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    After reluctantly selling my ISF to a fellow member on here 4 years ago due to an overseas move, I’m back in the U.K. so I’m back in the ‘F’ fold. I bought the blue RCF that was up for sale recently with TVD and just 17k miles. It’s absolutely mint and I’m loving it! Great to be back 👍
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    A dramatic title I know ,but how many of you have given a thought to how will the car evolved and life after the gen 4 . I look at so many cars and suvs etc during my day out and about thinking that's looks nice .but my second thought is how reliable is it etc.. I do like the look of the Porsche SUV or Volvo latest models from the outside .Will we be all driving electric soulless cars soon with different badges all with similar battery's and drive trains reliable and simple etc .will most be driverless soon and will most common folk be priced of the road .hell I might as well jump on the local electric powered bus surrounded by hoodie teens glued to there tech device while I dream of the past .Oh to be young again 100 mph felt fast and alive twin 40 webbers induction roar cherry bomb exhausts lol or the smell and noise of a two stroke bike coming on the pipe on a crisp evening out for a blast with your mates as you wind on the throttle with a big grin .And then back to reality with a bump ,your in a showroom with the wife you hear ooh that's a nice blue one love as your soul departs this mortal coil and you mutter to the 15 yr old senior sales person what's the battery range as he smirks at you knowing your wife likes it and that's the deal done you mutter bollocks and sigh .😔
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    I'd have taken Lady P down the pub, even if she was made of wood, obviously only to get her drunk enough to let me drive the pink Rolls, and I'd keep my pockets zipped up in case the light fingered Parker was around! There she is with Noel Gallagher at the wheel!
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    Hi Jon. I see you have asked most of the questions I had when I got my CT200 at the end of July. I absolutely love mine (registered Sept 2019) and quickly figured out when to use the different driving settings just by trying it - Sports mode is excellent for going up steep winding hills! I’m bizarrely finding myself driving slower than I ever have (the husband can’t believe it) in an obsession to have it in electric mode and increase my mpg. I’ve even not minded being in slow traffic as it has upped my mpg! I get my business mileage back based on a petrol car so I’m quids in. I generally get 60mpg on a mixture of road types plus motorways. I ended up not taking any of the dealer offers based on the condition of cars I’ve had previously (fingers crossed). The guys on here are great with their experience and suggestions. I have never loved a car so much. I hope your wife likes it as well - us Lexus Ladies look good behind that wheel.😀
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    The RX 400h looked really smart from a distance. My wife and I (she is good at spotting things!) gave the car a good look over. We were allowed to test drive the car provided we followed the dealer in his car. He uses the same route to review his cars on YouTube. John (Royoftherovers) knows my mantra about finding faults. “For every fault you can find …... there will be 3 or more others! The car had been cleaned but not valeted. The engine oil was as clear as a bell and the engine bay had been cleaned. We examined the car better than Inspector Morse and found three age related marks. The wheels, small mark on the plastic trim inside and a stone chip that had rusted a little on the door. Checked for water ingress in boot and footwells. Full service history, mainly Lexus plus another garage where the car came from. The car had been originally bought from Lexus Sidcup but had mainly been serviced at Lexus Croydon. The MOT history/mileage checked out and looked good. Well worth looking at that before buying any car over 3 years old. It can give an indication of possible issues caused by neglect. I test drove the car and was impressed how perky the acceleration was for such a heavy car – seemed far more spritely than my RX 300. Though I am not really interested in 0-60 times. All four tyres were the same make (Dunlop). Just under 50,000 miles. It was the SE-L which gave it ML sound system, illuminated Lexus badges on the door sills (?) - silver door handles and gold rear badge plus front and rear sensors. So we bought it and drove it home (200 miles) home. Tax was done on line and insurance on the phone. Managed to get a small discount which paid the train fare! So …. what do I make of this particular RX 400h hybrid? Give a me a few more days of ownership and I will tell you! HONESTLY!
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    A cage for people who don't read their manuals?
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    Bart, Your ticket for life`s journey was stamped "single", so just do what you want to do, if you can afford it and so long as you are not upsetting anybody !
