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    THE LEXUS UX 300e

    The first all-electric Lexus, based on the UX compact urban SUV, leverages the company’s 15 years of market leadership in manufacturing electrified hybrid cars

    The UX 300e reaches the market with perfect timing to benefit from improved charging infrastructure and rapid growth of public interest in luxury electric vehicles. It provides a driving experience that is both near-silent and razor sharp.
    With the UX 300e, Lexus takes its electrification vision to the next level. But, first and foremost, this is a Lexus: nothing has been overlooked. This first Lexus BEV (Battery electric vehicle) delivers exceptional craftsmanship, build quality, comfort and quietness. By studying BEV noise patterns, the development team was able to take specific measures, such as fitting bespoke tyres and wheel arch liners that reduce the noise of gravel spatter and water, to significantly reduce in-cabin noise. No detail was too small, even the shift selector has been shaped by hand.


    “Fun” was also high on Chief Engineer Takashi Watanabe’s list of priorities, resulting in dynamic yet extremely refined driving quality. This is mainly due to the car’s low centre of gravity, a fundamental characteristic of the UX’s GA-C platform, reinforced in this case by the Battery being located beneath the vehicle body and electric motor being set low in the engine bay. The UX 300e also has its own suspension and steering, featuring elements of Lexus’s Advanced Posture Control, which was showcased on the LF30 Electrified concept presented at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. 
    Since the introduction of the RX 400h in 2005, Lexus has sold more than 1.8 million electrified hybrid cars worldwide, 450,000 of these in Europe and more than 130,500 in the UK. The UX 300e engineering team was thus able to draw on unequalled know-how in Battery design, manufacturing and management systems.

    Finally, the UX 300e welcomes owners with a unique Lexus ownership experience, unmatched by any other BEV in the premium market. This omotenashi approach to customer care, drawing on the finest traditions of Japanese hospitality and service, means for example giving customers multiple charging options: at home with a Lexus charging station, or on the move with the full-service Lexus Charging Network, developed with Digital Charging Solutions GmBH, a leader in the field of seamless and convenient digital charging.
    When fully rolled out, this service will give access to Europe’s largest public charging network, comprising around 160,000 charging stations. This can be accessed using the Lexus Link connectivity app, created to complement the brand’s omotenashi customer centric service philosophy.

    Lexus Electrified
    Lexus has achieved a series of significant firsts in electrified powertrains since the launch of the RX 400h, the world’s first premium electrified hybrid, in 2005. It introduced the first V8 hybrid flagship, the LS 600h, in 2008, and broke new ground again with the CT 200h hybrid hatchback in 2011. More recently, Lexus engineers developed the high-performance Multi Stage Hybrid System, featured in the LC 500h and LS 500h coupe and saloon, and the latest, fourth generation Lexus self-charging hybrid system, which debuted last year on the UX 250h and ES 300h saloon.
    The Lexus Electrified vision, announced alongside the LF-30 Electrified concept at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, targets a fundamental leap in vehicle performance, handling and control and driver enjoyment, even as mobility continues to evolve towards autonomous driving and vehicle electrification.
    Evoking the original fun of driving, Lexus is developing an integrated approach to electric motor control and other electrification technologies to raise the level of driving pleasure and transform the essence of luxury vehicles for the future. To help achieve this, Lexus engineers can draw on the experience gained in developing the core technologies of today’s model range, such as Battery management, power control modules and electric motors.
    With the UX 300e spearheading this quantum shift at Lexus, Lexus Electrified also embraces the development of next generation hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, Battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. The company plans to extend its electrified vehicle line-up, introducing its first plug-in hybrid and a new, dedicated BEV platform within the early part of the current decade.


    A Lexus best-seller goes electric
    The UX 300e is the newest member of the UX compact SUV family that Lexus launched early in 2019. Since then, it has quickly become the best-selling Lexus in Europe. In the UK, almost 7,000 have been sold so far, giving Lexus a five per cent segment share. As the first production model to appear under the Lexus Electrified banner, the UX 300e was developed for exciting urban performance. The engineers have kept the distinctive design and utility characteristics of the UX intact, while focusing on the opportunity to build on the performance advantages that are unique to BEVs.
    The drivetrain has been optimised for urban driving and features a high-output 201bhp/150kW electric motor/generator that gives the car natural yet brisk acceleration. It is powered by a new, high-capacity 54.35kWh Battery located under the cabin floor. This gives a driving range of 196 miles (17-inch wheels, WLTP data). In common with the rest of the UX family, the UX 300e is built on Lexus’s New Global Architecture – Compact (GA-C) platform. The light yet super-rigid structure (made even stronger by the underfloor Battery and cross members which support it), a low centre of gravity (supported by the low position of the Battery and electric motor) and tuned suspension combine to deliver precise steering, agile handling and ride comfort, together with a distinctive Lexus Electrified driving character.


