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  1. I've got an RX400h with DVD sat nav, whats the latest DVD i can put in it?
  2. Anyone have a picture of a 2005 RX400h Rear DVD Screen remote? My RX400h came with a 'Nextbase' remote which doesnt work with the OEM Lexus rear LCD screens. I've Googled it, but it comes up with a few varients (none of which are below £50 shipped!). I was wondering if anyone could take a pic of theirs, preferably with a part number.
  3. I've found one for £250 from Euro Car Parts. Cleaning would be my first job to do. He did have it replaced two years ago though.
  4. A friend of mine may be selling his 2006 IS220d, as it needs a new EGR valve. He has been quoted £450 to replace it. I am quite handy with a spanner, and I've changed EGRs in Mondeos and Vectras, so I thought I would be able to do the same for the IS. I've had a look on Google but cannot find anyone selling new EGRs. I can only guess therefore that its a part only obtainale from Toyota. Is this right? If so, does anyone have a price?
  5. Hello again! I was active on this forum a lot about five years ago when I have my IS200. My Ford Mondeo TDCI 130 looks like it might be at the beginning of it's last legs so I'm putting some feelers out for a new vehicle. My budget would be around £7500. I am trying to choose between: Ford Mondeo Lexus IS Mazda 6 Honda Accord Honda Civic I am looking at purchasing a diesel due to the fact that I have loved every minute of driving my Mondeo! (I would never have though i would've said that 5 or 6 years ago!) But after reading about the head gasket problem I may look at a petrol. I do quite a few miles (50k in 3 years). Its a 40 mile round trip to work. I usually spend about £160 a month on fuel, and im sure if I was in my old Lex that figure would be closer to £400 I naturally have a few questions about the Lexus IS MK2: 1. What is the average MPG on the 220d and 250? I used to get 47 on my Mondeo but in the past year it has gone down to 39. 2. When did the facelift occur, 09 plate? 3. What are the differences in trim levels? 4. Does the multimedia pack come as standard in any trim level of car or is it just an optional extra for and trim level? 5. Am I right in saying there is a 7yr/100k (which ever come sooner) warranty on the 220d engines only? What is it like on the petrol variants? Does it need to be a Lexus service history? 6. When viewing 220d's I should check to see if the heaters work. Check for that emulsified white gloop in the water reservoir. Anything other telltale signs of a blown head gasket? I'm sure I will have more questions :D
  6. Got myself a 98 honda civic 5 door hatchback diesel, its utter dog sht but i need too save money on fuel!!
  7. Time too sell my gorgeous IS. I have just bought a house so i need too sell my girl! 1999 'V' IS200 Sport in Granite Sky 135,000 miles -Full TTE Skirt kit -Official TTE High Spoiler -Prolex Kazama MkI Exhaust -Straight thru middle pipe -Prolex lowering springs -K+N drop in filter -Custom black headlights -'04 Spec Rear lights -Toms style eyelids -Dark tints all round -Large sun strip(same material as tints) -Red calipers with Lexus logo) -Official Lexus sport grille -Dark/Black rear foglights -White colour headlight bulbs -Prolex black pearl badges -Silver on black number plates (yellow/white ones as well) I also have the original exhaust, original chrome rear lights , '04 spec headlights and the origianl grille which i will sell with the car. Lexus service history too 2005 then I have had my local garage service the car since then. New clutch and battery early 2007. Cam belt was done at 90k. Two scuffs on the front bumber and a little bump on the passenger door, will have pics up soon. Steering can be a little stiff on cold mornings but its ok when its warmed up. Overall a very nice looking and sounding car, which I'm gutted too be selling (I think all Lexus drivers say that :P). I will not split any parts of the car. Offers please, I am looking for around £4,000.
  8. Indicated too turn right, then as soon as the indicators clicked off, all the lights in and out of my car cut off for a coule of second. Anyone heard of this haening before?
  9. Chan, whered you get your wheels done? thats what im trying too get!
  10. plates are only on OTR, ive been pulled many times with them on, sick of giving my money too the man! Yeah its looking tidy now, just need the front bumper respraying really and shell be pucker! Aido...I got the Kazama MK1 back box and a straight thru middle pipe from Ellz. Ellz...Did the exhaust give a little raspy sound on your motor, like after 4k revs? I also get the engine management light comming on every couple of days, but an ecu rest sorts it out.
  11. Yeah Ellz the pipe is on, sounds extreme! I am definately taking it steady, for fuel consumption more than anything! Anyway some pics!
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