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    Long post...please bear with me: I think that people may be missing the real points here and there seems to be too much splitting of hairs on top trumps and technicalities that really don't figure at all in the marketing side. Lexus doesn't make marketing decisions based on straw poles about what people say that they might or might not want. They make marketing decisions much like any equivalent car manufacturer, based on sales figures particularly those from the largest markets. They do not care, or even think about how this might affect those "loyal" lexus customers who (like me) mourn the passing of possibly their best all round saloon, the GS. Whatever opinions are bandied about on personal preference, the fact remains, sales figures to one side, that the 3.0 V6 and the 3.5V6 were amongst the most reliable petrol engines on the planet by all measured assessments over the years and that they offered the best compromise of economy to performance. Whether we need a 3.5 V6 is irrelevant otherwise we'd all be conned into buying the absolutely godawful plethora of turbo/supercharged 1.5 litre direct injection disposable monstrosities. Before anyone gets hurt by that remark, it's incontrovertible that issues such as petrol dilution of oil sumps from direct injection cold running (cold start) foibles, equals more frequent oil changes and less engine protection, and that's before we even get to a puny little 1.2 or 1.5 motor, lugging about 1 to 1.5 tonnes, stressed to the nines to achieve over 200BHP and high torque figures. All the evidence from Honda and Ford shows beyond all reasonable doubt that these engines are problematic, short lived (by comparison with non-direct injection normally aspirated larger engines) and as such the carbon footprint over time is only likely to be higher. You can argue either way and try to justify your points but for some of us, we don't care if technology provides an alternative. The simple fact is that many of us don't care for those alternatives, in terms of pride of ownership, of likely longevity (most of these cars are frequently sold as disposable assets with shorter lifespans likely which helps boost car manufacturers towards their future model sales) or of the driving experience. And please, if anyone is tempted to respond by "telling" me what I would or wouldn't like or should like...don't go there! Some of the remarks (no names but we know who I refer to) on this thread have been downright arrogant, uncalled for, rude and aggressive. Some folk need to grasp the fact that we are all entitled to our opinions so to call people "stupid" is bang out of order on what is usually a more gentlemanly and better mannered forum. Might I humbly suggest that we try, at least, to keep it that way? There's a hell of a lot positive about the normally aspirated straight 6 or Vee 6. It's inherently smoother, better balanced, and in anything over 2.5 litre upwards, produces ample torque and power whilst remaining under-stressed, by and large bombproof reliability wise, simpler, and over time, likely to have far better longevity and durability. Some of us want a 3 litre or 3.5 because we prefer a lazier larger, less stressed engine that makes adequate power. This isn't about 0-60 top trumps (I couldn't care less what a 1.5 turbo 4 pot does the 0-60 in...really, it's an irrelevance) because any modern 3 litre normally aspirated car will have more than enough shove for safe overtaking and relaxed long legged motorway cruising, or for lugging loads up steep hills. Personally, I wished that I had kept my GS300. It was far and away the best car (and one of the better driving experiences) I ever owned, and I have owned fast German saloons and estates. What this whole thread boils down to is that Lexus are discontinuing (in the UK at least where sales figures of around 350 cars per year make no sense to them) possibly the best all rounder that they've ever made. Whether it is the "best" is irrelevant to them or to us, as sales figures are what it's all about. The GS was never picked up in anywhere like the same numbers of the target audience....executive company car fleets, because 1) it was sold at too high a cost compared with the economies of scale of BMW/Audi/Mercedes to compete and because 2) it appealed only to those buying (rather than leasing or as a company vehicle) to the over 40's due to initial purchase price and insurance. Take those main contributing factors to low sales away and compare the car like for like and it many ways it betters the competition, in reliability, comfort, finish and refinement. Performance figure comparisons belong on paper. The driving experience is what it's all about and sadly, part of that was lost when the switch to hybrids came along due to the weight penalty it brought with it and most certainly to the switch to fwd. Lexus do a good job (except I'd argue with the CT which is has imho appalling ride quality) and have made cars like the GS and even the RX hide their mass well. People in the market for the GS I don't think will want the LS. It's that much larger and costlier to buy and run, new or used, plus costs more to insure, and in the case of the hybrid, has a pathetic boot size for such a large car. The irony of all of this is that the best selling Lexus in the UK also remains the worst Lexus in the UK (the CT) which is beaten in just about every area except internal finish by its competitors and especially on ride comfort, which goes to prove that none of these decisions are made on what a great car the GS was. It was, and remains a great car. So where does that leave the customers who hanker after a 3.5 V6? Well, Lexus are mistaken if they think for a second that people are likely to stick with them and accept a 300h or the underpowered and rather rough running lump that the 250 is. I wouldn't. Those customers will be lost to Lexus but that doesn't really matter to them because they only amounted to 350-odd annually anyway compared with 21,000 for the RX, or even more with the CT. Hard facts, because running a successful business is about profit and reinvestment. Are electric-only cars really viable presently? No. You might like them an want to argue the opposite, but once you look into what viability entails, none of the arguments I've so far heard bear up to close scrutiny. Not if you do loads of miles and not based on purchase costs and most definitely NOT on carbon footprint. You have to look at the efficiency of getting electric from burning gas (where a majority of our electricity generation still comes from) in terms of the generation process, the distribution (and distribution losses) and charging losses (battery efficiency) and motive efficiency (motors and transmission). Petrol likely still remains more efficient and we will not have national capacity for a switch to electric any time soon, by all official estimates, not for well over a decade or two. So should you feel bad about running a 3 litre V6 until such time as things change? No, of course not. From every aspect including durability/ longevity and whole life carbon footprint it remains a valid choice. Sadly though, the powers that be disagree and will tax the behind off you should you ignore them and decide to buy one. Think about how that affects sales too. The reasons for people buying into electric-only are more due to the worries about particulates (valid and understandable), Nox (ditto), about government subsidies and about tax breaks making them suitable for urbanites and semi-urbanites who do relatively low annual mileages where cost of ownership may be lower over any given annual period. Not all of us want an electric only car (I certainly don't, at least not yet) and I'll be honest and say I only went hybrid because the car I wanted was still offered as a V6, and over the years, I have loved every 6 cylinder motor I've owned from my 1970's Triumph 2000TC through to recent cars like the BMW and Lexus models owned and because I wanted the extra grunt. We also have a butterfly-friendly Honda i-vtec and it wouldn't pull the skin of a rice pudding unless revved until the valves cry out for mercy. It was a decision of the head. A V6 is a decision of the heart as much as the head.
