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    Inside and out today. Seats conditioned, vacuumed, dusted, wheels tyres, snow foam, washed, hand polished, waxed. Rubber seals conditioned and glass sealed. You know it's serious when you take the reg plate off. Probably rain tonight and cover it in sand. Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    Took the LS out doors for a spring clean do not use any kind of paint rejuvenation just Holts triplewax wash and rinse . Gave the inner mudguards a swill but I am fortunate that a breeze blows through the garage all the time and it is very dry so no moisture accumulates when the car is stood.
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    Last week I gave the Car its bi-annual Wash and wax. Scrubbed up quite nicely considering I only take off Birds muck and wash the wheels more regularly after long trips. She (oops) "it" is only 27 years young. Did manage some time ago to almost push out that Hail dent in the rear d/s quarter wing. If anyone has a T-Hotbox I'd be interested to know how they got on with it? Saw Ed China (not his fault its his name!) using one on a Chevrolet Luv to remove dents from the roof. Amazing! As I've got possibly fifty dents in total on boot, roof and bonnet, I may if I ever get to France again (praying frantically) spend some time removing the dents and of course re-spray the front wing with the proper colour (not ebay seller wrong paint chart) that I left over there. No garage here so...
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    Do you mean polish or protection? Ie remove scratches or coat? Also how bad is the paint? Ask 10 people and you'll get 11 opinions though [emoji23] Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    Good luck with the search for an ISF. We swapped our 2011 IS250 SE-L last year for a GSF and haven’t looked back. You won’t be disappointed. I was however very disappointed with the part exchange value I was given by the Lexus dealer for the IS. After Initially accepting it just to get the deal done (I had been waiting for the GSF to arrive at the dealer for 2 weeks and we were about to board a plane to Spain) I advertised the IS on AT and it sold within 2 hours of us landing back in the UK for £2500 more.
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    The money grubbing are just trying it on.Shop around. My recent renewal was a 35% hike on the previous year for no reason. I shopped around and ended up with a 10% saving over the previous year. My previous insurer asked me why I'd moved. I told them that I disliked their business model and that loyalty was a 2 way street.
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    This from a company that quoted me £1600 for my GS450h that I pay £268 fully comp with all the bells, and whistles in the real world with well known companies. It would be refreshing if they cannot be competitive just to say so instead of offering to insure at an exorbitant price. John.
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    Similar to mine a month ago. 2016 with 15kmiles. Self diagnosed it would be the battery after reading on here, especially with the low mileage of only 10,000 miles in the first 3 years. It then stood on a main dealer forecourt for 3 months. Was fine for 5,000 miles, and then failed to start once, but did so after an hour or so. What really annoyed me was a quote from Lexus Milton Keynes ( where I bought it from ) of £395 for a replacement!!! Called my favourite dealer at Lexus Coventry ( where I bought my previous ISF ) who quoted the proper Lexus price of £125 fitted. Called MK again and they were adamant it was still £395! Guess where I went, and will continue to do so. Car been fine ever since.
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    Colour is popping today 😎
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    Arguably somewhat ‘left field’ but thought I’d share it for variety....
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    Howard The first method you describe is the easiest and safest you will use approx 2 litres to bring it back to pink. Use a turkey baster to syphon out the reservoir and refill with new each time until the fluid is fresh and pink. I advise against removing pipes and fittings when doing fluid changes it can lead to leaks and air pockets which then lead to problems in the system.
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    The traction battery will be fine for many weeks. The 12v battery could be hooked up to a maintenance charger, if you have access to mains supply? I have used and would recommend the CTEK mxs 5. Just connect to the 12v battery and leave connected for the duration.
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    I agree totally, and is why I fitted a 110 AH battery in my GS last summer. Many on LOC said basically they did not see the point of this, but perhaps surprisingly it cost substantially less than the OEM size battery. I am now in a position that the battery would hold enough charge to keep healthy for the next three months. Of course I am keeping it on charge, but in my situation this is very easy. For others it will not be so possibly requiring the removal of the battery from the car to take indoors for charging. I do appreciate that not all cars have the space for a larger capacity battery, but would urge people to check for this. It may be there is a taller higher AH battery that would fit in some vehicles where the battery tray is full with no space around it. John.