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    I particularly like the blue on the RCF. Photo'd in its natural feeding ground too 🙂
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    Feeling fulfilled and, if I'm honest, slightly smug - first let me tell you a story... It was a dark and stormy night, well actually it was last November when I bought my LC, just couldn't wait for the good weather, just had to buy it! We always enjoy a great road trip and our favourite destination is Scotland. You can imagine how much we were looking forward to talking the LC for a tour. Finally, last week we managed to get away, I have to say it was amazing, taking a true GT across mountain passes and straight open roads. We covered just over 1200 miles, not quite the NC500 but all the places we love none the less. As you can imagine, with a car needing regular fill ups, we planned a little to make sure we weren't caught short. Previous we hadn't bothered so much as we've toured around in a diesel BMW.... So we planed for 20/25 mpg based on fairly spirited driving, which we did. Imagine my surprise when the final average for the whole trip came out at - wait for it - 35.5mpg, even reaching 39.1mpg on one of the days. So, as well as having a wonderful time roaring through the Glens in a big and soulful V8, we even saved on our fuel budget - can't wait for our next road trip.
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    Hi all, I replaced my radiator and water pump with a friend over the weekend at home on axle stands. Wasn't too bad, there is plenty of knowledge and diagrams across this forum, YouTube and the American forum. My radiator looked worse for wear, I think the transmission fluid lines were not far off from snapping off the radiator. That's on a 2008 with 66k miles for reference.
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    Hello everyone, Thanks to various posts full of praises and encouraging stories for the LS400. I jumped on one and I'm so glad about this impulse buy. Enjoying it very much so far! 😃 Looking forwards to learning much more from you guys.
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    I quite like the idea of an SC440, that must be the quicker one.🙂 It's so long since I actually used the standard head unit I can't remember what it did and sometimes we mad SC owners forget to state the obvious. So checking my archives, I think the confusion is in the fact that the facelift doesn't actually have an external CD multi-changer. The 6 disc CD unit is part of the head unit itself. It should say 6 disc on the front of it. Apologies I didn't add to the discussion on LW as I thought the others had explained but clearly they can't always be trusted with audio questions despite the fact that some are indeed highly qualified in these matters. Probably too busy debating less important matters like politics, the meaning of life or the weather. We wait ages for a fault to appear on an SC430, Usually it gets dealt with in a couple of sentences and a picture or two and we all go back to the waiting room. I took mine apart just to see how it worked after replacing it with an Alpine. You load the 6 CDs into the head unit one at a time slowly until it's full. Hope that clears it up.
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    It is bad news for Mercedes but par for the course for Members here.
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    I really hesitate to ask but there is a very obvious question here. Did they not come with a manual? If not, I expect PCM is right - I'd guess it's a plant cloche.
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    I've just come across an app called Tire Assistant which shows the individual pressure readings for each of the wheels on the IS300h. It's always been a slight irritation that the TPMS system on the IS300h is only partly helpful. The TPMS warning light tells you there might be a problem with one or more of your tyres but it doesn't tell you which tyre. When it's dark and raining it wouldn't be the best time to have to try and find out which tyre is losing air. This is especially irritating because, as far as I can tell, the car knows which sensor is reporting low pressure. It just doesn't display this information on this car. So I thought I would try the Tire Assistant app and it seems to work fine. It needs an OBD device and an Android phone. You start the car and then start the app and it looks like this: The pressure display is initially in bars but it can be changed to psi. Initially, the app doesn't know which sensor is on which wheel but as the pressures are adjusted at a garage you can identify each sensor by the change in pressure reading. Then each wheel image can be dragged to its correct location and renamed with its location as shown in the video above. It looks quite useful and saves having to get your hands dirty checking the pressure manually. Here's the webpage for Tire Assistant.
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    Well I'll go t'foot of our stairs! I had no idea that there was a 'winter and summer' position - I wonder if it's the same for the RX? I'll investigate later by reading my manual Thanks for that video John. In case that doesn't work for the OP, I've always just turned on the wipers and then turned off the ignition with the wipers in mid-sweep.
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    I was talking to an acquaintance last week who is a nuclear engineer for Eon. He was telling me that he wouldn't buy electric cars despite being able to get free electricity for car was part of a package from his employer. He said every time he's wanted to use a pool car they're always being charged so unavailable at midday. He was working at Hinckley Point for a few months and had a company BMW one series to use...
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    My first two cars were Beetles. A '73 and a '65. I had the opportunity to drive one again recently. No seatbelts, my nose nearly touching the screen, 40 felt fast, drums all round, the smell from the leaking Solex. I nearly cried. Interestingly I'm now priced out of old Beetles and have to console myself with Lexus. How odd.
