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  1. Z4 2.5i, Sterling Grey/Dream Red Leather, Xenon's, Carver Stereo, CD Changer, 18" 108's, Bum warmers, Windy stopper thingy. Its lovely, I know, Iknow, Its a BMW, but its lovely!!!!! It aint no 3 series! Adeyb
  2. already gone ages ago, to someone from here actually, we swapped headrests and £'s. soz! Adeyb
  3. My mid life crisis has happended early (30) and rather than buy a crotch rocket I've gone for a BMW z4 - just in time for the sunshine! So thanks LOC, its goodbye from me and goodbye from Lexy. Cheers Adeyb
  4. They never get used, so i'd really rather just get rid come on lads and lasses! somebody must want them!
  5. every car I've ever had has had a silly stereo. the headrests are residing indoors, the XBOX hasnt been in the car for months, hence no use. I've had Umpteen clifford alarms, all with dual zone proxes on them, not a single one has ever prevented the car getting screwed up by muppets. The Lex is the only car i've had that I havent bothered alarming. screens have to go, stereo is stealthy enuf to stay.
  6. Hi guys click the link to view my headrests I need to swap my headrests for normal ones as it turns out my posh new house is in a car crime hotspot , someone's already had a go at my door to get these babies out and must have got scared off, they have less than 5 hours use on them, I never use them. I want to exchange them for normal oakham headrests and cash, so would require somebody shipping their headrests and payment to me ( i can take paypal) and they can have these. anyone interested? Nothing else in my car is up for grabs BTW thanks Adeyb
  7. I will, but its got 65000 on the clock
  8. they look better on the IS than they do on the SC - I think they look poo on the SC (nice car tho!) Adeyb
  9. remember this? yep, you've guessed it! not a bean! paid for by myself. Adeyb
  10. My stereo has a CD player, radio and a business card holder slot, am I missing something?
  11. how do you know thats not me? NO No NO its not me!!! honest
  12. never been bothered about it - H17 WWW futzed with to read HIT WWW - im a web designer you see saw a copper hoverring around it whilst it was parked once, i kept on walking. I wish I'd have left the badges on now after seeing that pic :( Adeyb