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  1. Hope it was'nt another Lexus Chester let-down.
  2. If you are looking at importing, have a look at this site. A comprehensive list of the type of cars available and a price guide will be made available to you when you register.
  3. That may be a problem, cheap and efficient don't seem to get on too well. Although I have not had to use them, yet, there is a company called Auto Warranty Direct also the company used by the local Lexus dealer, just had a look for their name but can't find it , but A.W.D. have a web site:- Have a look, you get what you pay for at the end of the day.
  4. Lexus are using the results to advertise, yes, advertise in the Mail on Sunday, first time I've seen a Lexus ad. :o
  5. You only have to mention Steves name and all doors are open, all barriers removed :P
  6. You travellers take care in the morning,see you at ChesterLex. :hocus-pokus:
  7. Did you get the info ? Directions available from Manchester mini-meet, check the thread.
  8. AH-HAAAA, weights, eh. Must have been an optional illusion, almost got Jonathan Creek to solve that one. Very good !!!
  9. 11-12 on the Sunday is it ? If it is I'll be there.
  10. insufficient kinetic energy to propel two tyres up-hill, Newtons cradle ring any bells ? Still entertaining though.
  11. NEWS FLASH It has been reported that 600 Iraqi soldiers have entered Jordan.............. Who said childbirth ruined your sexlife. :D :D
  12. There is a big car park at the boat museum, could even go on into L/Pool to the Quays... just a suggestion. Sunday probably a better day for all.
  13. Chester Lexus would be a good stop, got a great roundabout, could do a bit of drifting !!!! :duh: Do you think I'd get the Skyline cleaned.......
  14. The insurance issue is almost in hand, all linked through D.V.L.A. A police van sits on the side of the road with a couple of cameras on board which read the number plate as you approach and if things don't match up, a nice policeman will pull you within 1/2 a mile and confiscate your car, very nice system. Only waiting for information on company cars to tie it all up. So BE AWARE, big brother is starting to open his eyes.