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  1. Happy Birthday justin.cockett!

  2. Hi, I had a MK-1 GS-300 with the same issue. Replaced the rubber boot seal and problem solved for 3 years, then it needed replacement again. Careful not to crush the new rubber seal when loading the boot. a work-round is to remove the rubber bung and drill a little hole in it. Justin.
  3. Folks, the Mileage is 132,000 but the condition is that of a two-year old car (or better) I've reduced the price to £5250 for a quick sale as I have a new car on its way. Justin. justin.cockett@btopenworld.com
  4. Lexus GS-300 1996(P) Green-Black Pearl paintwork, with Beige leather interior. · Absolutely immaculate A1 condition, inside and out. · Fully loaded with all the usual Lexus extras. · Fantastic “showroom” condition, Perfect Alloys and new Dunlop SP Sport 01 tyres x5 · Full Lexus History complete with all receipts and service book from Motorline Canterbury & T.Wells · Owned by same family since new (1 previous owner) · Genuinely well cared for; the car has never been involved in an accident. · £7495 or any sensible offer. · 01689 825599 or 07769 694005 (Orpington, Kent/SE London, Charing Cross 23 minutes)
  5. These people make the best leather conditioner ever, even smells like leather, works just fine on my GS-300 Justin http://www.gliptone.com
  6. Freezer spray (Servisol type) from RS components works, but Methalated Spirit also works well. you don't need much, but you can always drink the rest!!!! :) Justin.
  7. Recently I have tried two types of tyre on my GS-300, here are my comments. Both tyre types are asymetric type pattern (bi-directional) Michelin Pilot Primacy: Very Long Lasting, Firm Ride, Low Noise, Good wet and dry performance. Dunlop SP Sport 01: Comfortable Ride, Low Noise, Good wet and dry performance. In general run-flat tyres have poorer ride and noise, this is because of the thick side-walls that gives the run-flat capability. Justin.
  8. was in an accident - this was what my POS insurance company put me in for a week or so, until I kicked up enough of a fuss and got shut. ;) :D :D Lexus seem to have a thing with Corsas, only the one they leant me when my car was being resprayed had a cylinder missing. there were only three! J.
  9. Rrom the Corsa comment above. Basic Rules of motoring......... 1. Never buy a vehicle with more wheels than seats 2. Never buy a vehicle with more gears than the engine has cylinders! J.
  10. Merc Auto boxes have a couple if irritating features.... 1. When moving off with light throttle openings they start off in second, the point at which first is selected is rather unprintable so you never feel in full control of the standing start acceleration, also they sometimes start in second, then swap to first. 2. The Merc boxes change down when slowing gently... why? Surely this must cause more wear on the box? Lexus boxes hold the gear until you have stopped avoiding unnecessary changes. The other disadvantage with the Merc system is that you feel all the down-changes and it makes the brakes harder to feather to a gentle stop, add this to the creaky merc brakes and achieving a gentle stop can be quite a challenge in a Merc. Perhaps this is why they invented “Sensotronic” brake control as a work-round...... 3. There is a reliability question on some Merc auto boxes... perhaps because of all that extre gear changing? I wonder what the new 7-speed auto will be like in some E-series models from next year?
  11. I certainly believe that it important that justice is done. It concerns me greatly what exactly our PM is doing in his abolition of the Lord Chancellor position and the implications for an independent judiciary in this country. However, I firmly believe that our courts have become far too lenient and many criminals are getting away scot-free or with minor punishment far too often. (Ever done Jury service, it’s a real eye opener!) At the same time the government and police seem to be criminalising middle England with there unstoppable desire to halt anything that moves on four wheels and for doing 35MPH in parts of the motorway spec A13 and the Limehouse Link tunnel, whilst 30MPH overtaking a school bus outside a primary school is ok according to the speed limits (That’s road safety for you?). Time the government and the police authorities got their priorities re-aligned or the consequences for relations between the largely police-supportive middle classes and plod will be damaged for many years. Justin.
  12. Goodness only knows! I tell you it will come, it's the logical extension of the RX300 reverse parking camera, the car should be able to predict an accident and help you avoid it! Justin.