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    After reluctantly selling my ISF to a fellow member on here 4 years ago due to an overseas move, I’m back in the U.K. so I’m back in the ‘F’ fold. I bought the blue RCF that was up for sale recently with TVD and just 17k miles. It’s absolutely mint and I’m loving it! Great to be back 👍
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    Well i've had the car nearly a month now and the radiator has been niggling away at me after seeing a few posts on this forum, i ordered the parts mid last month and they all showed up yesterday. Apparently there's been a spike in people ordering them! It's a relatively easy job, just a methodical approach and time is needed, of course tools etc too. A friend has a ramp in his garage which made getting under the car very easy, only needed to get the transmission cooler hoses and bottom rad hose off though, easily done on axle stands. IMG_20200904_170221 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr There was no need to take the wheels off but mine were on the wrong sides so swapped them over whilst in the air! Was interested to see they are labelled up which corner they should be on! IMG_20200904_170640 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr Old one out: IMG_20200904_175420 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr IMG_20200904_175351 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr Waterpump is all good! Replaced in the past under warranty: IMG_20200904_175703 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr Funnily enough we noticed i was missing a few trim clips as we took apart what we needed to, turned out i had 7 of them sat in the airbox pre filter! I can only assume they've been there since the pump was done some 45k ago! Fans swapped over onto the new rad, we had to drill and tap out the rivnuts on this where the transmission cooler lines attach, now attached with stainless m6 bolts which you can just make out in the third picture. IMG_20200904_181746 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr IMG_20200904_181756 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr IMG_20200904_184703 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr Going back together, you get a new expansion tank with the radiator and i fitted a new air filter and gave the throttle body a wipe whilst we were in there: IMG_20200904_192856 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr All done, in a much better state than last time it left Lexus, now with properly secured trim pieces and a surplus of trim clips! : IMG_20200904_194417 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr Radiator was £268 from memory and coolant maybe another £30ish (6L needed), i bought 1L of atf fluid too, only used 50ml or so into the cooler before refitting to make up the small amount that dripped out. Lexus Parts Direct have been great for parts. All in for £310ish and a few hours, happy with that!
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    Yes, I've bought another Lexus. No flights to the Scottish Highlands or accosting pensioners in car parks. Just a simple classifieds spot, a heart attack, a bit of "Life's too short" and an understanding wife who doesn't class this as trouble. As in "It keeps you out of trouble." Fair enough. So this is a January 1997 LS400 (MK3) in Moonstone Pearl with a grey leather interior. I had the proper colour codes the other day but can't seem to lay my hands on them now. Anyhoo, it's only done 62k miles and is pretty much mint. Unfortunately a patchy history but nothing that can't be solved with some fresh fluids and belts. Most importantly, GOLD PACK! I look forward to the coming weeks! No real pics yet other than a couple taken today by a friend I bumped into at Lex-Tek. His is the gold MK4. Regarding Lex-Tek, I should also mention that Dave was very much involved in this purchase and I couldn't have done it without him
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    Well the deed has been done said goodbye to my 2011 Rx450h Se-I and then hello to my new 2017 RX450h Luxury First Impressions of it are very good apart from I preferred the mirrors of the old one.
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    A dramatic title I know ,but how many of you have given a thought to how will the car evolved and life after the gen 4 . I look at so many cars and suvs etc during my day out and about thinking that's looks nice .but my second thought is how reliable is it etc.. I do like the look of the Porsche SUV or Volvo latest models from the outside .Will we be all driving electric soulless cars soon with different badges all with similar battery's and drive trains reliable and simple etc .will most be driverless soon and will most common folk be priced of the road .hell I might as well jump on the local electric powered bus surrounded by hoodie teens glued to there tech device while I dream of the past .Oh to be young again 100 mph felt fast and alive twin 40 webbers induction roar cherry bomb exhausts lol or the smell and noise of a two stroke bike coming on the pipe on a crisp evening out for a blast with your mates as you wind on the throttle with a big grin .And then back to reality with a bump ,your in a showroom with the wife you hear ooh that's a nice blue one love as your soul departs this mortal coil and you mutter to the 15 yr old senior sales person what's the battery range as he smirks at you knowing your wife likes it and that's the deal done you mutter bollocks and sigh .😔
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    after a stressful couple of weeks, the car is now home and runs like a dream!!!
