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    Saw this in Munich airport today. Not sure pictures do it justice but a very handsome car indeed.
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    A few more of the Swedish Banger.
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    Here's an update. The oil cooler leak got worse, so I've used microbore copper pipe to join the two rubber hoses together temporarily. So far everything ok. Had to cut the hoses off the oil cooler because the "ears" on the spring clips disintegrated when i tried to release the clips. I suspect the rusty tube isn't actually an oil cooler, but is really there to allow the transmission cooling hoses to be easily joined to the rad when the car is being assembled and the power train mated to the body. As the car already has the arch-mounted "proper" atf oil cooler in the transmission cooling line the steel tube thing seems superfluous. At 70-odd quid, I've decided to bypass it and just buy a metre of oil cooler hose. I'll run new hoses between the rad, proper oil cooler and auto box. Space is tight, so it may be a bit difficult and knuckles will be skinned. But I'm saving oodles of money that is going into the suspension bush issue. I've ordered polyurethane SuperPro bushes from these chaps: https://www.japanese4x4spares.co.uk/ They don't keep bushes for the RX in stock but Rob, the nice chap on the phone said as they are a SuperPro distributor they could get them in and sent out to me. Hopefully within 10 days. SuperPro are the only company I can see that does the front and the rear bushes for the front arms in Polyurethane for the RX300. The bushes came to over £100 with postage, but far better than £300 for replacement arms with rubber bushes. Fitting isn't going to be easy with the aformentioned difficulties, but I may have a cheap way round that. Then there's getting the wheel alignment done. I'm looking forward to seeing how much improvement there is in the steering and handling front. Hopefully it will steer round corners when I want it to and not half a second later. :-) More updates to follow as I get the jobs done.
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    Hi Michael. Don't forget the RX350 if your budget will stretch to one. Which one is best depends on how you're going to use it. For example if you're going to be doing mainly short journeys then you may as well get a petrol one because the hybrid system relies on sufficient forward motion to harvest energy to use for the electrical propulsion so if you're not doing that then the engine will be running constantly anyway defeating the object of having a hybrid. I chose the 400h because the performance is virtually identical to the RX350 but it is more economical and I do the mileage easily to make the hybrid system work. I will have done over 9k in 6 months in a couple of weeks time. The 400h should be 6-8 mpg better off easily which adds up a lot over time. In case you're thinking "Will I have to save up every week to replace the hybrid battery pack?" then fear not because the chances of that are extremely slim and if you are one of the unlucky 1% then a replacement can be had for just £750. Earlier this year I spoke to a rep from Lexus Derby who were exhibiting at a business show and I asked him how many battery packs they had replaced and he said that they had yet to replace one that had failed of its own accord. They had replaced 2 that had failed due to external forces - one car, an IS had been driven through a deep flood necessitating a new hybrid battery pack as well as a new petrol engine! The other had a small electrical fire and the fire brigade went and cut through the supply cable to the hybrid battery pack. I asked him how much a replacement was and he said "Take a guess." I started off at £3k and he said "No, nowehere near." He said that they were £650 for the smaller cars and £750 for the larger ones and I assume that VAT was to be added to those figures but I didn't query it. Those prices are pretty well identical to the few specialist companies who refurbish them so maybe Lexus Derby at least have decided they would like to compete with the specialists. What to look out for on all models: Corrosion particularly underneath as someone has already said. There is some rust underneath mine but it is not excessive and will last for many more years Check for water leaks into the car particularly in the boot area. Feel all of the trim in the boot for wetness as well as the carpets all over the car. Pay particular attention to the carpets around the back seats if looking at the hybrid because the hybrid battery pack sits underneath them Check the electrical items all work - they are very reliable but potentially costly to fix if they don't. If the windows and sunroof don't quite operate as expected then this doesn't necessarily indicate a fault as there is a reset routine to follow after changing the 12V battery and this may not have been done Check for service history and documentation to support it If very near or over 100k check that the cambelt has been changed along with the waterpump - this applies to 400h but can't remember if 300 & 350 are belt or chain driven so if belt this applies to them too On 300 & 350 check for smooth gear changes from 2-3 and 3-4 and vice versa. Again very rare to have issues but can be expensive to fix if it does occur Aside from that just the same checks that you would do on any car. The RX is arguably the most reliable used car that you can buy particularly around the 10 year old mark so just make sure it's been looked after and enjoy 🙂
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    Interesting thread. I came to Lexus as I wanted a comfort and reliability (my god I've turned into my dad!). Having previously owned an Alfa Romeo which was horrendously unreliable I vowed I would never buy non unreliable. Would love an F-pace next, only thing stopping me is concerns on reliability (and I detest rattles, which I've heard they can be a little prone to). I know 3 people that have owned Evoques, 1 has not had a single issue, the other 2 (which were diesels) made my Alfa look reliable. Think it would be Mazda for me. Can't help but think Volvo and Tesla are a bit like the Bose of the car world, they have created a niche through clever marketing rather than substance, or maybe i'm just disgruntled that I can't afford them!!!!
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    To transfer more money from your bank account to their bank account. They will need to lobby the EU soon, to make them mandatory.
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    If I was in the market for this price bracket of car which I’m not it would be LC all day long...... 🐀
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    Saw / sat in it at Goodwood & it was ok. No doubting it’s an attractive car but I found it a bit dull somehow inside & out. Although that may have been because I saw the M8 concept first, which was a lot more impressive to look at!!