    World-class quality
    To ensure Lexus’s first BEV has the same world-class quality as all other Lexus cars, the UX 300e is being built alongside hybrid electric models at the award-winning Kyushu plant in Japan, with production overseen by takumi master craftspeople.
    The process includes an elite team responsible for stitching the leather seat upholstery with a design inspired by sashiko, a traditional Japanese quilting technique which brings both strength and distinctive style. Before shipping, every UX 300e is checked in a quiet room where takumi use their finely tuned hearing and touch to detect and rectify any unwanted noise and vibration in the cabin.
    Europe: a key market for the first all-electric Lexus
    The UX 300e has been launched in selected European markets during the second half of 2020 and will be introduced in the rest of Europe, including the UK, from 2021.Spearheading the Lexus Electrified vision, it is expected to account for as much as one third of European UX sales by 2022. Following the success of other UX models, the UX 300e launch has been perfectly timed to meet growing demand for premium quality BEVs. While most urban areas in Europe are relatively well served in terms of charging stations, the new Lexus is expected to have broadest appeal in countries with highly developed charging infrastructures, such as Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK, and to entice “urban explorers” attracted to the flexibility of a crossover SUV that is agile and fun to drive in the city.

    The new UX 300e shares a number of Lexus design features with the rest of the UX range, such as the signature spindle grille, sculpted character lines and an athletic, coupe-like roof line. At the front, the daytime running lights are arranged in a distinctive arrowhead shape above the headlights, emphasising the Lexus L-shaped lighting design. According to model grade or option, the headlights are single-projector dual-beam or ultra-slim triple-projector units

    Exclusive wheels
    The 17 and 18-inch wheels have been created especially for the UX 300e and both designs are finished in a medium grey colour. As on the standard UX, the 17-inch wheels are aero-ventilating, with flaps on each side of the spokes. Similar in shape to the Gurney flaps found on the rear wings of Formula 1 race cars, these regulate airflow and create vortices that increase downforce. This innovative design contributes to more confident driving, with stable braking performance, increased cooling efficiency and reduced air turbulence along the side of the car.


    Enhanced aerodynamics
    The UX’s established aerodynamic rear combination light reduces air pressure changes by about 16 per cent and contributes to excellent rear-end stability when cornering or driving in sidewinds. The UX 300e additionally features aerodynamic shutters in the front grille, which, depending on the level of Battery charge, automatically open and close, reducing the vehicle’s coefficient of drag to 0.31. When the airflow generated exceeds what is needed for cooling, the shutters close, optimising the amount of air entering through the grille. 
    Also unique to the UX 300e, the underfloor covers have been enlarged and the bottom surface of the Battery has been made flat and smooth, improving the aerodynamic performance of the underbody structure.

    Bespoke design features
    In common with the established UX range, the new UX 300e has a cabin inspired by the traditional Japanese architectural concept of engawa by which inside and outside are seamlessly connected. This design approach gives the driver a better sense of the car’s extremities, making it easier to manoeuvre in tight urban spaces.
    As with all UX models, key controls are clustered around the driver for quick and easy operation. The attention to detail includes a palm rest with integrated audio controls on the centre console. The instrument display has been revised in line with the UX 300e’s allelectric drivetrain, with a digital speedometer, driving range indicator and four-level deceleration indicator.
    In place of a conventional shift lever, the UX 300e has a shift-by-wire drive selector that fits snugly in the hand. The operation stroke has been shortened so rapid changes can be made between drive/neutral/reverse.
    The rear seats are also exclusive to the UX 300e, shaped to take into account the underfloor Battery while maintaining passenger comfort.


