to purchase the car and was surprised at their choice of tyre, I assumed the car would be wearing PSS as per OEM spec. I did the deal anyway and enjoyed hammering the rears knowing they were going.
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    I don’t think this is the case at all Lexus Dealers. Bristol seem to be relatively expensive for tyres compared to online prices but I’m happy to pay the premium for convenience and come back.
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    Glad you managed to settle on a tyre. I have all this to look forward when my Super Sports need replacing. I’m surprised Lexus sold your car with budget tyres on🤷🏾‍♂️
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    Ok, new shoes ordered, gone with Pilot Sport 4 on each corner for £664, but that may come down a tad with cash back. Couldn’t justify the extra £100 or so for the S’s and the availability isn’t great online. Hopefully made a good choice, at least the ditch finders will be gone.
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    So, got cracking on doing the valve covers, well until I realised I forgot to get a throttle body gasket. So got the right side done and also plugged up the PCV hose too.
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    All back up and running Thanks for help guys
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    Hi Vlad, Excellent news Normally, I wouldn't see the point of skimming discs, but with the price of ours, it is certainly something I would consider if my brakes started juddering again, especially if they were as thick as yours were. It would have been really annoying to have to replace a perfectly serviceable set of discs. What tyres did you get? I have my MOT coming up in a couple of weeks, and I know I need a set of rears, so I have asked the dealer to provide me a pair of Michelin Primacy HP's (or equivalent). One thing that was mentioned that I didn't know is that it was claimed that anyone who has a service plan gets tyres at cost price. If this is indeed the case, then I am interested to see how much the tyres are going to cost me.
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    If you choose to pay for a service plan monthly then it is in effect a savings account. If you have not got enough in there when the service is due you may be asked to pay a top-up on the day. So best time to start the monthly payment service plan is straight after a service. You tell Lexus how any services you think will be needed over 2 years (I have 3 for example as I do about 15000 miles per annum) and then they give you a price for that which you can either pay upfront or by DD each month - there is no interest added for the convenience of monthly payments.
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    Hey! Most of it was trial and error, or a Google trawl. Ordered some headlights and tail lights from a Vland seller, so when I wire them up, I'll do both as I still need to route the rear aftermarket camera into the hole where the stock one is! Give me a couple of weeks, headlights are on backorder from china....apparantly...
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    So got the TRD stickers on there to just to bring the rocker/valve covers to life. now time for cleaning and new gaskets.
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    I actually have a video on a Lexus ES300h Takumi from Lexus Scotland if anyone wants to check it out?
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    Just wanted to update this as also had AC/Climate Heater Control and Radio dipped as well now, very pleased with the results
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    Just took car in for the fourth time same issue. Got told this morning it was a known fault due to the type of brake pad they use especially in hot weather. This used to happen to my mates rcf aswell ( he bought aftermarket pads and cured). It seems LEXUS have changed the pad compound for the RCF & GS models but are not doing the same for the other models. At the main dealer i took it to they said they have four or five customers with same issue and they bring it back every year or so with same fault. Bloody joke that, Absolutely sub standard service for a so called PRESTIGE MAKE. I am not enjoying my car at all tbh only bought it in March. MIght go to a solicitor and find out where i stand for money back as they knew it was a fault on the vehicle when they sold it to me.Let's see how it goes they say they are changing front disc and pads today.
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    And if it were a push bike, I'd be even better off. You pays your money and you takes your choice. And as for buying a diesel ?! LOL
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    I have a friend in the motor trade who has been through just about every car imaginable, he currently runs a beautiful fully restored E type. He had a Bentley for a couple of years and complained that it was one of the most unreliable cars he's had, mostly due to electrical issues with the same duff components being shared with Audi. Stick with the LS, there's literally nothing like it!
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    Hi James Have had mine for nearly a year now, and so far, so good, really happy with them, they really do bring the rear end up to date!
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    Jeff, my background was car Insurance accident damage so body shops were very familiar territory for me. All new cars with few exceptions have a lacquer top coat and it's this that will have swirls in it, not the underlying colour. Dirty and careless use of cleaning materials will cause marks in the lacquer coat. My car is Velvet Black, a solid paint colour which needs more looking after than any other. But to answer the question, whether it's 1 or 15 body panels the process is the same. My process is: Powerwash the bodywork. Use a neutral PH snow foam which loosens dirt. Power wash that off. Then wash the car with a wash mitt. I use a GTECH micro fibre type one. Have a bucket of clean fresh water next to your soapy wash bucket so you rinse out the mitt after you wash each panel. You need to reduce the risk of leaving dirt in the mitt so rinsing it constantly helps. Dry thoroughly with good quality micro fibre towels. Never use a chamois leather. Micro fibre is best. Clay bar each panel. Literally a clay bar lubricated by a clay bar solution which lifts microscopic contaminants you can't see but can feel with your hand. Wipe the clay bar solution off the panel, do only one panel at a time. The lacquer coat may require one or more of the following, cutting back the top coat with cutting compound, using a dual action polishing machine gives great results. They have a variable speed switch depending how fast you want to cut or polish, 2nd, a polishing process and then 3rd, a finishing process. . I use foam pads myself by choice and the harder the foam pad the more cutting power it has, the softer pads will be for ultra fine polishing and spreading the final stage polish. I use 3M cutting compounds and polishing products mainly but believe me there are hundreds if not thousands of aids to remove paint damage. After all polishing is done all the polish oils that have been left on the panel after you buff to a shine need to be removed. This is done by specific panel cleaners like Eco Pro Eraser. The panel is now bare with no protection. Then and only then do you apply a really high quality wax which seals and protects the paint. I use Collinite 845 a truly great liquid wax. Always always use the highest quality micro fibre towels for buffing off polish and waxes. Well Jeff you did ask. My car had numerous fine swirl damage in about 40% of the panels so I just did the whole car. Many people would not notice swirls except in bright sunlight when it catches the panel in a certain way. No good asking a dealer to sort swirl marks, they are not equipped or skilled or have the time to devote to the very damage they cause. Imagine what it's like in a dealer's cleaning dept just prior to September 1st and the rush to get ready numerous new cars.
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    Perhaps the best in-depth car review I have seen and the best I am ever likely to see for the Camry! I would certainly shop at Tesco rather than Waitrose as I continue to recognise value for money and I don`t mean cheaper !! The drivers` of Audi, BMW and Mercedes cars will take aeons to appreciate the qualities that Lexus has to offer. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy what for me are the unsurpassed qualities of my GS450h.
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    So finally received my Magnecore leads and ordered An fittings and hose and also the blanking plate For the valve delete, and also because the wire coatings for the wire harness have turned to brittle dust I thought not a bad idea to address that too.
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    So I went about killing too birds with one stone, changing the look while also refreshing old rubber and curing small oil leaks, so after a bit of searching online and a few contacts I found and got these, Powdercoated and fitted with AN10 fittings ready for future proofing the build, I’ve pretty much at this point decided what I want to do engine wise and power wise too. And because things are gett8ng done more now I took advantage of the Halfords sale too.
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    It seems that lots of Celsior buyers re-bagde to Lexus, people asked me if I'd do the same. Personally I like having the Toyota badge as it confuses many an enquirer!
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    Yes it is isn't it. Mine is in F Sport white with red interior. Now I'm over the initial disappointment of not getting the 360 & quick clear screen I'm remembering what I actually liked about the car and spec in the first place. Theres a distinct lack of UK pictures and reviews on the ES F Sport, they all seem to be either the Takumi model or the US F Sport 350. There must be guys on here with one that could post a few more pics etc!

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