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    Always enjoy little journeys out with my F buddies. Yesterday we did something different - a night blat. @Mark G came up with the idea of driving from the South West, through London and on to the East coast to watch the sun come up. So, yesterday evening, we met at Membury services (on the M4) and together with @emjay82 drove through the night. Here are some pics from our little adventure! Mark & Mark - a great night / day. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
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    I have some more news on this no firm date as yet but it is going to be most probably the latter part of April, as regards location it has not yet been decided but will either be Coventry or Cheltenham. There will be a full range of 'F' cars and LC as well as most likely 'F' sport vehicles. One of the reasons for the uncertainties of the date is that they are trying to secure anniversary models of Gsf and Rcf which would be great. Now one major plus for us is that Tim Huxley the Dealer Principal at Lexus Cheltenham has secured the attendance of one of the LFA's , now they are usually in attendance at events as a static display but he will have the keys so at the very least we can all drool and dribble at THAT noise. Just as soon as I get more detailed information for date and location I will post it up. Big Rat
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    Well I'm sorry to say, and I am because I have loved every minute of ownership of my isF but she's gone a year or so earlier than I planned but with big 60 on Monday Mrs Rat said "Go for it treat yourself " bless her. So left early this morning with a list of 3 RcF's to view Hatfield- Swindon - and Cheltenham, leaving Cheltenham to last as it's nearer home and that's where I bought a great deal IMO and a fantastic car pictures below not good it was getting dark by then. Thanks for all the help at Lexus Cheltenham Alex Ben Karl and Tim. I want to say that the journey from Isf on this forum to the RcF isn't only about the cars for me it's about the people on here a considerable number I'm pleased to call friends and I have had some great support and advice about an assortment of matters from you I'm naming no one there are to many, I don't care if this sounds a tad odd to some who may read this but I like being on here and the banter and personalities make this place the cars are a secondary issue whatever model age colour and so on you drive cheers guys 👍 Some will be horrified I bought something that isn't SILVER 😳 Big Rat
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    one day and the next
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    Following on from the demise of my old 430, another joins the fold... This is my third... The first one was sold many moons ago, the second one had a slight mishap, well, alright, a **** for a driver.....ME...!! See it's rise and fall here.... I couldn't find another Blue one with a grey interior but I did find a nice Smokey Granite Mica one with a grey interior, I do like the grey and I love the Granite colour, same as the old 460 I had, it's a 2005 so two years newer than the last one but has done the same 130,000, it has a very full and detailed Lexus history up to 100,000 with a new cam belt. If was then looked after by the previous owner who kept records of all it has had so it has been loved a bit... I picked it up last night and drove it around 200 miles, it drives very nicely, slightly better than the old one but still not quite right... The engine is very quiet and really does purr well... The plan was to make a great one out of the two so today I took them both to my mates garage and stole a couple of his lifts for a couple of hours... Beauty and the beast And, yes, that is a tow bar on the new one, a Curt made one from America, these are about £350 to import with all the taxes and then there is the electrics as well, I was just about to buy one for the old 430 as I have a small trailer I use, as we are refurbishing a house.... It's not the prettiest of things but there again nor is the back of a 430.... I have made it look better (IMHO) by removing the LED light strips that were wired into the reversing lights but most of them had burn out...!! So, get them on a lift and pose for more pics..!! And just as I thought, the bottom front wishbone rear bushes had gone, this causes a terrible wheel wobble when braking from speeds above 60mph, it feels just like warped discs Not to worry I had two new ones on the old car.... also swapped the front discs and pads as they were very new and swapped all four wheels and tyres for the set I had just had refurbished and fitted four new Dunlops.... I have bought the salvage of the old one from the Insurance company so I'm not stealing anything, I do want to keep it drivable though, and yes it is roadworthy as all the lights work and there are no sharp edges... Maybe not to good at night as the headlights have moved back, but it's handy to keep it mobile. It took a while to fit 4 front bushes, 4 discs, 8 pads and 8 wheels...!!! That was about it for the mechanical swap overs, I took those LED lights off whilst it was airborne and had a good check of it underneath, noting it's two new rear suspension sensors which the previous owner had just done. The inside is in nice clean undamaged condition apart from the driver's seat which has a hole and some other damage... Not to worry I have a spare.....!!! luckily it is the passenger seat that has damage on the old one so I was able to make a good set out of the two... Whip the seat out (5x14mm bolts and three electrical plugs) and it wasn't too bad underneath for 13 years.... A quick hoover and it's ready for the new seat (If you do one, remove the door threshold, saves damage from the bottom of the seat..) If anyone wonders what it looks like underneath their seat it's like this..... right side of the picture is the front... Bottom center of the picture is an oblong hole, this is where the filters for the seat heater/cooler go, they do get full of fluff.... An airline blown from the back sorts them out.... The drive home was superb, the 430 felt like new and had got back it's "waftability" and Magic carpet ride.... A few more things to swap over and then it's bye bye to the old one.... The new one needs some bodywork, it has a scrape on the rear nearside arch and a few other little marks... I shall machine polish it and see what needs doing, there are also a few other things to do with it..... May have to spend the weekend with the polish as my brother is coming to stay next week and will be in his absolutely mint SC430...