    Intelligent packaging
    The UX 300e’s packaging makes it ideal for electrified urban driving. The 2,640mm wheelbase contributes to a smooth, stable ride and a roomy cabin, while the 4,495mm length and best-in-segment 5.2m kerb-to-kerb turning radius make for easy manoeuvring and parking.
    Overall visibility from the steering wheel is helped by the low bonnet line, made possible by the car’s GA-C platform and low-mounted drivetrain.
    Because the compact lithium-ion Battery is installed beneath the rear seats and cabin floor, there is little compromise in the rear cabin space compared to other UX models, while boot space is actually increased by 47 litres (loading from deck to tonneau cover) to 367 litres. 
    Loading is made easier with the availability of a hands-free power tailgate.
    The UX 300e is a fully fledged Lexus with its own, specially crafted BEV drivetrain. The frontwheel drive BEV system uses a high-capacity lithium-ion Battery and high-output electric motor, developed to deliver class-leading refinement and performance with the benefit of
    Lexus’s experience selling more than 1.8 million electrified hybrid cars since 2005.
    The new model uses the latest lithium-ion Battery technology, including a high-density electrode and an advanced electrode stacking structure. Sized to meet the real-world needs of European customers, the Battery delivers a good balance of optimal range (up to 196 miles with 17-inch wheels, WLTP) and dynamic driving performance. The driving range is appropriate for a compact, urban vehicle and allows for a smaller, lightweight Battery to be used, contributing the UX’s overall efficiency. There are further benefits in packaging so that space and practicality meet customer expectations.

    Principal drivetrain components

    AC charger: this takes AC electricity supplied via the charge port and converts it to DC power for charging the main Battery.

    AC/DC charge ports: these allow the vehicle to be connected to an external power supply to charge the Battery pack.

    Electric motor: the compact, new 150kW electric motor/generator drives the front wheels and generates electricity under braking or coasting.

    Inverter: this converts DC power to AC to drive the electric motors.

    Lithium-ion Battery pack: the new Battery pack has 288 cells and a 54.35kWh capacity. It is located beneath the cabin floor and rear seat, ensuring the vehicle has a low centre of gravity.

    Power control unit (PCU): Developed leveraging know-how from Lexus’s self-charging hybrid technology, the PCU manages the flow of electricity in the drivetrain.

    Regenerative braking: as on Lexus’s self-charging hybrid models, the UX 300e has a regenerative braking system, which converts kinetic energy produced under braking into electricity.

    Transaxle: the motor/generator, speed reduction mechanism and differential are all housed in a new, ultra-compact BEV transaxle.

    Performance data
    Battery capacity (kWh):  54.35
    Cruising range – with 17in wheels (WLTP, miles):  196*
    System output (kW):  150
    System torque (Nm):  300
    Acceleration 0-62mph (sec):  7.5
    Max. speed (mph):  100
    *Driving range may be affected by options, including wheel size


    Linear acceleration, four-level deceleration
    The BEV system has been engineered to maximise the electric motor’s powerful low-speed torque to deliver instant, linear acceleration response. Acceleration characteristics have been optimised for urban driving: at low throttle (stop-start driving etc), controllability of vehicle speed is prioritised; at mid to high throttle (merging onto motorways etc), the focus is on continuous, powerful acceleration.
    To realise a refined drive, the PCU allows effortless driving with minimal accelerator input. In fact, Lexus went so far as to ensure smooth acceleration even when the driver’s use of the accelerator pedal is slightly erratic. Also, for a more comfortable ride, irregular speed fluctuations are reduced, even on changing road gradients.
    For engaging performance in situations such as frequent stop-and-go city driving and winding roads, deceleration can be controlled in four levels, using paddle shifts mounted on the steering wheel.

    Precision-engineered transaxle
    Lexus has developed a compact new BEV transaxle to deliver class-leading drivetrain performance and exceedingly low noise levels. The single-speed transmission has a threeshaft layout and a reduction gear mechanism to allow high motor speeds. Every effort was made to achieve the best performance, including polishing the gear tooth surfaces, adding a soundproof cover and optimising the transaxle lubrication system.

    High-performance motor/generator
    The new motor/generator is compact and lightweight, and engineered for the extremely refined power required for Lexus’s first BEV. Realising both high output and efficiency, the rotor core shape has been defined to accommodate high rotation speeds, while the rotor’s permanent magnets have been segmented to reduce current losses, reducing power consumption.

    Power control unit
    A compact new PCU has been developed for higher output and driving range. All its components have been redesigned to handle the large currents experienced in a BEV and it is located on the engine compartment’s main cross member, reducing noise and vibration. It has a new power card that is 36 per cent smaller than that used in the UX 250h hybrid, which reduces the unit’s weight while extending the car’s driving range. The PCU also has a
    DC-DC converter that constantly supplies power from the UX 300e’s high-voltage system to its 12V system.

