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    Cant say that I agree that mileage is not an important factor in the price of a car, irrelevant of if its a lexus or not age and mileage are the two most important factors in pricing any car imho and a 50k car should be worth considerably more than a 100k car. Twice the mileage twice the potential wear on the components that matter.
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    Most Lexus Dealers seem to be part of a Group. I wonder if that applies to Bristol and if so is applicable elsewhere? I would just consider the price I could negotiate for a car bottom line however this was made up, because although Bristol include an 'admin fee' their price could still be less than from a dealer wanting a bigger profit margin but not including an admin fee in the price When negotiating a figure for my car I mentioned that a similar spec model was available elsewhere and they agreed to beat the price of that one which was already discounted.
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    Here you go guys. It really is immaculate, barely wear at all. Minor damage to the door card where it meets the door sill, looks like the seatbelt has been caught at some point. Just got it back last night from valeters and underseal. Even the "japanese blue wood" looks cool. Only mods I've found are the auto turbo timer, and some random Jap thinks on the dash but that's it. Got a marker light on the bonnet coming from Japan as one is dim
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    Just in case anyone is still interested, thought I would bump this thread. Plus the F got accepted for display today 💪
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    This document will hopefully explain things for you: https://www.lexus.com/pdf/models/rxh_driving_performance_guide.pdf
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    Sorry to here about this sounds like you got misled that's for sure. My mums other half works in vehicle body work and they get cars brand new off the ferry needing major body work and repainting and that's from a number of different manufacturers VAG, BMW, KIA/HYUNDAI ect. I recently bought a 19 years old jap import toyota crown and paid the RAC to inspect it as I take these descriptions people give witha pinch of salt, as perfect to one might be a dog to another. With the inspection you get a very detailed report and also a sort of warranty with regards to some components and it's only about £250 I paid if I remember
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    Don't forget they also make a slight ticking sound when on. Again nothing of concern
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    Thanks for the help. Took it back to the garage who were very helpful, took apart the heater unit and it turns out that there is a piece where pins sit in some grooves on an adjacent piece and one of the pins were not seated correctly, causing that noise and a rattling at speed, the engineer reset the pins and all seems good
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    I’ll be there - silver Viper with blue stripes if the weather is ok, black GSF if not.
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    Further to my previous, my brother in law went to QF for an MOT. He dropped the car off at 09.00 and walked into town. Ten minutes later QF ring him and tell him that his Cat is knackered. So he rings me and tells me that they must be right because the guy is holding it while he's on the phone and rattling it to prove the point. I advised him that there's no way they could take a red hot catalyst off the car and hold it to shake it about after ten minutes.
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    These are during the underseal that I got done with the valeter
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    If that doesn't work it could be a problem with a wheel sensor as you've got ABS and traction control lights on. Possibly a damaged or clogged up reluctor wheel (that's the toothed wheel behind the hub) or the sensor which 'reads' the teeth on the wheel. If you can read the fault code (probably need Techstream) it should tell you which wheel it may be - or you may need to check them all.
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    Hi all It’s been 11 months since i started this post so it is now time for a update.😊 Car went back to the dealer on Monday regarding the screen as it was missing a line and radio was loosing reception when screen was on.🙁 I had taken a couple off pictures and sent them to the garage so they could see it was faulty. And got a call yesterday evening saying all sorted Brand new screen ( rear ) fitted under the warranty happy days Genuine Lexus one too checked it now want some frost to see if all is ok. Thank-you Lexus warranty has been a great help would never have bothered otherwise would have just had to live with it.😀 65mike 🎸
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    considering they have already employed the sales person who will be carrying out all admin duties in terms of paper work and registering your info into the computer. why then charge for this service. is this not meant not be factored into and split across the cost of the cars on the forecourt in the first place?.. its like going into a restaurant for a meal and the waiter turns around and says.. "ok besides the cost of the meals on the menu, we will have to charge you for the seating and use of the cutlery during the course of your meal this will be an extra £40"
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    65 on mine, although my C70 should turn the 100k next week
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    Sorry I can’t make this, I’m meeting up with Ryo for a pub lunch n for him to drive my ISF after his GSF manifolds were fitted......he only had a couple of dates free......gutted.......but have a great one n lots of photos 👍🏻
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    Sorry to disappoint you Krzy, but the law says that the marked price is "an invitation to treat " Let`s organise a "Boycott Lexus Bristol" campaign ?
