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  1. NOW SOLD Hi I am thinking of selling my car as with a baby on the way, things will need to change. The car was a demo car for my company SQ Plus so its been spoiled rotten. I would like to sell it over the next few months as I dont want it to go so will hold out for as long as i can. Just thought I would put the word out. The car is 2002 with 84,000 miles its the auto with tiptronic. the car has had a full custom repaint in black but when the sun hits it it goes blue. Ganador wing mirrors, The suspention is ajustable Koni. The lower arms have been replaced and also the brakes. Its had all the belts changed on its last major service. Sits on 19 inch pin Drive wheels and has been lowered. the arches were all rolled when it was repainted so no rubbing The car has a full audio system as well as Alpine navigation and motorised screen to the front. DVD and twin headrest screens to the rear as well as playstation. the front sunvisors have been rebuilt and trimmed in leather to hold a screen as well. The boot has a full alcantara build round the amp and subs. The wheels are black at the moment but need refurb so could do them in silver if new owner wanted. The car is in very good condition and it will be sad to see it go but I am sure the baby will soon have me forgetting it. I would like to see £6000 FOR PICTURES please use this link http://s450.photobucket.com/albums/qq222/p...?albumview=grid
  2. Hi All The best thing to put on your car is a product called Black Jax, you have no remote fob and everytime you start your car you have to press a 2 button panel with your own code. So if someone wants the keys let them have them as 20 seconds down the road the car will stop. Getting the problem away from you and giving you time to get onto the police. And if some one gets into your house and takes the keys they will not get far. £250 well worth it.
  3. Here is a link with picture of dash kit http://store.autotoys.com/cgi-bin/wfp53024.storefront
  4. Hi All We now have in stock the dash kit to put in a aftermarket radio, single din or double. £25 plus post
  5. Hi All Does anyone have this wheel ? 19" Lsportline Model 4 Chrome Please PM Thanks
  6. Here is the web site for the mirrors and lots more http://www.store.yahoo.com/lexusparts/index.html
  7. Thought you may like to see the finished pictures of the mods to the outside of my car. They are Rod Millen front spoiler carbon fiber insert, Sports grill with modified grill, L-Sportline M4 19 X 7.5 Chrome wheels, HKS Super Drager and Eibach springs. The next step is inside and this being our demo car at SQ Plus we have put a 7 inch wide screen in each sun visor, 6.5 inch wide screen in the headrests, 7 inch dash top screen for navigation and a nice big 15 inch, yes I did say 15 inches in the roof all linked to a DVD, Playstation and TV Tuner. The Audio system will be upgraded to a full 5.1 surround sound will post pictures when done. Please find links to pictures of my car http://www.sqplus.com/htdocs/img/installs/.../HI/300pic1.JPG http://www.sqplus.com/htdocs/img/installs/.../HI/300pic2.JPG http://www.sqplus.com/htdocs/img/installs/.../HI/300pic3.JPG
  8. Hi Nice looking install, I just know it will be the biz when finished. Well abit of a change from the truck days, is it because we is getting old:lol: Have a is300 myself and am very happy with it. Did have the 200 for a few years. I am just starting my AV system, but as its our demo car but customers come first so it will be the last to get done. Look at the for sale section I have a set of 19s that you may be interested in. Regards
  9. Hi You could try Prestige audio they are in Rickmansworth west london. ask for Steve say SQ Plus sent you.
  10. I have orded a set of Model IV in chrome 19 x 7.5 the wheels will take a few weeks to come but will let you see them. The web site is www.lsportline.com I will let you know the price. But they will not be cheap.
  11. Have a set of Four 19 x 7.5 Braid wheels, these have been made for the IS and have the right offset so there is no rubbing. No tyres but will take 225x35x19 Take a look in wheels and tyres section for picture. Selling price £1500 only 2 weeks old, have new chrome wheels comming from the US. Email me if you would like another picture.
  12. Hi Just thought I'd post a pic of my IS300 with 19's before the wheels find themselves a loving new home :tumble: I have new chrome L-Sportlines on their way, so if anyone is interested in the wheels in the pic then see the Buy and Sell section !! Cheers Phil
  13. Yep on a bad day we have 3 tries, but there is a problem with this and lexus do need to get it sorted. Had a 200 for 2 years and only had that problem a few times had the 300 for 2 weeks and its every other day. Well it feels like it anyway:(
  14. Well I have just said goodbye to my IS200 that I had for 2 years with not one problem. Then last week came the IS300 WITH PROBLEMS the car does not start first time, the paintwork was marked and the wheels loose grip when pulling off giving a juddering feeling through the car without the traction light coming on ? But I have been told that it is the power that I am not used to, I have driven another and it is the same. So what is good, well the power is the best and I must say that was what the 200 never had. The sound system is better quality and will still need to be changed. I had a £8000 system in before so its not as good as that. The interior extras like the armrest, pass elec seat, review mirror and full leather if you like that do make it feel better. As for the drive being sad and waiting for the 1000 mile mark will let you know. Had both the 200 and 300 side by side and it looks like an offroader car when not lowered. Amazing what an inch or so will do (wife does not think so). Have put HKS Sup Drager back box on and this does make the back look very nice. So with springs on the way and 19 inch wheels comming from Spain, things can only get better. :tumble:
  15. Hi Bought two sets one for my old silver 200 and they looked the bizz. The other set for my new Black IS300 do not look the bizz so they are sitting here in the box so if some one wants em drop me an email. £50 inc post If you have a dark car they do not look that good so dont make my mistake.