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  1. Just sold my 2001 SE - one of the best cars I have owned, struggled with the lack of oomph at certain speeds, lack of extra cogs on the 'box and the turning circle. Can't fault the equipment and comfort - which probably outweighs the negatives.
  2. And they said Lexus cars are well engineered! Hah, you need to buy a new sunroof as the rubber seal is integral to the roof, so that'll be £460 plus fitting. Never been so disappointed with what should be a quality product.
  3. Has anyone had a similar problem to mine? The rubber seal around the sunroof has worn and broken in a number of areas and therefore whistles at 70. Is this a common fault and if so is it just a case of replacing the seal? Thanks, Adam
  4. Canterbury have quoted £247 inc. parts, labour and VAT, seems a lot for a minor one???
  5. Right then off to get a quote from Lexus Canterbury, I'll let you know how I get on...
  6. Dear All, New to the forum and to Lexus ownership. Could any of the high milers out there advise on the likely cost of the 90k mile service I have one on the horizon (thinking of having the discs and pads done elsewhere). Also is the 100k mile one with cambelt change hideously expensive? Many thanks, Adam