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    I have some more news on this no firm date as yet but it is going to be most probably the latter part of April, as regards location it has not yet been decided but will either be Coventry or Cheltenham. There will be a full range of 'F' cars and LC as well as most likely 'F' sport vehicles. One of the reasons for the uncertainties of the date is that they are trying to secure anniversary models of Gsf and Rcf which would be great. Now one major plus for us is that Tim Huxley the Dealer Principal at Lexus Cheltenham has secured the attendance of one of the LFA's , now they are usually in attendance at events as a static display but he will have the keys so at the very least we can all drool and dribble at THAT noise. Just as soon as I get more detailed information for date and location I will post it up. Big Rat
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    Well I'm sorry to say, and I am because I have loved every minute of ownership of my isF but she's gone a year or so earlier than I planned but with big 60 on Monday Mrs Rat said "Go for it treat yourself " bless her. So left early this morning with a list of 3 RcF's to view Hatfield- Swindon - and Cheltenham, leaving Cheltenham to last as it's nearer home and that's where I bought a great deal IMO and a fantastic car pictures below not good it was getting dark by then. Thanks for all the help at Lexus Cheltenham Alex Ben Karl and Tim. I want to say that the journey from Isf on this forum to the RcF isn't only about the cars for me it's about the people on here a considerable number I'm pleased to call friends and I have had some great support and advice about an assortment of matters from you I'm naming no one there are to many, I don't care if this sounds a tad odd to some who may read this but I like being on here and the banter and personalities make this place the cars are a secondary issue whatever model age colour and so on you drive cheers guys 👍 Some will be horrified I bought something that isn't SILVER 😳 Big Rat
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    one day and the next
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    Well, in anticipation of the creation of a giant 'F' section of the forum, and as a previous ISF owner; I thought I'd leave this here: I’ve gone and bought a GSF! I’d had my ISF for around two and a half years and after sorting out what was, in my opinion, a hilariously firm OEM suspension setup, it was smooth sailing all the way. I loved that car – great looks, biblical noise (thanks, H&S) and a real Jekyll and Hyde personality. The last bit was so important to me as the old ‘race car for the road’ adage gets pretty uncomfortable and wearing on a daily driver. I’d covered 12,000 miles, taken it to Le Mans, done a Silverstone track day and on one occasion discovered the speed limiter – yes, there is one and yes, it’s around 170mph… The trouble is, just after it was launched, my local Hedge End dealer had a black GSF in the showroom and ever since I’d sat in it – I’d wanted one. I’ll stop the preamble now with – I caved eventually; it’s around 16months old, it was previously owned by the area manager for Lexus, travelling the South West, and it has 17,500miles on the clock. What’s it like in the cabin? I’ll start with the seats – they are a vastly improved over the ISF, which weren’t bad at all! – they’re heated and ventilated. There’s a cornucopia of materials used all over the dashboard etc, which displeases some people. I like it. I love the alcantara topped dash, the bespoke clock and the carbon fibre detailing. There is a bewildering array of settings, both for the radio/sat nav and the dashboard hidden within menus and submenus, but thankfully the basic controls are simple and easy to use. The Mark Levinson stereo (is it still a stereo if it has a dozen speakers?) is excellent and Bluetooth integration is seamless. The screen is over a foot wide and makes the satnav look spectacular, where post code lookup is available! Driving? The engine sounds different to the ISF, despite being of very similar design and the noise in the cabin is a bit more aggressive on cold start. The rev limit is now 7300rpm and the gearbox seems identical to the ISF with slightly smoother shifts. There are 4 drive modes – eco, normal, sport and sport+. These progressively quicken gear changes, firm up the steering, sharpen throttle response and change the behaviour of the torque-vectoring differential (which I believe acts more like a traditional LSD than the e-diff on the early ISFs, which applied the brakes to the wheel struggling for grip). Sport and sport+ also introduce more engine noise to the cabin through first the rear speakers, then the fronts as well in sport+. The brakes are exceptional – grooved discs now rather than drilled. On the move, the ride is slightly softer but definitely more composed, and the car feels a lot more grown up over my local potholed roads. It’s bigger than the ISF (obviously) and more powerful, but I would guess the performance to be fairly similar. Initial journeys suggest it’s slightly more economical than the ISF too, perhaps 2/3mpg better on average. Other random musings… The boot is HUGE – utterly cavernous! I love the noise it makes – the over-flowery blips on the down change are still there! The headlights are the clearest/brightest I have ever seen. The carbon rear spoiler is extremely pretty. The carbon front splitter is a magnet for stone-chips. The steering wheel is pleasantly chunky. The high build quality is obvious immediately – it’s like the thing has been hewn out of granite. A head-up display makes me feel like a fighter pilot. The previous owner ought to be horrified that this car has lost £2/mile in depreciation alone. The amount of information you can display on the dashboard is enormous – amount of torque applied to each wheel – yup, G-force – of course, lap timer – no problem! So, there we have it. It might seem like I’ve only got positive things to say*, but I liked the ISF so much, and this is essentially a newer version with everything turned up to 120%. I’ve only had the car for a couple of days, but I shall keep this thread updated every once in a while. Happy to answer any questions…. *One negative. I had real trouble getting the headlights to switch to full beam. It turns out that there are TWO auto settings for the lights. One for switching them on automatically as it gets dark, and the other for auto full beam (switching back to dipped beam in the face of oncoming traffic and a few other parameters). Human Factors obviously has a day off when they put these two switches on opposite sides of the driving position! It’s all sorted now!
