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    Morning, Just in case anyone is interested 🙂 Just over a month now since I sold my beloved ISF and bought an FK8 Civic Type R so thought I would post a quick things I like, dislike, miss, regret and so on.... Historically, I have been a massive Honda fan which started when I was a kid in the 80's... Senna in a McLaren Honda, the dirt bikes on Streethawk (and Streethawk ofc) and then sat in a Honda NSX in 1989 as a 10 year old at the motor show with my Grandad which sealed the deal... At 21 I bought a 1998 DC2 Integra Type R which started my Honda ownership journey... I replaced the Integra with an S2000 at 25 which went well but didn't handle anywhere near as well as the Integra. The S2000 was replaced by a DC5 Integra Type R which was ace but I sold it to raise funds to move house and swapped it for cash my way plus my friends 1998 DC2 Integra Type R which reaffirmed what a great car the DC2 was (I was too young and not a good enough driver to appreciate my 1st one). Eventually, I went for something different, a Nissan 350Z. I loved the looks and the noise but it wasn't fast enough. It handled well but always felt like it needed another 50 - 100bhp to make it the car it should have been. A baby due meant the time for a bigger car... Queue the BMW 335i M Sport. Great car when it worked. Unfortunately this "Approved Used BMW" spent 11 weeks over the course of 12 months at BMW having turbos, injectors, fuel pumps, waste gates & lambda sensors replaced. Suffice to say, I am weary of BMW's. Went to replace the BMW with... shock horror... an FK2 Honda Civic Type R... Took the Mrs to see it and she wasn't happy... "You can't spend 33k on a Honda" was the response... queue my friend mentioning the Lexus ISF which I hadn't thought about and found one for 22k (I think it was) which the wife said was "much more reasonable" until she found out it was a 5L V8 but deal was done and it was on drive so 1 nil to me. 4 and a bit years and some 50k miles later, I longed for an FK8 Type R (possibly to do with Honda winning in F1 again) and one turned up at the dealer I purchased some of my previous Type R's from. A quick phone call and a socially distanced viewing at my house led to me placing deposit on an FK8 subject to test drive (I had driven one on an extended test drive before lock down so just had to make sure it drove and stopped). Put my ISF up for sale on here and Facebook for a fairly low price which took into account the TLC she needed. A pleasant chap from the Facebook Lexus group was in contact with me from the start and when I mentioned when it was due to go sooner rather than later, he drove down down about 260 miles the following day (in a pimp old school LS400 I might add) and bought my ISF for £200 more than Honda offered me in part-ex which I didn't mind as genuinely wanted it to go to an Lexus fan (he has an SC430 as well). So... Cutting a long story short... Few I like about the FK8 1 - Looks - I know they are subjective but I really like the look of it and always find myself looking at it when it's near 2 - Reaction - Good or bad, it turns heads. 3 - Handling - For a car that is the same size as the ISF (I think it's 5 cm shorter but wider than the ISF) it's a lot lighter and changes direction superbly. The diff is a masterpiece and I know it's a bit of a cliche but it feels more like a 4wd car than a Fwd car with the amount of grip it manages along with how it gets the power down. The adaptive dampers are great as well, comfort for when the wife and kids are in. Sport day to day. R for a track day 4 - Braking - The ISF brakes are great... the FK8 brakes are another level. I have also got the floating discs from the 2020 model to go on it before the annual Ring trip next month 5 - Tech - It's got all the gadgets being a GT. The head unit gets some bad press but using Android Auto it is fine - Spotify and Waze on main screen plus Google Assist works a treat 🙂 6 - Performance - Once moving.... it pulls and pulls and pulls. Not as quick off the line as the ISF but once moving, it is very rapid 7- Seats - They are great and the driving position is perfect. One thing I didn't like in the ISF were the seats. They weren't racy enough for me compared to an M3, RS4 or C63 that it was competing with. 8 - Running Costs - Tax is £150 a year compared with £580 or so, Insurance for me