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    Oh, ye of little faith, John. Isaac Asimov told us this would happen 60 plus years ago !
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    I wouldn’t think any more than your current door mirrors as the surface area of the camera mirror body is very small. Your rear view camera, however is in an area under significant turbulent air.
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    Reason - aero. Door mirrors are now a very significant contributor to drag of modern cars.That said, the cars upon which they have so far been implemented (audi e-tron, honda e) are not particularly aerodynamic anyway, but many low-drag models (eg merc C-class, Tesla 3, Hyundai Ioniq, Toyota Prius) would have significant reductions to motorway by implementing camera mirrors. Cost? Cheaper than a door mirror to replace. Seriously, you can buy a smartphone with 3 cameras in it for £100. One camera on a stalk isn't terribly expensive, compared to a large multi-part plastic and metal housing containing 3 motors (fold, mirror x, mirror y), heating element, high-grade optical mirror (with additionally complex convex section in most european cars now), auto dimming stuff and the indicator lighting.... Oh, and lots of car door mirrors now have cameras in anyway (my Leaf had the side cameras for the 360 parking in them). A regular door mirror now is not a few quid from a motor factors, but £500+ to replace on anything like a Lexus. Camera mirrors will be lest costly to replace should they be damaged which is much less likely because they protrude far less and represent a much smaller "target". They also offer the possibility of not being dazzled at night no matter how bright the headlamps of the vehicle behind (you won't necessarily be able to see anything more in the mirror than you otherwise would, but the lumens projected at your eyeballs will be limited by the screen which will be dimmed to night levels). As such they will also be "auto dimming" by default. Camera mirrors can potentially take in a wider field of view, reducing the possibility of blindspots. I'm not for a moment suggesting they're perfect and won't have their annoyances, but they have many advantages too.
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    I had this a while ago when alternator went. Had to clear, use a paper clip in pin 4 and opposite in obd . Turn ignition on and it goes through a sequence for about 5 secounds. Then start car run for roughly same time. Remove clip start car and mine was cleared.
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    My version of a 2020 rear bumper set up. Its a genuine Lexus insert from a 2020 RCF fitted to the 2015 rear bumper.
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    Well, if Amayama.com is anything to go by, both LHD and RHD GS300 share the same radiator part number (16400-31390). So... you might be in luck?
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    Had my 460 getting on for 6 years ago now. One thing that sticks in my mind is the different spec between the 460 SE and the 460 SEL. SE L very superior, Larger wheels, lots of extra switches, toys, etc. Always go for the SE L.
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    Another Kwikfit anecdote. A few years ago took my 2004 VW Bora TDI into said establishment for an oil and filter change. I usually do it myself but was feeling a bit lazy at the time. Now I have quite a lot of experience in working on cars both as a private individual and in a working capacity. On booking the car in, I did tell them that being a Pumpe Duse engine it needed a specific oil and of course the guy behind the counter said "we stock all kinds of oil". I had owned this car for many years up to this point and it is still in the family now so I knew it was fine mechanically. Car gets put on a ramp and I can see through the viewing window, the oil being drained. About ten minutes later, the manager comes to me and proceeds to tell me that the starter motor is faulty and the exhaust needs replacing. How much to fix those said I, playing along with his game. He then does a bit behind his counter and comes back with a price of many hundreds of pounds. I'll think about it says I and wait for the job to be finished, paid and left. On the way home, doubts began to enter my mind as to which oil they had actually put in my engine. I just could not rest with the thought that they probably just put in something from a big drum, not PD specific. Changed it myself a day later for the proper spec. Needless to say, the car which is now coming up to 16 years old, still starts every time with the original starter motor and the exhaust is still the original exhaust. I have never been to the crooks again since.
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    Yes, only every x squirts for the headlamps but they only get washed when the headlights are on.
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    Thanks v much.....at least you’re honest😜👍! PeteTP
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    In a nutshell in just use lexus main dealers. my dealer In Poole are good as gold.
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    Hey, I’m a new member here, Iv recently bought a 2017 IS300H, loving it...
