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    Several years ago,before I retired,I worked in the tv and film industry supplying vehicles.On this occasion I had been using a new Lexus which was owned by Lexus and was a product placement for their advertising purposes.The gentleman that came from London was to arrive to collect the car for return was arriving at my local station some 5 miles away and he rang my to let me know his arrival was imminent and he would get a taxi to me. I said I would collect him,which I did and during the ride in my personal car, a Lexus 400 he proceeded to tell me his background,now retired he expressed his affection for the 400 and was at the initial press launch in London as an employee of Lexus.The car was under wraps and the top Japanese representative unveiled the 400.The first thing he did was ask “which car can you only balance a coin on the engine whilst running without it falling over ?” The obvious and only answer at the time was “Rolls Royce!”To which he replied “Today there is a new world breaking car to add to that “He started the silky smooth V8 and proceeded to rev it without any movement of the coin a 50 pence I think. It was received with great appreciation and having ownership of a 400 was a good experience for me. I hope this little anecdote is of some interest to our forum.

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