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    Worst car without question was my P38 Range Rover. Abysmal build quality and woeful reliability. Awful thing. The British motoring press is FAR too forgiving of the shoddy nature of Land Rover products in my opinion. Also poor was my Smart Roadster Brabus. Looked fantastic but rubbish build quality and frequent problems. Best car was probably my Mercedes CLK, mostly because I had it for eight years and 120,000 miles and it went with me from being a bachelor right through to when my first child was born.
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    Hi everyone. Collected my new(to me) RCF this morning. Very impressed on the 200 mile journey home and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I think this is going to be a keeper. I will try and update when I get time.
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    Holy Thread revival! I've not owned many cars... 1998R Mitsubishi Galant GLS 2.0 Auto Estate 2001X Mitsubishi Galant Elegance GDI 2.4 Manual Estate 2003 53 Honda Accord Tourer Executive 2.0 i-VTEC Manual 2011 Volvo V70 D5 SE Lux Polestar Geartronic 2015 Nissan Leaf Tekna Now the 2015 GS450h Premier is coming in to replace the V70 and will reside alongside the Leaf. As you can tell, I've always had a bit of thing for Japanese cars. I hate the spec stinginess of european cars, gouging for things that should just be standard - One time I had a VW Passat B6 hire car - R-line bodykit, Alloys, parking sensors, 2.0TDI with DSG gearbox..... and wind-up windows in the back!!! So of my 5 cars there's one worst and 4 best... The worst was the Galant GDI - it was a mistake to buy and I only kept it a year. Everything was on the verge of collapse with that car, and it was a shame because my previous Galant was great. The GDI engines were a nightmare outside of Japan, the gearbox was awful, suspension was dying (in worse shape with half the mileage than my previous), etc. The other 4 are all the best cars I've ever had, in their own ways. My R-Reg Galant was my first car and so it holds a special place for that. It had its mechanical foibles but it never let me down. Mitsubishi were an underappreciated brand I think, and back in the 90s they were doing some great engineering - sadly it all rusted away far too quickly. My Honda was great - great engine, amazing gearbox (rifle-bolt precise, never mis-shifted, never reluctant to go into gear), bombproof mechanicals and it was incredibly cheap to run as I could DIY service it. The Volvo is a great car because it's extremely comfortable with lovely seats and ride. The interior design and quality of materials is much nicer than the 5-series and E-class, and there's a lot of things where you feel that Volvo actually design cars to live with, rather than for the motoring press. The Leaf is great because being EV it's so zippy and responsive, even on very basic mechanicals (macstrut/torsion beam). Interior is pretty naff and the infotainment relatively infuriating, but the EV side is so good that it makes up for it. It's like my Canon EOS D30 was - very early digital SLR camera. The focusing, metering, framerate, viewfinder, etc were all awful - it was a terrible Camera compared to my EOS 3, but it immediately demonstrated the crushing superiority of digital to film (And I never felt that I had a camera that matched the EOS 3 as a camera until many years later with the 5D3). In a similar way, the leaf is not a very good car compared to what I'm used to (first thing I've ever owned without independent rear suspension for example), but it demonstrates the crushing superiority of EV over ICE.
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    Thank you for your response. It was a private sale, and to be honest, I knocked the guy down by £700 so I don't necessarily think I got a bad deal, having said that, if I had spotted these things at the time, I would have just walked away as I could do without the hassle. It's an 18 year old car which didn't cost a lot so I am not sure what I was hoping to be honest, I just wanted something comfortable and refined but also cheap and reliable to do my daily commute in as it is all average speed limit motorway and A road. The water ingress is the most annoying thing as we are in the middle of winter. I need to get that sorted first. The other things are less urgent. I just don't really know where to start.
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    Rules from November 2nd 2018 onwards have changed. These also may change again so please keep an eye on this section if you intend selling. We will try adding the updates and note the date of when these rules change. The rules below supercede the previous rules set back in 2009 2nd November 2018 - New selling rules UPDATE: You no longer need to be a gold member to sell here. Any member can sell as long as your adhere to the simple rules below. This Forum is for infrequent and casual sales between forum members. If you are a trader please then contact us. This forum is strictly not for multiple or repeated sales from traders. If you are a trader and post an item here then expect to have the item removed and your access to the forum revoked immediately. There is also a Template to be used for ALL sales posted in here. If you do not use the template shown below, a Moderator will ask you to change your advert. Failure to do so will result in your post being DELETED. The template is to allow members to easily see what is for sale: For sale: Item Condition: Price and price conditions: Extra Info: Pictures: Contact Details: Location: Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Please cut/copy the Template shown above, and paste and complete it (i.e., fill in the blanks) in your own post. **please take note of the below changes to the rules or your threads will be deleted** All items advertised for sale must be available All Items must have location of where the item is based. All items must be as described in the for sale thread and not just linking off to elswhere All items must have a picture showing condition of the item Price MUST be stated. Otherwise we delete the thread without warning. Ebay / amazon / Gumtree items must be directly linked to. However, must be described in the post. Random chit chat and spamming will be removed at the moderating teams discretion without warning. Moderators reserve the right to restrict access/useage of the section as deemed necessary. Please use manners and respect our position in such cases. We are here to protect. Absolutely No selling on behalf of others. Selling for Family or deceased estate is fine. Please seek advice if unsure. Sellers must ensure parts are as described. If something is stated as being in good working order it should have been tested prior to sale. Buyers are warned to double check items as soon as they arrive. The right to refuse use of the classifieds extends to unregistered traders, bad sellers, repeat offenders and anyone seen to be wasting our moderators' time/effort. Group Buys Must Be organised by an Approved trader or be Approved by LOC moderating team, No Exceptions. when the items have sold, can members inform the moderating team, so it can be closed/moved to the archive 🙂 Please contact us if you have any issues with selling.
