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  1. I just drove the top of the range 450 and although the outside is slightly bland, some of the new gizmos are incredible. 1/ The new trackwheel to control the satnav and functions 2/ The camera on the side of the car to help parking 3/ The way the satnav instructions and speed is projected onto the windscreen - incredible. Worth a look but £10K too expensive at the moment. It is very annoying as its so much cheaper in the USA Gazman :zee:
  2. Seen one for the first time and I have to say........ 1/ The technology and spec is great. 2/ The car is an ugly brute - Mark II is so much better looking. Like the Prius, if Toyota / Lexus employed a good designer they could take over the world . Very disappointed - My RX400h is now 4 years old and I don't know what to get. Only done 35K miles and the car is in great condition so I may as well keep it for a while. Gazman :zee:
  3. How do I get to see these pictures in the `gallery` ? Thanks Gazman :zee:
  4. Hi Roj Please can you tell me who you recommend for leasing a RX450 My RX400 will be 4 yrs old in August and runs like a dream and its only done 32,000 miles. The selling price will be shocking. I`m also not over excited by how the new 450 looks and was even thinking about another car all together. BUT the high driving position and mega comfort makes me think twice. Regards Gazman :zee:
  5. New model shown here - I really like a sunroof for brightness not to open BUT look at the price for the Finesse !!! RX450 SE - £41600 RX450 SE with Full Map Navigation - £43570 RX450 SE-I - £45250 RX450 SEL - £50460 RX450 SEL Finesses - £55505 Met Paint - £580 :zee:
  6. Hi Guys, There`s a video now available of the new RX450 - Although it is bigger than the current model and the fuel consumption has gone form 30 to 45 mpg she aint no beauty ! Gazman :zee:
  7. Checkout the NEW RX450h on this link !
  8. The screen flickering could be a sign that your "starter" battery under the bonnet is nearly flat. I was working on the drive one day 2 years ago shortly after I had bought the car and had the radio on for a few hours when all of a sudden the radio began to cut out and the screen started to flicker on and off. I started the car straight away (ie with the ready light on) and went for a drive and all has been well ever since. Hope this helps. JBP Problem Solved - I took my car to Lexus and they said after waiting for 1 hour in the warm dealer waiting room, that I had been running my battery out whilst sat in the car on the phone earlier this week. They re-connected the battery and advised a long trip to fully charge the main battery as all the functions are now re-set and work fine. 30 mins labour at about £55 and the car was valeted - YES an expensive lesson with a free valet !!! Thanks for looking Gazman :zee:
  9. I agree Damian, they have missed a great opportunity here :-( Gazman :zee:
  10. My RX400h is now 3 1/2 years old and I have the following symptoms: On the odd occasion when I am making phone calls in the car with the doors locked and the ignition on (NOT in the READY to drive position - just key turned slightly), after a while the satnav screen flickers. I ususally just drive away and all is fine. Yesterday, this happened and my screen functions froze on the disclaimer page and became inoperable. I couldn't use the functions UNTIL after I drove a while all but the climate functions were operable. This morning the same again, I can use all but the climate and menu functions to check battery power. Could this be a/ A fuse b/ a connection gone wrong c/ something more sinister ? Any ideas before I call Lexus ? Obviously I am now out of warranty so will have to test the JD Power #1 customer service facility. Many thanks Gazman :zee:
  11. 5 new photos on this link - 2010 Model RX450h due out this year
  12. I like the interior and the front but the side profile and rear, well, I shall have to wait until I see it in the flesh! There are some similarities with the rear of the Mondeo estate though....... I think the interior of the Mondeo estate looks better than the new Lexus RX - We should soon find out as the release is this year. In this market the prices will have to be keen. Lets hope the spy pictures are wrong and the original prototype photos are closer to the mark. Gazman :zee:
  13. I agree - What a shame !!! Lexus could have made it beautiful like the concept car but it is more like the Mark I RX. The current model looks better. In today's market I think they are going to suffer as a lot of people would have traded up to the new version next year. As much as I love the car I may try something else next year and maybe come back if the Mark IV improves in 2012 (if Lexus survive the turmoil to come) Merry Xmas + Hopefully a Happy New Year for 2009 Gary :zee:
  14. At Lexus in Manchester, Gold membership counts for nothing !! As I see it - the forums are great but Gold membership has NO real benefits Gazman
  15. At last the new release is official Its not exactly breathtakingly different but certainly improved Gazman :winky: