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  1. Dealerman thanks for the advice was helpful. In my case i have not yet placed an order or specced the car up. I have placed the deposit blind b4 pricing came out. The deposit was a condition of my PX deal, although at the time the new IS was what i wanted and still do if options/pricing is reasonable? So really it would help if they could refund since I haven't messed anyone about and most people on this forum are a bit angry with Lexus for messing up the pricing. I think it may be more important to tell them now rather than let it go on......until November.
  2. The thing is I have traded my car in and i feel somewhat tied to the dealership. The price and options were made available to me but I did not place an ORDER as such although i signed the order sheet with no details of car spec , model. can he insist i order the model for November.. I mean i do want to test drive the vehicle and see if the 250 is for me or the 220d. And if the pricing is like this then do i really need an IS now. What are my options he did say the deposit would be non-refundable..and at the time the new IS was what i wanted.but on reading the specs/options/price this is a diff ball game. How would dealerman deal with this....I hope i do buy the IS its a nice car.
  3. The problem is my dealer has 500 deposit and said its not refundable even now...when the pricing is not he wants me to buy the car at any price. He said he did me a favour in taking my P/X but I'm sure i lost about 1-2K by selling it trade anyway. I think if the pricing doesn't alter I.m either going to buy an expensive car or lose 500 quid.
  4. I think its going to be difficult to decide for someone opting for 3 series or the lexus. Mainly because bmw has now uprated its engines with more choice and even night vision is now avialable. So with the 3er it seems you can have the options you want.... Not everyone wants sat nav, and Precrash bundled with ACC at 2700 is a rip off. The Sport is better but no leather which is a must for me. The VDIM only std on sport diesel but no auto.... It is very restrictive......with BMW you can add what you want and leave out the uneccessary toys......for me LEATHER,AUTO, xenons, mettalic paint are a must with decent wheels. To get decent wheels you need sport . If i need all the above i will have to get the SEL-auto in the 250 guise which is as close to a 330i. Nice car, pricing and options are yet.
  5. I see what you mean.....and its the same one as the avensis is going to get Clean D cat or something. I suppose you'd have to drive both back to back to see which one you'd go for, but diesel model cheaper than petrol seems strange..thats why is probably cheaper...better if it was V6 diesel like the C320cdi.
  6. Which model do we think will go well the petrol or the diesel? The diesel is cheaper than the petrol and has VDIM included in some models as std. The petrol is not that much faster 200bhp vs 177bhp and 0-60 8.3s vs 9.3s and diesel offers better torque of 400Nm so will be better all round. The snag is no auto.......
  7. Don't SHOOT the messenger GUYS, I'm also a consumer...I haven't been sent as a terminator from BMW/Mbz. Just thought it may be helpful for those of you who are budgeting for this car. I can see where dealerman is coming from BMWs mainly are not specced very well anyway and mbz are too expensive. Looks alone the IS wins cf to current benz and BMW. I guess the prices are slightly high but they are OFFICIAL and they might go down if enough dealers shout about it. I've already ordered one so Nothing I can do about I think it will be the IS Sport....not sure if it includes leather it says ecsaine seating pack(incl heated front seats 8 way elec adj seats memory), rain sensing wipers, parking sensors FR , HID lamps with afs and scuff plates sport pedals sports susp etc. i have the list. IS250 is 0-62 8.3s(200hp) and IS220d is 0-60 ....9.3 s not very fast...a bit dissapointed in fact was expecting 7.2s for 250IS.
  8. Just got this today, dealer was informed today. Read thru spec sheet and he gave me price list. is250 22400 is250SE 25400 is250 SE-L 28000 is250 sport 26500 is220d 22200 is220dse 25200 is220d sel 27800 is220d sport 26900 mettallic 510 sunroof 800 multimedia sat nav mark lev 2710 cruise/precrash 2150 automatic Is250 only) 1000 Don't ask if this info is correct or genuine..its from the Dealer and its on the road pricing.
  9. Anyone know what the fuel consumption will be like for the 250 and what ins group are IS...mines a 14 at the moment. 0-60 in 7.2 s is pretty quick for the 250...wonder how quick the the Is220d will be? Being a 4 pot i guess it will be less refined than the V6 diesels in the c320cdi.
  10. The prices were to be announced this week but a delay means it will be next week the dealer has said. Anyway the dealer has offered me 19.5k for the Merc. Its book value is around that. The extras of leather, and low mileage full FSH should add a bit more....anyway i might accept around 20K. Means the cost to change is around 5-6K. I'll have a brand new car with all the technology in the E class and more with a full 3yrs warranty and low service cost. The only snag is the depreciation on the new car cf to the older Mbz if i don't keep it for long.
  11. No he was very vague. I think the SE will have leather and HID lamps and have auto option. SEL will probably have DVD touch sat nav included and sunroof etc...just guessing on that. Prices avail next week.
  12. Yes i'm buying it blind since the prices are not finalised yet till end of month. He says around 24K for SE. The only option i need is auto and leather/xenons. He also tells me that service on IS is usually about 150-250 quid which is a very to the Mbz. since i only do 6-8k miles a year the diesel is not going to be cost effective....and going from petrol to diesel with the Merc hasn't been a good experience. I have seen pics and think that moving to Lexus from the new E class interior will not be much diff in quality feel. The exterior looks of IS are more sporty and youthful...i'm still in my 30s yet.
  13. Hi I'm new to forum. I've been thinking of pre-ordering the IS250 in Nov. My dealer says he will take PX off me now and all i have to do is leave deposit for new car. The car i have is the E220cdi Avantgarde with good spec and is worth about 21-22 private sale but about 20500 PX. Will i get a good price since a trader only offered 18.5K. i have no experience of Lexus dealers...will they retail this car since its an Excec model? any ideas?