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    Another service and mot today at Lexus Reading, sailed through...
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    Interesting question and one I weighed up heavily when I bought mine in August. I had a Mondeo st diesel, which did about 40mpg in the city. Desperately dull, never felt the urge to just get in it and just drive. For an extra £30 a month tax, I can drive something that makes me smile every time I start it. My fuel cost has doubled from about £80 a month to about £160. As for resale, I've been watching the prices on this forum since about 2014, and I'd say they've stabilised. You could probably buy one and pretty much get your money back a year later. I would say that the Lexus ISF is probably the most reliable V8 around. No rod bearing issues to deal with, no carbon build up to worry about, no head bolt issues. About the worst thing you may have to deal with is a water pump leak, which would have probably been addressed if you're looking at an 08 plate. V8s are a dying breed, I'd advise you to scratch the itch whilst they're still around and relatively affordable.
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    Greetings, from slightly northeast (Sweden, land of vikings and such), just figured I'd make one of these fairly pointless posts ^^ I've found that this forum offers vastly more in regards of useful information than the Swedish equivalency, and thus here I am! I've already read and learnt a ton from crawling here the past few days. 🙂 Since me and the mrs put a second tiny human on this earth recently, and figured it was about time to move upwards size wise from our Audi A4 Avant (2006), we bought a lovely Lexus RX 400h Executive (2008) about 3 weeks ago. So far, I couldn't be happier, it's simply a tremendous drive as well as a joy to look at, and I find myself making all sorts of excuses just to take it for a spin. 😉 It also works tremendously well in fairly large amounts of snow (on snow tires, since that's legally required around here), which is useful since we live on a mountain, in the middle of a forest, on a dirt road. I must say that it carries itself very well indeed, compared to our Quattro Audi. The project of the past two or three days has been to create an audio DVD with mp3's that was still playable in the Mark Levinson DVD changer (since it doesn't support mp3 dvd's for whatever reason), something that turned out to be rather tricky since the recommended software was last updated in 2009, but somehow I managed! ^^ So, essentially, I just wanted to make my presence known, and thank you all for all the information I've already harvested from this lovely place! Looking forward to more of the same! 😉 Cheers! // Kristoffer
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    So in September last year I became the proud owner of a 2008 IS250, I love the car, it is a joy to drive and puts a smile on my face every time I travel in it. Over the last few months I have set about modifying and replacing parts here and there, so this is a description of what I have done so far Replaced all the LED's in the interior, going to replace the door mirror puddle bulbs when the weather is a little warmer Replaced the boot gas struts as they were on the way out Installed the Vland rear lights, what a difference they make to the car, brings the rear end bang up to date Replaced the door puddle lights with LED Lexus logo Finally, I had my interior trim pieces hydro dipped from the red/brown look to a black woodgrain the film is "Lexus woodgrain" which is supposed to be based on the modern Lexus cars, I really like the look it has given the car, it goes nicely with the black leather and trim, I have attached a few pictures of some of the work, let me know what you think.
