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  1. Please correct me if im wrong , the cars that the engine failed all had a HKS V-Pro and was mapped at TDI , nuff said , the HKS V-Pro is the "rolls royce" ecu , bad maps brake engines .
  2. Do anyone know if Seibon has reduced there prices yet ?
  3. sounds good to me :D , i think there is 3 of us so far .
  4. can you please tell me where they bought them from and how long ago , thanks .
  5. Gauging interest , if any body is interested in a group buy for a carbon bonnet for an IS200/300 :) 2 bonnets so far , please put your name down , the price new from seibon is £540 , but i have seen them cheaper £528 , seibon are reducing there price's in a few weeks time so i will shop around then and hope they are cheaper and i can ask "how much discount for ** amount of bonnets , these bonnets are expensive but are the best made for the price , be prepared to pay £400 plus .
  6. It's nice to know that you still have the car and its running well , i hope to see you at a meet sometime :D
  7. Its one SPC are now selling Ellz, From the look of it its bulk made in the far east as the welds are machine welds. Well it is hand made , one of three , and hand welded :D , just putting the record straight .
  8. U should check your emails Mr Read ! U should check post number 1 Mr Ellen .
  9. Hi to all you invisible members , i went to JAE , i turned up on site about 1:30pm on thursday and pitched my tent , no one else turned up , , on friday no one else turned up , on saturday no one else turned up so i moved my tent at about 6pm to a more populated area as half a footbal pitch with only me on it is just stupid , on sunday no one else turned up and i went home at about 2 pm , this is the biggest event in europe and i was on my own :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: , Dave
  10. Hi , just a small update , my car is at SPC Horsham having it's new engine installed and a few other bits and bobs , hopefully it will be ready for JAE :D , i've been driving the SPC turbo test car for five days and its very very good :D
  11. I had a pair of Hipsters once :D
  12. Who makes the best fitting carbon fiber bonnet for the IS200 ?
  13. Exciting and exhilaration , is what i felt driving alone before my test :D
  14. Well done mate , welcome to the world of luxury and perfection :D
  15. That looked like a cracking lap Barry , i'm glad all your hard work has paid off and you can have a car to be proud of :D
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