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    Thanks for this. I think I'll look on ebay also before sending the seller the dosh.
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    May i suggest two different horns, one for normal road use and another one for dreaming pedestrians or children not aware of the silent and approaching car? This second horn should of course be more silent as it should only be heard from a short distance. In order to save our feathered friends maybe it would be best if the sound of a duck in despair would appear after pushing the button?
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    Yep, except for excess. 😮
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    Caught sight of a black isf for the first time on coast road in Newcastle. Anyone on here? meanwhile smoked vland installed 🙂 , chrome delete and ceramic coating.
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    Dear All, my next step is to verify that Autodoc located in Berlin (the greater Supplier of Spare Parts in Europe) has been authorized from DENSO to sell the IKBH20TT. I have written to DENSO my request: I hope to have a reply from DENSO very soon. Let's keep in touch.
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    Yes they look good and an easy fit I gather. I never got round to getting a set but I think they would look great with my white paint and black badging.
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    Hi all Fixed mine so sharing how to guide if anyone's interested.
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    So Everyone !!! Been a long time since I started this thread but its now done. Engine and gearbox out and car is away to the scrap ! So good news and bad news …. it is possible to drop the front axel (subframe) and have the engine taken out this way, however it means the car needs to be lifted as there is a support beam at the front of the car which either needs cut or something to just pull it out. (I ended up cutting it as it was going to the scrap anyway 😛 ) Hardest part was trying to get it to stay on the wooden pallet I had it sitting on whilst the car was being dragged onto the flatbed. wasn't good, especially when the gearbox got caught on the transmission tunnel 😞 But thanks for everyone's support, no one was hurt during all of this, bar a few scuffed knuckles and small cuts. oh and yeah when you are dropping the front axel, make sure your toes are out of the way... Glad I had my steeliest on :P. If anyone is interested, you need to remove, the steering column, the triangle support on the underside, shock and then just 4 bolts, oh and the gearbox support. after that give the engine a wiggle, and the front axel drops 😄
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    Get wheel balance checked - it's critical. Not sure why but tyres seem to last a long time on Lexus hybrids (Well, unless you ear'ole your GS450h!🙂) I used to get about 25K miles from a set on my IS250. My GS300h has still got three original tyres at 39K miles - one is needing replacement soon but the other two originals have plenty of life left . I'm guessing one was destroyed by a puncture - it was replaced by a Lexus dealer at 30K miles. But it means there's a lot of time for slightly uneven wear to develop which can affect wheel balance - or even for a weight to be lost.
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    Personally I can’t compare having not been to LeManns, the 24hr race has lots of shops, eateries both within and outside, market type stalls n bars n restaurants a plenty, there’s ring taxi to take you to other parts of the ring to spectate from, i was lucky to have a free pass into the pits and behind the scenes which include free ring bus taxis
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    They are recommended by denso, they are a direct cross reference in their parts catalogue and I have run mine for 60,000 miles with no issues at all. Yes they are a third of the price of OE plugs, I have put that down to Lexus markup on their parts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes the Lexus service schedule states 6 Years ( not really realistic if you only do super low miles per year, My Lexus only had 22,000 miles at the 6 year point!) Or 60,000 miles. But reading on the US Lexus owners website the OEM plugs can easily go to 100,000 without any problems.
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    I have used IKBH20TT plugs now for over 85,000 miles and have had no issues with them. According to Denso they are a direct replacement to the FK20HBR80 plugs but the FK20HBR80 part number is a part number for Lexus branded plugs where the IKBH20TT is a denso branded item. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, IS 200t 2016 model here, HID headlights. When I purchased the car I was very unsatisfied with the lights at night, especially because I drive fast. So I have tried a couple of upgrades, and only when I got the Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited D4S, I was really happy and confident to drive fast as I like at night. Now there is the Osram Nightbreaker Laser version which should be a bit more powerful and whiter. What I wanted to share is that only with these light bulbs and clean headlights I am confident in driving fast at night. Stock bulbs are crap.
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    ... please feel free to contact my wife. She apparently knows everything about my IS despite having never driven it or even looked at the manual. If I'm trying to work out how to do something, she'll immediately pipe up with "you need to do this..." when it is blatantly obvious that what she's suggesting is not going to work. Does anyone else have an annoying expert wife/partner or is it just me who is blessed?
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    Picking the GS up on Saturday. Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow folks, pleased with the choice of a 300H.

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