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    I'd have taken Lady P down the pub, even if she was made of wood, obviously only to get her drunk enough to let me drive the pink Rolls, and I'd keep my pockets zipped up in case the light fingered Parker was around! There she is with Noel Gallagher at the wheel!
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    Hi Jon. I see you have asked most of the questions I had when I got my CT200 at the end of July. I absolutely love mine (registered Sept 2019) and quickly figured out when to use the different driving settings just by trying it - Sports mode is excellent for going up steep winding hills! I’m bizarrely finding myself driving slower than I ever have (the husband can’t believe it) in an obsession to have it in electric mode and increase my mpg. I’ve even not minded being in slow traffic as it has upped my mpg! I get my business mileage back based on a petrol car so I’m quids in. I generally get 60mpg on a mixture of road types plus motorways. I ended up not taking any of the dealer offers based on the condition of cars I’ve had previously (fingers crossed). The guys on here are great with their experience and suggestions. I have never loved a car so much. I hope your wife likes it as well - us Lexus Ladies look good behind that wheel.😀
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    The RX 400h looked really smart from a distance. My wife and I (she is good at spotting things!) gave the car a good look over. We were allowed to test drive the car provided we followed the dealer in his car. He uses the same route to review his cars on YouTube. John (Royoftherovers) knows my mantra about finding faults. “For every fault you can find …... there will be 3 or more others! The car had been cleaned but not valeted. The engine oil was as clear as a bell and the engine bay had been cleaned. We examined the car better than Inspector Morse and found three age related marks. The wheels, small mark on the plastic trim inside and a stone chip that had rusted a little on the door. Checked for water ingress in boot and footwells. Full service history, mainly Lexus plus another garage where the car came from. The car had been originally bought from Lexus Sidcup but had mainly been serviced at Lexus Croydon. The MOT history/mileage checked out and looked good. Well worth looking at that before buying any car over 3 years old. It can give an indication of possible issues caused by neglect. I test drove the car and was impressed how perky the acceleration was for such a heavy car – seemed far more spritely than my RX 300. Though I am not really interested in 0-60 times. All four tyres were the same make (Dunlop). Just under 50,000 miles. It was the SE-L which gave it ML sound system, illuminated Lexus badges on the door sills (?) - silver door handles and gold rear badge plus front and rear sensors. So we bought it and drove it home (200 miles) home. Tax was done on line and insurance on the phone. Managed to get a small discount which paid the train fare! So …. what do I make of this particular RX 400h hybrid? Give a me a few more days of ownership and I will tell you! HONESTLY!
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    Evening fellow LS'ers! Some time ago I posted about keys for the LS and if I could get a replacement remote key somehow and it's been a bit of a saga but I DID IT!! I thought you'd be interested to know and tell me I went too far to get there... lol My car came with 2 keys, the valet key and the skeleton key in the card. Unfortunately the master and remote were lost along with the service book when the last owner passed away (the car was laid up in a garage for 7 years). I initially tried local locksmiths and even the AA to try source a remote key to link up and of course they couldn't. I didn't know at this point about the receiver in the boot and the paired chip but neither did they. I managed to get a blank Lexus master key from the USA and brought it back and had it cut at a local auto locksmith. I was slightly happier at this point being able to get into the boot without the interior button. A donor car arrived for some bits and bobs I needed for my car and I was amazed that it came with a remote key and all was working; so I reached out and got some advice from (steve2006 - what a guy). I looked into if I could swap the key blade as it would leave me with one complete key. This isn't possible as the blade is set into the plastic and it would mean absolutely destroying it to even start. Coding the chip in the car to the key is also not possible and swapping all the locks etc didn't seem wise as they were iffy and worn on the donor. I tracked down the part numbers with Steve's help for the remote key sets and found both 1, 2 & 3 key sets with transponder. Lexus Chester point blank said it was very doubtful I'd get one but there was confusion about pre-cut/blank sets with a suffix to the part number and also and if the receiving chip was definitely part of the set. The dealer prices didn't seem too horrific as Amayama were looking to be several hundred before shipping and import duty. Lexus Stoke seemed to be able to supply it and at a cheaper price to Chester, so I ordered. I called 3 weeks later as I had heard nothing. They looked into it and nobody placed an order, they shouldn't have without prepayment anyway and actually they couldn't get the part (poor service). At this point I was giving up... In the end I swapped over the donor car chip into my boot and then used 2 keys for