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    Hi folks, New to the site, have a 1JZ-GTE Soarer with auto trans, was a garden find that had been sitting 11 years!! She was covered in moss top and sides, which seems to have preserved the paint and stopped her from developing any rust. Underneath is also in excellent condition. I bought it as a non start and it was stuck in "P". The guy used it to tow his small 13ft sail boat, so needless to say it has a tow bar. 🤣 I eventually got it out of "P" in his driveway the morning the tow truck came (happy days), got it home and spent 4 hours washing it and it easily needs another hour or two spent on washing. I got a new battery for it, whipped off the timing belt cover to see a new Toyota T/Belt in place, however it has been there 11 years!!!. Once the battery was installed I turned ignition on to reveal a very low lit dash board. I cycled the ignition on and off a few times and with each time the dash started to brighten, a battery stabilization unit was put on and ignition was left on then for a while which seemed to help the electric start to function again. The following day I after leaving it on power for the night I rotated the engine by hand to make sure it wasn't seized then I cranked it over, although it had a very healthy turn over she would not fire (time to get out the multimeters and probes i guess😁). The fuel pump was not working at all, the alternator rectifier was shot and the FPC module was erratic at best. So with that a plan was made to remove and have the alternator reconditioned, a new AEM 380Lph fuel pump was ordered along with new Denso spark plugs, engine oil, oil filter and coolant. Parts arrived Friday just gone, so it was a fun filled weekend with one mission, to get her started!!. I flushed the rad out, which was pretty filthy it must be said, refitted the alternator and also the Denso plugs, then went about installing the new AEM 380lph fuel pump. There was a 1/4 of a tank of old fuel in her, I took some out and set it alight to see how quickly it would ignite. It ignited no problem so put everything back together, filled it up with coolant and cranked it over..... BOOM....1st turn of the key she sprung to life and idled very sweetly for 2 hours without issue. I then turned it off as it was getting late, i decided to make sure she would fire back up again, but when I went to turn it over it would not fire. So quick trip to diagnosis port to bridge "Fp & B+" terminals and then turn ignition on, pump kicked in and she fired up no problem at all. So left it at that as I knew where I was going hunting to find the issue on Sunday morning. Needles to say after some testing as suspected all along the FPC module was also passed its sell by date. So that pretty mucg brings me upto date so far. A new FPC module has been ordered as I like my cars to be right, I know I could bypass it and all that but I would rather it functioned as it should just in case. The list on this girly is going to be BIIIGGG!!!!! as expected for a car sitting outside idle for 11 years. But for now....I'm happy out with the progress 😉
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    Hi everyone, I thought I should share with you my honest thoughts so far since I bought this car on 24thDecember 2018, after leaving BMW due to a number of issues that BMW failed to fix serious water leak with my former F10 series 5 (520D SE), and also due to the fact that this car was not ULEZ approved, I was determined to buy a more environmental friendly vehicle on my next purchase. I did not want to buy an pure electric car due to many ongoing issues with electric charging stations that are not been serviced in the UK, meaning there would always be a constant range anxiety in my mind and also, I did not want to buy a PHEV or pure electric car, where I would have to plug it for charging as somehow, the plugging is not a step in the right direction – in my honest opinion wireless charging would be a better option or self-charging like Hybrid. So it was no brainer that Lexus was to be my first choice to move away from BMW. Choosing the car Well, I had my eyes on an IS300 H (F sport) to start with, as I think, it is a good looking car, looking sporty from the exterior and inside, but having driven mid-size cars in the past few years like E class and 5 series, I thought it might still be too small (I am a big guy). So from browsing further, I then discovered that my local Lexus in Edgware Road was selling a nice white GS 450H (2014), with a fairly low mileage and its price was also reasonable. I then arranged a meeting with the salesman and was impressed with the quality interior and with the settings and options this car has, which were standard compared to BMW and Mercedes, which one would have to pay for extra options. I was very much interested in this vehicle and the sale was concluded, part exchanging my BMW and the service was done very smoothly indeed. They got the car ready for pick up on Christmas eve and I was extremely excited to be driving for the first time (as I did not do a test drive – I had read and viewed so many youtube videos that I was convinced it would be a perfect replacement car). Experience with Lexus – sales and after sales Staff have been extremely professional and were listening to my needs and have been rather exceptional from start to finish. For example, the car had some scratched alloys (which were minor when I bought the car as is), there was some minor paint work in the rear bumper that needed to be resprayed, the front headlights to be rebuffed as there was some smear marks on the glass and they took the car and gave me a courtesy vehicle for a few days so all the work was completed to full satisfaction. And the car was cleaned inside and outside. I had an issue with the battery running flat in early February 19, so I called Lexus road assistance and they attended at my house within 20 minutes and found that the battery had to be replaced. So the car was back at Lexus workshop and they had to order a battery within 2 working days, they unfortunately did not have a courtesy vehicle but the manager offered to take me home from the workshop and I truly was not expecting this, as I was ok to book a taxi from the workshop to go home (I also did not really need another car just for 2 days as my wife does have a car so I could cope accordingly). The staff were amazing to be honest and I commended them by email to Lexus for going for the extra mile assisting me – as I honestly do not think that Mercedes Benz nor BMW would have done this if I was in this position. The battery was replaced (free of charge) as part of the first 12 months warranty and the car was cleaned (inside and outside!). Now, my car is still due to be back at Lexus in order to replace the rear windscreen as some filaments were damaged by the previous owner who had done an aftermarket tinting. Again Lexus staff happily booked the vehicle to have the windscreen replaced under warranty and a courtesy vehicle will be provided. I know that there have been a few issues (not major) but I have full confidence with the team that the car will be looked after from start to finish (unlike my experience with BMW dealership) Exterior look design At first, I thought the GS model looks a bit too big, but when I saw the car in white with brown leather, it got me and I was sold and I am truly in love with this amazing Japanese machine. There are a few things that I think it really cool: first I love the fact that it is keyless, I keep the key in my pocket and the car unlocks when I put my hand in the door handle and