is £200 a year (ISF was 290) and obvious one is MPG (25+ around town and 40+ on motorway) 9 - The rear seats fold down so managed to blag it as being practical with the wife 10 - Best until last... The Gearbox... It's obviously a manual but it is a joy to use. Things I dislike about the FK8 1 - Noise (or lack of). The turbo spool and dump valve noise is quite cool but nothing compared to a V8. Exhaust note is non existent which is disappointing as there are plenty of cool sounding 4 pots out there (i30N, RS Megane, Golf TCR and so on). Exhaust on the shopping list. 2 - Niggles - Luckily under manufacturers warranty but she is going back in soon due to a few faults (all rain related). The auto wipers don't work, when it rains heavily the collision warning sensors can go off and I noticed condensation in one of the side lights by the front. 1st 2 issues are common faults. She was probably built the day they announced Swindon closing 3 - Interior (seats aside) - Not as plush as the Lexus in terms of materials and feels a bit more fragile than my ISF did. Also not sure I am a fan of the digital dash yet compared to some good old dials . Only one cup holder as well.... I am starting to sound old 🙂 4 - Wheels - 20 inch wheels look cool, but you have to avoid potholes like the plague for risk of cracking a rim. May have to invest in some smaller wheels in future 5 - Engine - It looks like a lawnmower (as in the actual engine). Did I mention lack of noise? It sounds like one as well Regrets 1 - Probably let the ISF go for too little money bearing in mind the price they are on AT but still got a fair amount more than WBAC 2 - I wasn't as bowled over on day 1 with the Civic as I was with the ISF but that was probably due to relief from getting away from the BMW. This was cleared up at Thruxton though where the Civic came into it's own 🙂 3 - The RCF - My buddy with an ISF keeps sending me links to RCF's which are now in budget.... I can't return yet surely 😉 Anyhow... it has been an absolute pleasure owning an ISF. I would buy another one in a heartbeat. In fact, a late one is on my list along with the RCF and GSF as things to replace the Type R with 😉
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    Agreed and if the new owner can sell it today for a similar price it really was worth it. If not then it wasn't. At £18k it must be a recent record for an SC. It's definitely not worth it but if anyone wants to pay £18k for mine please get in touch. 🤣
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    Just had my first proper long distance trip in the 2012 GS250. Totally legal as 'support bubbles' became legitimate in Scotland a couple of weeks ago. Have to say what a fantastic car for the long haul. Turned out to be 11.5 hours in the end but the car was a joy to drive on the A roads North of Glasgow. Plenty of hills, tight bends, overtaking trucks etc. Glen Coe was truly spectacular. Have never considered this car fast in any way or form but it easily had enough power to cope with what was thrown at it even if you needed to work the engine a little harder than normal from time to time. I think the venerable 2.5 V6 thrives on being worked and will come back for more and more. Journey home included a break in Edinburgh and a trip down the classic A1 route. Again, plenty of opportunities for overtaking on the single carriageway sections of the A1 of which the impressive sounding 2.5 V6 was more than equal. Arrived home relatively ache free. I guess this car was built for journeys like this. One thing which is apparent though. The days of being able to get away with liberal adherence of the speed limit are surely coming to and end. Average speed cameras on large sections of the A9. Loads of cameras on the A1. Ditto on the Scottish winding roads. M1/M6 relatively camera free but only because none of the variable speed limit indicators were on. Its been a topic of conversation in the past (think it was regarding the engine options on the ES) but you do have to wonder whether the days of higher powered 'ordinary' cars are coming to an end.
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    Wow that is quite some taxi ! 😂😂 P.Plate going on once plates are made up and DVLA aware. Needs a good scrub inside first. Also I just noticed it's missing it's aux socket in the front centre console.🤯🤯?? Any ideas as to where it could be hiding?