unlocking and then starting the car. I know the remote distance is pants but I wanted the car to have all it's features working and be complete! I left it for a bit longer and used the 2 keys until I went back searching on eBay. I was always searching for LS but one of the similar items was a key for a GS300 95-96 which there was a decent stock of. I compared the photo in detail and it looked identical, the dealer was kind enough to open it up and send photos and the inside also looked identical so I ordered at £130 delivered. The key arrived and I took it apart, yes it was going to work!! Started by pulling out the cover plate with brute force as it's glued in, removing the circuit board after breaking the solder link to the key blade. Mock fitted the circuit board from the donor car and everything lined up, took the blade to Timpson's for cutting which was a big mistake. Timpson's don't guarantee their work if they don't provide the key. I stressed to the guy to make sure he thought he could do it and he said he could, he couldn't and he cut straight through the blade... £130 down the drain. I remembered that when I had the master key cut the shop had a proper laser guided machine and they didn't have an issue with me supplying the key or cutting it. So I ordered another key from the USA and waited another few weeks. The local locksmith had no issue cutting the blade, the machine even read back the code from the key card after it had measured up from the key; which I find fascinating. I should have gone back here initially and have now lost trust in Timpson's antiquated machinery now. It was also half the price. Bought myself a soldering Iron and had a practice, soldered the wire connection to the key blade and put everything back together. Patted myself on the back for the fact it worked on first press!!! I have gone from a valet key and the card to a remote master, master, valet, skeleton and two generic keys I had cut from the master as emergency spares. I'm glad I kept persevering with it, some things for the LS400 are difficult to get hold of but it proves if you keep at it, you can find a solution!
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    Feast your eyes... 🤪🤣
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    Here. Excuse the weeds on the drive.
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    Cheers David, it's just nice to help when possible
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    From your last 2 perspectives, I wouldn`t walk away...........I`d run.
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    This morning I fitted my new front upper control arms, that's everything up front replaced now and I would say it feels better than it ever did. A fairly easy job on the LS430, about an hour each side, although in hindsight I should have done it at the same time as the suspension!
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    So I took the advice of members and fitted a transmission cooler, seems to work fine, drove from Norwich to Edinburgh and back, over 800miles, never missed a beat and 33mpg. Now I can stop worrying about trashing my transmission! And a nice photo by Edinburgh Castle too.
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    On Saturday at about 3pm I ordered these parts from Rockauto, and they were delivered at 11 this morning (Tuesday) That isn't even three days! And less than I thought, £93 all in. And yes I realise they're from the Far East etc but it does make you realise what a massive mark-up there must be on OEM parts.
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    A cage for people who don't read their manuals?
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    Bart, Your ticket for life`s journey was stamped "single", so just do what you want to do, if you can afford it and so long as you are not upsetting anybody !
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    I particularly like the blue on the RCF. Photo'd in its natural feeding ground too 🙂
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    There were four trim levels of the 450h when launched. Base, SE, Sport and SEL. All 450h models from '06 to '08 had a boot lip spoiler. Dropped from Base and SE after '08 facelift. '06 to '08 450h SEL fitted with radar cruise and sunroof as standard. After '08 became an option. Sunroof was an option on SE but not Sport. SE, SEL and Sport have ML sound system as standard. Cooled seats option dropped from SE after '08 facelift. Optional part wood steering wheel and gear knob available on '06 to '08 SEL now standard after '08 facelift. You can tell an '08 facelift model from the visible changes, namely the side indicators were moved to the wing mirrors from the front wings, a slightly different grille and the lower rear bumper panels are body coloured. Prior to this they were black. There was a further facelift for the 2010 model year with the differences mainly being, externally, redesigned 18" alloys on SEL and 17" alloys fitted to SE, although the 18" was an option. Front and rear parking sensors removed from SE but but were fitted if the optional 18" wheels were fitted. Also a new front grille. Inside the infotainment system was updated with DAB introduced and the tape player removed but the ML sound system was no longer standard on SE. Wood trim steering wheel and gear knob no longer available on SEL. I believe with this final facelift Base and Sport trim levels were also discontinued. The following may be of help. They are pages from the 2008 brochure.