    All-new lithium-ion Battery pack
    The UX 300e is powered by a new 54.35kWh lithium-ion Battery pack, comprising 288 high capacity cells. Its size has been calculated to achieve the best balance of driving range and performance, while its location beneath the cabin floor and rear seat contributes to bringing down the vehicle’s centre of gravity. The packaging also frees up an extra 47 litres of space in the load compartment, compared to the UX 250h.

    For maximum control, Battery voltage sensors are used to monitor the voltage of each Battery cell and block, as well as Battery cell temperature. This enhanced level of voltage detection, together with an advanced Battery management system, results in maximum usable Battery cell capacity, leading to an extended driving range.
    The Battery pack has been cleverly integrated into the vehicle’s body frame, while the crossmembers securing the pack contribute to its structural strength. For a long and trouble-free service life, the pack has rubber seals to protect it from water and dust ingress. Its longevity is also supported by advanced heating and cooling systems (details below).


    Battery cooling/air conditioning system
    Extreme heat reduces Battery life and BEV performance. For this reason, the UX 300e has a new air-cooled system for the Battery cells. Bringing to bear Lexus’s 15 years of hybrid Battery development, it is safer and lighter than water-cooled systems and also provides air conditioning for the cabin. The refrigerated air ensures stable Battery output can be attained, even under extreme Battery load conditions, such as high-speed driving and repeated rapid recharging. The system works by circulating cooled air inside the sealed Battery pack, with no risk of the leaks sometimes experienced with liquid cooling systems. Operation has been optimised to enhance performance, Battery life and charging performance, as well as cabin

    Battery heating system
    Because Battery output decreases in cold weather, Lexus developed a heating element system under each of the battery’s modules. This minimises the impact of low temperatures on the driving range, ensuring full power is available from start-up. Thanks to this system, maximum Battery output can be achieved even in extreme cold (-30°C), with charging time reduced from 25 hours without the heating system to just eight hours 15 minutes. When the Battery heaters are operating, the DC-DC converter decreases the battery’s high voltage output so maximum power can be supplied to the 12V auxiliary power sources and heaters.

    Battery durability and recycling
    The Battery pack is equipped with an advanced management system and is designed to last the entire life of the UX 300e, with minimum deterioration.
    Lexus has established a take-back scheme to ensure safe and responsible Battery recycling when the vehicle reaches the end of its lifespan. Currently, Lexus is retrieving more than 90 per cent of batteries in Europe, but the aim is to achieve a 100 per cent take-back through all its operations.

    10-year extended Battery care
    Having taken all the measures above, Lexus is confidently offering an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty covering any Battery functional defects. This can be extended to 10 years/600,000 miles if the customer includes a Battery health check in each vehicle service.
    The UX 300e is also covered with a three-year vehicle warranty and five-year/100,000-mile cover on drivetrain defects.

    Seamless charging technology
    The UX 300e has a high-efficiency charging system that is easy to use. To reduce running costs, the charger is water-cooled, allowing maximum output to be increased to 6.6kW.

    An AC charger port is located on the right-hand rear wing and a DC port for rapid charging is on the rear left side. Both have a push-release cover and an inlet lamp makes for easier connection when charging at night. A locking system secures the ports from being opened or tampered with by third parties. A “My Room” mode, a Lexus first, allows electrical features such as the air conditioning and audio system to be used while the vehicle is being charged.
    Normal home charging times (UK)
    System voltage: 230
    Charging current: 13A / 32A
    Charging time: 19hr 8hr / 15min

    Note: Charging times are approximate. The time required until completion of charging may vary due to factors such as the charge level of the drive Battery, the external temperature and the normal charger (stand) specifications. When using the charging cable that comes with the vehicle, charging
    will be at about 1.7kW. For charging at 6.6kW, a normal charger (stand) with a maximum power supply of 32A or greater is required.

    AC charging
    This method uses the AC outlet and the charging cable supplied with the vehicle, or the cable from a standard 6.6kW street charging point. Home wallbox chargers use the same cable as the public charging points. There is also a clever maximum charge level setting that allows a user who lives at the top of a hill, for example, to select a lower maximum level, ensuring just enough Battery capacity remains to take advantage of regenerative charging when driving away from home, downhill. The owner can also schedule charging times to start at a specific time, to be completed by a pre-set departure time, or to start at the same time every day, etc.

