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    I have let trading standards know about that as he cant sell it as a private person.
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    I also came to the conclusion that the dealer was the only option for a replacement key for my 2014 CT200h after trawling the internet. However, this is definitely not the case! I did a simple Google search for replacement Lexus Smart key and called a few different places to get quotes which ranged from £250-£380, my local dealer had wanted £365. Settled on the £250 guy who came out to my address the next day and programmed and cut a new key. The only difference was that the key he gave was a generic one without the Lexus logo, other than that, it looked like my original key. Everything works, although I have noticed the range at which you can activate the locks using the remote button is slightly lower on the new key compared to the original, however, I hardly use the physical buttons due to the smart key system so I am happy with this considering I saved over £100 by not going to the dealer. PM if you want the number, I can find his website just now! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    I used an on/off/on toggle switch, center pin to ground and either of the outside pins to tc/ab and operated the switch to and from each position as per the intructions above. Worked first time
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    New cars already depreciate heavily. I wouldn't buy one for this reason alone, and as well as this new cars are also packed full of expensive technology. Any of those computers failing is a huge repair bill. If I were to ever buy a new car it would be as close to the base model as possible, fewer things to break and cost me money. But in all likelyhood I will stick with older cars built around 2006 before everything started getting crazy.
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    Indeed it would, but anyone who would take an 11-year old car to a main dealers for work like that needs their head wobbling anyway.
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    Hi Stuart. I can only echo Lee's comment above on your misfortune. I had my wheels refurbished in the summer, and have been almost paranoid about keeping away from curbs since. I know it is only a matter of time before I do the same thing. As per color have you asked where you had the wheels done if they know of the matching touch up paint color. John.
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    The connector you show is an OBD2. It is just upside down to the first picture. However I am not 100% sure of this but on the Toyota/Lexus range of cars pin 16 battery positive is not always alive. It is only on when in accessory, ignition on, or ready mode. This means your dashcam will not work unless the system is turned on. A check with a voltmeter will quickly confirm if this is the case. Pin 16 is the first pin on the left top row in your second picture. John.
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    Oh gawd Stuart, I can imagine how bad you feel 😮
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    absolutely just about zero noise from the V8 tried and tested Ls400 however, like hearing sheep munching grass at 50 mtrs ☺️ Malc
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    Wow, what a weird thing to find in the corner of your car. Maybe you should check the other side, could be a teapot down there !
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    Fingers crossed for you mate hope all goes to plan Robert
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    Having driven a Nissan GTR, I have to say if I was into cars that required a neck brace when accelerating I wouldn't consider anything else, it was simply stunning!
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    Lexus sticking a BMW unit under the bonnet....? Defeats the point of buying a Lexus in the first place for me.
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    I can't see that being as reliable as a Lexus engine. If they go that way; I'm out
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    The insurance assessor called today to examine my car. I am now waiting to see if it will be written off. I think for me this would be the best scenario, and buying the car back. Buying another GS450H to replace mine would be a backwards step as I would then be in a position where all the work I have done on the car could have to be done again on it's replacement. Repairing the car would be straight forward, and although with an "N" category write off title with pictures of the damage, and repair on what would be an old car would make little difference to it's value in the unlikely event I wish to sell it. The assessor did comment that the door replacement in his words "for one of these an arm and a leg" so keeping my fingers crossed. If they do decide to repair the car I have lost nothing. I will keep you all updated. John.
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    As Mark has already stated the 12 volt battery does not start "as in turning the engine over" the car. The cranking amps of the battery is also almost immaterial as the hardest job it has to do "even before you press the start button" is to pressurise the brake system. This occures as you try to open the drivers door. If you listen carefully if the car has been standing a few hours as you try to open the door an electric motor will start run for a few seconds then stop. This is the brake accumulator being pressurised to give you power brakes. This action loads the battery from a low amperage up to around 40 amps as the system gains pressure. The starter motor "part of the transmission" runs on the hybrid battery at 201.6 volts. There is no 12 volt starter motor, and no 12 volt alternator. I would be going back to the tyre centre, and telling them to read up on how hybrids work particularly as this type of work is going to be an increasing part of there customer base. Feeding people the wrong information is misleading them. John.
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    Martin your tyre centre knows nothing about the lexus hybrid the 12v battery powers your keyless entry ,alarm system and computers in turn the computers power up the hybrid system and starts the engine.
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    I have no idea what you're ranting on about Alan but perhaps you've had more than a 'Lager Shandy' this afternoon? What you're suggesting is exactly what is happening in the car insurance industry with 'crash for cash' claims - something that supposedly adds about £50 per year on to the premiums we all pay. I have no desire to make my warranty payments suffer the same fate.
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    Regardless of the moral/legal aspect, the wide adoption of this practice would lead to an increase in the cost of warranty for all.
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    Wee update guys....... Used a different type of disc, used a different free burner software package and managed to make a MP3 disc for the car. Happy days (for now)
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    First impressions: wow. I love the auto high beam headlights. The LED lights are amazing. Mpg - an enthusiastic drive back from Leicester resulted in 46.2mpg. Performance and comfort are satisfying. Handling and the feel of solidness on the road are better than my IS250. Tonight's homework: RTFM!
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    Hi All, So I've just had my car fixed up and sprayed after a battle with a wall, in which the wall won.. I also got them to refurb the alloys. I got the car back yesterday and I have curbed them this morning. So you can imagine how pleased I am with that... I have an is300h F-Sport. Does anybody know the colour of the wheels and know of any touch up paint that closely matches the colour. I've see this anthracite paint on amazon.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ANTHRACITE-ALLOY-REPAIR-CURBING-SCRATCH/dp/B073PY8SWF/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=alloy+wheel+repair&qid=1576577713&sr=8-6 Cheers! Stuart

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