locks when I pressed on the small gap of the door handle. At night, the side mirrors automatically lit when I get closer to the vehicle, which makes the experience truly unique and exciting to get in. The front grill is ok, at first I was not too keen or thought it lacks of sharpness or aggressiveness but it is forgiven with the LED lights, which look really cool. The doors are big and bulky and feels very solid and well-built. The rear looks fantastic – I love the rear lights and they look very stylish. My only criticism is that the rear trunk does not fully open when unlocking it and the button is not in the centre but located in the righthand side. The boot size is reasonable to be fair, the BMW 5 series (F10) has a bigger size boot but I can live with this acceptable size, and it is a wider boot compare to my previous car. Interior design I do think the leather is of higher quality than any leather seats I have had in all my previous cars (Mercedes and BMW) and you do feel you are seating in a rather high class vehicle and extremely luxurious but with simplicity ie not too many buttons. I love the fact that this car is fitted with some pads between the seats and middle console, which is so cool as I have in the past dropped money in the gap or drop my phone and this is a genius and simple idea that says a lot about Lexus. The comfort is superb and I love the fact that the seat and steering wheel automatically adjust when I turn the car engine on and off and when I put my seat belt on. It feels like we are in a cockpit ready to take off. The clock looks very stylish too and it is a great cabin to be inside when it is day or night time. I love the white glow all around and the dashboard looks very beautiful (when on Eco mode or Sport mode). Only one criticism is that the seat is maybe a bit too upright or maybe because I had a BMW car before and the sport seat adjustment allow you to bring it right down like a sport car. I understand that this Lexus model is not a sport car but more like a limousine car so I am getting used to the new height of my seat (even though it is adjusted to the lowest level). The visibility around is very good and the rear and front sensors including the rear camera makes the car very easy to manoeuvre around and in tight places. The sat nav and interface system is also a very good alternative than the previous systems I had with professional sat nav screen with BMW but, where Lexus beats BMW is where the following options are all standard (unlike BMW where you would have to pay an annual subscription and it does get quite expensive): emails and texts automatically received and can be read out when driving (you would have to pay this with BMW), speed limit notification, traffic prediction (you would have to pay this with BMW called RTTI) Bluetooth connection to allow spotify to be connected, DAB radio. The display is actually good enough to see clearly where you are going with the satnav and when it is used for directions, the system is extremely intuitive and I really like it. I do not mind the mouse on the console, contrary to quite a few negative comments some car journalists have said, I actually think it is very easy to use and anyone can get around it. You can adjust the sensitivity of it and so far, it runs really well. I also love the home button, which allows me to view at the same time what music I am playing with sat nav and air con. It is very clever indeed as I tend to leave in this home page most of the time, unless of course I use the sat nav. The driving experience It is definitely something else than I have driven before, the car feels tranquil and agile and the suspension are very soft (compare to the BMW) like silk and it is such a pleasant place to be when driving around. I could drive long distance and know that I will be fine and not have a backache. The car really is agile and turns around corners will well and strong. I love the way it drives you around and it reminds me of the rolls Royce (a friend of mine had an old Rolls Royce) how it drives. Engine (best bit, I think) Well before this Lexus and BMW, I had an E63AMG performance Pack with AMG W212 (E Class) and it was a 6.3L naturally aspirated engine and drove this car for nearly 3 years. I had lots of fun with it but the less fun was having to go to the petrol station every 2-3 days. It was mainly running at 10-15mpg in town (sometimes I could achieve 31mpg doing motorway trips). And the reason that I am mentioning this AMG car is that this Lexus reminded me of this car on motorway when overtaking – gosh it is really pushing and is a monster making a big noise with the engine – lovely sound I have to say. I absolutely love this engine and it works superbly in town and on motorway. In town, it drives well and silently a lot of times with the Hybrid running on Electric engine up to just under 40mpg and it is remarkable how they have achieved this blend between fuel engine and electric engine. It runs so smoothly and recharge the battery automatically that it actually encourages you as a driver to drive more sensibly and I have achieved so far 25.2mpg in town driving short trips and under 30mpg. On motorway, I achieved 38.1mpg and I am sure I could slightly improve this figure using the cruise control. On the whole, it is a car that I very much look forward getting into daily and it gives me the buzz and I feel that it is going to give me more excitement in months and years to come driving it.
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    Just had mine detailed and ceramic coated by a great guy in Nuneaton.
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    May have posted these before but they are two of my favourite shots of my car. Slightly compressed thanks to Google Drive.
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    Good News! Just had a phone call from the Supplying Dealer to say that Lexus are going to replace all four wheels as the car is so new. They will be in touch again once the logistics are sorted.
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    Wanted to get the V6 plugs changed but everything I've read says it's a nightmare job, fiddly, 4 hours, difficult and v expensive😶 So bought the oem plugs from Lexus Birmingham on ebay, £70 instead of £100 plus from Dealer, and took the car off to two guys who've looked after my Lexus cars for more than fifteen years off and on. 1 hour later Pete and Lates have changed all six plugs using the 'remove wipers, arms and entire cowl but leave plenum/manifold in place' method 🙂 tbh I was stunned and impressed. Lexus book time for the job is iirc 4 hours. So quality work at a great price. What more do you want....? A few pics:
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    Well as a precaution I fitted a new Koyo radiator today. I must say the original looked in very good condition. The thing is, you just don't know what's going on inside with those four rubber o rings, so is it worth the risk? Still, at least it gave me the opportunity to replace the rubber transmission hoses, and discover the fluid is a nice bright cherry red. Not too much skin removed from my right arm either! £114 for the radiator, £26 for Toyota red coolant and £10 for the hoses.
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    Here's a little video from a recent breakfast meet/mini blat in Wales with some fellow Lexus owners and other marques. Following the success of the day we're hoping to get others involved. Please let me know if you're interested.
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    Bit of a cold start the other day!