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    Picked her up this afternoon, I knew I'd missed her journey is usually an hour or so back from Cheltenham took three hours......... Anyway the boys at Lexus have done a cracking job on her and I'm immensely pleased, so a Big thankyou to Lawrence and Paul the techie guys and Sam and Alex in service for all there hard work, in getting the colours and finish I wanted. So with our further ado here she is......... Big Rat
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    I’ll start my review with a huge thumbs-up to Lexus Hedge End. They’re consistently a pleasure to deal with but this time one of their sales guys and true petrol head, Michael, really pulled out the stops for me... I’ve been given a LC500 as a courtesy car. So, “how does it compare to the GSF on a rain-soaked February afternoon?” I hear you all ask... Under normal driving, it’s remarkably familiar! The engine is the same 5.0 V8, albeit with twin intakes over the single one of the GSF/RCF. The gearbox is now a 10-speed, with a slightly clumsy new design of shifter, but economy appeared the same. The rear-wheel steering is unusual! Sage advice from a slightly nervous Michael - “take the first few roundabouts gently, and don’t steer as much as you think you need to!” He was right - it feels like the rear wheels are sliding sideways! An odd experience, but ok once you learn to work with it. I believe the rear wheels turn slightly in opposite directions to the fronts at low speeds, effectively shortening the wheelbase - this has the result of making the car feel more like a go-kart, together with the Torque Vectoring Differential. The opposite happens at high speed to increase stability. Picking the speed up, the twin intakes give the V8 a proper howling scream above 6500rpm with lovely pops and the occasional crackle on a downshift. The car is more of a GT that can be hustled than a sports car - I though it felt it’s weight a bit more than the GSF. The OEM tyres are 21” runflats and provide good, if not exceptional grip - perhaps the non-RFs on the GSF as well as, frankly, me owning rather than borrowing it, allowed me to push the saloon harder. The ride quality is good - only the occasional thump over really bad roads, but I did notice a bit of squirming over undulating poorly maintained tarmac. The brake pedal felt slightly spongy, but the stopping ability was good. Inside, the seats are just as supportive, the cabin roomy (in the front) and the equipment list is extensive. Many of the features the GSF has buttons for are now incorporated into the computer, which now uses a touch pad to navigate instead of a mouse-lever-platform-type thing. Compared to the (dare I say “corporate”) interior of the GSF, the designers have really cut loose here! They seem to have used every type of material/surface/texture they could get their hands on, with bold, swooping lines devouring the insides of the doors. This is, of course a matter of taste, but I found it a little busy. A few bits of the switchgear are in different places - I particularly like the drive mode selector and the traction control knob to either side of the instrument binnacle - a nice nod to the utterly unobtainable LFA. There’s not much room in the back - it’s a 2+2 at an absolute push - I’d say if the person in the front seat is 6ft+, you’ve just generated a bag storage area behind. Finally - is this a car I’d look to trade up to? I’m not sure. It’s very good indeed, but apart from the looks, it feels so similar to my GSF (not a bad thing!!), I’d need to think about it more. I’d like to try the hybrid sister LC500h before a firm verdict! So, there you have it. Enjoy the pictures!
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    As per the title, I got my LC500 today. Here's a quick picture. All seems good so far. I need to set up all the gadgets next.
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    Well if we are posting photos of our ISFs here is one of my favourite pictures of mine,................cant believe how much I miss this car......................
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    Here's my old one!