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    There are different refrigerants out there and the correct one must be used however it is the oil that is extremely important on a hybrid as the compressor is electric and conventional oil is conductive which will cause energy leakage and a shock hazard. ND-OIL 11 must be used.
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    Just been re-reading my copy of The Eagle Annual 1954......and you are all wrong !!
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    That is where the similarities end. The 400h is a totally different beast to the 300. My test drive was the first time I had ever driven a hybrid. For those of you who have never driven a hybrid, at first, it is a surreal experience. Comparisons with driving a 300 end here, as it is a totally different driving experience. Better? Well, that is an individual question you must ask yourself. The instrument and switch layouts are very different to my RX 300, as my 300 does not have the facelift screen and reversing camera.
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    All sorted guys, I have found the offending connector - thankfully it was someone else's ***** up but it's in the inverter and I've just had it all up and running again. Thanks for those who chipped in, no big bills after all
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    This is for my RC300h but I would imagine it's the same for other Lexus hybrids. HYBRID CONTROL SYSTEM CONTROL CONVERTER.pdf HYBRID CONTROL SYSTEM CONTROL INVERTER.pdf CHARGING SYSTEM SYSTEM DIAGRAM.pdf
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    Sorry Mike. I know how upset I was when my Labradors, Harry and Phoebe, died. After that I said I would not have another dog, as it was so painful. We were without a dog for 18 months and my wife could not stand it. We now have another Lab - Ludo - who drives me crackers at times but we love him to bits. When the world p***.es you off and people get on your nerves, you can always come home to a wonderful greeting from a dog.
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    https://www.newlandsmotorco.co.uk/used-cars/lexus-rx-450h-3-5-se-i-cvt-4x4-5dr-mitcham-202009153748308 The garage site has a quite a few pictures
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    Since my original post, I've taken the advice of members and I've found that that running the heating on max for about an hour really helped eradicate the foul smell. Now when I use the a/c for cool air, I always try and switch the a/c off, heat on high for the last 5-10 minutes of the journey. I've also disabled the recirculation mode as I found that was keeping the moisture in. Appreciate that this isn't ideal, but if it keeps the smell at bay then I'm going to continue. Running the heater on high temperatures during the winter will hopefully also help.
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    First of all, an advisory is just that, an advisory and not necessarily anything wrong. Some MOT testers are over-zealous and put advisories on trivial things, so depending on what it is, an advisory wouldn't necessarily put me off buying a car. Some cars have the same advisory year after year (like my old RX300 had when I bought it) but (a) it was trivial and (b) it had not got any worse year on year. Secondly, if the car is as good as you think, I strongly suggest not waiting until Sunday, go and see it tomorrow morning or you genuinely risk losing out if someone else sees it and wants it.
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    Also, pics or it didn't happen Davey! Let's drool over it together! 🙂
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    Quick update to complete this thread...the new heater core has restored heat to the passenger side of the cabin, so the mrs is happy 🙂
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    Be careful if you order a radiator from Rockauto. I don't know about the SC but on the LS430 the US setup is different, my coolant reservoir (being a Celsior) is attached to the radiator as in the US, but the UK setup is different so you'd need to check that.
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    You don't say what model RX cars you have driven and I would suggest you try at least the Sports and Advance models. The air suspension on the RX Premier can be problematical and the general view is that it is not markedly different in reality to the conventionally metal sprung models. (From reviews I have read on the Audi Q5, having air suspension on that car rather than not makes a considerable improvement by comparison). You are contemplating changing from a relatively small saloon in the A3, not just to say a Q5 but a high riding larger RX hybrid that drives very differently and indeed best requires to be driven differently. The RX is certainly a very comfortable car best driven in a relaxed fashion. Surveys show it is one of the most reliable cars but when major parts are needed these can be expensive. Even some moderately priced parts can work out expensive when you include the cost of fitting, replacing sparking plugs and water pump being prime examples due to the hours of work involved. A car older than 5 years qualifies for Lexus 'Essential Service' which is pretty much the same as a normal service but is called differently as Lexus want to keep your business rather than your taking an older car to a non appointed Lexus garage for service. Most people (including me) find the Sat Nav poor. I fitted a TomTom while others use Google maps etc.
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    Is it in the manual? I didn't look. 😄
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    Its so funny Richie. Film stars go from wife to wife without ever finding happiness. You however, bathe in pure nirvana amongst automobiles. Keep taking the tablets and bringing smiles to the faces of your readers !