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    Cairngorms in between Grantown-on-Spey and Aviemore, heading back home after visiting my kids whom I hadn’t seen since lockdown...extremely pleasurable 614ml trip on Monday just gone
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    Hi all, I've been struggling with leaks in my RX400h for some time now and I finally gave up with the self-diagnostics and took it to a leak specialist based in Chelmsford. That's all they do pretty much - fix leaks. I had leaks coming into the boot, down the C pillar in two different places and obviously pooled water was making the rear (and even front) mats wet. By the end of a week of repairs followed by testing, again and again, they found all the leaks - tail light seals, boot seal, roof rails, door cards and a few others. The process is amazing - they run cams into the car, smoke, foam and all sorts and then show you videos of the leaks. The door cards were a real shocker - basically any rain hitting the windows was working it's way onto the wrong side of the door and then (mostly onto the sill and out, but still.. So, I had new door cards made up, all the leaks sealed up and whilst I was at it, the headlights re-polished and re-coated, new number plates, all the stone chips patched up, alloys sorted and finally a clay bar and nano coating..... the car honestly looks brand new now. I waited a month before posting this up to wait for some real rain and use, but it's all good, not a single leak into the bootspace or anywhere else!
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    Hey everyone, Firstly, I want to say a big thanks to everyone who has commented and helped me with my audio issue over the last few weeks. After weeks of pulling my hair out I managed to located a new to me Mark Levinson amp that seems to have done the trick with regards to audio playing in my SC 430. I am really grateful to you all, special thanks to Neil for answering my questions too!! In addition I also got my wheels refurbed this week and the car is looking sharp 🙂 I made this short video of my car yesterday after I picked it up and ripped the boot out (once again). Soo happy to finally be able to listen to the radio whilst driving. Thanks, Thomas
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    It is likely that at some time the hybrid battery will need attention of some sort. Either battery module replacement or fitting new or used battery. There is no reason to expect problems from the transmission "much less likely than a normal auto box or even a manual if you include the clutch" The battery modules "a block of 8 cells" can be replaced at reasonable cost a used battery complete is circa £550, or a new battery is under £3000, but should then give 15 years plus of extra life. John.
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    Okay, just in case anyone else has this problem, I detached the sensor from the windscreen, it just slides downwards to come off and the 'gel' pad had moved slightly. So I relocated back onto the sensor correctly, picked a few bits of grime off it, clipped it back on and I have auto wiping wipers again! The gel isn't perfectly flush, there's a few air bubbles, but it still works perfectly so all's good!
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    I retired at 58, moved to the country with an acre of land and have never been so busy. My only regret is not doing it earlier! I guess you have to enjoy gardening but the pleasure it brings is immense. My guitars keep me busy during winter months!
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    I just wanted to thank everyone for their help. On Tuesday I bought a 2010 RX in SE-L Premier spec but without air suspension. Paid a little more than I had originally planned, as you do, but it is in beautiful condition. Really happy with it 😀
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    Have done it, the gearbox is much faster in down Gearing, did the flush because off high milage, no problem with gearbox. Before i could drive uphill in low speed in a higher gear and the car start to ratle, no this is not posible since the gearbox will gear down and rise the rpm, wery recomended.
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    My 2015 RCF and 2020 RCF Track Edition
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    Auto Trader has announced the Lexus NX as the best hybrid car in their New Car awards 2020. Well deserved.
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    Did you check under the seats for any snakes? 🐍
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    Hi, As no one has mentioned it yet, here is the news about next year LS facelift. https://www.motor1.com/news/432617/2021-lexus-ls-facelift-revealed/amp/
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    ? correct forum and post not very explicit
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    A new alternator and new multi ribbed belt and 2 hours later I have charge! Battery warning light gone. Happy days. Took the opportunity to check the 2 filters on the oil feed to the cams - phew! it wasa relief to see both are clean and no debris.
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    We had a CT and the same issue, was an exhaust heat shield in our case. Wouldn't be surprised if that's your issue.
