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    Lexus introduces accessibility tools to improve customer website service

    In keeping with its commitment to provide the best possible customer service, Lexus has introduced a suite of accessibility tools designed to make the content on its consumer website easier to read and use for people with vision and cognitive impairments

    On each web page, an accessibility menu can be opened via an icon in the bottom left corner. This presents an options menu visitors can use to adjust the display to suit their requirements and preferences. It includes a choice of fonts, text size, alignment and line, letter and word spacing.

    Contrast and brightness can be altered and the page can be switched from full colour to monochrome, including images. To help focus on the content, a masking tool can be used to create a reading band across the page, or a zoom function can be used to enlarge the text and images. Different cursor styles and sizes can be selected for easier navigation.

    A text-to-speech function is available, which is adjustable for language and speed and can be paused. There are also tools for underlining headings, highlighting key passages of text and web links and text descriptions of images.

    If preferred, users can apply pre-defined profiles that optimise the pages for people with visual impairments, specifically achromatopsia and presbyopia, or with dyslexia.  There is also a setting for those who prefer a modified font and larger-size text, or a brighter screen to make reading less tiring.

    Users can save their preferences so that the pages will open in their preferred format when they return to the site.

    Chris Hayes, Director of Lexus in the UK, said: “Our website is the gateway to an increasing range of information and services, so it is essential that we make it accessible and convenient to use for as many customers as possible. The new accessibility tools have been designed by experts to ensure that they address a wide range of needs, while also meeting the high-quality standards we strive to achieve in Lexus.”

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