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    I'm sure. And if I had the handbook then I might have read it. But what gliderpilot said actually turned out to be quite useful. Turns out one of my headlamp washers is broken and just squirting loads of water out every time it's used. Off to the scrap yard for me. It still amazes me that it's even a feature. I managed to get through my entire driving life without need to clean my headlamps every time I clean my windscreen at night, but now apparently I do it permanently.
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    Yes Vlad ,but someone as to pay for the marble tiled showroom and pretty receptionist and all those suits running about looking busy.
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    Just handed back the Holden, did 1650 km and tbh got to like it, it was I think a 2 litre with a 7 or 9 speed auto. Only did mainly long motorway trips, but I loved the apple CarPlay which I doubt is available in the Camry. Averaged 43 mpg which is not bad. If I get a Camry next I’ll be able to compare, but it won’t be a hybrid in any case, they only seem to be available for taxis.
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    Powerstop Z23 are quite similar to EBC red - £33 from RockAuto but courier/tax costs bring it up somewhat. https://www.powerstop.com/products/#y=2017&mk=LEXUS&mo=GS F&p=Front https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=8172596&cc=3360987&jsn=2137&jsn=2137&jsn=2137
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    since you've come from a Bmw here is a short SOP for using the indicators. the stalk is located to the left of the steering wheel move it upwards when turning RIGHT and move it downwards when turning LEFT if you notice a green light on the dashboard going on and then off this is normal nothing to be concerned about no need to contact dealership. 😀
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    I have had an up date from the claims handler today. My car will now provisionally be ready, and returned to me on Friday 14 Feb. Still no news on what the holdup at the body shop is. I am not convinced it will be ready then, but time will tell. If the car is returned on that date car hire costs will be at circa £3000. John.
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    Welcome Antony. So pleased you have left the dark side and found the light. Under Good, I was surprised to note that you have omitted; Indicators that work Concern for other road users Knowledge and practical displaying of Highway Code advices I am sure that you will enjoy participating in the Forum and enjoying our pleasant banter ((lol).
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    Re: full price vs Essential Care. Firstly, I've found the older Lexus/Essential Care service to not be quite as comprehensive. Check the small print. Secondly, I've only been able to get the LOC discount on the full price service. My dealer won't further discount Essential Care. However, with Lexus Sheffield it actually worked out slightly cheaper (and more comprehensive) to go full service + discount.
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    Many thanks go to "Hangie" for giving me the heads-up on a website that DOES allow one to upgrade without the high expense of a formal Lexus one. Let me explain...First off I have now found the my 2014 RX450h has a HDD and the map update can only be done either via a DVD or USB stick. If you go to the site in question the charge for getting this update (1st June 2018) is $99USD, which equates to around the £78GBP mark and I can accept that versus a £250 Lexus charge. Their form asks for various bits of info plus an image of the Map Data, which gives them the abillity to generate the required key code for your Lexus. Their download consists of 5 part zip files, which when unpacked will give you a directory called "mapupdate". This directory gets loaded onto your USB stick, which was the only point of contention for me since trying to do a FAT32 format on a 64GB USB is not that straightforward and I resorted to using a [free] piece of code called "fat32format" down at the DOS level of my laptop. Once done and copied across you plug in the USB, go to Map Update on the Lexus menu and after some 90+minutes (yes it takes a long time, but you can start and stop the SUV inbetween times since it picks up from where it left off) you are presented with a brand new Lexus map update. So there it is everyone and I am one well pleased chap 🙂
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    A week after owning mine - it came on :( 70K miles.
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    Update I got my car back this afternoon. I spoke to the technician and he explained that the code was relating to gearbox shift D solenoid which is all internal. Further he said it was due to second gear not engaged at 7 mph speed. He reckons its a one off thingy and should it happen again, they will have to diagnose it further. He did about ten mile road test in manual mode and codes havent returned back. I dont know which codes were they. I drove back home from dealer and all is looking fine for the time being. I dont notice any problem with gear change. Its smooth as anything. I asked if it could be because of condensation in the gear box and he denied it. He seemed like a decent guy who knew what he is talking about. As per him its very rare that these faults often. All in all i have car back now and enjoyed my ride home. I have to monitor it over next week or so to see if it happens again. I do short journeys during the week. Can it be because of that?

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