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    Hey all! I just signed up today but have been following this thread for some days now. Just to let you know that this morning I took the plunge and updated my UX250h with the stuff being talked about here. I searched using my VIN to be sure I was eligible for it. All went buttery smooth, there was just a moment where it did seem to stall for a couple of minutes, that was at 50% of the last sub-phase (USB3, "Pre Install" phase), but then it completed succesfully and after one last autostart and some seconds I reached the final confirmation page. Used an 8GB stick as USB1, a 256GB Kingston SD card as USB2 and a 128GB SD card as USB3, both cards used with a Lexar card reader. Everything formatted with SD Card Formatter on Windows 10. Basically: USB1, procedure starts by itself after some seconds --> Reboot when asked WITHOUT removing the stick --> Remove USB1 when told so and insert USB2 --> Manually start the update and allow it to proceed --> Turn engine off and back on when told so --> Remove USB2 and insert USB1 again, wait several seconds (30-40) until it starts by itself --> Remove USB1 when told so, turn engine off and back on --> Insert USB3 --> Manually start the update --> This one involves several autostarts and phases, just wait --> Remove USB3 when told so --> Turn engine off and back on --> Insert USB2 --> Manually start the update --> This will update audio to the latest 1075 release --> Turn engine off, wait 1 minute, turn it on and wait 2 minutes --> Done! I had to reconfigure settings (language, time, ...) and to recouple my phone, but link to MyLexus was kept, it wasn't necessary to reconfigure the account. As soon as the unit succeeds in connecting to internet, you'll get a message about you having succesfully migrated to MM19. Only thing left if you want is to update Navigation software from the installed 1120 release to the latest 1140. Has to be downloaded separately as it's not included in the packages.
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    Thank you very much Barry for that detailed and I expect, painful explanation. It was necessary for me to ask as without it any advice or comment I could offer would have difficult. In a nutshell, I feel that you found yourself between a rock and a hard place. We have all been there at some time in our lives and non of us wish to return. The (Non Lexus) Garage which performed the M.O.T. was local to you and presumably had your confidence. So, it either discharged its rsponsibilities satisfactorily or it didn`t. Being non Lexus, it might not have been up to speed re the air suspension, but it was a registered M.O.T. Testing Station and can therefore be deemed to be competent about all matters suspension notwithstanding its dearth of Lexus knowledge. So, that moves us onto Lexus Cheltenham, which knowingly or unknowingly put you between the rock and the hard place. They knew you were away from home and they were therefore best placed to present you with the dilemma and had an excellent opportunity to increase revenues at your expense. I am most certainly not saying that they did so. I am merely saying that in the grand scheme of events which you outlined, they were best placed to spring a surprise. If they had been acting with the best customer service in mind, they might have offered you the suspension parts which they replaced and suggested that you speak with your local Lexus Dealer about considering an Extended Warranty. They did neither and indeed sought to entice you to buy such a Warranty from them. I would ask Cheltenham for the parts to be returned to you for examination and for you show them to the local garage which performed the M.O.T. for comment. Do not be surprised if they cannot (for whatever reason) and then before you relate the entire sequence of events in writing, to Lexus Customer Services UK. you write to the Dealer Principal at Cheltenham with a copy sent to the MD or CEO of the Lister Group and await comment. Then if necessary write to Lexus Customer Services UK with a request that they consider making a goodwill payment to you on the twin bases of you having been put in a difficult position by Lexus Cheltenham and your vehicle having a full Lexus Service History. And do not forget to ask Exeter to offer you an Extended Warranty at approx £45 pm for 12 months, covering the next 2 years! I hope you find my thoughts to have been useful and please do keep us all updated as to how things go.
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    When it comes to practical mechanical car jobs, I am about as useful as a chocolate fire guard! However I love it when you guys post threads such as these. Your dedication and determination to see the job through is fantastic. I would love to be able to do just some of the things you manage to achieve. My crowning moment was fitting, obviously with the help of this forum, gas struts to my LS 400's bonnet! Quite an achievement for me. I thank all of you for sharing your work, experience and knowledge on this site. We have all been bitten by the Lexus bug and sharing our passion with others through the club forums is wonderful. There is a whole mine of tips and advice, sometimes hidden in past posts. There is usually someone who can remember an old post for a new member's query. We all gain by sharing our experience and knowledge; overall the this online club, it has very few keyboard warriors and fortunately they tend not to stay around too long on here. Keep posting lads, even for someone as impractical as me, I just love to read about your achievements.
