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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know if the front brake callipers are the same on a GS430 (2001) as the MK11 GS300 callipers? I need a new calliper and my supplier only lists GS300 ones but we think they maybe same as GS430? Thanks Glenn
  2. Thats great, thanks very much for the help, feel more confident doing the job now
  3. Hello all, I have just bought new front discs and pads for my 2001 gs430, before I go to fit them has anyone recently done this job on there GS and if so are they easy enough to do or do you have any advice, i.e. little now how tricks etc? Have done plenty of discs and pads on other cars ir fords and vauxhalls etc but not done any on a lexus yet. Any advice would be greatly accepted. Thanks in advance. Glenn
  4. Yep, just done the experiment locking and unlocking the car with and without remote(neighbours well pleased?) if i lock using fob then open with key alarm goes off. If i lock using key it still operates the central locking but I can open it with the key and no alarm. So presume alarm doesnt activate when locking with the key? Also noticed that the hazards dont flash when i lock with the key but they do flash when locking with the fob. Suppose this should have answered my question really. Thanks glenn
  5. Hello all, Just a quick one, does anyone know if when you lock the GS (GS430 2001) with the key in the drivers door rather than using the remote button to lock it. Does this lock the car without setting the alarm? I just wondered as my alarm has gone off during the night a few times, usually 3 am! so wanted to know if I lock it using the key does this leave the alarm off? Thanks Glenn
  6. Wow, not a mark on your GS, looks fantastic. I wish mine came up like that, last time I polished mine all I could see was all the trolley dings down both sides from the dreaded supermarket trips
  7. What did you have on prior to that? Malc Hi Malc, It had pirreli's on the front and I think michelin sport contacts on the rear? not sure if thats what the ones on the back to be honest but definatly pirrellis on the front. Still drives great but have now developed a knocking noise from the front left. Can only here it at low speeds usually whilst manouvering around like parking etc. Suspect it might be a sticky brake calliper as this seems common reading other posts? Glenn
  8. Hi all, I had 4 new Bridgestone's fitted to my GS430 last week and its like driving a different car now. No more tramlining and even goes round sharp bends in the wet with no yellow lights flashing away on the dash :winky: Was not sure about spending the money at first as I only really needed 2 rear tyres but have to say it is worth every penny.
  9. Hi Mike, I was also thinking that by the time the nice shiney wheel has been on for a few weeks going up and down the motorways in this weather, it probably wont look much different to the other 3?
  10. I have the same problem with my GS430, I have to get hold of the cable under the slam panel to the left hand side and give it a few good pulls then it seems to catch and stay shut. Glenn
  11. Hello all, I had to replace one of my back wheels with the spare wheel today due to a slightly illegal tyre. As the spare tyre is new i decided to swap them to save a bit of money. Took the spare out and it is a Chrome alloy, still the standard 17 inch lexus alloy as on the GS430 but its chrome finished. Looks great apart from the other wheels on my car are not chrome effect Rather than get the tyre swapped onto the old wheel I have decided to try and get hold of another 3 chrome plated wheels as it does look smart on the car. Does anyone know of any up for sale? or any ideas who I could try apart from the lexus dealer due to £££££'s Cheers Glenn
  12. Thanks Colin I will get some of that, my coolant is like a dark colour at the mo not red? Hope its not oil??
  13. Good point about the antifreeze dave, will have to check that. The colour of the coolant is actually a dark brownish colour but it doesnt look like oil in the water so I am guessing that this is the antifreeze in the system? I always thought that if oil was geting into the coolant it makes it go a bit sludgy looking. Hope this is the case. I will try and take a pic of the set up and post it tomorrow to get your opinion's. Thanks for your help and ideas on this by the way. I always expect the worst when it comes to problems with cars and £££££££££'s it could cost.
  14. Yes the expansion tank is connected to the cooling system, ie through hose going from bottom of tank. If i squeez the main top coolant hose it does bubble up into expansion tank. I have had car sat ticking over after warmed up and it doesnt get hot or bubble or anything out of the ordinary? also have checked the small outlet on top of rad with no hose attached to it and no sign of water coming out of it? I wonder if its had the rad changed for a none OEM one as you say Colin and been made to fit? It all seems very odd to me anyway? have had car for about 4 weeks now and driven around 800 miles and have probably added about half a litre to the expansion tank. Did a 300 mile round trip last week all on motorway at reasonable speeds and the temp guage didnt budge from the middle all of the journey. The engine oil is nice and clean still and no sign of sludge on the oil filler cap, so hoping its nothing serious like head gasket leaking etc.
  15. One of our company cars is a Renault Laguna with tyre sensors, it now tells us that it has 4 flat tyres all the time? Got fed up of paying out for the special valves as they keep snapping too. It is a renault though so we are used to the dash being lit up like an xmas tree. lol