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  1. BAH!! Nevermind, i'll remember you for the next time i do something stupid like move a 32"TV for my bro - in - law!! :duh: cheers James
  2. Thanks guys but i now got one from a scrappers in Dewsbury, cheers (£50 inc del) :D James
  3. Hello there, I've had an accident and the rear passenger door trim has been damaged. I believe its called a door card. Anyway its black and the rest of the seats are half leather. Does anyone have one that will match the interior for sale or know where i can pick one up!! It's for a IS200 '99' reg, should that matter. Many thanks in advance James :winky:
  4. :) Hello my name is James, 27 Married for 6 years to Sarah 27. Have to panlids, Rebecca 3 and Amy 10 mth. The coven as i tenderly call them. Bought my is 200 about 3 weeks ago from lexus leicester. Belting customer serv. And im loving the car. Ex RAF and now i'm a FED in GMP. Have been for the last 3 years. Enjoy a laugh, meeting new peeps and tinkering with computers. (with a bit of practice i will hopefully tinker with my is, scared of damaging it though) ---looking over my shoulder sarah says put "TOTAL KNOB", somehow i dont think so!!!!!!---- :P Well cheers for the great forum. Regards James
  5. :D Hmmm, maybe my wife and 2 pan lids might have sommat to say though! I'm under the thumb i know. I have been checking the forums for ideas. Prob start with cosmetics first. VRM plate, window tints. Cant do anything yet that might bump my insurance up. ( BUMP last year still being sorted. Muppet drove in the back of me and is now lying about the circs. git)
  6. YEAH, the meet sounds good to me. I've had my IS for a couple of weeks now so it's stock. I dont have many aspirations for mods and tweaks. Besides i wouldnt know where to start. Or have the cash! I look through some of the galleries and my first question is "HOW DO THEY AFFORD IT?" Ive just updated my profile in the gold forum so i hope my contacts are up to date. james
  7. WOW, that was a quick reply. Many thanks. Ekky thanks for the link, exactly what im lookin for, doesnt appear to difficult to fit, i hope. Hi gord, im in sunny oldham, hathershaw to be precise. N U? Cheers again James :D :D :D
  8. Hello Everyone, this is my first post and i wanted to get off the mark. Apologies in advance if you've already answered it elsewhere but i couldn't find it. Here goes.. I have a SE s700i and i have got a HCH 30 holder which it fits nicely into. I was wanting to get a bracket to attach to the dash of my is200 which will hold the HCH 30. Being my pride and joy i don't want to go drilling etc. (I'M NOT VERY MECHANICALLY MINDED") Can anyone recommend an easy to fit bracket that will look the part??? Thanks for listening!!
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