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    This phenomena is caused by the way batteries, and most chemical reactions work. Heat increases chemical reaction rates, and with a battery increases the cell voltage slightly by around 0.1 volts per cell depending on the type of battery, and the temperature rise. After driving the car in the heat the battery temperature will rise more than usual, and since the battery is made up of 240 cells the overall voltage increase is raised by 24 volts or more. This in turn shows as a higher state of charge "more blue bars". As the battery cools this effect disappears lowering the battery voltage, and the number of bars shown. Even lead acid 12 volt batteries suffer from this effect, and is why the charge voltage should be adjusted to account for temperature. John.
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    Hi Adam Congratulations on your road trip and your great post, nice pictures too 😁 It brought to mind times in my childhood when my Dad would drive us all from our home on the Solent coast up to central Angus to visit my grandparents. We’d start out very early in the morning to arrive there around teatime; luckily my Mum can drive, so they would take turns at driving after each rest stop, so neither of them got too tired. My sister and I would have toys and things in the back to try and occupy us, but they never really worked!! You’re dead right about the cameras!! I flamin’ hate them with a passion!! I can honestly say I have never ever seen a camera at an accident black spot, only hidden round curves in nice stretches of “fast” road, so all the tosh put out that they’re there to promote safety is utter bollaux!! They’re just another way of taxing the poor blooming motorist ☹️. On your point about the future of more powerful vehicles, I think there will always be a market for them. In my own case for instance, I don’t often drive huge distances on motorways and I don’t get much chance to “open her up” to top speed, but I need a car that can accelerate quickly to overtake lorries or tractors and then pull back into lane swiftly over short distances with a limited length view of the road ahead. Your standard small c.c. family car or 4x4 can’t do that safely, so you end up with queues of frustrated drivers following slow moving road blocks, that’s when accidents happen. When I buy a car, I’m not looking for top speed, but instantaneous “squirt”, I may not get past 60 very often, but I want to get there in fractions of a second, not minutes 😁. That’s one of the big pluses of the hybrid Lexus drivetrain; the instant boost you get from the electric motor as you stomp your foot down gives you the confidence that you can overtake easily and safely. Sadly, when my hybrid died I went back to pure petrol (I’m a GS250 driver too now), but on occasion I have regretted that choice! I agree wholeheartedly with what you said about the 2.5 V6, the torque doesn’t really kick in until around 4500 revs, so she responds best when you keep her at the top end of the rev band, but that can get noisy and expensive if you do to much of it. Without doubt the GS is at her best as a cruiser and you just proved that 😁 Having read your post, I now just want to get in the car and drive!! Just head off into the distance and see what’s out there... All the best Si
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    retirement its that thing people who get paid a decent wage do. pension is what you could have paid into instead of buying a lexus .. LOL
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    Hi Piers, you already have plenty of advice. I think all of it good. My advice is to initially take time out, minimum of 6 months in order to clear your mind. Don’t burn your bridges on what you do now, but leave all options open. After you have experienced whatever you want to do , then make some plans. I am not sold on this ‘retirement ‘ thing, I am 70 this year, but it is each to his own. Having run my own Companies, of different types since 1993, and still having business interests I have found that to be my passion. I am now busy , in a good way, and on my terms, as I ever was , and have been offered Directorships, with contacts made over the years which I have accepted. It is very important to keep your brain active, keep physically active, and enjoy life. There are so many opportunities out there.....grab em and good luck, Cheers, Roger
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    I semi retired about a year ago at the age of 67 from my work as a self employed carpenter. I still do jobs ( but I pick and choose) and that allows us to run 3 cars and enjoy holidays etc. It's one of my better decisions and as me and my wife are still healthy we love to walk....as long as the walk involves coffee and cake somewhere! However, my ultimate aim is to fully retire in Cornwall....one day. I've always been very active so sitting in an armchair all day is definitely out! As mentioned above, I've not discounted the idea of a boat as we live by the sea. There are just so many options in retirement you could spend the rest of your life pondering them and end up doing nothing, so don't ponder for too long Piers!
