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  1. Probably not budget but these tyres are the best that I have used! 1 Michelin PS2 2 Continental CSC3 and CSC2 3 Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 4 Good year Eagle F1A 5 Dunlop SP Sport MAXX GT
  2. Mate these days after 60k and about 5 years the stamp really is not worth anything, £500 at most when resale! A good independant will save you buckets! and like some have mentioned go to Toyota they will save you money! I stopped using lexus after 50k and I sold mine on 117K and my friend now has 130k and it does not skip a beat! Most good garages go by the manufacturers spec now anyhow so they know wat oil, coolant etc to use and when as they all have manuals or computer packages telling them these things.
  3. Hi Mate Dont worry about the mileage I sold mine (99/T Sport) at 117K and now my friend has it and has done 200k and drives like new. The orice is about right considerding spec! The sport model is the best to go for as it has a few xtras i.e silver pedals, 15mm lower, slight tints on rear windows, sport grill etc (depending on year) but has best resale value. Where did the service and camblet get done? Was it Lexus or a good independant? if so they will have done the work and of you have a reciept the work will be gaurenteed. The cambelt last 6 years or 100k whichever comes sooner. If the alloys have no corrosion they definately have had a refurb either way your laughing as it approx £50 a corner. If it drives smooth feels tight, everything works and you like it go for it. I used to get my oil changed every 6k religeously as I purchased it with 50k after 5 years in 2005 and it never missed a beat. The only thing I got done to mine was Cambelt/water pump at purchase and new cluth at 80k. I also changed the pads and the obvious service and oil change in 3.5 years of ownership they really are bullet proof cars. Enjoy!
  4. LOL shame the weather is like it is!
  5. Hi Yeh my mates taken over my old lexus and he lives down the road so it doesnt feel like I have sold it as I see it every other day, He's happy and I must admit I was sad and still feel sad as the Lex never let me down and I loved it. The Boxster is mint and I have got a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind which also covers wear and tear (warranty Direct $52 per month). It sounds amazing and it sticks to the road like glue and handles brilliantly. Its also gets to 60 in about just under 7 seconds, It isnt as smooth as the lexus but then again I didnt buy it for that reason. I wanted a drivers car and to get the wind in my hair when the suns out, but to be honest with the weather as it has been I dont think that will happen for a long time. If you get a good Independant (Northway Porsche Aldermaston) they are not expensive 12k service is $155 all in, 24k $265 and 48k $365. Also their labour rates are maximum 50 per hour which is about what most garages charge bar the main dealers. Also I was looking at OEM porsche brake discs and pads and the discs come in at under 100 front and back, and pads at around 70 front and back. also the clutch kit comes in at 180 all OEM so porsche parts can be sourced competitively. Ill see how it goes and give further updates.
  6. LOL Rich mans Toyota toa poor mans Porsche I like that! Ill def put some posts up still I had a lot of good experience with the Lexus! Ill try to get pics up but I laways have problems with this site and uploading!!
  7. Hi Just wanted to say bye to the users on this great forum, I have sold my Lexus 99/T to a close friend and bought a 99/T boxtser in zenith blue. I am picking it up on the weekend so cant wait. All the advice on here has been greatly recieved and The Lexus was the best car I ownded so far. I know the boxtser can be a little expensive so ill see how it goes for a while but in the future if I need a top reliable well priced motor i wont hesitate to get another IS, superbly reliable and fantastic car. again cheers to all
  8. I personally think Red looks the best! But with the ammount of brake dust always on my calipers by the end of the week, I would now do black with white lexus caliper stickers!
  9. Yes by a mile! But I wish these cars at least gave 40mpg then i would love it!
  10. Thanks for the replies! Im in 2 minds now! I been looking up on TTs and reliability etc, Ill prob get one around 50-70K mileage, and I have heard there are niggling little expensive faults with it especially electric! Now I love a reliable car, I dont care how sweet it is if its in the garage every few months or every MOT needs something done is a right put off! My lex has flown threw the last 3 MOTS, and has never let me down except wear and tear i.e pads,discs and my mods that I have done! and its a T reg with 105K on the clock! I might just stick with the lex for now
  11. Hi Guys I have owned my Lex for just under 3 years and although it has been a beautiful car, reliable, packed with extras etc im thinking of getting an Audi TT the 225 BHP. All of a sudden they have just started growing on me and the performance as well as looks is very tempting! At the moment to pick up a nice low mileage one is roughly between 7-8K! What do you guys think anyone got any experience of the Audi TT?
  12. Just go to lexus with log book and get some legal plates made! Save hassle!
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