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    Guys, the time finally came today to let the ISF go to a new home. I have loved every minute of ownership but there are lots of cars I want to own and only so much time in which to do it. The car that has replaced it is a 2018 civic type r and although first impressions are epic, the ISF will always have a soft spot in my heart. Thank you to all of the forum friends I have made and good luck for the future. I will still be dipping in from time to time as the banter is just too good to miss!! Cheers guys. Marcus
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    Just got home after another day of brilliant service from Lexus Liverpool.. think they will be glad see the back of me😂. Some photos of it in the showroom and one of it in its new home.. Didn't stay white for long that's for sure! So happy with it and can't wait to get involved with you lads on the forums and at events. Thanks all for your kind words ❤️
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    Hi Guys, posted a couple of times over the past while, and a few members have asked for better interior photos of my USB IS-F Never actually taken any half decent photos of the of the cars interior since fitting the seats and having the steering wheel re-trimmed. Quiet afternoon at work and an ideal chance to give the car a wash an hoover, and take a few pics. Hope you like them! The Seats are Recaro CS Sportsters from a Lotus Evora and came with manual runners. Yes, I've lost the heated seats and electric adjustment, but small price to pay for the perfect seating position as I've always found the standard seats didn't' quite go low enough for me. I must admit though, the heated seats were missed over winter, but it is nearly summer :) There is quite a bit of wiring involved to address the PCS and Airbag lights. This was taken care of by a professional Auto Spark. The bases came from the states, using IS350 mounts, although if I'm being 100% honest, the drivers frame isn't perfect and I'm going to have the original adjusted or an entirely new subframe fabricated. I used Optimus Trimmers up here in Glasgow for the wheel. They are top notch. Even did the wheel in once piece, unlike my GT3 which wheel uses three sections. I wouldn't ever have known, but Del the owner wanted it to be like the factory finish. He's some man! This is my third IS-F and chose to address all the little things I didn't like about the model with this car. There isn't much, but always room for improvement. I'm not into going overboard - Prefer to get the car like they way I imagined it might have come from the factory. OEM+ I think its called on the 'scene' :) Cheers, Stevie
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    Time to officially introduce myself after a couple of posts. I've just purchased KM11EFO from Lexus Coventry. As most of you will know, it used to belong to MarkG. I considered all the usual candidates, C63, M3 etc but looking at the forums with all the trouble they seem to have, the IFS seemed the best choice. With a years warranty, and the option of a further 2, it was a no brainer. The 'fuel economy' and insurance cost was also a consideration, after driving a Prius as a taxi for many years. I'm retired now and wanted some fun. Driving home from Coventry I managed 28.6 mpg. Driving down to Devon 29.6, and returning, with a bit of 'playing', 30.6 mpg. Well pleased. I'm obviously not trying hard enough!!!! Insurance. Seems being an old git pays dividends. Saga, fully comp, 13 years NCD, £239.27. ( I did check this many times) Yep £2.11p more than my Prius!!!!!! which I'm keeping as a town runaround. Well Mark, thanks for looking after it, be assured it's gone to a good home to be cherished.
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    This is my sons car I borrow from time to time, fantastic economy. 👍
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    I haven't been on here for a while, mainly cos my ISF search came to an end. I wasn't having any luck find one that ticked all the boxes [will I did, an ex-forum car, but unfortunately the owner had to sell before I could get sorted], when all of a sudden a different car become available that I have always been interested in. In my head, there wasn't a massive difference...fast, Japanese, more than 3-doors! So here's what I bought [if this pic works]!
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    Mesa Red has never been the most popular of colours within the ISF world, it was the lowest selling colour when they were up for sale with only 6 or 7 sold in the UK (I think!?) Well today is the only day of the year that it will be sunny up here in Scotland so here's of few pictures of what Mesa Red is supposed to look like! I can imagine most of you will of only seen a Mesa Red ISF in the shade/clouds, I promise they're not maroon!
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    Cars were a little chalk and cheese, Jag very modern, rode beautifully even on 20" wheels with the adaptive suspension and the engine is the best sounding and responsive forced induction v6 on the market imo. Then there's the ISF, well that's the car that will be sitting in my drive in a weeks time 😁 felt about 10 times more special. Bought the silver 09 plate 32k miles with 3 years of Lexus warranty.
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    Here’s a few of mine.
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    9th January 1998 she was born at R.R.G. Salford Quays Manchester. She has 154000 on the clock and Has only let me down once in the 8 years I have owned her. All those years she has run on LPG and never missed a beat. She had some suicidal female driver texting on her phone at a junction and she hit us having to replace the N/S wing and front bumper I remember she was fined and banned her car a Nissan Micra just folded up. She still looks like a million dollars, the car that is, when she has been washed and polished and I still look forward to getting into her to go for a drive.
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    Few photos from my Europe tour last month. Went to see the Monaco Classic GP, then took the scenic route back. 2,360 miles in total. Both Lexus' were faultless. Driving highlights included chasing a Ferrari 358 through tunnels on the south coast of Italy, all of the alpine and black forest passes, and hitting 160+mph with a local M3 on a de-redistricted section of the autobahn.
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    That's it! My ISF has finally returned home! The gearbox has been paired up (remaped) with the car and everything is working correctly!
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    LONG LIVE PINK!!!! On a lighter note, although the styling is a bit Marmite, they do look better in the flesh and I'm not kidding when I say I have never driven something that turns in and grips through a corner like the type R does. I usually take what motoring journalists review with a pinch of salt but it really is like they say it is!! It'll be quicker than the ISF point to point and is cheaper to run and more practical also. Don't discount one based upon styling until you drive it. I was blown away! I'll always miss the ISF though. What character!! Marcus
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    I like to flick mine into reverse just to keep the person behind on their toes.
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    Travelled down to Phil’s yesterday and bought his LS430. Superb car, drove it home 280 miles and it felt like nothing!!! Unbelievable condition throughout. Really pleased with it. Here’s a pic of it on my driveway, there will be more to come.

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