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  1. Hi guys today my wife decided to take my car {is 220sport} the fuel light came on so she decided to fuel it you know where this is going £50 of unleaded ran it for about 6 miles and it cut out .AA came out and recovered it home all this i knew nothing about was at work ,came home drained tank filled it with fresh fuel started and runs ok dont know if i should change fuel pump and injectors any ideas cheers bob
  2. Hi guys i have a 2009 is 220d sport and have a chance of a sat nav /multi disc head unit from a multi media sport would it be possible to convert my car to the multi media set up
  3. hi guys just bought 220sport pearl white was told by salesman was a rare colour is this true or is this just sales patter
  4. hi guys, dont know if im in the right section just bought an is 220d sport love it but have a problem with the rain sensing wipers seem to have a mind of there own,when heavy rain they seem to not work then all of a sudden they will go on fast speed for a few seconds and wont re-start
  5. Hi been a member for a while but havent used the club till now,just bought a 220 sport told its a cam chain is there a service interval for this thanks bob
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