    Rapid DC charging on the move
    Using the DC charging inlet, the owner can use the rapid charging points shown in the Lexus Link app, located at most Lexus dealerships and public locations such as shopping centres, filling stations and town centres. Rapid DC charging takes much less time (from zero to 80 per cent in 50 minutes at 50kW or more) compared to normal AC charging.

    The UX 300e delivers agile handling and pure, direct acceleration, giving the driver confidence and precise control. Cornering enjoyment is enhanced by the car’s low centre of gravity, with all heavier components concentrated close to the centre of the vehicle. The strengthened chassis and extra rigidity of the Battery unit contribute to precise steering. True to the car’s Lexus character – the result of expert tuning by two takumi drivers acceleration is pure and linear, while deceleration is through four rhythmic and natural modes.
    Enhanced chassis rigidity
    The high performance level of the UX’s GA-C platform has been enhanced by the extra rigidity provided by the underfloor Battery pack, secured in place by cross-members, supporting excellent steering precision and driving refinement. An angular frame construction and strengthened transaxle mounting also contribute to the high rigidity of the chassis.

    Advanced Posture Control
    The UX 300e uses new shock absorbers that help create a linear steering feel and control vehicle posture. On models fitted with 18-inch wheels, the friction characteristics of the oil seals, rod guide and oil and piston band have been adjusted to suppress unnecessary movement of the car’s sprung weight. Working with takumi drivers, the suspension has been tuned to achieve the appropriate wheel rate and damping to quell any uncomfortable
    pitching. For a more direct and precise steering feel, a reinforcement brace has been added to the steering gearbox on the front suspension member.
    This increases responsiveness the moment the driver begins to turn the wheel, giving the deep and clear steering feel that is a Lexus characteristic.


    Upgraded brakes and tyres
    Ventilated discs are fitted front and rear to give improved braking, and the shape of the front brake dust cover has been defined to gain excellent cooling performance.
    The tyres on the 18-inch wheels highlight the car’s quality feel and quietness while supporting a high level of handling and stability. The 17-inch tyres have the lowest rolling resistance coefficient among similar products. They provide high responsiveness and excellent noise and vibration performance, while also contributing to a longer driving range.

    Class-leading noise and vibration levels
    BEVs are quiet by nature, but Lexus has gone the extra mile with the UX 300e, suppressing almost all outside disturbances, such as wind and gravel noise. Lexus’ focus on minimising noise and vibration means the driver can relax in a tranquil cabin. The thickness and weight of the Battery pack under the cabin floor act as a sound-insulating barrier, and undercovers and wing liners reduce the noise generated by small stones, dirt, water and the road surface. Acoustic window glass reduces high-frequency wind noise.
    Active Sound Control (ASC)
    Active Sound Control has been created in collaboration with a professional music composer to produce an acceleration-sensitive BEV sound, broadcast through the audio system’s central speaker. If the driver prefers, this function can be switched off for complete tranquillity.


    Using innovative technology to make life easier is a hallmark of all Lexus vehicles. The UX 300e expresses this in advanced features such as heated seats front and rear (Premium Plus and Takumi Pack), a heated steering wheel (Premium Plus and Takumi Pack) and a Lexus Navigation system with 10.3-inch display, touchpad control and over-the-air map updates (Takumi Pack). The connectivity package includes smartphone connectivity using
    apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

    As well as creating Lexus Electrified technologies for the car itself, the development team was determined to offer customers a world-class connectivity and charging experience, whether at home, on the road or in the city. To achieve this, they first conducted extensive research into the behaviour and expectations of BEV owners.

    Lexus Charging Network, accessed by the Lexus Link app
    The Lexus Charging Network is a full-service operation, developed in collaboration with Digital Charging Solutions GmBH, a leader in the field of seamless and convenient digital charging with access to Europe’s largest charging network. The new service can be accessed using the Lexus Link connectivity app, created to complement Lexus’s famous omotenashi customer service philosophy.
    When full rolled out, it will provide access to around 160,000 public charging stations across Europe, including around 30,0000 in the UK, with drivers able to check availability, charging speed and price per kWh. The Lexus Link’s Charging Station Finder will quickly locate charging points and once the motorist has arrived at a charging station, they can simply identify themselves using the Lexus Link app or an RFID card before charging.

