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  1. Got a couple of days booked for next year already. Both airfield days so not too friendly on tyres - of which it wears out all four at the same rate Be good to come along to the ring with you guys though - details? As fun as the evo is, it is still nice to get in the IS200 every day to go to work and chomp up the motorway miles. The Evo is ridiculously loud with no interior, carpets, sound deadening etc Hell of a weekend toy though :winky:
  2. The finger is good thanks, got a scar to remind me never to do it again though !! Glad you're getting on well with the charger. Any meets coming up? Be great to catch up with some of you guys :D
  3. Hey guys - been a while since I visited. The IS200 is still looking as it was - just superchargerless! LOL To make up for it here's a couple of pics of the current toy...
  4. The combo did sound pretty good at full chat :winky: :D
  5. Glad you're happy with it, Stav. How did you get the security screws out in the end ?
  6. I miss our nights out in Chesvegas :( As said yesterday on the text - we need to get together for a session soon! ;)
  7. Just follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. I am fortunate enough to have a workshop but I know people who've done them on their drives and even in a field ;) If you have any problems there are plenty of us on here who will be able to help you out :)
  8. Email TTE direct and explain that you have got a faulty black ECU - they will send one out to you in a couple of days.
  9. Sold to Stav! If anything goes wrong at all I have the list of people who contacted me and the order of the queue. I'm not expecting Stav to let me down though - 3 PM's and a text says he's pretty keen :winky: It'll be a sad day to see it go but it makes sense financially and I've had my fun out of it. The Evo is an absolute animl and I want to get into more track action with it so the Lexus needs to be reverted back to a sensible daily drive - especially with the miles I'll be doing.
  10. Here is a pic of the install when I did it so you can see what it looks like under the bonnet.... Here is a pic of the exhaust...
  11. Unfortunately not - it's designed around the IS200 engine.