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    And so the fun starts! Unfortunately a little late in the day for oil changes and plugs so had to content myself with the air and pollen filters...
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    "Sometimes after you disconnect the battery for any reason, the widow buttons on the driver's door do not operate" Brilliant David. I`m sure all of us married Male Members had wished for those at some time in our lives !
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    Just a few minor updates as I haven't posted here for a while. New wheels, extended rear spoiler, newer head unit, Sprint-Booster, paintwork re-fresh where required. Otherwise nothing too radical apart from the OBD/Ipad install which got a mention in another thread. I did try to sell it a while ago but it's a bit too much of a scary proposition for most sane folk so I've carried on with a few more minor tweaks and changes. I like the addition of the Ipad and the OBD2 info in real time so the next task is to improve the quality of the screen surround.
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    Bought my first ever Lexus yesterday from Lexus Leicester a LC500 Sport + and drove the long way home to Cheshire, a very enjoyable experience. Love the car but surprised it didn’t have wireless phone charging.
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    Hi Kyle and welcome. I impulse bought one a couple of weeks ago too! Post some pictures up and give us a bit more info when you can.
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    Yeah, always. Most of the time I go through manual before I even get the car [emoji16]
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    Expensive Land Rovers and Teslas are the most UNRELIABLE cars, says watchdog https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cars/article-8768905/Expensive-Land-Rovers-Teslas-UNRELIABLE-cars-says-watchdog.html
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    It's interesting to imagine what our transport will be like in the future but much may depend on Government carrot and stick approach. Expect self driving vehicles to become common place. For those, (probably the majority), who just want to go from A to B for relatively short journeys, dialing up for a self driving car to take them to their destination(s) might suit. No need to to have your own car, thereby saving on initial cost and depreciation and being off road while parts were awaited, as another automated car would come along. For those wanting to travel further afield, perhaps there might be a larger, more comfortable range that again would most probably be battery powered. When needed the car would take itself to a power point and recharge. Those who still wanted their own cars and particularly those still with petrol/diesel power might have to subsidize the 'hire a car' users. Indeed we are beginning to see some of this happening already in road tax difference, low emission zones etc. I saw a very short film about how hydrogen was being used used on a small scale. It showed it being used to power cars as well as to provide power for heating. This might become b an alternative rival to electric. Interestingly, an airplane powered by Hydrogen was shown on TV today and it was hoped that this would be the forerunner of a small commercial plane. I am sure we are going to see some quite radial changes in the next 20 years and beyond. Many enthusiasts will reminisce about the days when they drove their own petrol/diesel cars.
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    Excellent result, well done.
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    OK, this is coming along I'll try to find time over the weekend to finalise Malc
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    I'm afraid I have to slightly disagree with John above. The 12V battery is used to power up the computers and pressurise the brakes, after which the traction battery provides power for all the car's requirements, including charging the 12V battery, just like an alternator would do in a conventional car. If the traction battery is flat, there is no way the 12V battery can do anything about it. You have to call out the dealer or someone else who has the specialist knowledge and equipment to deal with it. It's been quite a while since I looked so the following may be incorrect, but I seem to remember looking at the discharge curves for a pack of 8 AA batteries and if I remember correctly then I think they could supply 12V 28A for just under one minute. If my recollection is correct, then in theory at least, that would be enough to get the car into the READY state because my RX450h takes less than 20A to do that. The 12V battery can never be used for starting power as far as I know. This is because the hybrid system uses MG1 to spin the petrol engine up to 1000rpm before applying fuel and a spark to fire it.
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    I had an mot which called into question my front nearside shock which was misting. So I bought a pair from rock autos. 3 days later..... I had to fit them (thought I had more time to be lazy and put the job off). They fitted perfectly, although it was a bugger to get that bottom bolt off. If I am honest I thought they would be rubbish and I had steeled myself against such an outcome having a different brand in rock autos basket just in case. Took them out for a test drive and BOOM I was proved dead wrong, they really improved the handling (mine shock was ,.... shot of course). No rattles, bumps or grinds just smooth smooth gliding. Now the long term test.
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    Try turning to Hot for the last 10 mins of journeys for next few weeks and see if that helps.
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    Ah, lock down. The halcyon days of car fettling.
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    A "C"? You cut me deep John! You cut me deep!

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