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    If your MOT date is after the 30 March, then you have a 6 month extension on it. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-mots-for-cars-vans-and-motorcycles-due-from-30-march-2020 However, you are still expected to keep the vehicle safe for use on the roads but that is always the case. If you knowingly drive an unsafe vehicle you are liable for prosecution and your insurance company will refuse to payout if you have an accident.
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    I have a very old Ctek which I am currently using on my wife's Fiat 500. Thoroughly recommended.
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    We will come out of this. Unfortunately 2 stone heavier and with pickled livers
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    Might as well give it a scrub. Not a lot else to do!!!
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    Today I started the Head to toe service on my GS450H while SORNed. First thing I thought was front brakes. The discs did not look bad looking through the wheels, but I removed the front nearside wheel to do a more thorougher inspection. The discs were not scored or pitted, but had a small lip on the outside edge. I removed the caliper, and cleaned the lip off with my angle grinder with a flexible grinding disc. Checking the thickness of the disc i found it to be 28.5 mm, and the minimum thickness stamped on the disc is 27mm so all good there. Next I removed the pads from the caliper. The outside pad came out easily, but the inner pad would not move. I also noticed the inner pad was slightly thinner than the outside. After much levering, and tapping the pad came out. Both pads had more than 50% of material left on them so no need to change them. On trying to push the caliper pistons in I noticed the bottom inner piston was seized, and it's rubber boot damaged. Peeling the boot back showed a rusty piston. Strangely the car past it's MOT Less than 100 miles ago and the brake balance was near perfect, and so past the test without problems. Ordered 2 caliper repair kits with pistons from "Big Red" and 5 ltrs of brake fluid DOT4 although the handbook say's DOT3. DOT4 is compatible with DOT3, but has a higher boiling point, and is less likely to absorb moisture. The brake fluid is something I forgot to order with all the other fluids to start with. Tomorrow I will strip the front offside brake to see what I find Then on to the rears, and possible seizing slide pins. John.
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    Well I've finally bought one in the colour I really wanted, i picked it up last Saturday and absolutely love it already. There was a few stone chips and a bit of paint scraped off the rear bumper near the wheel arch, so I got some paint mixed up and sorted all that out. Anyway here's some pics
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    Thanks - I'll have to check it out, for the little old Classic Jap Twin. The big boy had to go, too heavy.
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    Ah! Thanks Herbie - - - I shall be brave - not let it spoil my self-isolation - and continue to pay weekly attention to tyre pressures as I have done since 1967. Hey ho!
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    Voted Autoglym even though there are probably "better" polishes out there. I've used loads of different types over the years but AG is reasonably priced, available pretty much everywhere and is what I've been using for the last few years since time became a rather more valuable commodity ie since having kids. That said, my GS has never been cleaner right now. I now seem to have an abundance of time.
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    Such a majestic car. The best-looking LS in my opinion, followed by the LS460.
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    Sami, Proslip https://www.amazon.co.uk/ProSlip-Caliper-Lubricant-Toyota-Mercedes/dp/B07886FP12/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=2PD6303B409NC&dchild=1&keywords=proslip+brake+grease&qid=1586284331&sprefix=Proslip%2Caps%2C128&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUFORkQwMEI1TVBTVFomZW5jcnlwdGVkSWQ9QTA2MjIwNjAxQ0FSMVFXTUo2MFZDJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTEwMzM1NDUxNDMwQ0ZJODhaT0NDJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ== No connection. John
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    Just heard back from Lexus Customer Relations. ES300h cars are fitted with AGM batteries. Now I can charge with my Ctek using the correct setting.
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    There are plenty out there that will do a fine job - I have used Ring ones for many years - however the gauges on most electric pumps (and foot pumps) tend be rather inaccurate and so it's worth investing in a good standalone pressure gauge to check the pressure after inflating - once you know the delta then you can usually set the cutoff on the electric one at a pressure that you know is correct (regardless of what it actually reads).