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    Hi J, I live in North London and just this week I have bought an RX450h after looking on and off for a few months. As well as saloon and estate cars, I have previously owned a Range Rover Sport, a Freelander and a Honda CRV. None of them have been an issue driving around London, even in central London. Here are some answers to your questions: Common issues / factoids I've read 1) Brake bark I have not come across this 2) 2011 and later have timing chains (vs belts) - this is better right? 2009 onwards is the 450h which has chains. The pre 2009 car was the 400h whch had a cambelt. This needed changing every 100k miles or 10 years, whichever is sooner. 3) Lexus maintenance costs can be pricey I don't imagine they are any worse than other luxury brands such as Mercedes or Range Rover. In fact, Mercedes are not too bad but Range Rover are quite pricey. Lexus offers service plans that allow you to spread the cost of the servicing over 12 months if budgeting is a worry. Alternatively there is always the independent network of garages. Questions 1) Issues from buying from 3rd party dealers vs Lexus dealers? You would normally expect a Lexus dealer car to be better prepared and generally a better car otherwise they should put lower quality cars through an auction or sell it off to some independent dealer they know. Also Lexus dealer cars will come with a good 12 month warranty that is as comprehensive as the new car warranty. I would always treat a second hand dealer car like a private sale in terms of the checks and inspections I would do on the car. Any recourse via the warranty may offer is a bonus but not be relied upon. 2) Is there a sweet spot on age/depreciation vs road tax / MOT concerns? If it is a 450h, make sure it has had the 6 year service where the spark plugs need changing. If it is a 400h, make sure it has had the cambelt changed as all will be over 10 years old now. 3) Generally I like to keep my vehicles for a long time but my wife tends to bumper bash a bit and I'd expect the Lexus to take a bit of a beat over time. How does body damage affect the MOT approvals if at all? Scuffs and bumps won't fail an MT. The MOT is mainly mechanical safety and structural safety eg rust which you shouldn't expect on these cars. Other MOT areas would include lights, seat belts etc 4) We'd have off street parking and a tiny garage - Is this size of vehicle appropriate for on-street parking (going to the shops) / this part of London? As mentioned at the start, no problem at all - Is this a real bad idea from a theft / vandalism perspective? The only thing to worry about in London is theft. Vandalism not so much unless you are unlucky. I am not sure how popular Lexus are with thieves but I don't imagine they are worse than Range Rovers which are highly targeted. My main worry about these cars is not theft of the car but theft of the catalytic converter. Apparently they are worth quite a bit of money and quick to steal so are a prime target. - What about insurance costs - garaged vs off street? Insurance is highly variable so you should get some insurance quotes beforehand using comparison sites such as confused.com, moneysupermarket.com etc Try variations of on street, driveway and garaged. Garaged should be cheaper but you may find that on street is cheaper than driveway. What I will say is that I have found these cars more to insure than saloon or estate cars. 5) Any issues with drive-train? I cannot find anything on repair costs / frequency of the CVT or the hybrid/batteries I believe these cars are pretty reliable hence not much information on failures. I would imagine a failure is quite rare and therefore you would be unlucky if it did happen. A Lexus extended warranty would cover it though. 6) Is there a way to diligence the hybrid system before purchase? Can I tell if the batteries are in good nick? If the car is serviced by Lexus it will automatically undergo a Hybrid System Check. If it passes, it receives a certificate and the batteries are then covered under warranty for the next 12 months. Alternatively, you can pay just for the Hybrid System Check at any Lexus dealer. I believe it costs £75. Should we find a couple of good candidate cars - can someone pls recommend a good shop for a pre-purchase inspection in the area? Many thanks I would imagine your best option for a pre-purchase inspection is Lexus Edgeware Road/Jemca
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    You don't necessarily just want to have wheels the aligned to standard spec - which is why you need someone who knows what they are doing. Lexus have been known to get it wrong before, especially with the series I IS200 where Tony at WIM came up with corrected settings which Lexus GB then adopted.
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    Buy a Boat - it will keep you occupied (and frustrated) for years!
