Lexus LC500 Revealed in Detroit

Monday 11 January 2016

By James Mosley

Lexus have revealed a new 5.0 V8 powered flagship coupe at the Detroit Motor Show

The new car is apparently in full production guise and is based on the LF-LC concept that firstĀ appeared also at the Detroit show back in 2012. Lexus have stayed fairly true to the concept’s design too and we think the results look fantastic.

As well as looking very similar to the LF-LC concept, there’s also some clear influence from the previous Lexus halo car the LFA – just look at those air intakes and the general side profile as a whole. The new car certainly give the LFA a run for its money in terms of outright looks though.

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Thankfully the car isn’t just about looks – it packs a serious punch too. Lexus has seen fit to include the wonderful 5.0 litre naturally aspirated V8 also found in the RC F and GS F, which means the car produces a rather healthy 467 bhp and 389Ib ft of torque. This of course means the car will have a fantastic soundtrack too. The is also being fitted with a 10 speed auto box that claims to deliver shift times that rival twin clutch boxes whilst only featuring a single clutch – saving precious weight and space. It will certain be interesting to see how this performs when we get to try it out. Lexus is claiming the new car will hit 0 to 60 mph in under 4.5 seconds with the many ratios of the auto box surely helping matters.

Inside, the car features a digital dash again reminiscent of the LFA and some current F Sport models. This car will also feature the Lexus 2017 Multimedia package – the next gen Lexus system that should provide a significant improvement upon current offerings. A pioneer sounds system will be provided as standard with the wonderful Mark Levinson system available as an option – surely a box that most buyers of this flagship model will be ticking. Bizarrely, despite the car featuring a large 5.0 V8, Lexus has still seen fit to include some artificial engine noise in the cabin to further ‘enhance’ sound – hopefully a switch will be included to turn this off as per the IS300h model.

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The car will use the new Lexus rear wheel drive platform with high strength steel and aluminium components featuring in the suspension to help keep the weight down without sacrificing structural rigidity. Weight was one of the key criticisms some had for the RC F so let’s hope Lexus have improved upon this area with the LC500. A carbon fibre roof (a la RC F carbon) can also be specified for those who think every kilogram counts. The standard rood is glass.

Sticking with true Lexus tradition the company has said that although the car will feature a 52/48 weight distribution and 275 width rear tyres for increased mechanical grip and precise handling, the car will still remain comfortable. This of course suggests it will not be too hardcore and track focused, probably more of a well sorted grand tourer. Interestingly, Lexus have badged this an LC500 rather than an LC F so you have to wonder if the company has left scope for a hotter model.

Pricing and launch date have not been confirmed as yet but order books are likely to open this year.

View our gallery of all the Lexus LC500 press images here

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