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    Its coming along! Got the car back yesterday and managed a few average phone pics in the rain with the new wheel/tyre combo on. Race fluid, HEL lines and Carbontec pads fitted, but not visible in photos. Off to Lexus for annual service on Tuesday, then its all go for the year ahead, although I have a major hankering for a boot spoiler/wing now!! I'm going to hold off to make sure it does indeed perform on track first, then might treat it to a bit of carbon fiber as a treat 🙂 Cheers, Stevie
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    Hi - we bought a 2011 Rx450h in 2014 when it had 72k on the clock - ex co car fully maintained etc. 5 years on we have added 50k miles, car has been serviced each year at Lexus - total cost £3870 which included the big 100k service, all tyres and discs/pads too. The only spend outside of service and tyres/ brakes has been two new shock absorbers which is included in the total figures I have mentioned. I never worry about the hybrid battery - all healthchecks have been fine on it. It's a great car, my wife loves it and she wants to keep it forever, I have a 20 year old LS400 with almost 300k on the clock and I believe the RX will still be in our household at the same age/mileage. I don't think you will regret purchasing one.
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    A few IPhone snaps from last weekend
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    So its been a while.... got more bits done then fuel system is almost complete apart from 2 small line to the rail. I will let the pics do the talking.... so there she is in all her glory.... using a walbro 450lph pump, -8AN feed into a "Y" block then 2 -6AN feeds to each end of the rail. A -6ANfron the rail to the AEM fuel pressure regulator. -6AN return from the pressure regulator to the tank. Injectors are deatschwerks 1200cc.
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    So my PCP was nearly at an end on my RX450h and it has gone back to Lexus. Interestingly 'We Buy Any Car' offered me more money than Lexus. Lexus offered either a nominal payment to me or a small amount as a p/x against another Lexus. With the info from WBAC I was able to negotiate a better deal from Lexus, I am glad as I didn't like the thought of it not gong back to Lexus. So worth checking if your PCP is nearly up. If anyone is looking for a used RX450h I can recommend mine, it never caused me a moments worry, sailed through her services & MOT and has extremely low mileage (message if you would like more info). Very sad to see her go, my third RX (RX350/RX400h/RX450h) now deciding on the next car as OH has just got a 4X4 so don't need another new RX, but I am going to miss it. Luckily have an IS250C to drive in the meantime, so I can legitimately stay on here!
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    All's well that ends well... got a call from the dealer today, they refunded my money... thanks to all for the advice..
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    We dont need V8's, takeaways, Sky TV, foreign holidays etc. Make a decision based on how much you want the experience of driving and owning a V8. In my opinion, the cost of ownership isn't obscene and only represents a little indulgence in return for a wonderful thrill.
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    Finest 1, you are quite right owning, an F car or similar makes no sense at all in today's world but they are among the last of the naturally aspirated V8's and the decision to buy one is usually made with heart not head. However ,the running costs of an ISF are not as bad as you think. I had an IS 250 and changed to an ISF intending to keep for a couple of years until I got fed up with the running costs. I ended up keeping it for 4.5 years. OK the car tax is expensive and more fuel will be used, but insurance was surprisingly cheap if you shop around. An 09 car could still be warrantied with Lexus for £795 for 2 years, exactly the same as for an IS250 and the prices do seem to be bottoming out as people realise that they are more affordable and reliable than the German equivalents. Tyres and brakes are more expensive than an IS250 but not that much more , ditto servicing. You need to drive one to "get it". My current GSF was purchased with heart not head ( and a little man maths related to a 30% discount on an 8 month old car with 300 miles on it) and I regularly ask myself why I am running a car like this where you cannot even use a fraction of the power and the local council wants to impose a blanket 20mph limit. But, it is a rare car, I have never seen another one on the road ,and every time I drive it, it makes me smile. The noise and the pull when you can open it up is worth every penny of the extra running costs. Might be your last chance to drive a dinosaur, the powers that be will have us all driving eco friendly electric pods before much longer, if they even allow us to drive. By the way an Aston will cost far, far more to run, and will spend more time in the workshop.
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    As it was feeling a bit like Spring today, I decided to tackle my filthy NX which has a GTechniq ceramic coat applied. She hadn't been cleaned for a month, and was caked in mud from the rural lanes where I live. I knew I was in for a session rather than a quick maintenance wash. 1. Bilt-Hamber snow foam (using Nilfisk pressure washer) 2. Decontamination using CarPro TriX 3. Body wash using Bilt-Hamber auto wash (wheels with Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wheel) Once dry... 4. Water spots removed using FSE 5. Layer of Bilt-Hamber Double Speed wax applied 6. c2v3 applied to finish 7. Wheels finished with Bouncers Looking Sweet 8. Glass finished with Bouncers Look Sharp 9. Tyres finished with Bouncers Dress to Impress 10. All door shuts and under bonnet washed and finished with c2v3 11. Exterior plastics maintained using Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel 12. Finally, a few small stone chips were touched in. My neighbours think I'm insane, but admit the car is looking pretty good, even though the sun has gone in...☹️
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    51000 and change - so it’s still wrong. MOT on December 1, mileage was 49152. makes me question the stds of Lexus UK and the garage I bought the gsf from, if the information is not vetted and checked before posting. I’m very happy with the gsf. Is a much bigger car and on the road is a lot more composed than the ISF. It’s as quick, throttle response in S+ is a lot sharper than sport in the ISF, and on sweeping A and B road you can feel the TVD working to apportion power across the back axle, making the car feel very agile. This feels like the car shrinks around you, giving the impression that you’re driving a much smaller car. Brakes are awesome. Fuel consumption- not that it matters is the same. only niggle is the supplying garage change all 4 tyres to hankook s12 evo2’s - not convinced with them, don’t think they’re as good as the bridgestones on the ISF or the MPSS on my previous M5. I’ll change them for my choice when they wear. the tech is a generation newer, so the driver interface is more pleasing, but really offers nothing more than the ISF - it’s just better packaged. Nav as with the ISF still couldn’t find its own arse with both hands - Waze is a much better option. Overall though, Pleased with the decision to change, still think it will be a better ownership experience than any of the competition (m3/4/5, e/c 63, etc etc) Hopefully it’ll be as reliable as the ISF, which never put a foot wrong. Nothing went wrong or broke. Bang for buck it’s good value too, as such I’ve bought a Porsche 968 CS (3rd one I’ve had) which arrives this week..... mrs is impressed as you can imagine.