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    Yes it is grey with almost new Michelin cross climates all round. Here are some photos:
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    Met a guy at a kit car show some years ago. He liked building and working on cars. When he retired he built a Kit car and when he finished it sold it and started another one. He told me it had stopped him 'from going nuts'. This is rather an unusual one and he had the facilities to do this. Another person I knew joined a choir or learnt to play a musical instrument. There really is a great variety of things one can do.
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    I allegedly retired at the Old age of 49 years and 10 months since when I have done all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs, a while in an opticians working for my daughter, mystery shopping (everything from banks to motorway services). Counting adverts on supermarket trolleys, photographing advertising hoardings to quality control placement. For the last 13 years I have worked part-time for a private company doing house conveyancing searches at councils. It is surprising what opportunities are out in the world for us oldies
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    Hi Piers and welcome to the Club. I retired at 58 some 5 years ago and it was one of the two best things I have ever done. It was my decision and I had decided that it was time to "look at all of the other rooms in my life" I had occupied a senior position for the last 30 years and had sat in every chair,looked at every picture and fixed everything that needed fixing in that room. I then saw a door I had not noticed once during my time in that room.I peeped inside and thought, wow! I have often wondered during these past 15 years how on earth I had found the time to go to work. Do whatever interests you.Be with whoever you wish to be with and importantly, read. Read anything and everything.Read from as many different perspectives as are available. Be available to those that seek your advice and give it freely. I enjoy driving and drive to Spain twice yearly. I garden, play Golf, meet friends and watch Sports and filmsvia the Internet--it`s free, no need to pay silly and expensive subscriptions. My Grandson has just introduced me to Harry Potter and I am trying to get him interested in Mercury, Gemini and Apollo ! It is worth remembering something along the lines of what the 35th President of the U.S.A. said......."ask not what your life can do for you, but ask what you can do for your life! Once again, welcome to a whole new world of opportunity.
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    Get a motorhome and hit Europe. We had three months in Scandinavia last year. Can't wait to do it again.
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    Goodyear are giving up to £100 back in vouchers for buying their tyres at the moment: https://www.goodyear.eu/en_gb/consumer/offers-hub.html I just ordered a couple for my wife's rav4 and should get a £25 amazon voucher back. They have to be from a participating retailer but it looks like there are many, I went with merityre because they're easy and nearby.
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    @PCM Not from my own direct experience, but I saw my Father retire in his mid-50s and end up back at work a couple of years later due to boredom (and then he kept going until he was almost seventy!). From a few other family members experience, I'd say fill your time with things you enjoy. Volunteering is great, and with an IT career I'm sure there are plenty of groups who'd welcome your help. I'm a few years away yet, but I've been volunteering as a mentor and lecturing about my career for Undergrads at my former University for a few years now, and it's very rewarding. Non-executive Directorships, for two or three days a month, are also a good way of 'gradually' retiring whilst keeping one foot in the door...
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    Hello Raymond and welcome to the club. We love to see photos so get some of your new beastie on when you can. Taking your last point first, if you don't want to mess about with trying to get it working in Win 10 (took me a couple of hours of trying but got there in the end) just download VirtualBox from here https://www.virtualbox.org/ and install Win XP or Win 7 in that. I've got a spare copy of 7 with genuine licence key that you can have if you need it. The key for the locking wheel nuts is usually in the glove box but could be in the tool cubby hole under the boot floor. No idea about transponders I'm afraid.
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    £10k all in and felt like I had stolen it when I drove it away. T'was right interior colour scheme for me but I finally wrong exterior colour (wanted black!). I'm suprised by how much silver is growing on me! Thank you for making the forum so much of a community, the commeradery here makes the purchase so much more worthwhile! 👏👏👏
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    I've fitted two aftermarket reversing cameras, one to my MK4 LS400 and one (with great difficulty) to my first LS430, the difficulty was trying to find a way from the boot to the cabin. Apart from that, and on most cars, it's really easy. About £20 for the kit, and the images are excellent.
