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  1. You are of course absolutely right about the Jag. It is also very good value when compared to the AM. I actually had one on oredr (AMV8) but have decided that it is now, at 3000 cars a year, a high volume product which will appeal to the younger yuppie types (like my younhgest son!) and is probably not for me. I am also concerned that in two years time there will be 9000 of them out there on the market and therefore the prices may head due south. Best to stick to the lower volume classic Am'sI think. I have upgraded my DB7 to a full blown GT model by various very expensive factory mods and boy does she go well now! I have decided to spend the huge sum of money that a well speced V8 costs on a three year old Vanquish just as soon as one comes on the market in the right colour and I can get approval from my wife that here is nothing else more pressing that needs the money. I just wish I had the £185k to order one from new................my wife would proably kill me! Good luck to all. Michael.
  2. Hi everyone, We have been away on a break and also on business a lot lately - hence no postings. To be frank, we have decidied to move on and change the car for a different one. As the car is my wifes vehicle, it is her decision to make. I just want a nice new AM Vanquish............meanwhile, back on planet earth I must keep dreaming! We wish you all the very best of luck with whatever happens from here on in. I shall watch the forum to see how things develop, but after two plus years I am sure you will understand our move! Best regards to all. Michael. It is a pretty car but you should take a good luck at the car it emulates - the V8 Vantage Aston Martin. Now that is a stunning looking machine and it wil hold its value a bit better. Michael.
  3. Hi Jroph, Yes, there are strong grounds for court action. One would tike to think that a major international corporation whose motto is 'Pursuit of Perfection' may actually have some small understanding of customer relations! Perhaps they will come to their senses and sdort this out with us and all the others with the same issue before we go that far. I see on the USA Forum that you guys have the same issues over rhere even though Lexus GB tell me that the fix is a great success in the States............maybe thats all just hogwash too! Maybe you can make a post on the state forum telling them to look at the UK one and read this thread. I tried but for some reason I was blocked from doing so - not sure why or by whom but I was blocked form posting on the forum there. Best regards. Michael
  4. Good afternoon to you all, We have had an email from our dealership telling us that the car is fine and they will not accept its return! So, thats two rejection letters they have ignored totally. However, the car is with them. As we are now totally fed up with being reasonable in our approach, we are looking for outside help. My research tells me that BBC TV's Watchdog program is off air until September but I suspect the Radio has just the target audience that Lexus are going for. Having had enough of this saga, we have today spoken to a reasearcher for and at his request have emailed the BBC RAdio Four consumer affairs program 'You and Yours' to tell them of the issues. Please woill any of you who want to support the issue mail them or call them? the contact details are youandyours@bbc.co.uk or telephone 0800 044 044 The gent I spoke to was called Gary. More posts will follow as we hear more. Michael.
  5. Hello All, Todays update - We did not get a call from Brussels yesterday but did get an email saying - "I have also been in contact with Lexus GB about your other concerns. Please remember that Lexus GB would be the one which makes a decision on any buyback or replacement Lexus. I have made them aware that you are not satisfied with your RX300. " So, as the dealership already had the car we told them to keep it as we have rejected it. Have now asked Japan, Brussels and LGB for our money back. How many of us are going to the motorshow to see Lexus and other cars we should perhaps have bought instead? Michael.
  6. Hi chaps, it was the sensors. The dealership got some overnight and these have been fitted to the car. This now only begs the question of wether or not our car isin fact an 05 with a probel in the 'new sensors' or in fact an 04 car which they flogged us to replace our faulty 04 car but that masquerades as an 05 vehicle. Anybody know where to look in the VIN number for the year identifier? Michael.
  7. Hi Tony and Damian, All very interesting. You both seem to have the same thoughts as we do about the 'fix'. It does seem to reduce fuel consumption initally but as the box gets to learn again it drops off to the previous levels. Or, maybe that is just us trying to get the car to go again. Not sure about that one. It certainly does have a feeling of lagging somehow. Ours also slips rather than drops into gear. We are certainly of the opinion that he fix has not been anything like the panacea that Lexus expected it to be - more of a placebo effect really! Ha, ha. We have experimented with different octane fuesl and the first mk 2 went better on higher octane but this one seems to make no difference other thanm to my fuel bills. I confirm the thoughts that Shell Optimax and Sainsburys are better than the rivals. I try always to put one or other in my Aston, preferably Shell. When I am on a motorway and can only get BP or Texaco, my car certainly lets me know it is not enjoying its fuel too much! In answer to Damian's query, yes if you disconnect the battery for 20 mins plus it resets the learning curve but it comes back again, sometimes sooner and sometimes later than before. But it does always come back. STILL waiting for the promised call from Brussels - very disappointing, I thought we had a result there but it seems maybe we were too optimistic. Oh well, back to plan A - REJECT. REJECT. REJECT. Keep smiling! Michael.
  8. Hi Damian, Thats all very interesting and pretty much in line with our initial thoughts. Our car certainly learnt quite soon that there are two drivers and is back to its old self again and to be frank, much more so. Our son was down at the weekend and drove the car. We swapped cars for a while as he has just bought a TVR and Dad just had to compare it to the AM. He does not know abou the new ECU upgrade and when we chatted about his car later, he commented, is Mums car Ok as it seemed to be very strange and sluggish about selecting a gear. Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings........... Best regards. Michael.
