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  1. Spc Turbo Kit

    Please correct me if im wrong , the cars that the engine failed all had a HKS V-Pro and was mapped at TDI , nuff said , the HKS V-Pro is the "rolls royce" ecu , bad maps brake engines .
  2. Carbon Fiber Bonnet - Seibon

    Do anyone know if Seibon has reduced there prices yet ?
  3. Carbon Fiber Bonnet - Seibon

    sounds good to me :D , i think there is 3 of us so far .
  4. Carbon Fiber Bonnet - Seibon

    can you please tell me where they bought them from and how long ago , thanks .
  5. Carbon Fiber Bonnet - Seibon

    Gauging interest , if any body is interested in a group buy for a carbon bonnet for an IS200/300 :) 2 bonnets so far , please put your name down , the price new from seibon is £540 , but i have seen them cheaper £528 , seibon are reducing there price's in a few weeks time so i will shop around then and hope they are cheaper and i can ask "how much discount for ** amount of bonnets , these bonnets are expensive but are the best made for the price , be prepared to pay £400 plus .
  6. It's nice to know that you still have the car and its running well , i hope to see you at a meet sometime :D
  7. Almost Finished

    Its one SPC are now selling Ellz, From the look of it its bulk made in the far east as the welds are machine welds. Well it is hand made , one of three , and hand welded :D , just putting the record straight .
  8. Is200 Seats

    For sale Lexus IS200 front seats , black , good condition , only ever sat in , make me an offer :D
  9. Forged Con Rods

    SOLD :D
  10. Jae 11-13th Sept 09

    U should check your emails Mr Read ! U should check post number 1 Mr Ellen .
  11. Jae 11-13th Sept 09

    Hi to all you invisible members , i went to JAE , i turned up on site about 1:30pm on thursday and pitched my tent , no one else turned up , , on friday no one else turned up , on saturday no one else turned up so i moved my tent at about 6pm to a more populated area as half a footbal pitch with only me on it is just stupid , on sunday no one else turned up and i went home at about 2 pm , this is the biggest event in europe and i was on my own :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: , Dave
  12. Forged Con Rods

    Full set (6) forged con-rods to fit IS200 1gfe engine , good as new , they came out of my engine , they cost £1151:50p , i am selling them for £450 ono .
  13. Almost Finished

    Hi , just a small update , my car is at SPC Horsham having it's new engine installed and a few other bits and bobs , hopefully it will be ready for JAE :D , i've been driving the SPC turbo test car for five days and its very very good :D
  14. Jae 11-13th Sept 09

    I had a pair of Hipsters once :D
  15. Who makes the best fitting carbon fiber bonnet for the IS200 ?