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    Similar to mine a month ago. 2016 with 15kmiles. Self diagnosed it would be the battery after reading on here, especially with the low mileage of only 10,000 miles in the first 3 years. It then stood on a main dealer forecourt for 3 months. Was fine for 5,000 miles, and then failed to start once, but did so after an hour or so. What really annoyed me was a quote from Lexus Milton Keynes ( where I bought it from ) of £395 for a replacement!!! Called my favourite dealer at Lexus Coventry ( where I bought my previous ISF ) who quoted the proper Lexus price of £125 fitted. Called MK again and they were adamant it was still £395! Guess where I went, and will continue to do so. Car been fine ever since.
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    Comfortable? Tick, very....... Spacious? Tick, loads of room Power? 3.5V6, reliable, powerful Tick Waft? Tick, tick Cheap to run, no, but cheap to buy, yes. Get an SE Nav to avoid suspension trouble. 25 to 30 mpg, v easy on tires I stopped my GS450h for our RX350 due to a need for 4wd. V different, the GS had real speed and acceleration but the RX is a supremely comfortable spacious 4x4 with proper Haldex coupling and reliability to die for. Ours is now on 109k miles and will go on for many more yet. Two things to watch: 1. Have spark plugs been changed cos it’s a big job if not 2. service history is always better if Lexus Good luck and enjoy
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    I have spent about 6 hours yesterday, started with removing all my wheels (one by one), washing them from both sides and then 1 coat of Poorboys sealant applied, I dis-assembled rear calipers and re-greased them, front ones looked clean. Then washed the car, tar removed, clay clean (I should spent more time clay cleaning though but it was getting late) and Carnauba wax on top! Now, i am siting in the house and not driving it due to well known reason, my wife didn't understand why I need to spend so much time on the car if next time i drive it might be coming weekend to go to shop! hard to explain to her. 🙂
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    So after much scraping and treating over the last 2 x weeks or so I've finished sealing the 2 x holes into the boot and the off side corrosion to the the cill. The os bottom of the arch at the cill side wasn't that bad, after removing all the crud it looks like just the original sealant between the inner arch and the cill had failed. I say this because once I scrapped away everything it left a neat gap of approx 4mm between the inner arch and the cill, all nicely rounded. I don't know whether this was originally welded which has failed, tidied up and then sealant applied or it was bonded originally. So I've used the same method on that which is - aluminium mesh stuck on with Tiger seal round the edges - once dried fill in the bigger gaps - smoothed off as best I can and it's now setting/drying. os bottom of the arch at the cill side before applying mesh and sealant then mesh and then sealant all over. Same for the holes into the boot area. It may not be pretty but I'm 100% sure it's waterproof and will do the job for a long time. After I took the photos I placed some plastic sheet on top so I could smooth it out better and once dried the plastic should just peel off, I've tried peeling off a bit this morning on a section that has dried and it does just peel off so once the thicker bits have dried it will be fine I think. The worse side though (pic below), on the ns bottom cill side, I'm going to get a plate welded in then apply sealant/resin etc. It's too big for the aluminium mesh and sealant method. Although it would work, I think a metal plate is better if possible
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    I would definitely choose a 350. Mine is the 2006 350SE with coil spring suspension and sunroof. It's a better spec and has better suspensions and handling. It's more thirsty, but not much, and the road fund licence is expensive but mine has been very reliable and apart from a failed spark plug coil soon after I bought it and a problem with the sun roof both of which were fixed under warranty ( by the dealer not Lexus). It has been serviced by my local garage ever since I bought it in 2013. I bought it at 28K and it has now done about 60K. We use it in France every summer, so quite a lot of motorway driving each way, and in UK otherwise. Best mpg we got was about 28 on the French motorways and about 24-25 otherwise. Nothing has broken which we have had it. Lovely car to drive and very comfy. Massive boot with the seats down and regular loaded to the gunwales when we go to France. I haven't driven a 400. I suspect a 350 will be cheaper than a hybrid of similar age ( about £8k less than a 450 of the same age when I bought this one). You get a lot of petrol for £8K! Also I think the 400 has a cam belt which needs changing ( expensive) whereas the 350 ( and 450) has a chain which doesn't need changing.
