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  1. Sorry to hi-jack your site and topic but I was interested to read the difficulties you have been experiencing in trying to get your vehicle through the ESVA tests and get it registered. I own a Rover 620 SLi which was built in Cowley 96/97 and exported to Japan and registered there in April `97. The car was then re-exported to Cyprus in 2002 when I bought it under the duty free regulations that applied at that time. These regulations meant that each time I returned to the UK the car had to go into a bonded warehouse until I signed it back out on my return. In May 2004 Cyprus entered the EU and the duty free regs. changed, their Customs and Excise wanted £8000 for duty, registration and VAT. Because the car was not even worth that I decided to ship it to the UK and the vehicle duly arrived on 5th May 05. At that time Rover went into Aministration and closed its doors so I was not able to get any data, paperwork etc. to assist in my registration, nor are there any model reports available. In contacting the VOSA regarding an SVA test they said that as the car did not have TYPE APPROVAL or a model report it would have to go to an independent test lab for a noise and emissions test. enquires into the costs showed that it would be in the region of £1300 to £2500 plus the transportation costs to Millbrook in Bedford. As I could buy another secondhand Rover for that money, the car will be mothballed for the next 2 years so that an SVA test will not be necessary. I thought I was the only one who had problems of this kind with an import so my sympathy is with you as I know the hoops they have you going through. Hopefully you will get your pride and joy on the road soon. ROVERMAN :mat: