Lexus LF-FC Concept Revealed in Tokyo

Thursday 29 October 2015

By James Mosley

Lexus LF-FC Concept Revealed in Tokyo

Lexus has used the Tokyo Motor Show to unveil its latest concept car – the LF-FC. It’s an important one too, as the LF-FC is a flagship concept and so is likely to point us in the direction of the next Lexus LS saloon.

Even more interestingly the car is running on a Hyrdogen Fuel Cell a la Toyota Mirai so it appears the company really is betting big on the stuff. Toyota and Lexus are clearly positioning themselves as the market leaders and pioneers of this next generation technology just as they did with hybrid vehicles a few years ago.

Lexus LF-FC 2

The design of the new vehicle is quite familiar to those who have been following the company’s design trends over the last few years and the car does of course feature a large version of the Lexus spindle grill. Not only this but the company’s “L-Finesse” design language is clearly evident throughout the entire design of the car. Lexus say that the roof line of the car is approaching the look of a four door coupĂ©, but it’s clear that they also did not want to compromise on rear passenger space. The car is a little longer than the existing LS too at 5,300 mm long and the large rear lights also look like a nod to its hydrogen powered cousin the Toyota Mirai.

LF-FC Interior

The LF-FC features a centrally mounted Hydrogen tank to help with weight distribution as well as its fuel cell powertrain at the rear of the car and electric motors up front. They system is capable of sending power to all four wheel thus making the car all wheel drive. According to Lexus, this means the car is able to precisely distribute torque between the front and rear wheels in order to provide the car with exceptional handling and stability.

Being a Lexus flagship the cabin is suitable equipped as you would expect. There’s four large individual seats and upmarket materials that give the car’s interior a luxurious yet futuristic look – something that wouldn’t look out of place in a rather nice first class airline cabin. Indeed, at eye level the front seats have been designed to appear as if they are floating which is a rather nice trick.

LF-FC Rear Seats

Plenty of toys are a given when it comes to most Lexus models and the LF-FC does not disappoint in this department. The concept car has such niceties as “remote park” where you can simply call your car from its parking space for it to then open the door for you. It also has something Lexus call “Touchless Technology” that allows occupants to control functions of the car simply by gesturing with their hand over a small hologram on the centre console. What’s more, the LF-FC is also able to project your intentions towards other drivers onto the road surface, such as to let someone out of a junction. Think of it as a modern version of flashing your headlights.

Although this is clearly only a concept, the fact that it paves the way for the new LS is very exciting indeed, and it will be interesting to see how much of the concept gets carried over to the production car when that is revealed in due course.



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