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    Inside and out today. Seats conditioned, vacuumed, dusted, wheels tyres, snow foam, washed, hand polished, waxed. Rubber seals conditioned and glass sealed. You know it's serious when you take the reg plate off. Probably rain tonight and cover it in sand. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    Hello everyone, Strange times we are all in, I hope you are keeping safe at home and with clean hands. I’m looking for a family run around. Something comfortable spacious with power and waft. I’m a bit put off by hybrid due to my current GS450h. Would anyone recommend an Rx350? Can anyone give an idea of in city mpg? What’s it like on motorway? Any spec to go for any to avoid? Its going to be used as a baby chariot so am on a limited budget 3.5k to 4.5k. Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Yes, the Heyner Digimatic has a digital display. Worth tracking down if you can find one. Photos attached.
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    It looks reasonable quality but never heard of the make, my cousin is named Roy though and he’s OK 😀 Just make sure the compressor power consumption does not exceed the power supply’s output ( 10A should be adequate though).
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    I have a2010 RX, no TPMS fitted. I think it was fitted from 2012?
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    My F is wired to the positive and negative of the battery. I'm using the comfort connector with the indicator. Been using this method since having the F and no issues so far.
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    OMG that's worth at least £4k a door card ............ devilishly clever skilled fingers to do that job Malc
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    If I need to do it again ever I’ll be disappointed🤪 it will look neater when the plastic is removed, anti chip paint sprayed on then the whole inner arch under sealed. You won’t know I’ve touched it then😃
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    No help, I've been hammering that a lot recently... The rubber will also absorb part of the energy from the hit, I think. And thanx Lee for pointing to RockAuto, they seems to have very reasonably priced arms indeed... I found also from ebay few sellers selling Febest control arms. Any experience on Febest parts? Mmhh, maybe I'll order the new arms, put everything back (as I still can), and wait for needed parts before start cutting anything... BR.Sami
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    If you do have to replace the battery, make sure the + and - terminals are the same way round. A few stories on the ISF forum of major problems if not.
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    Ditto exactly what happened to my IS250's battery. All fine for ten years, then the machine gun noise. A quick trip to Halfrauds, and all was well again. The only fun was getting that connector off.
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    My first car is a Datsun Laurel (C31) from 1982, which I still have at my parent's place abroad. It was an unconventional choice for a 17-year old but it taught me so much about motoring and car maintenance. It's 2-litre carburetted inline-6 engine only produced 115bhp, so it wasn't quick at all but perfect for someone who just got their license. A couple of years later I got myself an R31 Nissan Skyline Passage GT, which also had a 2-litre inline-6 engine (turbo) and 5-speed manual box, and to this day one of the fondest memories I've ever had in car ownership 🙂 So when I arrived in the UK about a decade ago, naturally I went looking for a Japanese saloon with 6-cyl engine, manual gearbox, and RWD. Much to my surprise, the only option available was the IS200. So that led me to my first UK car, which was an X-reg IS200 Sport. Fantastic car is was for the money - superb road holding, sonorous inline-6, satisfying 6-speed box, and build quality that is leagues ahead of my current GS450h. Personally, I think the IS200 is a great car for someone who has just entered the motoring world. Very linear power delivery, predictive handling, and even at 15-20 years old unlikely to leave you stranded if you find one that has been looked after. I had mine from 80k miles to 130k miles, and the “big bill” items were front lower ball joints, front shock absorbers, cam belt and water pump replacement, and fixing rust that occurred on the sills just by the rear wheel arch. The former owner has had to replace the rear brake calipers. I found this thread particularly helpful when I was shopping for mine: https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/69388-what-problems-would-you-advise-others-when-buying-a-is200/ Good luck in your search!
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    Yes, very. Only problem I've had is I had a Heart Attack the week-end after I bought it (don't think buying it bought that on) so in Hospital for a week, not allowed to drive for 4 weeks, an op. on my carotid artery so not allowed to drive for another week and now we're in lockdown. I've put about 3k miles on in nearly 9 months. But, no regrets, great car.
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    Flat battery - happenned to me a few months ago - same as yours in that everything fine one day, dead the next. Starting the car sounds like a machine gun. Battery replaced and all now good. About the right time for a battery to go also...