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    Slowly but surely I am getting around to fixing all the little niggles cosmetically on the car - today as it was about 17 degree's (for February?) I put the bumper trims on front and rear (rear pictured as I forgot to do a "before on the front" 🙂 nobody will notice I imagine but I know they are done so I am happy enough Next up somehow find a wheel centre cap to match the ones I have and then see about either painting or "wrapping" the roof panel black (I wanted a 2 tone car so I shall have one - sort of) then either powdercoat the alloys or buy a nice set (depends on the bank balance)
  28. 5 points
    Once again its MOT time again and she passed with two advisories front discs and pads need replacing. Parts ordered and they are being done next week. Only 7k miles done since the last MOT I love my Lexi.
  29. 5 points
    Hi, have just bought a 2006 RX350 as my third of Lexus ownership, following on from a 2004 SC430 and most recently a 2009 GS450h. Am aiming to buy the new UX full ev when it finally arrives but in the meantime am discovering what a great car the 350 is! Bought from Lexus Croydon with a 12 month Lexus warranty (and Lexus Recovery for a year) so what’s not to like? Today I hope to install the Vaistech MML 1 taken from the GS to give me usb and iPod inputs, and as soon as possible the Alpine EZi-DAB to get back digital radio. Anyone know of a permanent and switched live feed in the centre console area? Am hoping to fit most of the DAB wires and boxes in there to keep the dash clutter free lol Car is black interior with light blue body..... cheers C
  30. 5 points
    Yes, its amazing how easy it is to get disorientated. Mind you a few drivers this morning drove me nuts. One decided that she didn't want to turn off the road into a car park to wait for someone she was picking up, and promptly parked her car in the middle of the main road through town at some pedestrian lights blocking the road for everyone else. A brainless family, led by "dad" then stepped out 20ft in front of us without looking (they were only 20 yds from the same pedestrian crossing!) and I thought for a moment even at 10mph, I was going to lock up and take them all out as they looked around and just stood there! A few choice words of advice were given! Another parked across the turning into where we live to make a phone call, engine running, and partially blocked the whole turning. Some people shouldn't be allowed out behind the wheel this weather. Roads are seldom so bad (unless it's hard packed ice) that it prevents a competent driver getting about here in the South West. It's always the drivers who haven't a clue how to drive in these conditions that cause the problems. If they lack that much confidence or are that inept then they shouldn't be out and about creating unnecessary hazards for those who are competent and careful.
  31. 5 points
    Yellow Snow Warning.
  32. 5 points
    Update picked it up today wow all i say is wow its a baby LS in all departments and lexus sheffield as usual fantastic see pics of outside and inside ref inside at night all door cards light up brilliant see pics drives fab no lean no roll getting 50mpg plus fast on pick up and getting loads of looks from other drivers vince
  33. 5 points
    So here we are exactly a year on from this post and I picked up my GSF this morning. Black with black interior, 2016 demo + 1 owner car. Quite taken by it. First impressions are very good, similar in so many ways to the ISF, built like a bank vault, great driving position but in terms of the driver interface and tech. It’s chalk and cheese, it’s amazing how much has changed in a few years. I’ve only driven it 15 or so miles and have the run from Stranraer to Newcastle later to get to know the car a lot better, but the most notable point on the car is the seats. Possibly the best of any car I’ve had, awesome, hold you well, and extremely comfortable. not sure if it’s as quick as the ISF though.... no doubt will get the opportunity to find out later if the weather behaves. As it’s seems with Lexus dealers across the UK - they’ve been easy and a pleasure to deal with, even though they’re part of the lookers group.... and they’ll no doubt have a well loved ISF up for sale in the next week or so. Looking forward to the drive home, just hope it dries up a bit!