    By using the Lexus Charging Network, UX 300e owners will only receive just a single contract and charging card for all participating stations. This means they can charge their car in different countries, without having to deal with different provider contracts and cards. Billing and payment involve a single monthly invoice.
    Remote charging
    Drivers can use the Lexus Link app to check their vehicle’s charge level at a glance on their smartphone, or view the driving range, both when the air conditioning is running and switched off. When the car is being charged on AC power at home, the time remaining until completion can be checked remotely. Users can also set a timer to suit their daily routine, to help ensure charging is complete before their planned departure time.
    For UK owners who require frequent vehicle charging at home, Lexus is offering two wallbox options. One is a premium, Lexus branded 22kW unit, the other is a third-party 7kW box. A national authorised installer will be appointed to carry out safe and efficient installation. The UX 300e can also be charged using a standard three-pin plug connection.

    Remote de-icer and air conditioning
    The UX 300e owner can use the app for remote control of functions such as window de-icing and air conditioning, adjustable in 1°C increments. The defrost setting can clear screens and warm the car, so no time is wasted before setting off. Likewise, the cabin can be cooled down ready for departure on a hot day. The system will run for up to 20 minutes, so operation can be synchronised with the time the owner wants to begin their journey.


    Charging Station Finder
    As well as locating charging facilities in the Lexus Charging Network, the app’s finder function can provide details of other charging stations, check their address, opening hours and operational status. Locations can be shared with a navigation app, or the UX 300e’s multimedia system.

    Lexus Safety System+
    All versions of the UX 300e are fitted as standard with the second generation Lexus Safety System+. This suite of active safety and driver assistance technologies helps reduce the likelihood and severity of a number of common accident risks.
    The features include a Pre-Collision System with pedestrian detection, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Trace Assist, Road Sign Assist and Automatic High Beam. Where the triple-eye LED headlights are specified (Takumi Pack), an Adaptive High-beam System is provided.

    Additional functions
    Lexus Link includes many useful features in addition to those related to BEV ownership.

    • Find my Car locates the vehicle and guides the driver to it.
    • Share to Car lets the driver plan a route on another device and send it to their car.
      Car to Door guides them on foot to their final destination, once they have parked.
    • Driving Analytics lets the driver track journeys and driving style, and highlights
      business trips.
    • Service and Maintenance helps the driver manage the care programme for their
    • Warning Lights explains the meaning of each warning light in the vehicle, and what
      action should be taken if any are illuminated. 

    FULL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS    Download PDF through this link Lexus UX 300e Tech Spec.pdf

    From launch, the UX 300e is offered to UK customers in a single equipment grade, UX, together with optional Premium and Takumi Packs which provide additional equipment features.
    The standard specification includes 17-inch alloy wheels, aluminium roof rails, bi-LED headlights, LED fog lights, front and rear parking sensors, illuminated entry, eight-way power front seat adjustment, power lumbar adjustment on the driver’s seat, power steering wheel adjustment, seven-inch display, reversing camera with guidelines, six-speaker audio system with DAB, four USB ports and Aux socket, smartphone integration with apple
    CarPlay/Android Auto and three-pin and Type 2 (Mennekes) charging cables.

    The Premium Plus Pack adds smooth leather upholstery, heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated front seats, heated outer rear seats, rear privacy glass, smart keyless entry, card key, smartphone wireless charger and illuminated door handles with puddle lights. The 18- inch alloy wheels are available as an option with the Premium Plus Pack.
    The Takumi Pack equips the car with all the Premium Plus Pack elements, together with 18- inch alloy wheels, Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert with auto brake, triple-eye LED headlights, auto-dimming rear view mirror, 360°panoramic view monitor, LED cornering lights, hands-free power tailgate, aluminium scuff places, 13-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound system, 10-3-inch Lexus Navigation, head-up display and a sunroof.
    Full equipment details are provided in the specification table below.


    The UX 300e is available to order now with deliveries to UK customers from March 2021. On-the-road prices are shown below.
    The new model qualifies for a zero per cent benefit-in-kind rate for 2020/2021 and just one per cent in 2021/2022. With no CO2 emissions, there is also no Vehicle Excise Duty to pay.
    Notably, the UX 300e is currently the only premium SUV which meets the eligibility criteria for the £3,000 plug-in vehicle grant from OLEV, the Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles. Any grant would be subject to an application for funding and funding being available at the time the customer places their order. 

    UX 300e £43,900 £40,900
    UX 300e with Premium Plus Pack £47,400 £44,400
    UX 300e with Takumi Pack £53,500 £50.500

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