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    If your MOT date is after the 30 March, then you have a 6 month extension on it. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-mots-for-cars-vans-and-motorcycles-due-from-30-march-2020 However, you are still expected to keep the vehicle safe for use on the roads but that is always the case. If you knowingly drive an unsafe vehicle you are liable for prosecution and your insurance company will refuse to payout if you have an accident.
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    So due to circumstances I've had my first day off today. By 10am boredom got the better of me. Therefore the is got its 6 month major clean 4 weeks early. Washed!, hoovered, windows cleaned, de-tar, polished, leather feed, tyres jellied, and the hybrid fan motor got a clean too. The wife being a nurse on the front line I done the curtisy thing of hers before mine! Volvo may get the same tomorrow if I don't start boredom boozing tonight. If I don't have work by Monday I'm gona be out of things to pollish🙄 Wishing all the best of health
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    Good luck with the search for an ISF. We swapped our 2011 IS250 SE-L last year for a GSF and haven’t looked back. You won’t be disappointed. I was however very disappointed with the part exchange value I was given by the Lexus dealer for the IS. After Initially accepting it just to get the deal done (I had been waiting for the GSF to arrive at the dealer for 2 weeks and we were about to board a plane to Spain) I advertised the IS on AT and it sold within 2 hours of us landing back in the UK for £2500 more.
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    I have a very old Ctek which I am currently using on my wife's Fiat 500. Thoroughly recommended.
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    I would highly recommend Russell Birch of Toyotec in Redhill - http://www.toyotec.co.uk I had a bunch of MOT work that needed doing and he saved me well over £500 compared to what my local garage were going to charge, purely through better techniques and knowledge of the car. And he also diagnosed an engine bay rattle for me for free (it was my aftermarket cruise control unit).
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    I had a verbal advisory a couple of MOTs ago as it was just efficient enough. I removed the discs/drums, roughened up the friction material, cleaned the drum contact surface, greased all the contact points and then refitted and adjusted the shoes as per standard procedure ( turn the adjuster to just lock up the drum then back off a couple of clicks until the drum turns again). You could immediately tell the difference in that the pedal travel was halved for full application.
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    I must say Andy you are a revelation, willing to get stuck in to anything, with brilliant reports, which are both entertaining and informative, well done, Rgds, Roger
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    Hi All. Sadly I’m going to have to let my beautiful GS go as I have a new company car on order I bought it last year from Lexus Reading (having owned a CT200h) and have wafted about, covering 10k miles in it. It has a full Lexus service history and as far as I know, everything works - including the rear blind, the front electric heated and ventilated memory seats, auto dimming rear view mirrors (including the exterior mirrors), central locking, dual A/C, sat nav, electric windows, sport suspension, folding mirrors, headlamp washers, parking sensors....the list goes on and on and on. The Mark Levinson system is truly amazing also features the audio Bluetooth capability. It has two new front tyres and at the last service both of the rear dampers were replaced. It’s 10 years old so naturally the bodywork has a couple of teeny marks and close up the alloy wheels aren’t perfect, but as you can see in the pics, she cleans up well and looks utterly gorgeous. Car is located in South Croydon (a few mins walk from Sanderstead station). £6750 or near offer.
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    @Shahpor Thanks for the warm welcome! I have a carport but I am hoping to clear out my garage in time so that I can store the car in there. I am still debating about the insurance as the car will be kept in a locked up garage! By the way great choice of colour for your GS450h 👍 @999101999 Wishing you all the luck with the sale of your IS200. I have mine advertised for sale as well with no luck but I am not in any rush to sell. To everyone else please stay safe and we will all pull through this challenging times.
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    Hi anthony Why not warm them with a hairdryer and try to push them back into position and see if it makes a difference?
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    Toyota/Lexus seem to have skimped a bit in the provision of the 12V battery. My 'normal' cars have had batteries of 75Ah rating but my RX450h battery is, if I remember correctly, about 50Ah or even less. Because a hybrid doesn't have a traditional starter motor it doesn't require such a big, beefy battery as a normal car. A traditional starter motor draws upwards of 300A to crank the engine, whereas my RX only draws 15.32A to get the car to the READY state, so in that case the smaller capacity battery doesn't matter. However, there is always a quiescent current draw for things like the alarm, radio presets and other stuff that needs to be powered up, even when the car is parked up and not being used, which is where the lower battery capacity makes itself known, in not lasting as long as a higher capacity one. It also has to be said that traction battery voltage is not the only cause of the petrol engine firing up. The engine provides heat for the cabin so it will fire up to provide whatever temperature you've got the system set to and to keep it there.
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    David, might the change in economy that you are noticing be due to the on-board computer being reset from the disconnected battery? Previously I expect you were seeing accumulated average mpg over many miles/days. Although when the battery is disconnected the ECU goes through a relearn process, so maybe you are actually seeing an improvement. With my inconclusive and contradictory reply, I'll duck out and go for a lie down!
