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    What Car reliability results 2019 I'm sure this must have been posted before, but I can't find it so here it is (possibly) again! Published in November 2019, the results for Lexus are pretty exceptional. CT, NX and RX scores are beyond reproach, and very much bear out my own experience with my NX. As I've noted before, I appreciate my NX more the longer I own it. The build quality really is impeccable.
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    Had one yesterday while my wife's RX was in for a service - fancied seeing how it compared to my IS300h. Nice car, nippy and pretty economical ( I averaged 46mpg) and obviously more of an updated interior than my IS. Fine for me size wise even at 6ft 4 but obviously limits the rear legroom which would be an issue taking my son and his pals to rugby. I knew the boot would be small and I wasn't disappointed! Not sure I'll be buying one just yet but wouldn't rule it out in the future.
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    Thanks for the key recommendations folks, ordered two new ones this morning. The code was partly worn away, but the ebay man (Jim) managed to used the pictures to decipher it. In other news, this morning was the first time i've experienced the wobbling rythmic jerk as flagged by the OH and mentioned in my first post. We only drove 5 m inutes to walk the dog, so when I got out I had a feel of all the wheels and brake disc hubs. All were cold except the rear passenger rotor, where the noise sounds like its coming from. So I think this is likely to be a sticky caliper that has cooked the wheel bearing, and will get that looked at. The whine noise seems variable, so will get around to changing the gearbox oil when the old car has gone, and monitor it. Loving the car after a few weeks of ownership, i've been reading the owners manual (sad, i know...) and am surprised about all the features on these cars, ours also appears to have every additional extra so far encountered, even though it is apparently an 'SE' rather than 'SE-L' model. I haven't yet cleaned it, I really should as it's covered in road salt and muck. MPG-wise, I take it upto Bristol every Tuesday and have gotten a best journey average of 36.8 mpg (at a consistent 60ish), with mostly motorway and A road travelling, hills seem to kill the mpg way more than speed does. However, the first tank was a mere 26.9 mpg, this was all town driving with a short (3 miles) hilly dual carriagway at 70mph.
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    Quite honestly if he says it's bad it must be REALLY bad!
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    Socks are destroyed as soon as you're driving on tarmac. I'd check local regs for what is required.
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    I think you just need a regular GS wing mirror off the Bay. There was a thread the other day over on the regular GS section about this very thing.
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    Hi Tom. Make sure you view the Lexus video on hybrid driving. Some good tips for economy there.
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    In my view reading the Handbook and a copy of the current Highway Cope are essential for all owners of cars new to them. Enjoy the RX Tom.
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    “Indeed” it certainly must be worse than his usual offerings!
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    Great News John i bet you cant wait to get the old girl back. Robert
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    Nope, that will definitely be the price for one.
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    my CT didnt have passenger height adjustment you could have a look for a LHD CT and buy the drivers seat
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    As regards roof rails - From previous thread on same subject:- Posted September 16 Somebody on the forum mentioned that he got a heavily discounted pair from Lexus Birmingham in June. When I finally got though to them on the 3rd occasion in July and a week apart, having been told they would ring me back but didn't, they said the offer had ended and the rails were at a much higher price, I contacted 'Lexus Direct' (who sometimes put in an appearance on this forum) and they agreed to post a pair to me for the inclusive price of £300. and it hopefully stil on their website This is quite a bit cheaper than the normal price. (Lexus Exeter have them on ebay for circa £350 pounds for example. If you do get a pair, here are a couple of tips. The instructions are all in symbol form and these suggest you bin certain parts you have to remove but I suggest you retain these. If the next purchaser of your car does not wish to have these rails, you can then easily remove them and reinstate the original bits you removed, as so many people want these rails.you will find a buyer. Another tip is to fit the undersides of the plastic - yes plastic, (cheap skates) end covers before offering up to fix, as trying to spring these in after bolts could stress the plastic. The tops then snap into place