  34. 5 points
    Well I bought my 2007 56 plate 400h at the beginning of April last year with 113k on the clock and it now has 129k on it so I've done a fair few miles in it. Reliability has been horrendous. In that time I have had the spring clip on the fuel filler cap come off, an exhaust heat shield come off and the rear ride height sensor snapped meaning no headlamp levelling. It has cost me £12 in repairs on a nearly 12 year old car which is outrageous!!! I remember thinking to myself the other day "Why didn't I just buy a German diesel of the same age so that I can have the pleasure of listening to the soundtrack of a Massey Ferguson every day whilst choking people to death and spending thousands in repairs?" Ah well I've bought the Lexus now so I guess I will just have to live with it 🤣
  35. 5 points
    Sorry Vlad, not true. The UK grid currently consists of about 40% gas, 6% coal, 4% Solar, 14% wind, 21% Nuclear and 5% Biomass. The 2018 annual grid average was 217g CO2 per kWh. My Leaf drives, on an annualised average basis, about 4 miles per kWh (it's relatively inefficient for what it is - Teslas are typically 3-3.5 miles per kWh, Hyundai Ioniq and BMW i3 closer to 5 miles per kWh). That works out to 31g/km CO2 emission, compared to over 100 (in the real world, not euro fantasy figures) for any ICE vehicle, to say nothing of zero particulate or NOX emission in town (in other words, EVEN if an EV had the same emissions as an ICE vehicle, simply displacing them from city centres still has a huge benefit for the health of people in that city). Another consideration is that in 2013 the UK grid was at 474g/kWh - it is rapidly decarbonising. That means that a 5 year old EV now emits less than half the CO2/km that it did when new. A 5 year old ICE does not. Let's ask National Grid themselves, because they know better than us whether it's a problem: https://theenergyst.com/millions-electric-vehicles-sooner-predicted-no-sweat-says-national-grid/ Last of all, the far superior driving characteristics of EVs are something to relish. Controversial. Let's loop this back - WHY do people like 6 and 12 cylinder engines compared to 4? Let's think of adjectives that might be used to describe them - Smooth, refined, torquey, powerful. Electric motors are EVEN BETTER on all of those counts! Full torque, Instantly (no turbo lag or having to build revs). Huge power density. And no engine that relies on explosions hammering on a crankshaft to turn linear motion into circular motion can EVER be as smooth or quiet as an electric motor. Given the other discussions we've had about transmissions, consider the "transmission" of an EV - There's simply a reduction gear (typically about 9:1) that is permanently coupled to the motor. There are no clutches, no bands, no gears, no shifts, no solenoids, no fluid pumps or cooling loops. No being in the wrong gear or "rubber banding", no waiting for kickdown.
  36. 4 points
    My car thankfully doesn’t need brakes at the moment, however initial research seemed to suggest that only Lexus parts were available. just had a look on the Brembo website and it seems that OE discs and pads are now being manufactured for the GSF and RCF. Used the replacement Brembo discs and pads on my isf and never had any problems, so should save a few pennies when the time comes. Happy days. link to the Brembo page:- https://www.bremboparts.com/europe/en/catalogue/lexus-gs-l1-f-url10/000117800-1
  37. 4 points
    I have just had the Lexus MOT'd after this years 8,000 miles of use. I am happy to report a pass with no advisories. The car is now at 133,000 miles so I am pleased with the result. John.
  38. 4 points
    @emjay82 started a thread on a great thread 'Elan Valley Breakfast Meet' and displayed some awesome video. I don't normally take a camera, but recently I did. So, if you've never journeyed over to Wales with us, here's are some images that depict the scenery and how an F car blends in. Let's hope Emjay82 organises another trip soon. Not sure why the images are being shown so small, you'll need to click on each one.
  39. 4 points
    Hi All I purchased my first ever Lexus LS400 in Dec'18. Been browsing these for a while and I've always loved the 90's Japanese styling! Finally decided to buy one and absolutely love it! Super smooth and soo much luxury! Just thought I'd introduce myself and hope to share happy moments with you all 😄 Some pics attached - its completely stock and have some plans for new wheels and coilovers soon. Look forwarding to speak to you LS400 enthusiast and get some ideas/tips! Jav
  40. 4 points
    Finally had a chance to collect these from the powder coasters
  41. 4 points
    Friend sent me this link. Get your smug faces out now? https://www.motoringresearch.com/car-news/features/lexus-ls-400-review/ For me-memories. Have stopped driving further than 30 miles now. Lots of memories though.
  42. 4 points
    Hold out your hand......
  43. 4 points
    I kept being told that be a friend who had a 520 bmw of the same age as my 300h. So for a bit of fun, and to shut him up! We reset both computers and ran up the M5 for 50 miles, both keeping to the same speed and where possible both using cruise. I was 57.8mpg, he was 59.2mpg, the difference was so insignificant that he now accepts that the 300h may be suitable for motorways and urban Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I also had a problem with the washer jet on my 2008 Rx400h, this time on the offside. Searched the internet as to how to get the jets off the bonnet and it is really very easy. Take a couple of old cardboard business cards. Slide one under the front of the jet and one under the rear of the jet. Push in towards the centre of the jet, fold the edges of the cards upwards and lift. Hey presto the jet comes out without any damage to the paintwork. Pull out the jet so that you have access to the pipework. Pull off the plastic pipe by twisting. Under no circumstances let go of the pipe when it is off the jet or you will lose it down the hole in the bonnet. I just wrapped a bit of duct tape around it to prevent this happening. Once off cleaning did nothing for the flow of liquid on the old jet so I purchased a new pair of jets off Ebay for the princely sum of £4.99 delivered within two days. see here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PAIR-UNIVERSAL-WINDSCREEN-WASHER-TWIN-JET-ANGLED-INLET-PUSH-FITTING-4MM-WWY3/151834720862?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Easily fitted and unlike the original jets the two outlets can be adjusted with a pin to get the spray pattern correct. A very easy "do it yourself" job and at £4.99 a fraction of the cost that a garage would charge you----and I also have a spare jet in case the other one packs up
  45. 4 points
    Evening all, not posted for quite some time! After many a night researching track wheel fitment & tyres, I finally got round to ordering and fitting my new wheels and tyres, for what I hope to be a great year ahead, exploring some of the bigger more open circuits down south (I'm from Scotland, and we only have Knockhill). I settled on square 18x9.5 and chose to play it safe, opting for an ET45 offset. I didn't fancy the idea of rolling arches/buffing expensive tyres on the body with a lower 'pokier' offset. Tyres are Michelin CUP2s in 265/35/18 As it turns out, this is the widest CUP2 available in 18inch. Originally, I really wanted 275, but now they're on, I'm glad I went for 265 as the fitment is pretty close. Along with the wheels and tyres, I've fitted Carbotech XP10's pads front and back, braded lines with performance fluid. Last year I fitted Penske two way adjustable shocks from RR Racing with their URSS, and since have been desperate to take the car to the next level with proper rubber and pads. I think (hope!) its going to be an incredibly capable package. I've attached a few pics. I speak with Jean-Luc who also tracks his car. Anyone else on the forum track their ISF and could hopefully share their experiences? Stevie
  46. 4 points
    Just checked and on: https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/servicing-and-maintenance/# near the bottom of the page it says under Hybrid Health Check: Free warranty extension With each Hybrid Health Check, you receive an extra 1 year or 10,000 mile (whichever comes sooner) hybrid battery warranty extension, until your vehicle is fifteen years old. Terms and conditions apply.
