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  1. Happy Birthday LowRed!

  2. Thanks for all the replies guys, think i'll be alright :winky: It looks like I won't get banned, once the points have been on the license more than 3 years they don't add up to 12 if other points are given In my case these 3 will just count as 3 (the other 9 will technically be invisible) so I won't lose my License :D Mucho thanks for all the info Ladies and Gents x
  3. Hi Chaps, Need a little help here. Basically I got caught going through a Speed Camera at 37mph a month and half ago. I was actually doing 32mph and a knobhead in the lane next to me was touching 40mph. I have not replied to the ticket and heard nothing more from it so far (I'm praying ) Then today I've been informed by work that I was caught doing 39mph in a 30 in the Works van. I know this is more than likely correct and have asked for Photographic evidence to prove it. My fear is I already have 9 points which have been on my License for over 3 years (so one year left) if they do put 3 or 6 points on my license will i be looking at a Ban? I've looked on the net but so far its all very confusing. Let me know asap Chaps as I am touching cloth without answers :shutit: LowRed
  4. I look at a few L400 Plates a while ago, and they are on the DVLA for about £250 :)
  5. Practically Sold hehe, decided it ain't gonna sell so will be breaking the car for spares. Potentially making more money than selling the whole car haha :)
  6. This Motor is now up for £2750 for Quick Sale. Got my new Car coming Friday 5th Sept :) If I don't sell it by then I'm selling her piece by piece Thanks for Looking :winky:
  7. Well its 138 Bhp as Standard, been Decatted and Turbo has been Polished and Resealed (Dyno Test as Proof) ;) Its running 0.8 Bar of Boost No Fueling Mods, not required if under 1 Bar of Boost :) It is a Manual too btw CIJ Will get some interior Pics if needed, pretty standard inside, just has MOMO Steering Wheel, Kenwood Head Unit and Boost Gauge :)
  8. Well Chaps Time to Sell the Pocket Rocket for a Family Car N-Reg 1996 110,774 Kilometers (Still reading in KM's) Circa 68k Miles 4 months MOT 2 months TAX Recently had Full Service with Genuine Toyota Parts. Belts changed at 40K (sticker on cover) Mods List Glanza Front, Rear and Side Skirts Prospeed Full Stainless Steel Exhaust System with Decat Pipe from Manifold 2.5 inch with Jap Can. Tein Adjustable Coilovers Whiteline Adjustable Panhard Rod 15" TSW Alloys painted Black with Yoko A539 195/45/15 Tyres 5mm on all MOMO Aftermarket Steering Wheel Aftermarket Manual Boost Controller Dash Mounted Backlit Boost Gauge Baileys Replica Dump Valve Clear Indicator Front & Side Lenses Kenwood Double Din Radio CD/MD etc Wiring running from Battery ready for Sub/Amp Setup, Parcel Shelf fitted with Kenwood 6x9's Car is in Mint Condition for age, Few Minor Faults - Small tear on Drivers Seat, cheap to repair but not got around to it, temporary stitched. Small Car Park dent on Driver Side rear quarter. I've Serviced the car myself every 3 months Valvoline VR1 Racing 5W50. Car constantly run on Shell V-Power. £3200 ONO Quick Sale needed hence the Price. Selling due to planning family the Missus wants a Family Car lol
  9. Now See I quite like this one, thats good Modding.... http://www.barryboys.co.uk/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=17951 Ahem I Liked It :winky:
  10. Sorry to hear your problems mate hope you can sort it out My Father in Law said he may be able to help and give advice, he was in the army for years Give me a PM if you want his Email or MSN addy as he'd be more than happy to help :winky:
  11. LowRed


    Welcome to LOC Mr Elliot :P Shocking News to see you finally seen my Light, Hope ya have some Fun with the new Motor Have to see it in the flesh some time matey :winky:
  12. If you don't mind me asking? Did she go? Yes indeed the LS400 was Sold mate, Only got £1200 for her but a Sale is a Sale :winky:
  13. I know Does anybody know if these Rims would be the same fitment as a IS200 from the LS400??? Thanks in Advance Folks
  14. I had the same thing twice with my IS200 found out I had jammed the Throttle Pedal down with the Mats that tend to slide down now and again. Stupid I know but check it out before you waste any money, the Mechanics could have been trying to rip you off there is nothing evident to prove the cleaning of the Throttle Body was required. Just my Thought, Good Luck on the problem if not summit that Simple :)