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    Lexus 24 Hour Test Drive

    Lexus Owners Club is pleased to announce that we are currently running a campaign in conjunction with Lexus to offer our Members a 24 Hour Test Drive of their model range.

    If you are not sure of which Lexus to choose for your Test Drive, then here is a brief summary of some of the models available. It's your choice!

    CT 200h - Luxury Compact

    image.png  book-button.png

    Refreshed for 2018, our five-door compact combines a sophisticated urban look with unique Lexus craftsmanship and our most advanced technologies

    Experience an exclusive kind of luxury with exquisitely finished leather, advanced safety features and flawless paintwork.

    The CT 200h offers exceptional driving comfort and efficient hybrid performance. In near-silent EV (Electric Vehicle) mode it uses no petrol, produces zero emissions and because it’s a Lexus Hybrid, never needs plugging in to recharge.

    The CT 200h stands alone as a true luxury compact car powered by the world's most advanced self-charging hybrid technology; a sublime balance of quality, handcrafted comfort and state-of-the-art fuel efficiency concentrated into a five-door hatchback.

    IS 300h  -  Sports Saloon 

    image.png   book-button.png

    The IS brings together show-stopping looks with advanced hybrid technology and unparalleled comfort

    With its athletic stance and long coupe roofline, this exceptional sports saloon is engineered to deliver an effortless, heart-racing performance.

    Built at our award-winning Tahara plant in Japan and overseen by Takumi craftspeople, the new IS doesn’t just look stunning, it delivers an irresistible performance. On the outside, you’ll see the Lexus spindle grille and striking LED lights, while the interior boasts a 10.3-inch display, beautifully stitched leather seats and laser-etched wooden inlays.

    NX 300h  -  Compact Crossover

    image.png   book-button.png

    Modern art hits the metropolis in the strikingly fluid lines of the Lexus NX 300h, a self-charging Hybrid Compact Crossover

    Equipped with an impressive specification list and a host of other options, you can truly configure the NX to match your lifestyle. Inspired by the beauty of molten metal, the NX flows effortlessly through the urban landscape. 

    It is packed with intuitive technology to enhance your driving experience, from beautifully finished leather seats to premium acoustics. 
    Experience this radical urban crossover that combines strength with sinuous grace.

    RX 450h  -  Luxury Compact

    image.png   book-button.png

    The Lexus RX bold and emphatic lines give way to a world of unparalleled comfort, space and luxury

    You simply won't find this level of finish in any ordinary crossover. Equipped with our latest Full Hybrid technology you can configure the RX to meet your exact requirements.

    From the makers of the first ever luxury SUV, comes the fourth generation RX that draws double-takes wherever it goes. Inside and out, the RX challenges every preconception of what an SUV should be. 

    Step inside to appreciate the craftsmanship and quality, the attention to detail and the pioneering safety technology. Experience the Lexus RX, the SUV like no other.

    RX 450h L  -  Seven-Seat Luxury Crossover 

    image.png   book-button.png

    A family SUV that puts the focus firmly on luxury, the RX L is elegant, spacious and engineered to make sure every passenger is pampered and protected

    This versatile addition to our luxury SUV range features three-rows and enhanced cargo capability while still retaining the stylish figure that characterises the RX SUV. 

    Its dramatic mix of sharp creases and curves is characterised by our Lexus signature spindle grille and an elegant chrome-plated surround while the interior features a precision designed cabin and innovate technology that can be tailored to your style, letting you create the RX L you deserve.

    RC 300h  -  Sports Coupé

    image.png   book-button.png

    A sports coupé that delivers exhilarating performance with bold, head-turning design

    Behind its muscular and aggressive stance, the RC's short-wheelbase and rigid chassis offer both exceptional handling and agility. 
    This distinctive four-seater coupé is available as a high-performance self-charging Hybrid.

    With its driver-focused cockpit, muscular styling and beautifully crafted interior, the Lexus RC is an irresistible balance of high performance and pure refinement. 

    If ever a sports coupé was engineered to stir the soul, the RC may just be the one to do it.

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    On 8/31/2018 at 5:13 PM, gdh300 said:

    Damn it all! Why does this have to be when I have a broken ankle!!! 😢

    Thats a shame Glyn. Keep your eye open in the future, these  do pop up now and again. Hope your ankle gets better soon 🙂

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    Cheers Steve, I'm getting there!

    Hopefully if there is another offer in the future, the ES and UX will be available by then. Exciting times for Lexus UK...

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