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    Hi some of you maybe aware last year in had my IS paint work fully corrected as it had swirls and marks all over it. Since then I've been on some 1-2-1 course and purchased alot of the kit myself. I've now done a few cars but today decided to go over my 13 plate IS again This didn't take long at all because my washing technique is very strict so very minor scratching to the laqer that's all. Lexus paint is very soft so it's always gonna happen however that makes it nice to work with when correcting. Here are some pictures from today, if any of you would like your paintwork correcting drop me a pm and we can discuss further.
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    Yes the rear wheels have stored rotation energy but their contribution is insignificant. The physics and real world experience can be quite different... but no less real.
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    I do like a good scientific debate. If nothing else this thread proves that parallel universes DO exist!
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    Sorry, but I'm right about the Honda Jazz!
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    I'm in Coventry and happy to assist, I'm pretty sure I can make the meet in July also so could help then.
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    Eu regs after lobbying by Michelin? Grip saves lives? Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk

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