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    Your limited budget is against you Kal. The 400h is a great car but holds its value extremely well so cheaper ones in decent nick are harder to find. I've never had a 350 but many (like Michael) love theirs. They can be found on a limited budget but they're thirsty and the VED at £570 or just shy of £600 if you pay monthly is
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    +2 definitely a flat battery James,further if the battery is still the original it means is about 10 years old and well past its sell by date,probably best replacing it
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    The ends of these 2-Post lift Arms have rubber faced pads that can be adjusted by screwing them in/out equating to down/up, so it is upto the operator to ensure that these pads make contact with the lifting points and actually start to lift the vehicle before the arms of the post lift make contact with the vehicle elsewhere ( sills ! ) Basic I know but you now have evidence that they have not been used correctly! And sadly yours will not be the only vehicle damaged by these, let's call them incompetent's but how many owners are gonna know? MOT assigned lifts should have an owners viewing area, so if this happened in front of you then hey 'Guilty as charged and no more questions your honor! " But if you ain't there then they are gonna deny it down to the ground!
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    +1 on it 'just' being a flat battery, I guess with the current state of affairs at the moment ( not gonna mention the C word ) your car might not have been used much recently, add onto that a start up with no decent run to 'put back' what you just used out of the battery to start it And an interior clean that prob meant the interior lights may have been on, and if the battery is a few years old then this is the likely result Click.Click.Click when starting is indicative of a weak ( not completely flat - yet ) battery, and if charged Slowly with an intelligent charger if may be brought back to life ( for the rest of the summer at least) , but may let you down in the future when it starts to get really cold and wintery next. paul m. NB I think there may be a lot of AA/RAC call out's after this current 'Lock Down' when people try using their vehicles!
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    Hi James, From your description I would expect that the battery has gone flat. If you have no way to check the battery voltage or access to a battery charger you could just try leaving it for an hour or so with eyerything switched off and then give it another try. Dec.
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    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!
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    Hi Max, The fact that you want an IS200 at 15 years old means you have good taste, so you are definitely welcome here To give you an idea, have you tried subtracting a few years from your date of birth on sites such as confused.com? It should give you an idea where you will be when the time comes.
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    Colour is popping today 😎
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    The difficult part of your guide at the moment is finding a shop selling soap🔜😂
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    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!
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    Howard The first method you describe is the easiest and safest you will use approx 2 litres to bring it back to pink. Use a turkey baster to syphon out the reservoir and refill with new each time until the fluid is fresh and pink. I advise against removing pipes and fittings when doing fluid changes it can lead to leaks and air pockets which then lead to problems in the system.
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    I have no idea why they say that in the manual but, as a time-served electrician, then telephone engineer on BT, licenced radio ham, and now self-employed doing computer repairs - in other words, someone who's been around the electrical/electronics fields for the last forty-odd years - I can say that it's just not necessary. Even if there was some form of voltage spike, the battery itself would act as a huge smoothing capacitor and stop that. Although you do it at your own risk and if something bad does happen then I can't be held responsible, if it were my own car I would have no hesitation in doing it myself as I just cannot see any reason whatsoever to disconnect the battery. After all, you don't disconnect the battery to give the car a jump start and it's the same scenario, ie, supplementing one dodgy 12V source by piggybacking a good 12V source onto it.
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    exercise of the day. Interesting fact of the day for me... i have noticed my Mp4s front are made in france whilst the rear are made in USA 🧐 @Killysprint i think i have caught sight of you before in Gosforth? Or i was hallucinating. barry
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    Thanks Andy, all sounds very promising. As you say, we could do with some confirmation from Lexus in some way. The only reason I'm not looking at my own car is because it's absolutely heaving down outside and has been all day! 🌧️😳 Cheers, I'll see what I can find out.
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    I remember my dad buying his first ever brand new car. He lived in a terraced house with no garage, so it was just left parked in the street and I remember asking him if he was worried about it being hit or damaged by passing vehicles as it was a busy road. His reply was, "Yes and no. Yes because it's a very real possibility, no because I can't do anything about it. All I can do is get on with life and what will be, will be." If you really are worried enough to be "petrified" maybe you should leave it locked up in the garage at home and buy something like a 10 year old Mondeo to use as a car?

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