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    I’ll start my review with a huge thumbs-up to Lexus Hedge End. They’re consistently a pleasure to deal with but this time one of their sales guys and true petrol head, Michael, really pulled out the stops for me... I’ve been given a LC500 as a courtesy car. So, “how does it compare to the GSF on a rain-soaked February afternoon?” I hear you all ask... Under normal driving, it’s remarkably familiar! The engine is the same 5.0 V8, albeit with twin intakes over the single one of the GSF/RCF. The gearbox is now a 10-speed, with a slightly clumsy new design of shifter, but economy appeared the same. The rear-wheel steering is unusual! Sage advice from a slightly nervous Michael - “take the first few roundabouts gently, and don’t steer as much as you think you need to!” He was right - it feels like the rear wheels are sliding sideways! An odd experience, but ok once you learn to work with it. I believe the rear wheels turn slightly in opposite directions to the fronts at low speeds, effectively shortening the wheelbase - this has the result of making the car feel more like a go-kart, together with the Torque Vectoring Differential. The opposite happens at high speed to increase stability. Picking the speed up, the twin intakes give the V8 a proper howling scream above 6500rpm with lovely pops and the occasional crackle on a downshift. The car is more of a GT that can be hustled than a sports car - I though it felt it’s weight a bit more than the GSF. The OEM tyres are 21” runflats and provide good, if not exceptional grip - perhaps the non-RFs on the GSF as well as, frankly, me owning rather than borrowing it, allowed me to push the saloon harder. The ride quality is good - only the occasional thump over really bad roads, but I did notice a bit of squirming over undulating poorly maintained tarmac. The brake pedal felt slightly spongy, but the stopping ability was good. Inside, the seats are just as supportive, the cabin roomy (in the front) and the equipment list is extensive. Many of the features the GSF has buttons for are now incorporated into the computer, which now uses a touch pad to navigate instead of a mouse-lever-platform-type thing. Compared to the (dare I say “corporate”) interior of the GSF, the designers have really cut loose here! They seem to have used every type of material/surface/texture they could get their hands on, with bold, swooping lines devouring the insides of the doors. This is, of course a matter of taste, but I found it a little busy. A few bits of the switchgear are in different places - I particularly like the drive mode selector and the traction control knob to either side of the instrument binnacle - a nice nod to the utterly unobtainable LFA. There’s not much room in the back - it’s a 2+2 at an absolute push - I’d say if the person in the front seat is 6ft+, you’ve just generated a bag storage area behind. Finally - is this a car I’d look to trade up to? I’m not sure. It’s very good indeed, but apart from the looks, it feels so similar to my GSF (not a bad thing!!), I’d need to think about it more. I’d like to try the hybrid sister LC500h before a firm verdict! So, there you have it. Enjoy the pictures!
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    As per the title, I got my LC500 today. Here's a quick picture. All seems good so far. I need to set up all the gadgets next.
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    Well if we are posting photos of our ISFs here is one of my favourite pictures of mine,................cant believe how much I miss this car......................
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    Here's my old one!
