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  1. Well some of you may remember me from a while back, I've been track daying the bike more and more. Well another track day down, this one not as great as the other. A few wet sessions and if any of you've done Rockingham national you'll no how slippy it gets. First time in fast group and didn't do too bad, only a few people quicker than me which was good, managed a 1.22 lap with 11 year old suspension (soon to be changed). Any way enjoy at my miss fortune.
  2. Relisted the 6 point harness
  3. No just the things on ebay atm
  4. Scoobie rear wing too
  5. 3 wheels and tyres, will probably have a 4th and 5th just need to check tyres are ok. Catalytic converter 4 blue doors with poly windows and partly cut out wings IS200 Sports front lip, Dunno if these are the same as the TRD ones IS200 Heater matrix Tinted and heated rear screen Front chassis brace Rear suspension think this is the lower sports ride height Brake servo Door seals Prop shaft Starter motor Front grill Tinted sunroof Mocal Oil cooler and line and sandwich plate
  6. Parents got 3 kittens a few weeks back, they've been funny as hell, this is there latest I got on camera.
  7. I hope your after one then
  8. On ebay.
  9. 1 hour to go if your one of the watchers
  10. On ebay
  11. Went to Goodwood on friday and got some vid's, just thought i'd share as it was a good day out.
  12. Well got myself a honda prelude as a daily run around. Its pretty rapid for £1000 2.2 vtec putting out about 220hp revving over 8k. Heres a little vid
  13. Nexus One Android smart phone. Had this since last Feb, its done me really well only reason is I've got a new one :) I bought this directly from Google when it came out so its unlocked on any network. Its in really good condition apart from a few marks on 1 corner from a little drop. This is the stock Android experience, you dont get any overlays like you do on HTC's/Samsung's/Motorola's/LG's etc which in my opinion is better. If you dont know about Android its the quickest growing mobile OS with 400,000 devices being activated per day. Forget Apple this is the OS of the future and is bigger already even though only 3 years old. Any more info just ask. Im looking for £150 and it comes with case, headphones, USB Cable, Charger and a 4 gig chip.
  14. Ellz

    For Sale

    Not got that sorry. Yeah might have this I'll look at weekend Might do I'll look at weekend
  15. Rear screen is out. Got a MOMO steering wheel boss aswell if anyones looking at changing there wheel
  16. Dont know if anyone will be interested by this but thought I'd pop it up. Had this little fiesta for about a year now, never misses a beat. 85k miles MOT till October sometime, it needed, new suspension arms front left and right, antiroll bar bushes, front brake lines, and some welding around rear seat belt points, all done and running sweet. Had clutch done about 7k miles ago which has got a 20k warrenty on it Front discs and pads done about 8k ago Had 2 new tyres and tracking done about 6k ago Really is a good little runner and with the good 1.25 lump Bad points being very honest. The odd bump here and there from previous owner The central locking does work but have to open from passenger side, never really annoyed me so didn't bother fixing. Bit of rust on boot lip (small amount) and tiny bit on rear arch. 1 of the fogs is smashed but it does still works. Crack in front screen but down in bottom left so not a MOT fail I've been told. Got quote from a local company to replace and is £120 Looking for around £1100 This one shows the bump
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