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    Mission accomplished! Everything went back together without a problem and the car definitely seems perkier, presumably due to the replacement distributor caps and rotor arms. The angle iron again worked perfectly for torquing up the crankshaft bolt. Now looking a bit cleaner too, but I will definitely be painting the slam panel at some point.
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    Herbie, you are a genius!!! Sure enough, there it was. I obviously hit it while I was feeding cables into the glovebox for the Vline. It's people like you who make this forum a pleasure to be a part of. I hope when I get to know a bit more about the car, I'll be able to help as well.
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    My GS450h had its 100,000 miles service and Annual Hybrid Battery Health Check and M.O.T. yesterday.(62,000 miles on odometer) Car was collected and returned to me by Lexus Chester in pristine condition. 100,000 service completed satisfactorily and no other action required. Hybrid check was passed and only documentation given to me was a Certificate.No information contained on the reverse. M.O.T. Pass Certificate passed to me with no Advisories. A very pleasant outcome.
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    Looks like you got it looking and riding perfectly phil - lets hope no more niggly problems crop up - these cars are so silent that even your hands rubbing on the steering starts to get annoying 😃
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    If one is not happy with the performance of the franchisee (Lexus Dealer), then it,(not Lexus UK) is the first port of call. Request in writing a copy of the franchisee`s Complaints Procedure, (email is an excellent way) and complete the procedure to the spirit and the letter. If at the conclusion of proceedings, you are still unhappy and if the matter has stopped short of involving the Dealer Principal, write to him/her stating clearly and unequivocally why you remain dissatisfied. If after receiving his/her response, you remain unhappy, then involve Lexus UK stating your reasons for remaining dissatisfied and provide copies of all correspondence to date. Do not do anything that would amount to you as the complainant not following procedures.And stick to the facts. By all means ask for advice on this Forum,but do NOT name names.
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    Back home now after picking up the car. They said they will contact me once the parts have arrived as it will need to be imported in due to lack of stock in the UK. Thank you all for the support
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    There are a couple of reasons for essentially what is a refusal to perform/complete a hybrid heath check. There is an existing error code relating to the hybrid system. This will be cleared but Toyota/Lexus insist that the vehicle is driven for 400-600 miles (not sure the exact distance) to make sure the fault no longer exists. If the 12v aux battery goes flat/is disconnected then all error codes are wiped, or if codes were purposely cleared. Again 400-600 miles needs to be driven to make sure no faults exist and a code wasn't cleared on purpose to try and get warranty coverage. The reason for the distance is that certain faults only show up intermittently or after a certain conditions e.g. vehicle speed, hard acceleration etc. etc. The distance stipulated means most, if not all conditions, would have been encountered and so Toyota has confidence that the system is working fine. They are relying on the hybrid system itself to detect faults, ones that cannot be tested for in a workshop and within the timeframe allocated to conduct the HHC.
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    Thanks, it does look good and first registration was March 2017 so still the lower tax amount of £115 a year. Was also surprised that there was no difference at all for my insurance even though this is around 3 times the value.
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    Hi guys, I have just recently had this problem and managed to sort it. It started with a rusted broken adjuster linked to the sensor which is located on the offside rear suspension. I replaced this part from an eBay seller for £5 including delivery!. However this didn’t cure the problem entirely and after searching eBay and Amazon etc I sourced a new sensor for £25 and ‘bingo’ all is now sorted for a total £30. Result!.
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    My first two cars were Beetles. A '73 and a '65. I had the opportunity to drive one again recently. No seatbelts, my nose nearly touching the screen, 40 felt fast, drums all round, the smell from the leaking Solex. I nearly cried. Interestingly I'm now priced out of old Beetles and have to console myself with Lexus. How odd.
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    Just been re-reading my copy of The Eagle Annual 1954......and you are all wrong !!
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    https://www.newlandsmotorco.co.uk/used-cars/lexus-rx-450h-3-5-se-i-cvt-4x4-5dr-mitcham-202009153748308 The garage site has a quite a few pictures
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    Since my original post, I've taken the advice of members and I've found that that running the heating on max for about an hour really helped eradicate the foul smell. Now when I use the a/c for cool air, I always try and switch the a/c off, heat on high for the last 5-10 minutes of the journey. I've also disabled the recirculation mode as I found that was keeping the moisture in. Appreciate that this isn't ideal, but if it keeps the smell at bay then I'm going to continue. Running the heater on high temperatures during the winter will hopefully also help.