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    Last month my LS 460 marked its 10th anniversary. I bought it 5 years ago - it now has about 80,000 miles on the odometer - and thought this would be a good time to reflect on my ownership experience. I had, previously, owned an LS 400 for 15 years and would like to think I can keep this machine for a similar length of time. I did consider an LS 600 but decided that the extra complications presented by the hybrid set-up might be too costly in the future. I found the transition from 400 to 460 very easy. They are, however, different in a few ways. We all agree that the engineering on the 400 is second to none, and that it is a wonderfully quiet and smooth automobile. The 460 is NOT as quiet, mine has the 19" wheels which I would not recommend. It is still a very quiet car. The seats are not as robust as the 400 because they are heated and air-conditioned. After 10 years, my leather still looks like new. It has air suspension with 3 settings. I find it very comfortable although the 19" wheels mean that it doesn't 'waft' like the 400. The 400 was very well equipped, electronically, for its day - and the 460 is a natural progression. However, I think that some of the features are a waste of time: the Self Parking for instance.......I never use it. If you read the US Lexus Forum you would think that the 460 has lots of problems......the air suspension, wind noise, upper and lower steering links etc. I have my car serviced at my local Lexus dealer, here, in Holland. Apart from the annual service I have only had 2 problems; a shattered wheel bearing, caused by an evil road in Scotland (during my annual visit) and a glitch in the parking computer which caused my steering wheel to sit 'off-centre'. The 460 has electric steering and a computer re-set fixed the problem. I had to have a new battery in 2015 - replaced free because it was still under warranty - and then another one 2 months ago (again replaced free). When I took my car in for its service last week they did some investigating. Here, on the Continent, there is a lively 'trade' in stolen, nearly new, luxury cars - which usually end up in Eastern Europe or Russia. Some insurance companies insist that new high-end cars have a 'Track and Trace' device fitted. This involves a monthly subscription and most owners stop paying the subscription after about 2 years. The device, however, is still fitted and hot-wired to the battery. The power drain is the equivalent of leaving the boot light on. The dealer found the problem and disconnected the device. I did not have to pay for this......they want to stop giving me free batteries :) The Service Manager is an acquaintance of mine and gives me lots of good information. There are very few LS 460/600s in Holland but, as far as problems go, here is what he has told me: they have changed 2 air struts on a 600 which had 200,000 miles on it. Steering links; one so far - at 150,000 miles. They do have computer glitches which require a system re-set. Remember I said I had chosen a 460 over a 600? They haven't changed a 600 hybrid battery ever! The dealer is a combined Toyota/Lexus franchise - separate receptions, workshops and, of course, far better biscuits in the Lexus coffee room :) They have only changed a handful of hybrid batteries, and only on the early model Prius. Perhaps I was too hasty opting for the 460 over the 600. I know that, as LS owners, we are fiercely loyal to our cars. Unfortunately your 400s, 430s and, indeed my 460, will eventually become uneconomical to keep. Moving up the LS ladder isn't a problem!
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    Just got home after another day of brilliant service from Lexus Liverpool.. think they will be glad see the back of me😂. Some photos of it in the showroom and one of it in its new home.. Didn't stay white for long that's for sure! So happy with it and can't wait to get involved with you lads on the forums and at events. Thanks all for your kind words ❤️
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    Note to moderator- please leave this in the ISF forum, it’s more likely to be of interest to ISF owners than GS owners. After one year running a GSF, I thought you might be interested in my experiences compared to my previous early ISF. First thing to say is that running a high performance car like this makes no sense at all in the suburban environment that I live in. It drinks petrol in traffic, it’s big to park and you cannot use the power. However, I don’t care about all that, I love driving it, I love the noise and I’ll continue until the eco mentailists or the mayor makes it impossible. I’ve always loved muscle cars and this is definitely a muscle car. In summary I’d say it is an evolution of the ISF, it rides better than my 2008 ISF, it feels more planted and agile despite its size, and it has a slightly more bubbly exhaust note, but it still retains all the other ISF traits such as build quality that we are all familiar with. It is more relaxing to drive than the ISF due to the better ride. A couple of longish trips have been made with no driver fatigue whatsoever. It has of course been absolutely reliable, (but I haven’t yet done that many miles). Update after year 2. One glitch was a broken windscreen which took about 3 weeks to sort because Lexus couldn’t supply one right away. I hope this is not a flag that parts are going to be difficult because Lexus have only sold about 50 of these and their bean counters won’t be happy about stocking spares that might be slow