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  1. Happy Birthday JOHN F!

  2. ha ha like the play on words have a good one matty & everyone else,,,,,,some of us poor s.....ods have to work john :winky:
  3. hi marcin congratulations on your purchase m8,stunning motor & like the pics. welcome to Loc :winky: john
  4. Thanx for that john appreciate the reply...would you say that maybe thats the reason why i have the problem starting that i have said about in th topic....... Hopefully getting the HID`S from HIDdirect dno whether to go for the 6000 kelvin or 4500 k one`s think they are HB4 bulbs?? i dont know m8,im not a mechanic but if it was me, i personnally would follow robs advice,as i have found his advice 1st rate in the few years i have been in LOC got my 6000k h.i.d.s from them...big improvement in light output with hint of blue john
  5. Ok cheers rob i was thinking its the battery.its not sluggish when i first turn it over but then do it again and its kinda slowish when it does fire up...what is the best one battery to get i want to fit HID`S so best to get higher amp battery ?? if i change the battery would it set my alarm of and balls my radio up (standard lexus one) and do you change & swap over one wire at a time from old battery to the new one? hi mate i have just bought a new battery,bosch s4 which is asia fit from o.e.m & 60 amps which i run h.i.d kit. no it wont set of alarm or mess up radio which isnt coded, but you will have to reset your fav stations disconnent neg lead first & reconnect last onto new battery john
  6. welcome to l.o.c happy
  7. the new bosch S range are replacement units ...S4 is asia silver.....garage followed bosch database which came back with two battery types for lexus is200.... S5 which was wrong...after measuring o.e.m battery, bosch S4 was correct one & fitted perfectely...
  8. been back to garage who agreed it was the wrong size,they orderd bosch S5 battery using car reg on bosch database. after measuring o.e.m battery bosch S4 was correct one thanks stav john
  9. hi guys...just bought new bosch s range battery & im having difficulty securing it due to fact that new battery is higher than o.e.m. is there any aftermarket nuts that will extend through battery bar onto bolt....the bolt is level with top of battery so i cant use existing nuts. any thoughts appreciated. cheers john
  10. congratulations m8, i remember feeling the same when i bought mine & it still makes me smile. enjoy & welcome to l.o.c john
  11. Can't actually remember how much it cost, think it was £50-60, got it from Allparts (they're really helpful, great prices and have everything in stock). If you're thinking of changing the battery, this is definitely the one to go for :) tnx for that..will add new battery to shopping list john
  12. i know m8,its annoying like i said ive used wiring harness,checked its properly earthed & problem still exists on first putting on lights after starting car then fine after flicking switch a few times with equal light pattern & no flickering of light from drivers side came to conclussion it must be battery after what lexus said & fact h.i.d instructions state it may be battery which should be 70 amph...apoligies if im waffling how much did you pay for bosch asiasilver & what amp is it m8(hope you dont mind me asking). cheers john
  13. to be honest ryan..i have used the wiring harness & problem still exists,less frequently since i took harness back off as einstein says i think there is not enought curreny on start up,which in my case after flicking light switch on/off a few times with engine running..drivers side then lights up i was told by lexus at recent 50k service that battery was not as good as it should be,so will defo upgrade to 70 amp battery shortly & hopefully that will cure problem john :)
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