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    Good luck and stay healthy. It could be my Mrs has just had it, 38 temp but no other symptoms. Turns out she had served 2 confirmed cases at work, so likely that she has had it. She got away extremely lightly if that is to be the case. Lexus finance are being proactive and contacting customers to see if they need help. Going to leave it as long as possible. I think I might be ok.
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    I'm in a similar position to you, Mark. In fact - I went out to the car today and it wouldn't start (flat battery) A couple of years ago I bought a NOCO Boost HD GB70 (ostensibly for my Merc S500), the NOCO has held its charge for 2 years, (will effortlessly cope with starting an 8 ltr petrol engine) and started the RX450 without a hiccup this morning . And a well made unit too I bought it at Amazon - although other retailers are available of course https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=NOCO+Boost+HD+GB70&i=automotive&ref=nb_sb_noss
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    Update Not fixed and looks like it will be some time. Earlier this week I had convinced the insurance company that they should pay for Lexus dealer to do it. Went back to Lexus dealer to confirm the quote. Dealer is closed and I was also told by email that they are not able to order any parts either. Spoke to an area manager at Autoglass. They are not ordering any parts. Could not even advise when the trim would arrive (this should have been ordered on 17 March). When I suggested that they could have got the glass and parts from Lexus ages ago Autoglass said that the insurance company would not let them do that! Hmmmmm that's probably the agreement they have to keep the cost down for both. Crack is now right across the drivers line of sight so technically should not be driven. Fortunately we have second car and obviously not going very far at the moment.
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    Hey Lexus peeps, How are you all doing? Here is a video I made of our 2019 IS premium, it has everything from keyless entry and go, to a heated steering wheel to heated & cooled seats HOPE YOU ENJOY MY CAR TOUR VIDEO, THOMAS 🙂
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    @Cactus White. All my Type R's have been white (3 Integra's). Yep, styling is Marmite but I liken it to an Apache helicopter. The pilot is flying around worrying about it being ugly 😉
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    Hi, I have been using a Ring mains powered tyre inflator for years. Purchased from Amazon about 5 or 6 years ago. Has a small circular pressure guage on the front. Sorry I've just looked for a model number, can't see one. It's rated at 175W and works quickly...Mark.
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    OK to put this all to bed on cats My prtnr is a Cats Protection co-ordnator with much experience and we have 4 cats ( god help us ) YES they do have a genetic ? coronavirus type which stays in the cat and it's NOT covid19 .... you will find that all cats have this specific strain which has never ever passed to humans ...... well maybe in China I suppose ....... and I remember going to Canton many years back ( about 30 ) on my holiday touring China AND was quite horrified at the delicacies on offer in the marketplace there ......... say no more .............. it was a horror story ...... I part put it down to Canton having a very much French cuisine influence as they were the " colonialists " for that part of China in the day Malc
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    I have Porsche ones in my other cars, they're compact and work very well.. They also come up on Ebay now and again...
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    @rich1068 - that's my Discovery of The Week, thank you!
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    RX all day long, well worth it.
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    I've got an 18 year old £500 Lexus that passed its MOT yesterday with no prep. How about that?
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    I am a little concerned by your comment that the supplied jack barely lifts car wheel off the ground because wheel might have to be replaced with spare in event of puncture. I have not yet had to do this and at home on the Lexus but have generally used trolley jacks and axle stands. However, with other cars where I have needed to remove a wheel I have sometimes used a thick piece of wood just over an inch thick to place under the supplied jack. I will put this in a plastic bag and keep it in the boot to provide that extra bit of lift in view of what you say. This will be added to a 'kneeler' mat, some hand cleaner and a roll of paper towel, an appropriate socket and 'T' piece on short extension, plus short piece of tube to provide extra leverage. There is also a torque wrench to ensure wheel nuts are tightened to Lexus specification and gradually tightening diagonally as far as possible rather than done in a circular pattern. I also have a foldable wheel stop which came with a Camry I had some years ago. You might at least consider the wooden block. PS. I also forgot a portable light kept in the car for use in an emergency.
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    Thanks, it’s now sat at 148,000 miles, just had is service and is now being machine polished in order to get a lot of the little scratched out of the paintwork Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It is a problem with the Toyota Europe servers relating to traffic update information. Toyota are aware, but the issue may not be resolved for a while due to reduced IT guys re COVID-19. We are getting the same problem, it is being discussed on the Corolla owner's forum.
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    Just sending mine back as it does not provide enough current to maintain the battery. At least in the ad above it says 2.4W which the ad I bought from did not. Go for at least 10W but the ads for these things are a minefield of misleading information. e.g. I found oner ad with 25W on the photo, 20W in the title, and depending how you interpreted the data in the description perhaps 15W there. I asked for clarification. Nothing yet. John
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    We had a Hotpoint, the main bearing failed after 14 months. They're actually made by Creda/Ariston now, so they're Italian crap. We bought a Bosch to replace it, 9 years fault free so far. If you can afford it, buy a Meille, they're family owned and are actually, through pride, designed to last for 20 years.
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    No video of the album version I'm afraid.