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    From the description the issue is quite possibly in the VVTI system. It’s unlikely to be on the inlet side as they are electrically actuated more likely exhaust size which is oil actuated. There are 2 main elements to this on each bank - the oil control valve and the exhaust camshaft phaser / adjuster and either can cause problems. It Intermittently affects the engine timing and power and does not necessarily throw up any engine codes. Power delivery can be much reduced despite engine revving cleanly especially under load going uphill. The oil control valve and the VVT phaser on Toyota engines is known to have issues with sticking operation. The Oil control valves x 2 are very simple to remove and test for resistance and apply 12v to see if they move smoothly and replace if necessary. They are not expensive. The exhaust cam phaser is a bit more involved. It is likely to be one bank of the engine that is affected but I guess you need to figure out which one. It’s possible to either use a garage level scan tool that displays the position of the 4 x camshafts to see if they are in phase or which one is out. Alternatively the output from the cam sensors can be mapped on something like a Pico scope and again you can see if you have an issue. If you have Techstream you can set the vehicle software in diagnostic mode to be more sensitive and to throw an engine code on 1 trip event logic.This might reveal a pending code for you and identify which bank you have an issue with. Good luck - these issues are very hard to pin down. Peter
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    I've never needed to have any aircon work done so I can't give any personal recommendations, and I know you said you prefer Manchester or Liverpool but, given your lack of suitable places so far you may have to widen that out a bit. I live in Preston and there's a specialist near me that gets a 5-star rating from over 50 Google Reviews http://www.mrsheattransfer.com/ so might be worth a call if you're willing to travel that far. There's another one in Leyland that gets 5-star ratings from 13 reviews https://www.chillout-airconditioning.co.uk/
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    See https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-maintenance/vehicle-service/#servicing - scroll down and select your car and you will see prices for all services - add up what yours will cost for the next couple of years. The service plan allows you to spread those payments over 24 months Interest free.
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    ‘OCD’ I prefer ‘CDO’ it’s a lot neater alphabetically!😂
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    Please don’t get the IS220 with your expected usage profile!
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    I shop at Aldi this is how I save money to run my Lexus lol
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    So since picking up last Thursday two new tyres on the front cleaned the thoroughly gross interior new battery oil, oil filter, plugs, air filter, cabin filter (done today, knackered!) sourced luggage cover, fog lights, driver and passenger mirrors Currently about £1500 in, which isn't bad at all. A little bit of bodywork needs doing (£250-£300) and rear sensors then it's handed over to my wife. So a big, comfortable, safe family car for less than £2k. So long as everything goes to plan I don't think that's too bad.
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    Sprayed the inside of the car twice yesterday and left it locked overnight with the movement sensor off. Let’s hope Mr Mozy or Mrs Moth have departed this world. I suspect it was Mrs Moth as my wallet has not been opened much since March.
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    When I was little and in London, used to stare through the window of Hampstead Cars on the Finchley Road. Loved the American cars! When I could finally afford it, went to see one, was underwhelmed, and bought a Soarer instead!
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    Got up early this morning with the camera while the light was good and the car clean.
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    Yesterday "Postman Pat" delivered my timing belt kit from Rock Auto, although fitting it might have to wait a while whilst I finish off some of my house DIY projects. It came in a box marked Aisin, although some of the parts are made by others, but all are made in Japan. However, the timing belt by Mitsuboshi did make me think of Chinese copies, but apparently they are a bona fide belt manufacturer, and have been since 1932. It looks a though the solenoid for the fuel flap is faulty so I have sourced a used one from eBay for £25. A lot better than the main stealer's price of £360!
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    I joined LOC in 2004 and think there was a proper in house search facility that Google then took over. May be wrong. My 2005 RX300 SEL original Panasonic battery was still working fine when I upgraded in 2018. Given that it was probably put in the engine bay in summer 2004 it did remarkably well. Now I'm reading all these threads about 450h 12 volt batteries. Clearly they're not lasting as long ? When I went to Milton Keynes to take my first look at the latest RX, I remember asking about the battery. Salesman had no idea where it was ! Alan

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