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  1. GS300 stuck throttle

    Thank you for the link and the well wishes! Ours is a 2000 model, black on black leather with chrome Lexus wheels and Michelin Pilot 225/45/ZR17's. Looks GREAT in the garage! I've done some research and I think you'll find the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) site to be a valuable resource for recall and consumer complaints as well. It's searchable by year, make, model and component, however, there is a lot of trial and error to get tha hang of it as it's difficult to navigate. It can be found at According to those that have had similar problems Lexus either is not willing to help, or, they cannot find the fault. One poor fella' has had his throttle jam 14 times thus far! It's a little discouraging when they cannot duplicate the problem. Only one crash reported thus far on a 2000 GS300, although, there appears to be multiple years affected according to the site. Thanks to all for your support and advise. Cheers, Steve Reay
  2. GS300 stuck throttle

    Thanks. Lexus customer svc has been notified as we've had many problems with the car since purchasing it in Nov 2001 w/9,800 miles on the clock. Forgot to mention it's a 2000 model. Its had 5 visits to sort out front wheel shake which resulted in the tires being balanced twice, two alignments, resurfaced front disks, 4 new tires and ultimately, two new disks installed. Haven't had much time to enjoy it as it's always in the shop. Now, there's this new quirk to get fixed. Can you beleive I traded in an M3 on this disaster?
  3. GS300 stuck throttle

    Anyone in the UK having problems with the throttle sticking in the full-open position under hard acceleration? It's happened to me 3 times in the last week and lasts for 2-3 seconds. There's a number of compalints on the NHTSA website and am wondering if it's only affecting US cars. Thanks!