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    We will come out of this. Unfortunately 2 stone heavier and with pickled livers
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    Hey everyone, Hope you are all well and safe? Here is a photo of a white LFA at the Gleneagles (before lock down ofcourse) Thomas
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    Well thank you very much 😀Yesterday was my last day of working due to redundancy, and with the lockdown I have to keep myself busy somehow otherwise I'll go stir crazy!
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    I am definitely more fortunate than neighbours reagrding work scenario and it really is an out of blue moment! The car is safe for me, as I am guaranteed my basic pay, but considering I make that again in overtime, I've had a large reduction in incomings. I can still afford the F and other bills with my monthly pay overall, but it leaves little room for 'rainy day scenarios', the F has just been serviced and MOT'd (through service plan), tax and insurance renewal are due tomorrow, so SORN right now saves me £1k immediately so a no brainer! Got an Abarth Biposto (swear word I know), that costs me next to nothing to run in the mean time, should I need to get anywhere 😄 I applied for the finance holiday (still pending) only because I intend to buy the F at the end of the agreement, so saving money right now benefits me more and I'll just work a smidge harder when we get back to normal to cover the slight increase to final payment!
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    No doubt it's largely down to age (although some younger people are attracted) but I like to listen to songs/music mainly pre 1980 when songs had a good melody, were clearly annunciated and not just a noise! Here is one by Matt Monroe, regarded by many as good as if not better than Sinatra and possibly the best male singer of his genre that England has produced. Llisten to perfect pitch, tone and clarity. Nice scenery and the Muira From 'The Italian Job.'
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    I've just been out to the car, full of expectation and hope, but returned with a sad face. I thought the clock was going to be at the right time.
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    Here's a live version to while away quarter of an hour. Enjoy!
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    No Youtube links for me but so far on vinyl: Camel - Music Inspired by The Snow Goose Candlemass - Nightfall (it hasn't aged well in all honesty) King Crimson - Red (gets better every listen) Gong - You (Not much beats the glorious omm riff that is Master Builder)
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    I once drove from a motel in San Francisco to Yosemite. We left in the early morning in the dark. The sun rose over the Seirra Nevada mountains and as it did, they went from black to deep purple, then pink and then yellow. At dawn break Hotel California was played on the car radio. It was heavenly and surreal.
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    RUBBISH one of my prtnrs nephews children is suffering quite badly ...... he's age 10 Malc
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    Help is coming for him malc, I am in same position. It's not worth dying for an mot. Or killing someone else. My humble opinion. Other opinions are available. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    I know that my indy mechanic who organises my MOTs with his friendly MOT station is suddenly having a very very challenging time even though at sometime, heaven knows when, he might get the £10k Grant as a Business Rates payer youngish ( by comparison to me ) young family and rented house I sent him through the weekly email I receive from the DVLA the other day advising him of the new 6 month rule ..................... he said thanks BUT I know going through in his mind was the likely immediate turndown in business, especially as most MOTs accompany the annual service ....... ( I guess ) just like mine ! I've been a loyal customer of his for over 12 years now and always with a Ls400 and one or two other cars, like now, being a multi car family, well me and my partner I've even told him to let me know if there's anything I can do to help £££ if the going gets really tough ...... I know he'll almost 100% say NO BUT I need him as much as he needs his customers ....... I have every faith in his skills and abilities and honesty .......... I don't really want to just rely on " any of the other garages along the road " to make sure my mind is at ease when having my cars looked after Malc
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    Makes sense but..... imagine the MOT tester had had the virus for 5 days, no symptoms yet, he wipes his nose then get's in your car touching switches, steering wheel, gearstick. Your car passes with flying colours and you get in, you pick up a virus on your finger. On the way home you subconsciously itch your nose, eye, corner of mouth. And so on. I have banned all customers from visiting me. Only doing some online stuff. The business has access to a lot of govt financial support enough that your £50 won't make a difference.
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    Two deep pockets preferably 😊
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    Buy one at your own peril and make sure you have a deep enough pocket
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    I’d absolutely love an Evora Sport 410, in fact one may end up replacing the Viper if I ever fancy a change! There’s a great review of the Lotus on Harry’s Garage on YouTube... Here!
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    Double tap the lock button (3 indicator flashes) when locking the car, this deactivates the interior sensors but activates the dead locks on all 4 doors.
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    If you press the fob once it double locks the car. If you press it again within a set period (can't remeber how many seconds) and get the five flashes this deactivates the internal motion sensor. Press it again and it sets the internal sensor etc. etc.
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    Similar week but I've actually been at work. All the phone calls have been bad news and to keep my mind off the possible collapse of my business I've been cleaning the car. Washed, clayed, polished, the lot. Next week I'm changing the gear box oil even though I said I never would!
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    No great surprise that on the last episode of Top Gear, Chris Harris - who must pinch himself every day that such a hopeless presenter can hold down such a plum BBC job - slated the UX. Personally I think his criticism of the looks was just odd. At least his criticism of the eCVT gearbox was predictable, if mis-informed. I wonder if he's ever actually driven one?

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