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    Be careful if you order a radiator from Rockauto. I don't know about the SC but on the LS430 the US setup is different, my coolant reservoir (being a Celsior) is attached to the radiator as in the US, but the UK setup is different so you'd need to check that.
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    You don't say what model RX cars you have driven and I would suggest you try at least the Sports and Advance models. The air suspension on the RX Premier can be problematical and the general view is that it is not markedly different in reality to the conventionally metal sprung models. (From reviews I have read on the Audi Q5, having air suspension on that car rather than not makes a considerable improvement by comparison). You are contemplating changing from a relatively small saloon in the A3, not just to say a Q5 but a high riding larger RX hybrid that drives very differently and indeed best requires to be driven differently. The RX is certainly a very comfortable car best driven in a relaxed fashion. Surveys show it is one of the most reliable cars but when major parts are needed these can be expensive. Even some moderately priced parts can work out expensive when you include the cost of fitting, replacing sparking plugs and water pump being prime examples due to the hours of work involved. A car older than 5 years qualifies for Lexus 'Essential Service' which is pretty much the same as a normal service but is called differently as Lexus want to keep your business rather than your taking an older car to a non appointed Lexus garage for service. Most people (including me) find the Sat Nav poor. I fitted a TomTom while others use Google maps etc.
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    And so the fun starts! Unfortunately a little late in the day for oil changes and plugs so had to content myself with the air and pollen filters...
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    "Sometimes after you disconnect the battery for any reason, the widow buttons on the driver's door do not operate" Brilliant David. I`m sure all of us married Male Members had wished for those at some time in our lives !
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    Speed camera warning works even without being on the satnav screen, at least it does in mine 🙂
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    The trouble is Corona 19 which every company in the land is blaming when they have to answer the phone or send an email. I did manage after about 3 hours get through to a human being? and advised him that there is no way in a million years they could catch Covid down the phone lines, he hung up.
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    I did mine recently and my tip is to get a short piece of rubber hose which fits over the nipple connection of the plug, lower the plug in and twist the rubber hose to start the threading as this prevents possible cross threading. Pull off the hose and use a plug socket with a torque wrench to fully tighten.
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    I don't want to get involved in whatever dispute you guys may or may not have, but lets just try to remember that we're all here trying to help eachother. Sometimes we post things (me included) that aren't so helpful, but I don't think we should be overly critical of people trying to help eachother. Barry's post about past forum threads was worthwhile in my opinion because many people (again me included) are often too lazy to search old threads. I actually made a point to do this when I read it but still haven't 😄 and John's link was helpful too - although it didn't answer the specific question in relation to these RX cars, it did teach me that carrying roof loads on cars with panoramic roofs is not unheard of and perhaps even common. I had actually googled for stories like this recently but didn't find this one. Nobody has all the answers to every issue but I for one appreciate any and all help.
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    It is now as it was moved, but not initially.
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    I am not surprised that you are having a bad day Ben. Let`s try and look at matters rationally. All Lexus Dealerships are franchises and they do not all belong to the same Franchise. Woodford is part of the Hills Group and Sidcup is part of the Jemca Group.They will not always be best friends either with you or with themselves. If the car has passed its M.O.T. do not expect the Extended Warranty Claim to be approved as the car has not been assessed as requiring attention to make it roadworthy. It appears to me that Woodford have identified problems which they say are Red items and yet have provided a full M.O.T. They are trying to increase their revenue by pressuring you in my opinion as otherwise why would they have issued an M.O.T Certificate? Receive your car back from Woodford, pay the Bill and then contact Sidcup and explain what has happened and ask if they will consider addressing matters on your behalf under their 12 month warranty which they issued to you upon your purchase.
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    A Seat Trimmer will easily repair your seat using skill & steam. Tel
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    They are correct with respect to the hybrid battery. Just a few days ago another member on here had the check done at Lexus and they told him the same thing. I can't remember the exact reason for this, although I'm sure someone else will be along shortly who can explain it in more detail. I think it's to do with the logging systems that may have codes listed, not because something really is faulty but just because the system doesn't have enough recent data to work on, which is why they need you to drive it for a few hundred miles. I'm really not sure about the other things though. Yes, they may only be small things that are easily dealt with - but they may turn into a nightmare. I suppose it boils down to how urgently you need or want a car. It may take a bit of time and it may mean you have to travel a bit, but I'm sure that sooner or later a better car will turn up without the problems that this one seems to have.

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