moving. To be fair they did loan me a car for 2 of the 3 weeks. The much criticised mouse controller for the sat nav and audio is fine, it just takes getting used to and the sat nav now accepts full postcodes. The info display on the panel is a lot simpler than it looks, again just need to get used to it. Has a lot more information such as g forces, but it no longer has a battery voltage display! The car complains if the battery voltage is getting low though. The car has a lane departure warning system which can be set up to correct the steering if you wander out of lane. This has been turned off. The car is not driving, I am. It has speed limit detection which displays the speed limit on the dash and the HUD. The only thing is that some of the road signs near where I live confuse it and it displays “unusual” speed limits. Don’t think the magistrate would accept that the car told me the limit was 90, when it was really 40. The headlights are pretty good but possibly not quite as good as the ISF. The 4 driving modes can be summed up: Economy and normal – no perceptible difference in feel or fuel consumption between these, feels slightly softer than the ISF in normal driving. Gearbox sometimes reluctant to change down when you boot it. Sport – similar to the Sport mode on the ISF. Gearbox more responsive. Nicer to drive in this mode. Fuel consumption similar to Normal and possibly a bit better providing you can actually drive the car rather than sitting in queues. Sport + -Don’t select this in the wet, there’ll be a lot of traction control warnings at even quite modest throttle inputs. Hangs on to lower gears for some time after you’ve finished accelerating. Very entertaining in the dry though and much easier to get the engine into the 3500rpm+ range. This is the mode that reveals the true brute character of the car, (when you get a chance to use it). I can’t say what Sport+ does to fuel consumption as the opportunities to use it for any distance haven’t been there. Haven’t tried the diff setting options yet. The finish on the car is superb, people have commented that even when it is obviously dirty it still shines. My car was a demonstrator so it may have been coated. Costs – Service due next week, but for some reason Lexus think it’s OK to put a £100 premium on the servicing costs over the ISF. Insurance – you have to shop around. Most companies load the premium because of the value of the car. I managed to get cover for about the same as the old ISF but had to accept a £750 excess which I covered for another £60. Not so good points: No spare and you can’t buy one in this country even though the handbook mentions a space saver. I don’t like the idea of a can of goo which will render the tyre unrepairable and probably screw up the TPMS sensors. Does anyone have any ideas where a spare can be obtained? The boot is enormous but the rear seats still don’t fold. Why?? No passenger front seat lumbar adjustment – penny pinching on a £72K car! But the wife thinks the seats are OK! Possible costs of brake pads and discs – horrendous costs have been mentioned on the forum for RCF items and the GSF uses the same parts. Non-Lexus parts seem to be unobtainable in the UK at the moment. Not an immediate problem but one that needs to be kept under review. If anybody knows where to get RCF/GSF pads and discs from somewhere other than Lexus UK, please shout. Graham
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    Hi Guys, posted a couple of times over the past while, and a few members have asked for better interior photos of my USB IS-F Never actually taken any half decent photos of the of the cars interior since fitting the seats and having the steering wheel re-trimmed. Quiet afternoon at work and an ideal chance to give the car a wash an hoover, and take a few pics. Hope you like them! The Seats are Recaro CS Sportsters from a Lotus Evora and came with manual runners. Yes, I've lost the heated seats and electric adjustment, but small price to pay for the perfect seating position as I've always found the standard seats didn't' quite go low enough for me. I must admit though, the heated seats were missed over winter, but it is nearly summer :) There is quite a bit of wiring involved to address the PCS and Airbag lights. This was taken care of by a professional Auto Spark. The bases came from the states, using IS350 mounts, although if I'm being 100% honest, the drivers frame isn't perfect and I'm going to have the original adjusted or an entirely new subframe fabricated. I used Optimus Trimmers up here in Glasgow for the wheel. They are top notch. Even did the wheel in once piece, unlike my GT3 which wheel uses three sections. I wouldn't ever have known, but Del the owner wanted it to be like the factory finish. He's some man! This is my third IS-F and chose to address all the little things I didn't like about the model with this car. There isn't much, but always room for improvement. I'm not into going overboard - Prefer to get the car like they way I imagined it might have come from the factory. OEM+ I think its called on the 'scene' :) Cheers, Stevie
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    Cars were a little chalk and cheese, Jag very modern, rode beautifully even on 20" wheels with the adaptive suspension and the engine is the best sounding and responsive forced induction v6 on the market imo. Then there's the ISF, well that's the car that will be sitting in my drive in a weeks time 😁 felt about 10 times more special. Bought the silver 09 plate 32k miles with 3 years of Lexus warranty.