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    Just passed 140,000 miles and generally still going strong, however I have noticed that the rear calipers were sticking. This Is common with Toyota and it seems Lexus suffer the same fate, the slider pins seize and the outer pad is then constantly in contact with the disc. £70 later a set of secondhand calipers were winging their way to me, the donor vehicle...... So they arrived, a low mileage set but still I ordered a new set of slider pins, boots and bolts and set about stripping them down After a quick wire wheel session All fitted back together and with a coat of silver paint So fitted them today, decided at the same time to do a brake fluid change as well, pretty simple really. Using a syringe I drained the brake fluid reservoir fully and then topped it back up with the new fluid, then it was a case of doing one side at a time and pulling enough fluid through to ensure you have flushed the system of old fluid, pretty easy as you can see a colour difference. Because the Lexus uses a brake booster pump bleeding is a little different from normal, it’s still a two person job but there’s no pumping of the brake required. Press the start button twice so the ignition is on but ready is not showing on the dash. Have the assistant push the break pedal, this will fire up the brake pump. With their foot on the break undo the bleed nipple (8mm) and each all the bubbles come out of the drain tube. Once there are no more bubbles then that side is bled. Repeat on the other side and then do the same for the front calipers So now there’s a nice shiny set of calipers on the rear From there it was it’s 140,000 mile service and also I decided to change the anti-freeze as it’s never been done and I wondered if over time and mileage it would lose its efficiency. No pics for this sadly but it was dead easy, drop the under tray (10mm bolts) on the radiator is a bright yellow tap, turn that and drain the fluid (making sure you have a bucket underneath) Once it’s all drained refill the system, once there was enough guild in the system I fired the car up and put it into maintenance mode so the engine would warm up and I could reduce any chance of air locks. 1. With foot off the brake pedal, tap the power switch twice to put it into Ignition On mode. (If you see a green READY light come on, you've actually done it with your foot depressing the brake pedal) 2. Leave the shift lever in the P position, and then fully depress and release the accelerator pedal fully twice. 3. Move the shift lever to the N position (need to press the shift lock button to allow the lever to shift out of P), and then fully depress and release the accelerator pedal fully twice. 4. Move the shift lever back to the P position, and then fully depress and release the accelerator pedal fully twice. At this point the display will say something like " Maintenance Mode" 5. Then depress the brake pedal and press the power button to start the engine. It will also tell you TRC is off Do all of this inside 60 seconds. DO NOT ATTEMP TO DRIVE THE CAR IN THIS MODE. In order to get out of maintenance mode just switch the engine off and restart and it will be back to normal Once done it was out for a test run and then as it was a nice day I decide to clean the engine bay and give the car a wash, this summer it will need a machine polish as there are some pretty heavy marks on the car now sadly I have recently pulled the seats out and given them a good clean as well as the interior carpet, I’ll post up some pics on that later Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just had this done yesterday at Lexus Hull - superb service as ever and they also supplied the UX250h I requested as the courtesy car - fancied seeing how it compared to my IS300h. No major dramas with the service save for a broken rear coil spring which will need sorting before the MOT due middle of March plus also called out the need soon for new front discs and pads - will get both done locally. Car continues to perform really well but now my wife has taken over the responsibility of paying for the maintenance I suspect it will be the last time the car sees the inside of a main dealership!
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    John, Get some ProSlip greases https://www.amazon.co.uk/ProSlip-Caliper-Lubricant-Toyota-Mercedes/dp/B07886FP12/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Proslip&qid=1580559800&sr=8-1. These may be on our site somewhere and be discounted. Also leave keys in the house so you can't accidentally switch on whilst discs are off. John
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    Uppdate. Removed the doorpanel and put some oil on the doorhandle, works perfekt.
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    Could this be classed as poetic justice. Catalytic converter thief crushed to death by car by PAUL MILES Police probe: The scene at Marshgate Industrial Estate PICTURES: SWNS A WOULD-be thief was crushed to death when a car fell on him as he tried to steal its catalytic converter. Gary Gray, 38, died after the jack holding up the Vauxhall Astra came loose — causing the full weight of the vehicle to slam down and suffocate him. An inquest heard that he had been attempting to steal a part of the car's exhaust after breaking in after hours, which could then be sold on for around £60. A backpack containing a spanner and cooking oil and a lit torch were also next to the body, with a cutting tool still attached to the blue vehicle. Death: A fire engine on scene at the car garage where Gary Gray died after being crushed by a car A police investigation determined the incident was non-suspicious and a coroner concluded that the death was accidental. The grisly discovery was made by an employee of JB Autos in Swindon, Wiltshire, as he opened up for work on November 15 last year. Vilfredo Fernandes had also shut up the property the night before and told the inquest that it was empty then. He said in a statement: 'Prior to finishing, I locked up the compounds, making sure that there were no customers around. 'The next day, I arrived around 8am and I could see a pair of legs on the floor sticking out from under a car which had a black car-jack near the front wheel. 'I called my boss, told him what happened, and he told me to call an ambulance.' Paramedics then arrived and pronounced Mr Gray dead at the scene. James Brown, manager of JB Autos, suggested that this was not the first time someone had tried to sneak into the garage compound, located on an industrial estate. He said in a statement: 'Over the years I have had a number of thefts, so I keep the vehicles unlocked to stop people damaging them and smashing the windows before they realise there's nothing valuable inside them. 'The vehicles are left in gear with the handbrake off to stop the brakes seizing.' It is believed that this caused the car to move while Mr Gray was fiddling with the Vauxhall's underside with fatal consequences.