  9. Michael Hello once again. It would seem as if your leveling sensors have failed. I came back to mine about 9 months ago and found it like this after it had been parked for some hours. The sensors were replaced under warrenty and it is worth pointing out that to my knowledge, Toyota have a known fault with an older type of sensor fitted to 2004 model car years. The replacement sensors are of a modified design and should not fail. I believe this fault has been apparent on all Toyota cars fitted with air suspension. There are a couple of threads on this in the forum somewhere as others have complained about it before. The sensors will only be replaced once they have failed though, and no recall or retro fit is being carried out unless your cars exhibits the problem which doesn't help you if they fail after the warrenty has expired. Should be a straight forward fix at the dealership and they will no doubt be aware of the problem. Mine was still drivable. Good Luck RxMike Hi Mike, Good to hear from you again. I am particularly interested in your point about the sensor being an 04 model year fault. You may recall that we were lent an 05 model year car when LGB told us that the 05 ECU had corrected the gaerbox fault. Maybe the car we now own is in fact an 04 car even though we got it in 05. I will take this up with Brussels when they call me later today about the lurching issue. It has just been receovered to the dealership who refused to accept its return under the sale of goods act rejection process...............maybe I should leave it with them now and await my cheque! Best regards. Michael.
  10. They should know very well about the problem...to be frank they are telling mistruths! This is a commmon line that LGB and many the dealers take, its almost as if they hope we will all buy an XC90 or X5 etecetera and then just go away. Our car has been changed, with a small additional payment because of the problem, At LGB 's request I gathered a database of info for their use to contact all of those that reported the problem on this forum - they could not manage it themselves. This has been sent to a Mr Hinshelwood in customer care (!) but he seems to have forgotten he has it as I know he is telling people that there is no problem and no fix that they, LGB, are aware of. There is a fix - it is next to useless and has made our car far worse. My advise is to tell your dealers to get of their backside and if they cannot get an answer from LGB then talk to Brussels (see our previous posts for contact and addresses) Incidentally, the USA Forum seems to have a similar thread about 'weird' gearbox behaviour. LGB also told me that he fix had been installed in the USA and had ben well received. I think it is all a 'towing the party line' speach and in fact they all know this car is a problem. Hence the newer 350 but interestingly that appears to have the same gearbox but with a different management system again. Let us all know how you get on. We are due a conversation with the senior customer service man in Brussels later today so we will post later and keep all interested parties up to date. Michael. Hi John, Whats that you say, good service -yes, thats all we want. Still its only a £40k car what do you expect! Our car has a definite list to starboard at the moment. My wife went to drive it yesterday and found it had died in the front offside corner. it has jsut been recovered and is on its way to the dealer to have a hip replecemnt or whatever it needs now. Am due a call from Brussels later so it will be an interesting one as the dealer who refused to accept the cars return under the sale of goods act effectively now has the car! Maybe I should just leave it with them and get a cheque instead? Now theres a thoufght....... Have a good day. Michael.
  11. Good day all you Lexus RX owners, You will possibly have seen our postings on the forum about the Lurching problems with the gearbox on the Rx300. This morning, we went to the car tofind it had sunk on the offside front. It looks as if the entire air suspension system has died overnight and when I tried the car on the road it is, to say the least, unpredictable. It will not go in a straight line and the braking makes the car shoot all over the place. I had inteneded to drive it to Lexus Southampton today but I think I will have to call recovery to trailer it to the dealership for sorting out. Has any other 300 SEL owwner had this issue and if so what was it, did it recur and if you have any other feedback it would be much appreciated. Ever thought you had bought a car from a fruitshop and not a motor dealer - think LEMON! Michael.
  12. Hi All, We have still not had a meeting or a conversation withh Steve Settle. We have however been called by our delaerhsip principal at LEXUS SOUTHAMPTON - he has said that here is no dael to be doen with LGB but if we pay a substantial betterment cost and trade our car they are happy to trade it against any car we ant. Well thanks a lot guys - any garage would do that for me! They are all missing the point here. We are fed up to the back teeth with a car that is fundamentally flawed. My wife has now mailed Lexus Japan - see the posts on the 400h thread for all the contact details of the president and all the VP's - so well see what that brings forth. She has also gotten onto Lexus Brussels but they have simply sent it back to customer care in the UK - and we all know what a waste of time that is don't we? The mail went to tyhe same chap who is supposed to be calling you all about the fix using the database of info I collated for them and which they seem to have forgotten about. We will post as and when anything happens . Michael.
  13. Billy, Brilliant research and many thanks for that list of contacts. Well done! We have just had another very disappointing discussion with LGB, see posting on RX300 under Lurching, and have now escalated it all to Europe and will now also send emails to the guys on your list and see what happens from there. We are sick and tired of Lexus and their customer does not matter approach. Who on earth gets them all these accolades? Kind regards. Michael.
  14. Hi All, Guess what? We are getting fobbed off again with no date forthcoming for a meeting with Mr Settle and our dealership. So, this morning we have called Lexus in Brussels who apparently oversee LGB. They tell us that Japan has to decide what happens and they will tell Europe who will tell the UK! We are now mailing Japan and will sit up late tonight to speak to them again. If anyone else wants to call Brussels the number is 0032 274 52111 and ask for Mr Don Baker or email him at don.baker@toyota-europe.com Good luck with your lobbying and lets hope that they finally start to listen to us! Michael.
  15. Hi Mike, I have just been given an RX350 courtesy car as mine gone in for minor niggles, and i must admit there seems to be no lurching at all. I dont know if its just this particular car but whatever ECU they have used or changes they have made seems to have done the trick. Hi Simon, Very interesting. I suspect that this is the car we should have had in the UK in the first place - or it has not had time to learn how you drive it yet! The lurching seems to me to be something that comes on mostly after about 1500 miles when the so called intelligent box learns your driving style. It then gets confused whe someone else drives it. See how it goes and let us all know. Michael.