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    9th January 1998 she was born at R.R.G. Salford Quays Manchester. She has 154000 on the clock and Has only let me down once in the 8 years I have owned her. All those years she has run on LPG and never missed a beat. She had some suicidal female driver texting on her phone at a junction and she hit us having to replace the N/S wing and front bumper I remember she was fined and banned her car a Nissan Micra just folded up. She still looks like a million dollars, the car that is, when she has been washed and polished and I still look forward to getting into her to go for a drive.
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    So......... results are in from the dyno................. Have a video, but won’t upload! I can’t stop smiling! Lol.
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    Freshly cleaned after our long drive back from Nottingham yesterday. Have to say I'm mega pleased with the work BCS did. Worth every penny and the long drive up North! Just in the Emirates lounge about to go to Dubai, then Dubai to Auckland in New Zealand! Long flight!! Hope you guys like them as much as I do.... Cheers all! Pete
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    Hi, I've not been on here much recently due to my holiday and then coming back to a load of work that my colleagues kindly left for me 😧 Here's my quick update for anyone who cares: Holiday to florida was good and at least now I can say I survived a hurricane! I saw one gsf (doesn't look good in red) but no isf's. I got a 2.3 turbo mustang convertible for the trip. Overall it is a good car, apart from the completely numb steering, but a 4 cylinder engine is just wrong in a Stang! It went ok but just makes the wrong noise 😔 While I was away my car was in the paint shop having the front bumper, bonnet and sideskirts resprayed. No photos as it hasnt stopped raining since I picked it up but he's done a great job for £700. I've also had the mot this week which it passed with no advisories, not bad for 9 years and 107k miles 😎. Having said that the estimate for a service was a bit scary, apparently there is no record of my spark plugs ever being changed so i need them doing at great expense 🤤. Going to get that done next week once I've recovered from the shock. I've also ordered the usrs today and will be getting a full valet and ceramic coating for the new paint soon so let's hope the wife doesn't find the credit card statement this month 😳 P.s. there was a dodge dealer just down the road from where I was staying in Florida who had a very rare and random super bee tribute parked outside next to the hellcats. Not to everyone's taste but put a smile on my face 🤠
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    Here’s a few of mine.
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    My gt86 Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Travelled down to Phil’s yesterday and bought his LS430. Superb car, drove it home 280 miles and it felt like nothing!!! Unbelievable condition throughout. Really pleased with it. Here’s a pic of it on my driveway, there will be more to come.
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    A line of lexuseseses Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Put a deposit down on this beauty today. Ive been reading through this and other forums for the past few weeks deciding whether to take the plunge, ive struggled to find any negative opinions from owners and after considering the usual alternatives (C63/M3 and XF-R) it almost seems the sensible choice (If a 5L V8 could ever be classed as sensible!). I'd be interested if anyone on here has any previous knowledge of this car? Few bits of info, 18k via Private seller, CK11OMG, 83k miles, white leather, Full history etc.. To be honest Silver wouldn't have been my first choice but after seeing the car in the flesh it looks really classy, the mileage was also a little bit higher than i would have ideally liked but its in tip top condition and i gather these cars wear miles well anyway, It felt really solid and drove great. It's also got 2 services left on a service pack so it seemed like a pretty decent deal for a later model car. It's going to eventually be a daily driver, replacing both my leased Citroen C1 commuter and my supercharged MX5 weekend car (owned 17 years!) which i never seem to get any time to use. Im hoping it will tick the boxes for me, the noise alone gave me goosebumps, what an engine! Would be great to come to some meets in the future, i should be picking it up in the next few days so ill post up a few new pic's when i do.
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    As promised some pics of the finished job. I can't believe the difference it's like a different car. Happy as with it Still to get it outside into the daylight to see how it looks.

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