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    Here's my setup. I'm using a Maypole smart charger and a Bosch S4 sealed battery in my GS450h. The lamp in the boot is switched off and the bootlid is left ajar to allow for the charger mains lead to trail out.
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    Thanks guys for all the info, you all have so much knowledge about these sort of things, very grateful. I have checked my Ctek charger and as John correctly says there is a AGM indicator light which comes on if you press the mode button several times. However the 12v battery in my car has no markings to suggest it is an AGM unit because I'm assuming the words contains sulphuric acid means it is a lead acid battery. Please let me know if my assumption is wrong. Thus ensuring that I will not be engaging the AGM mode on the Ctek. I have just ordered the dongle traffic light indicator that Farqui (Lee) mentioned off eBay for just over £11 incl postage. It seems like a good idea to be able to just look at it and wait to see what colour led flashes , red = needs charging, amber = will need a charge soon and green = fully charged. I saw the same Harry's Garage YouTube video on storing cars which included a piece about this smart device. Thanks again for the help
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    My F is wired to the positive and negative of the battery. I'm using the comfort connector with the indicator. Been using this method since having the F and no issues so far.
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    Comfortable? Tick, very....... Spacious? Tick, loads of room Power? 3.5V6, reliable, powerful Tick Waft? Tick, tick Cheap to run, no, but cheap to buy, yes. Get an SE Nav to avoid suspension trouble. 25 to 30 mpg, v easy on tires I stopped my GS450h for our RX350 due to a need for 4wd. V different, the GS had real speed and acceleration but the RX is a supremely comfortable spacious 4x4 with proper Haldex coupling and reliability to die for. Ours is now on 109k miles and will go on for many more yet. Two things to watch: 1. Have spark plugs been changed cos it’s a big job if not 2. service history is always better if Lexus Good luck and enjoy
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    Hi, This is my experience over the years.....I own 3 classic cars, and when it comes to detailing them, this is what I have learnt and can say with confidence, the right (my opinion of course) course to follow. If you want to clean leather interior in your car then spend £0.99p on Pears transparent soap. Get a soft shoe polish brush and lather the soap and apply, rinse off with a wet colth. Then get a leather feeder balm and cure it. Secondly Halfords car polish is rated the top polish in the "best polish guide on line website" cheap and very easy to use, and Mcguires Ultimate car wax is very , very easy to apply and shine. Lastly seal with a good quality sealant, I forgot the name of the one I use...too dark to go to the garage.
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    I have spent about 6 hours yesterday, started with removing all my wheels (one by one), washing them from both sides and then 1 coat of Poorboys sealant applied, I dis-assembled rear calipers and re-greased them, front ones looked clean. Then washed the car, tar removed, clay clean (I should spent more time clay cleaning though but it was getting late) and Carnauba wax on top! Now, i am siting in the house and not driving it due to well known reason, my wife didn't understand why I need to spend so much time on the car if next time i drive it might be coming weekend to go to shop! hard to explain to her. 🙂
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    So after much scraping and treating over the last 2 x weeks or so I've finished sealing the 2 x holes into the boot and the off side corrosion to the the cill. The os bottom of the arch at the cill side wasn't that bad, after removing all the crud it looks like just the original sealant between the inner arch and the cill had failed. I say this because once I scrapped away everything it left a neat gap of approx 4mm between the inner arch and the cill, all nicely rounded. I don't know whether this was originally welded which has failed, tidied up and then sealant applied or it was bonded originally. So I've used the same method on that which is - aluminium mesh stuck on with Tiger seal round the edges - once dried fill in the bigger gaps - smoothed off as best I can and it's now setting/drying. os bottom of the arch at the cill side before applying mesh and sealant then mesh and then sealant all over. Same for the holes into the boot area. It may not be pretty but I'm 100% sure it's waterproof and will do the job for a long time. After I took the photos I placed some plastic sheet on top so I could smooth it out better and once dried the plastic should just peel off, I've tried peeling off a bit this morning on a section that has dried and it does just peel off so once the thicker bits have dried it will be fine I think. The worse side though (pic below), on the ns bottom cill side, I'm going to get a plate welded in then apply sealant/resin etc. It's too big for the aluminium mesh and sealant method. Although it would work, I think a metal plate is better if possible
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    Stripped the rear brakes today, and I am happy to say all was good. The slide pins were free, and all that was required was regreasing with the correct grease, the parking brake drums cleared of dust, and after refitting the parking brake adjusted. Before fitting the pads they were cleaned, and treated to some copper slip on the anti rattle shims, and piston mating surfaces. Some copper slip was also applied to the parking brake cable where it exited the backplate. The only thing I found was the ball joints on the headlamp leveling system were getting very stiff. These were cleaned and lubricated so that the likelihood of the operating rod snapping is somewhat reduced. John.
