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  1. yes mate standard springs off 51 plate 200 se pm me
  2. you should be sorry. lol ive got springs and an exhaust all thats required is p&p
  3. now im not bumping this but ive spotted these... are these about what i should put mine on for if I did put them on ebay? fleabay springs
  4. After selling my is200 i have some springs that were left over post lowering it. car had covered 55k before removing them.
  5. hi mate i paid 65 quid inc delivery for my hid kit on fleabay. they are now fitted on my octavia but man they are impressive.
  6. i got tein s type springs from tdi. not bad setup if i do say so myself . cost me 150 quid at the local garage to fit. next time i do anything like that it will be myself and mates.
  7. ive seena few cars up this way with the very blue led side lights, now from other forums ive seen that these are for off road use only. however i had the blue/white one from halfords and they were said to be road legal. looked only ever so slightly blue-ish and a lot whiter than stock. not bad for 3 quid i thought. i only ever use side lights tbh when pulling up to the guards at work.
  8. Could have been mine. If it was from castleford motor company let me know and i will give you a run down on what it has had done to it. no crash stuff you will be glad to hear, i mean mods that i have done as i dont think they advertised the mods on their site. si
  9. My janspeed exhaust was the prototype for prolex. looked very subtle and when warm produced a nice humm. was not loud on long motorway journeys either. also this is my 300th post woooooooooooooooo
  10. yes hb4 are just like the headlight bulbs with the plastic bit on the back. with the corrded fogs mine were the same and ended up drilling the fog bulb out of the holder. not ideal but bulb was out and eventually managed to salave it out. had to drill the plastic housing out too as that was welded tight into the holder too. was a messy job to be honest but hell of a lot cheaper than buying new fogs.
  11. Mine turned out to be the backing plate catching the disc under braking. i just whipped the wheel off n bend it out a lil. worked fine for me
  12. mmm cheers for the advice but the janspeed doesnt look out of place tbh. yeh id never buy a 3 series lol goddamn beemer drivers uurrgggghhhhh
  13. i got mine done with peace of mind when i bought it at 46k but you are right they dont need to be done til 100k
  14. I am amazed at how hard it is to sell a lexus. no one seem to be touching them and they are cheap as these days. how much did you guys pay for yours?? i paid 11500 two years ago for a 51 plate.
  15. mmm turning to the darkside me thinks
  16. why did you change the cam belt at 65k? they dont need it til 100k
  17. lexus used to charge 230 approx for the grilles. hes just using the old figures for selling. i bet he bought a stack of the ones in stock for 35 quid and doubling his money. cheeky bugger
  18. have you seen my car thats up for sale, offer me a price i may accept??
  19. anyone got a stratcarron blue sports grille for sale
  20. chris can only get hold of the select few that are still around. pity as im still after an alusive stratcarron if anyone has one pm me with price your after
  21. I know a very nice is200se for sale pm for details or check out pistonheads. had a few subtle mods nothing that sticks out. very well looked after.
  22. I have just updated my website with some new pics. my tein springs have been on for 3 months now and you will be able to see how they have settled Visit My Website
  23. with this rubbish weather the darkness should set in quick
  24. aww i want one but not available in my coolour
  25. yeh the 2 10mm bolts are tricky to get out. a right royal arse getting back in. i think i need to buy a small socket set to get em back in mine are just cliped in at the mo
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