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    Just picked up our CT200 F-Sport and tried the adaptive cruise on the way home, generally a good thing but as others have mentioned, people changing lanes in front of you etc will take a bit of getting used to.
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    Have been at My local annual Stratford on Avon car festival yesterday and got to see the new I pace in the flesh and i must say it is a very impressive looking car,also a lot bigger than i thought. It really looks a good quality vehicle and was attracting a lot of attention,will try and get a couple of decent pics today. Sent from my iPhone
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    I've only seen once I-pace. I like the exterior of the car, but I find the interior is a bit bland - sadly the whole jag range suffers this at the moment (except for the venerable XJ). The XF, XE, F-pace interiors are all very "meh" to me. To me the best interiors in the mid-range marketplace at the moment are the new-generation Volvos and by quite a long shot the Tesla model 3 (you have to sit in it to get the experience of it - the openness of the (standard) totally panoramic roof, the low windscreen view forward, the brilliance of the UI). However, I will commend Jaguar for taking the EV bull by the horns. It's not very efficient compared to a Tesla, and the current provision of CCS charging isn't great, but that will change. At least they have done something (and in contrast to the shutdown of UK plants building the diesel models, JLR have now increased production of the I-pace at magna steyr in austria because they can't meet demand) and have a car on sale (and despite its inefficiency, it still has over twice the range of my Leaf so would be easy to live with).
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    Found this diagram of the belt routing.
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    Here's a good blog from Lexus explaining how paddle shifters work on eCVT hybrids https://blog.lexus.co.uk/what-do-lexus-paddle-shift-switches-do/ There is a lot of misinformation in general about manual shift mode in a Lexus hybrid. They are indeed intended to try and mimic a manual 6 speed auto trans, but work a little bit differently. Each shift range selects a range of gear ratios for the car to work in (an eCVT has infinite gear ratios), and each shift range (1-6) significantly changes the amount of accelerative and breaking force generated. Despite what a lot of people say, they do work, and you can have quite a bit of fun with them once you get used to how they operate. For example, in my IS300h 2017 model, in sport and manual shift mode, one can get off the line much quicker when in S1, and when shifting with active sound control enabled, the sound even changes as you shift up and down shift, which is really nice. Also, in manual shift mode, you take a lot of the delay out of the transmission as the computer doesn't have to spend as much time figuring out the best gear ratio range to be in, which is also nice, just put your foot down and you will see the delay has mostly gone. And lastly, when going down long hills, the engine breaking really helps take wear and tear off the break pads. Note however once again, manual shift mode DOES NOT INCREASE REGEN, in that people are correct. If you are however quick enough to put the car in S6 when slowing down, that will be comparable as it's the shift mode with least amount of engine breaking force. One good tip is that by holding down the '+' paddle, you can jump all the way up to S6 from any gear, and that feature is exactly intended to help get the best regen in manual mode, so they thought of that too, just a shame some of this isn't mentioned in the manual. For the doubters, who are still not convinced, just try putting the car into S6 on the motorway, and see how much accelerative force you have at high speeds, not much I can guarantee you, similar to a real 6 speed auto trans. Also, while travelling at a fairly high speed, try shifting down the range from S6, and you will be really surprised at how much engine breaking kicks in. I know this is a lengthy reply, but I keep seeing many posts with people talking utter bollocks about this, saying how they don't work, or do very little and clearly they don't understand what's going on or how to use and get the best from them. Hope that clears up some confusion and doubts 🙂
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    So i attempted a trial fit of the intercooler ...... this thing is so big!!!! As you can aee this is sitting quite far below the bottom of the bumper, cant move it up any higher as its already hitting the underside of the flat setion where the top grill attaches and i want to keep the look of a top grill. Also its not allowing the bumper to sit correctly so its pulling it away from the wings in the corners so there was only 1 thing for it........ Plans are to now cut a little bit more away at each side to allow the intercooler pipe work the fit. Once its all good and allowing enough room for everything to fit, the gap at the front will be covered using a front lip that will sit low enough the cover the bottom of the cooler. This has now created a couple of new issues.... i will now have to do away with the factory bonnet catch meankng im going to have to use some nice looking bonnet pins. Also the power steering cooler i was going to leave as it is but because there is a bend in the middle of it its not allowing the cooler to sit back enough so ive ordered a nice looking cooler to fit up behind the top grill. More to come form this. Also had a load of parts come for my fuel system, just waiting on a few more bits.

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