  47. 4 points
    Have it tracked on a American 'Hamilton machine'. It will track what is there, and print out a reading as to what is within, or outside spec. Then they adjust it to factory settings with the steering wheel at 'dead straight normal'. Then the set it up, and print another printout showing it is all within spec. Takes about 30 mins and costs about £45-50. F1 Autocentres https://www.f1autocentres.co.uk/ have done about 3 different cars for me and been very good. When you leave having had it done, the car tracks the road like a dead straight bullet.
  48. 4 points
    Sad Sadly you are probably right. Big Japanese cars with large petrol engines have a record of not selling very well in the UK even when big petrol engines were more popular. We've lost a number of 6 cylinder petrol models down the years. Legend and Camry spring to mind. I'm sure Nissan and Mazda had a 6 cylinder model on the market in the mid 90s too? So very few sold even though they were actually very decent cars. Its also interesting how even BMW are shoving 2 litre 4 pot turbo engines into their mid range engined 5 series. Sadly, whilst a number of us admire the qualities of the 6 cyl engine they are very much going to become a rare beast as the years progress.
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    Hi I recently got these too, but I was hoping that during the day when the lights are OFF that when braking ALL lights came ON at the rear to give that nice L shape. As you know on stock lights and VLAND only the outer lights light up when braking, making it look like your inner lights are busted, due to the L not being right across. All is ok at night as your inner lights are on already. So after some thought I wired it up to do this... Steps below if anyone’s interested. Video to demo what I mean: https://youtu.be/7FFRfFMkdGY Hope it all makes sense. I would say, as a disclaimer that you should check your wire colours on the back of the VLAND lights are the same. I imagine they will be. Get a VOLT meter to double check. This is how I discovered what each colour was for. Materials 1. Fused relay – I used 10amp to match fuse weight the car recommends – Normally open relay (4 prong) 2. 10 amp roll of electrical wire 3. 10 amp spade connectors 4. Wire cutters 5. Electric insulating tape 6. Various tools to take clips off boot lid etc Steps Diagram Below also. 1. Remove tail lid carpeted cover to expose tail lid wiring and back of VLAND lights. 2. Pull back right hand (recommended if following these steps) boot carpet to expose one of the outer rear VLAND lights and wires. 3. Splice a long wire into the RED brake wire of the VLAND outer tail lamp. You may want to use a VOLT meter to double check what wires are what, in case yours are different. 4. Wrap splice in tape so you don’t short anything. 5. Run this wire up the tail lid hinges ready to plug into the relay. 6. Add a spade connector to this wire and plug it into PIN 86 of the relay. 7. Cut another similar length of wire and add a spade connector and plug that into PIN 30 of the relay and the other end into a 12v supply that is available or the battery. I used the ML Amplifier 12v In. Left hand plug, top left red wire. You may want to use a VOLT meter to double check what wires are what, in case yours are different. 8. Cut a length of wire and attach one end to a good earth. I used a bolt of the trunk lid supports. And plug the other end using spade connector to PIN 85 of the relay. 9. Finally run a short length of wire from PIN 87 of the relay to the GREEN wire of the inner VLAND tail light. You may want to use a VOLT meter to double check what wires are what, in case yours are different. Testing 1. Ensure no exposed pins/ wires are touching anything conductive. 2. Go push the brake pedal/ask a friend. With the lights ALL OFF you should hear the relay click and both the outer and inner lights come on along with your brake lights. 3. Let off the brake and all should go off, you'll hear the relay click again. 4. Turn on your lights to ensure they light as before, try the brake again to ensure that the brake lights come on and go off on release. 5. If all ok, tape up all connections securely and stick the relay to somewhere on the trunk lid. 6. Reapply all carpet covers and tidy up! Now you'll have a fancy looking rear end when braking during the day when your lights are usually OFF. Good luck!
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    Brief update - my Advance collected yesterday and I've been enjoying wafting around in it. All good so far! Still getting used to the hybrid side of things, but I'm planning on keeping this one for a while so that'll come. Was interesting to compare it with a customer's 2010 SE-I that they had at Tunbridge Wells: Have since seen a couple of others when I was driving around over the weekend. I haven't got used to what mine looks like yet, they're not particularly common around this way.

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