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    I'm that bored, I've decided to clean my engine bay.
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    They will last me a lifetime the way things are going at the moment.☹️
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    The difficult part of your guide at the moment is finding a shop selling soap🔜😂
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    That's a very open ended question. Depends on how its applied and what your trying to achieve. As mentioned what protection are you going to use after? Will you clay the car prior? Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
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    So due to circumstances I've had my first day off today. By 10am boredom got the better of me. Therefore the is got its 6 month major clean 4 weeks early. Washed!, hoovered, windows cleaned, de-tar, polished, leather feed, tyres jellied, and the hybrid fan motor got a clean too. The wife being a nurse on the front line I done the curtisy thing of hers before mine! Volvo may get the same tomorrow if I don't start boredom boozing tonight. If I don't have work by Monday I'm gona be out of things to pollish🙄 Wishing all the best of health
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    The probable reason you had not seen the logo's prior to this time is the battery had not been up to capacity from you owning the car and the Ecu had set conserve mode cutting back on supplied power use. Putting in a brand new battery with total power requirements for all services as reset the ECU,there may be a switch sequence also that disables this logo.
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    It appears that the animation is still there but it needs Adobe Flash to be enabled to see it and interact with it, but it's definitely still there as you'll see below:
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    Toyota/Lexus seem to have skimped a bit in the provision of the 12V battery. My 'normal' cars have had batteries of 75Ah rating but my RX450h battery is, if I remember correctly, about 50Ah or even less. Because a hybrid doesn't have a traditional starter motor it doesn't require such a big, beefy battery as a normal car. A traditional starter motor draws upwards of 300A to crank the engine, whereas my RX only draws 15.32A to get the car to the READY state, so in that case the smaller capacity battery doesn't matter. However, there is always a quiescent current draw for things like the alarm, radio presets and other stuff that needs to be powered up, even when the car is parked up and not being used, which is where the lower battery capacity makes itself known, in not lasting as long as a higher capacity one. It also has to be said that traction battery voltage is not the only cause of the petrol engine firing up. The engine provides heat for the cabin so it will fire up to provide whatever temperature you've got the system set to and to keep it there.
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    Good luck and stay healthy. It could be my Mrs has just had it, 38 temp but no other symptoms. Turns out she had served 2 confirmed cases at work, so likely that she has had it. She got away extremely lightly if that is to be the case. Lexus finance are being proactive and contacting customers to see if they need help. Going to leave it as long as possible. I think I might be ok.
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    I would highly recommend Russell Birch of Toyotec in Redhill - http://www.toyotec.co.uk I had a bunch of MOT work that needed doing and he saved me well over £500 compared to what my local garage were going to charge, purely through better techniques and knowledge of the car. And he also diagnosed an engine bay rattle for me for free (it was my aftermarket cruise control unit).
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    RX all day long, well worth it.
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    I had a verbal advisory a couple of MOTs ago as it was just efficient enough. I removed the discs/drums, roughened up the friction material, cleaned the drum contact surface, greased all the contact points and then refitted and adjusted the shoes as per standard procedure ( turn the adjuster to just lock up the drum then back off a couple of clicks until the drum turns again). You could immediately tell the difference in that the pedal travel was halved for full application.
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    Our cat just asked me if I want the radio left on while he goes out!! Little b****r
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    It is a problem with the Toyota Europe servers relating to traffic update information. Toyota are aware, but the issue may not be resolved for a while due to reduced IT guys re COVID-19. We are getting the same problem, it is being discussed on the Corolla owner's forum.

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