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    Hi herbie, the air fuse is a larger size j type fuse , and my mistake it’s a 60amp, Lexus 3 days but got one in 10 mins from auto electrician. Bit awkward to fit have to strip fuse box down to get to the two screws that’s hold it in 😩😁
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    Thanks again for all the replies and recommendations. I've purchased a bottle of "Bouncers Dress To Impress" so will give that a try if and when the weather allows me to get out and give the car a really good going-over. I'll report back here on my findings.
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    The figures quoted by Martin are pretty much what I'm seeing too. I acquired my NX in July so didn't get the full spring \ summer temperature "boost" but the car was still averaging around 40 mpg before we hit autumn. I'm seeing less mpg now that we are in mid-winter and it seems to have bottomed out at 38.5 which I'm reasonably happy with. Motorway runs definitely have an adverse effect on mpg.
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    See also https://bestreviews.co.uk/headlight-restoration-kits/
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    Just passed it's MOT, no advisories. Not a single fault in two years, only maintenance items. Pretty good for a car that came with no history at all 🙂
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    Block off the air vents and hire a smoke machine. Put it inside the car and see where the smoke emanates from - where smoke comes out, water can get in.
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    If the car uses 0w20 grade oil this is only made in fully synthetic, but my answer could have been worded better "yes" meaning it is fully synthetic" answering your question, and the rest of my answer was for grade guidelines. Your car should also be suitable for the latest grade of oil for energy conservation "mpg" 0w16. This is reputed to give better ware protection along with higher mpg figures. John.
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    check out www.toyotamaps.online for latest firmware updates on Toyota/Lexus vehicles
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    I have now had the winter wheels/tyres fitted to the NX. The ride quality from the full winter Michelin Latitude Alpin L2s is much more comfortable and compliant than the standard Yokohamas. It makes you wonder why Lexus don't fit Michelins (Cross Climate?) as standard as they are selling a premium vehicle into the UK which has variable weather. It would not cost them very much. There is about the same level of road noise which is good given the tread pattern on the winters. I can't really say about the grip performance in poor conditions as we haven't had any yet but I don't anticipate any problems. The Carista module works as advertised to reprogram the TPMS system and is reasonable at £20 for the dongle and about £30 for the software upgrade to be able to do this programming. It's certainly cheaper than Lexus would charge.
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    The update is free via the tech website. No charge is made for any updates within three years and the instructions are pretty easy to follow if you have some computer knowledge. Via a dealer is different. Some have carried out the update for customers for free according to some posts I’ve seen. Other dealers don’t even know that the updates exist or that that they are available for three years. Others may do it and charge a nominal fee for the labour involved. I wouldn’t blame the dealers here either. My one gripe with Lexus and their in car entertainment/navigation systems is that head office is very bad (in my experience) at passing on info to dealers. It feels sometimes that Lexus UK don’t know that the EU tech website and the EU Navigation update (for buying SD card and DVD updates) websites actually exist. The confusion between the old portal and the new my Lexus website is another prime example. The manual for my NX even states that updates can be downloaded from the My Lexus website (as you were told on Twitter) but there has never been anything there. Separately but slightly related - I’ve found lots of bugs in the software on my NX and I doubt they will ever be fixed. I’ve contacted Lexus UK a couple of times and nothing has been done. (MP3 track playback in wrong order being my biggest annoyance). A large company like Lexus/Toyota should be able to get these things right very easily but they always appear to create obstacles. For clarity - everything I’ve said here is unofficial and based on my own research and experiences. You may get a variety of different responses from Lexus GB. I worry that if too many issues come about on this topic, they may remove public access to the tech website and then everything will have to go via a dealer. As I work with computers for my job I am more than capable of carrying out simple software upgrades. I leave the oily bits to the professionals!
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    Congratulations. Quoting from a recent review: it's like dating a supermodel, that is also an exceptional chef... and gets along with your mother Ben

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