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    So, a couple of emails with the dealer has confirmed (at least in writing) the following: It has 2 keys. It has no bodywork damage and will be valeted. The wheels will be refurbed. The service book is being posted recorded delivery to Lexus Hatfield today. The cost of the service plan (with discount) confirmed. 3 years warranty included. New MOT. It is being sold on the Lexus Approved Used program. I think that's it for now If it all works out I will collect it on Saturday. A friend of mine is buying my current car, so I will still be seeing it around and it will hopefully continue to be looked after. I did speak to the warranty people yesterday who told me since I can't extend the warranty again next year since it has now gone over 140,000 miles and 10 years old. Hopefully it will carry on being as faithfully reliable for my friend as it has for me.
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    That's a really nice looking 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 series!
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    I should add that the kids loved it. Picked them up from my mum's after the jaunt on Sunday and my 5yo played it cool, my 7yo just waved his arms in the air and grinned, my 10yo played out a music video in his head. Coincidentally my wife has so far only seen pictures of it because she had an operation on her ankle a few weeks ago and has barely left the house since. Tbh she really know about Sunday. Amazing you can get away with when they're housebound.
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    I maybe wrong, but isn’t the GSF manifold the same?......also led to believe that they improved the quality on the GSF so this didn’t happen......I’m not convinced mine doesn’t have a blow in the manifold, millage is 60k 😳
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    I have no doubts... but I still see it as new 6-Series with 2 added on top for sake of adding it... Not actually flagship car..
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    Because the media is against Brexit and against Britain as a whole. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You want a picture of a recent new girlfriend doctoring for a bit of fun on a public forum......I take it you like being single then 🙂
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    That is fantastic news, why isn’t it being talked about , on the tv news etc , “despite Brexit “ blah blah blah. I saw videos on YouTube today of the new Rav 4 , very very nice , probably nicer than the Lexus NX .
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    I knew this story sounded familiar. http://m.rhymes.org.uk/doctor_foster.htm Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    I was shocked when I realised Mad Max was dystopian fiction, I thought it was just a documentary about australia in the 80s :D
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    Being local and working in the Peak District could I suggest some possible parking areas in Matlock. There is a free one at the Sainsbury’s store but being a Saturday this may 1) be busy 2) upset the supermarket manager unless we all buy coffee and donuts.3) Pose possible bodywork trauma from errant shopping trolleys. Another option is the council car park next to the railway station which is pay and display. The rest of Matlock consists of double yellow lines and traffic wardens but there will be more of us than them 🙂 Buxton I’m not too sure about but happy to look for suitable places.
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    This one wins the prize for the thread title most likely to appear in next months "The Viz". I can hear Finbar Saunders and his double entendre's now!
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    The problem with 'reliability' surveys like that found in What Car? this month, is that they are often based on owner responses rather than tangible data. It seems obvious, but a few years ago I listened to a chap on the radio discussing the JD Power survey - he was some sort of motor industry expert. He stressed that any survey based on owner feedback has a number of significant flaws. First, the expectation of the owner. A small fault, not worthy of mention by one respondant, could be listed by others. If somebody had bought a cheap brand, their expectation may also be different to somebody buying a 'premium' brand. Second, whether the respondent chose their vehicle. Those who are given a company car, especially those with little or no choice, are (he said) likely to be more critical of that car if they really wanted something else. Lastly, what the chap called 'justification.' If a respondent has spent a considerable amount of money on a car then they sometimes ignore faults as they are justifying their purchase - to themselves and others. Such an owner wouldn't want to see their car or car brand perform badly in a survey as they feel it reflects badly on their choice. It is a complex area, but since hearing the discussion I've only been interested in surveys that use tangible data - usually from warranty companies. Anything requiring owner feedback - which could or should be called opinion or perception instead - is interesting but not necessarily reliable. As Blackadder would say, they're a bit like a broken pencil...pointless.
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    A little update after a little while! My rebuilt power steering pump for the Celsior arrived a few days ago, and I received all parts to rebuild the alternator myself on Thursday. That meant I had everything I needed to put everything in the enginebay back together. Here are a few photos I took during reassembling the alternator. These Denso alternators are extremely easy to take apart, you could probably replace all components that usually fail in about 10 minutes. Some old vs. new shots. As a reminder, at least one of the diodes in the rectifier died: Degreasing car parts in your bath tub is totally acceptable, right? Alternator with new components installed: All back together: I've put both parts back into the car this afternoon, and things went much easier than removing them before. Not having to deal with a 1cm layer of oily grime definitely helped. The alternator went in first, no problems apart from one of the splash shield bolts mysteriously disappearing. No real issues with the PS pump either: Since I had to remove one of the coolant hoses to get better access to the alternator I used the chance to replace the thermostat. Hose and accessory belt back on: Air intake reassembled, replaced the old air filter while I had the chance. It needs a good clean and the battery cover, but its looking decent again. I bled the coolant and power steering systems, had a moment of panic when smoke developed where the pump was sitting. Fortunately it was just ps fluid or degreaser burning off the exhaust manifold. I left the car running for half an hour to make sure there were no leaks, and from what I can tell everything looks perfect. Very happy, it was quite an exhausting day. Took me around 7 hours in total going at a relaxed pace. Some left overs I have literally no clue about where they would fit. The 4 remaining bolts look familiar, I am fairly confident that they did not come out of the engine bay. I still need to find a set of reasonably priced (as in under 500 quid) BC coilovers to replace the old completely shot suspension. It turned out to be not much more expensive than going with original new parts, and BC is offering some absolutely amazing hardware that doesn't compromise ride comfort too much while still giving you the option to adjust ride height.
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    Are Land Rovers any more reliable these days ?, they should be for what they cost. I remember reading "Honest John's" column going back a few years. Someone asked which 4x4 they should buy. his reply was, that if you enjoy riding around in the dealer's courtesy car, get a Land Rover. Otherwise buy a Nissan Xtrail.
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    Long version though surely.... 🙂

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